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  • Non-Destructive Testing of Drilled Shafts

    Type : Bid Notification

    Due : 07 May, 2024 (in 19 days)
    Posted : 6 days ago
    Started : 09 Apr, 2024 (8 days ago)

    Non-Destructive Testing of Drilled ShaftsBackGround:The DEPARTMENT performs Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) testing and other associated non-destructive geophysical test methods to evaluate the competency of drilled shafts constructed for highway infrastructure throughout the state. This testing is a requirement of the DEPARTMENT’s construction acceptance testing.

    From: Nevada Department of Transportation (Transportation)

  • Request for Information [rfi] Information is Hereby Requested to Enable Transnet to Obtain Cost Estimates As Part of the Market Analysis on Alternative Non-d...

    Type : Bid Notification

    Due : 10 May, 2024 (in 22 days)
    Posted : 5 days ago
    Started : 27 Mar, 2024 (20 days ago)

    TE/2024/04/0031/62856/RFI Briefing Meeting: 2024-04-25 11:13 Tender Closing Date: 2024-05-10 16:00 Required At: Transnet SOC Ltd Details :- Title:TE24-GMX-8DH-08176Tender Number:TE/2024/04/0031/62856/RFIDescription:REQUEST FOR INFORMATION [RFI] INFORMATION IS HEREBY REQUESTED TO ENABLE TRANSNET TO OBTAIN COST ESTIMATES AS PART OF THE MARKET ANALYSIS ON ALTERNATIVE NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING METHODS AND SERVICESClosing Date:2024-05-10 16:00Briefing Date

    From: South Africa (Federal)

  • Partnerships Needed for ARROW(e) Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) Robotic Crawler

    Type : Bid Notification

    Due : 01 Jan, 2022 (about 2 years ago)
    Posted : about 2 years ago
    Started : 15 Dec, 2021 (about 2 years ago)

    Opportunity Description: In need of industry partner with infrastructure inspection experience that would like to commercialize a non-destructive inspection (NDI) robotic crawler for the inspection of wind turbine blades. ARROW(e) (Assessment Robot for Resilient Optimized Wind Energy) has been developed over two years and evaluated at a lab scale and on ground-based inspection specimens.

    From: Federal Government (Federal)

  • H--Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection of Hydraulic Steel Structures

    Type : Pre-Bid Notification

    Due : 09 Feb, 2022 (about 2 years ago)
    Posted : about 2 years ago
    Started : 25 Jan, 2022 (about 2 years ago)

    THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION FOR QUOTESTHIS IS A SYNOPSIS OF AN UPCOMING SOLICITATIONThe Bureau of Reclamation, Acquisition Operations Branch, intends to solicit quotations for performance of a full-circumference, remotely operated, automated visual inspection and non-destructive corrosion wall thickness survey inside a penstock at two (2) site locations.

    From: Federal Government (Federal)

  • Non-Destructive Testing - Blanket Purchase Agreement

    Type : Bid Notification

    Due : 31 Mar, 2024 (17 days ago)
    Posted : 1 month ago
    Started : 05 Mar, 2024 (1 month ago)

    The Huntington District, US Army Corp of Enginners hereby provides notice of its intent to award competitive BPA Calls against the following agreements for Non-destructive Inspection Services: W9123721A0018 - Nondestructive Inspection Services W9123720A0005 - Greenway Engineering, IncThere is not a soliciation for Blanket Purchase Agreements.

    From: Federal Government (Federal)

  • BID 22-38 Non-Destructive Ultra-Sonic Acoustic Inspection Tester

    Type : Bid Notification

    Due : 27 Apr, 2022 (about 2 years ago)
    Posted : about 2 years ago
    Started : 24 Mar, 2022 (about 2 years ago)

     PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS    The NonDestructive Ultra‐Sonic Acoustic Inspection Tester must characterize the thickness or  internal structure of a test piece using high‐frequency waves.    2.2 REQUIREMENTS    The following specifications are to ensure that the NonDestructive Ultra‐Sonic Acoustic  Inspection Tester will perform the tasks necessary to satisfy the project’s objectives. 

    From: University of Southern Mississippi (Higher Education)

  • Sources Sought - OPS Non-Destructive Testing BPA

    Type : Bid Notification

    Due : 05 Apr, 2024 (12 days ago)
    Posted : 1 month ago
    Started : 15 Mar, 2024 (1 month ago)

    Provide documentation demonstrating non-destructive testing services for projects of similar type. For each example project, include original contract amount, pending and actual modification cost. a.

    From: Federal Government (Federal)