Category 2 Internal Network Connections

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From: Pueblo County library district(County)

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started - 31 Dec, 2023 (3 months ago)

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31 Dec, 2023 (3 months ago)
due - 28 Feb, 2024 (1 month ago)

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28 Feb, 2024 (1 month ago)
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Bid Notification


Pueblo County Library District

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Pueblo County Library District
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"PUEBLO CITY-COUNTY\n\nLibrary District\n\nel\n\nREQUEST FOR PROPOSAL\n\nCategory 2 Internal Network Connections\n\nREQUEST FOR PROPOSAL DATE: January 12, 2024\nPROPOSALS DUE NLT: 3:00pm (Mountain Time), February 9, 2024\n\nRFP # 2-2024\n\nRFP# 2-2024 PCCLD Cat2 Funding 2-2024 Page 1 of 9\n" "1. General Information:\n\nA. Overview: The Pueblo City-County Library District, herein after (*PCCLD\u201d)\nissues this Request for Proposal (*RFP) for internal network connections and\ninstallation, warranty, and services as described in the Scope of Work Section\n8.\n\nA single vendor is not required to respond to all procurements but may do so. If\na single vendor wishes to submit a proposal for multiple services, they may\nsubmit bundled pricing but also must submit a proposal for non-bundled pricing\nto facilitate cost comparison.\n\nThe district intends to apply for discounts on the Scope of Work listed in this\nRFP through the federal Universal Service Support Mechanism for Schools
and\nLibraries, commonly known as \u201cE-rate.\u201d Several criteria and restrictions\npertinent to the E-rate program are included herein Section 10 (E-Rate\nRequirements) and must be met by the successful vendor in order for the\nproposal to be considered a Qualified Proposal.\n\nB. RFP Schedule:\n\nRFP issued: January 12, 2024\nQuestions Due by 3:00 pm: January 25, 2024\nProposals due by 3:00 pm: February 9, 2024\n\nC. RFP Submittal: Proposals are to be emailed, the subject line should identify\nthe RFP number and title, with all attachments, no later than 3:00 pm local time\non February 9, 2024 to:\n\nAshley Huggins\nChief Financial Officer\nPueblo City-County Library District\n\nEmail:\n\nEach complete submission is to include a signed proposal in a digital version.\nAll proposals are to be created using a recent version of Microsoft Office Word\nand/or .pdf file. Proposals delivered after the above required date and time will\nbe received, but will not be considered and will be rejected for lateness.\n\nAll proposals submitted will become property of the PCCLD and will be\nconsidered a public document under applicable Colorado State law.\n\nD. Points of Contact: Questions and requests for clarification regarding this RFP\nmust be addressed via US mail or email by 3 pm January 25, 2024 to:\n\nPueblo City-County Library District\nATTN: Thomas Defrates, Director of IT\n\nEmail:\n\nRFP# 2-2024 PCCLD Cat2 Funding 2-2024 Page 2 of 9\n" "Questions and requests for clarifications may be sent via email, provided that\nthe RFP number, Title, and the words \u201cquestion\u201d and/or \u201cclarification\u201d are\nidentified in the subject area of the email. Questions and requests without this\nsubject identification may be considered routine emails, and may not get\nproperly addressed.\n\nAll questions and requests for clarification will be responded to on PCCLD\u2019s web\nsite (click on request for bids) to all\nrespondents by February 1, 2024. Any responses by the PCCLD that are\nconsidered to be a change in the terms, conditions, and specifications of this\nRFP will be posted on the web site as an addendum. No communications of any\nkind may be considered a change to the terms, conditions, and specifications in\nthis RFP unless posted as an official addendum on the web site.\n\nCommunication from any other source, other than the above, should be\nconsidered as invalid with regard to this RFP.\n\n2. General Terms & Conditions:\n\nA.\n\nRFP#\n\nInterested Parties: All interested vendors are invited to submit a proposal in\naccordance with the terms, conditions, and specifications contained herein.\n\n. Tax Exemption: PCCLD, as a local government entity, is exempt from sales\n\nand use taxes. Bidders shall inform all prospective subcontractors and suppliers\nfrom whom they expect to obtain services or supplies of the tax-exempt status\nof PCCLD. Following the contract award, an exemption certificate will be\nfurnished by PCCLD ifthe vendor requests.\n\n. Expenses: PCCLD assumes no liability for payment of expenses incurred by\n\nvendors in the preparation and submission of proposals in response to this\ninvitation.\n\n. Non-Discrimination: The vendor agrees not to refuse to hire, discharge,\n\npromote, or demote, or to discriminate in matters of compensation against any\nperson otherwise qualified, solely because of race, color, religion, national\norigin, gender, age, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical\nor mental disability.\n\nGoverning Law: The laws of the State of Colorado shall govern any contract\nexecuted between the successful vendor and PCCLD. Further, the place of\nperformance and transaction of business shall be deemed to be in the County\nof Pueblo, State of Colorado, and in the event of litigation, the exclusive venue\nand place of jurisdiction shall be Pueblo County in the State of Colorado.\n\nConfidentiality: Proposal submitted to PCCLD for consideration shall be\n\nsubject to Colorado Open Record Law, Section 24-72-201, et seq., C.R.S., after\naward is made.\n\n2-2024 PCCLD Cat2 Funding 2-2024 Page 3 of 9\n" "G. Termination of Contract: PCCLD may, by written notice to the successful\nvendor, terminate the contract ifthe vendor has failed to perform its service in a\nmanner satisfactory to PCCLD per specifications defined in the contract and/or\nRFP. The date of termination shall be stated in the notice. PCCLD may cancel\nthe contract upon thirty days written notice for any reason other than cause.