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  • Travel Trailers

    Type : Bid Notification
    Due : 05 Oct, 2021 (in 7 days)
    Posted : 5 days ago
    Started : 21 Sep, 2021 (6 days ago)

    This solicitation is full and open, unrestricted under the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code 336214 “Travel Trailer and Camper Manufacturing” (Size Standard: 1,000 employees). The Product Service Code (PSC) is 2330 “Trailers”.

    From: Federal Government (Federal)
  • Web-based Travel Medicine Site

    Type : Bid Notification
    Due : 30 Sep, 2021 (in 2 days)
    Posted : 12 days ago
    Started : 15 Sep, 2021 (12 days ago)

    • Must provide a searchable health library which offers evidenced-based research and education on pertinent travel health topics. • Must be a continuously updated subscription service. • Has specific, itinerary-based support, detailed and customizable traveler handouts, and advice on travel medicine. • Offers evidenced-based decision-support tools and resources for FBI health care providers. • Must have a full-time medical director on staff

    From: Federal Government (Federal)
  • Travel Management System

    Type : Bid Notification
    Due : 06 Oct, 2021 (in 8 days)
    Posted : 6 days ago
    Started : 21 Sep, 2021 (6 days ago)

    provide a travel management system to improve the efficiency and transparency of the entire travel the process from pre-trip approval to post-trip expense review and reporting. URL: Addendum: Class/Item Code: 95892-Travel Management Services

    From: Texas (State)
  • International Travel Assistance Solutions

    Type : Bid Notification
    Due : 05 Oct, 2021 (in 7 days)
    Posted : 14 days ago
    Started : 29 Aug, 2021 (29 days ago)

    Oregon State University is seeking proposers to provide International Travel Assistance Solutions for it's Travel and Expense department. Responses to the solicitation must be received no later than the due date and time in accordance with the submittal instructions contained in the solicitation document.

    From: Oregon State University (Higher Education)

    Type : Bid Notification
    Due : 01 Oct, 2021 (in 3 days)
    Posted : 3 hours ago
    Started : 24 Sep, 2021 (4 days ago)

    WIPES - HAND, SANITIZING, ALCOHOL, TRAVEL PACK Bid Number: RQ81430 Solicitation Type: RFQ Due Date: 01-Oct-2021, 14:00:00 Status: Active

    From: Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (Transportation)
  • F-35 Travel Pod Refurbishment MXU-648

    Type : Bid Notification
    Due : 01 Oct, 2021 (in 2 days)
    Posted : 13 hours ago
    Started : 27 Sep, 2021 (Yesterday)

    ., Trinity, TX 75862, for F-35 Travel Pod Refurbishment. Award Number W50S9C-21-P-0012. Justification for sole source attached. 

    From: Federal Government (Federal)
  • Travel Trailers for WS PR, Brand Name or Equal Too

    Type : Bid Notification
    Due : 29 Sep, 2021 (Tomorrow)
    Posted : 19 days ago
    Started : 08 Sep, 2021 (19 days ago)

    Note these trailers are for Wildlife Services in PR Product Service Code:- 2330 - TRAILERS NAICS Code:- 336214 - Travel Trailer and Camper Manufacturing Primary point of contact:- Tom Wesley   Phone Number 612-336-3209 Secondary point of contact:-

    From: Federal Government (Federal)
  • Travel Nurses

    Type : Bid Notification
    Due : 30 Dec, 2021 (in 3 months)
    Posted : 2 months ago
    Started : 01 Jul, 2021 (2 months ago)

    Adult Protective Services

    From: Vermont (State)
  • Travel Agency Support

    Type : Bid Notification
    Due : 26 Oct, 2021 (in 28 days)
    Posted : 3 days ago
    Started : 24 Sep, 2021 (3 days ago)

    Travel Agency RFP .pdf   09/24/21 AttachmentSizeDescriptionPosted OnTypeVIP Experience and Travel Support Travel Agency RFP .pdf(493.45 KB) 09/24/21Solicitation Travel Management Services (95892) Travel Agency Services (96178) Follow B2B Activity Unfollow B2B Activity Add B2B Posting There are no B2B messages to display Bid Reading: Intent: Award: NoAward/Resolicit:

    From: Virginia (State)
  • Passport Travel Card

    Type : Bid Notification
    Due : 22 Oct, 2021 (in 24 days)
    Posted : 3 months ago
    Started : 24 Sep, 2021 (3 days ago)

    These cards are of a unique design and construction and will be used in the production of U.S. card format travel cards. The Department of State (DoS) (in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has developed and implemented U.S. card-format travel cards, including the Passport Card -a credit- card-size travel document.

    From: Federal Government (Federal)