InstantMarkets For Buyers

InstantMarkets provides the widest exposure to procurement and sourcing transactions from across the web. Find active and historical RFx solicitations, contracts, purchase orders – even invoices. With the insights you gain from InstantMarkets, you can source from the most qualified, lowest cost, highest value suppliers.

Benefits of InstantMarkets

  • Free: Absolutely no cost for all search and notification features.
  • Find and collaborate with other buyers who have prepared similar RFx transactions and use that insight to help strategize how to prepare your RFx.
  • Increase exposure to the broadest possible pool of suppliers by submitting your organization’s site details by email.
  • Through InstantMarkets, suppliers can access your website where they can view RFx details, register as a supplier and prequalify for the bid process as needed. See how suppliers can benefit from InstantMarkets.
  • Helps government and public sector entities meet the letter and the spirit of public procurement policies.
  • Supports small businesses’ ability to compete on the same level as big businesses by enabling them to obtain and compare proposals, awards and contracts from bidders in your town, across the country, or around the world.

How to get the best results from InstantMarkets

  • Sign Up with us to receive alerts, updates on future capabilities and more!
  • Go Mobile – download our InstantMarkets iOS Application, available on the Apple App Store.
  • To obtain the best possible search results, provide as much detail as possible for each search.
    • Search terms may be combined by adding “+” as a prefix, excluded with “-” as a prefix, and precise terms can be searched by included the words inside “double quotes”.
    • InstantMarkets also supports AND, OR, NOT and parentheses ().
  • Create as many alerts as needed to be notified of RFx opportunities, awards, and contracts that match your search criteria.
  • If your organization’s website is not being indexed by InstantMarkets, submit your site details at

We want to hear from you if you have any questions or feedback.
Please just send us an email at We are constantly working on improving InstantMarkets and your input is a critical part of that process!