\nThis may include, but is not limited to PCCLD's inability to continue with the\ncontract due to the elimination or reduction in funding.\n\nH. Non-Appropriation: PCCLD presently intends to carry out and perform all of\nthe terms and conditions of an awarded contract, and reasonably believes that\nfunds in amounts sufficient to pay all amounts payable hereunder can legally be\nprovided and made available for that purpose, and PCCLD shall include in its\nannual budget request amounts sufficient to pay all sums payable pursuant to\nan awarded contract. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the parties hereto\nrecognize that it is possible that in any given fiscal year of the PCCLD funds\nmight not be available. PCCLD shall have the right to cancel any awarded\ncontract at the end of any calendar year during the term hereof that\ngovernmental funding from Pueblo County, Colorado is not granted for the\nsubsequent calendar year. PCCLD shall advise vendor of its intention to cancel\nthe awarded contract due to lack of funds on or before the end of any such\ncalendar year and submit therewith to vendor satisfactory evidence showing\nPCCLD'\u2019s inability to obtain the required revenues for the coming calendar year.\nUpon such cancellation PCCLD shall be released from all further liability under\nany awarded contract. The right granted to PCCLD by this provision may only\nbe exercised for the express reason stated and for no other reason.\n\nI. Confidentiality of Information: The vendor acknowledges that the vendor\nwill, or may, be making use of, acquiring or adding to information about certain\nmatters and things which are confidential to PCCLD and which information is\nthe exclusive property of PCCLD, including, but not limited to: Internal\npersonnel and financial information, vendor names and other vendor information\n(including vendor characteristics, services and agreements), purchasing and\ninternal cost information, internal services and operational manuals, and the\nmanner and methods of conducting PCCLD\u2019s business.\n\n3. Proposal Preparation:\n\nA. Exceptions and Deviations: Any exceptions to or deviations from these Terms\n& Conditions must be identified, in writing, on an attachment to the proposal\nsubmission. PCCLD reserves the right to accept or reject, at its sole discretion,\nany exceptions or deviations by the vendor.\n\nB. Substantive Proposals: By submitting a proposal, the vendor guarantees that\n(1) its proposal is genuine and is not made in the interest of, or on behalf of, any\nundisclosed person, firm, or corporation; (2) it has not directly or indirectiy\ninduced or solicited any other respondent to put in a false or sham bid; (3) it has\nnot solicited or induced any other person, firm, or corporation from proposing;\nand (d) it has not sought by collusion to obtain for itself any advantage over any\nother vendor or over PCCLD.\n\nRFP# 2-2024 PCCLD Cat2 Funding 2-2024 Page 4 of 9\n" "C. Minimum Qualifications: To be considered for selection, vendors must meet\nat least the following minimum qualifications:\n\n(1)\n\n(2)\n\nEstablished Business. Vendor must have been engaged as a place of\nbusiness 3 years prior to the release date of this RFP.\n\nCustomer Satisfaction, Financial Resources and Ability to Perform.\nVendor must be able to show proof that they have an established\nsatisfactory record and have sufficient financial support, equipment, and\norganization to ensure that they can satisfactorily execute the services to\nbe performed per this RFP.\n\nLegal Compliance. Vendor must be in compliance with all applicable laws,\nrules, regulations, and ordinances of the City of Pueblo, the State of\nColorado and the United States.\n\nInsurance:\n\nThe vendor shall not commence work until it has procured, maintains, and\nprovides proof of the policies of insurances and liabilities listed below. The\nvendor will not be relieved of any liability, claims, or other obligations in\nconjunction with the signed agreement with the Library by reason of its\nfailure to procure or maintain the necessary insurance and liabilities.\nFailure on the part of the vendor to obtain such insurance and liabilities\nprior to, and during the term of the contact, will constitute a breach of\ncontract in which the Library has the right and may immediately terminate\nthe signed agreement. The Library reserves the right to request and\nreceive a copy of any policy related to services provided to the Library.\n\n(a Commercial General Liability: The vendor shall secure and maintain,\nduring the term of agreed contract and for such additional time for\nservice being performed, Commercial General Liability Insurance\nissued to and covering the liability of the vendor with respect to all\nwork performed by vendor and its third party vendors under the\ncontract, to be written on acomprehensive policy form. This insurance\nshall be written in amounts not less than $1 million for each\noccurrence and aggregate for personal injury including death and\nbodily injury and $1 million for each occurrence and aggregate for\nproperty damage. This policy of insurance shall name the Pueblo\nCity-County Library District, its agents, officers and employees as\nadditional insured. This policy shall have all necessary endorsements\nto provide coverage without exclusion for explosion and collapse\nhazards, underground property damage hazard, blanket contractual\ncoverage\u2019s, as well as Owners\u2019 and vendors\u2019 Protective Liability\n(OCP) coverage. The policy shall also provide coverage for\ncontractual liability assumed by vendor under the provisions of the\ncontract and \u201cCompleted Operations and Projects Liability\u201d coverage.\n\n(b) Workers Compensation Insurance: The vendor shall procure and\n\nRFP# 2-2024 PCCLD Cat2 Funding 2-2024 Page 5 of 9\n"

100 E Abriendo Ave., Pueblo, CO 81004Location

Address: 100 E Abriendo Ave., Pueblo, CO 81004

Country : United StatesState : Colorado

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