Landscape Maintenance Services for The Ontario Parkway Maintenance Assessment Districts PM 2425-02

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From: Ontario(City)

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started - 14 Feb, 2024 (2 months ago)

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14 Feb, 2024 (2 months ago)
due - 04 Mar, 2024 (1 month ago)

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04 Mar, 2024 (1 month ago)
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Bid Notification


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Public Works
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Project Title Landscape Maintenance Services for The Ontario Parkway Maintenance Assessment Districts PM 2425-02 Invitation # 1745 Bid Posting Date 02/14/2024 5:36 PM (PST) Project Stage Bidding Bid Due Date 03/04/2024 3:00 PM (PST) Response Format Electronic Project Type RFP (Request for Proposal) Response Types Response File Bid Bond Non Collusion (required) General Attachment Type of Award Lump Sum Categories 93437 - Irrigation Systems Maintenance And Repair 98800 - Roadside, Grounds, Recreational And Park Area Services 98836 - Grounds Maintenance: Mowing, Edging, Plant (Not Tree) Trimming, Etc. 98889 - Weed And Vegetation Control (Including Aquatic Weed Control) License Requirements C27 Restriction Downloads and eBidding Restricted To Must meet one of the following restrictions: CADIR - Registered DIR Public Works Contractor Department Public Works Address 1425 South Bon View Ave Ontario, California 91761 County San Bernardino Bid Valid 120 Calendar Days Liquidated Damages N/A
Estimated Bid Value Start/Delivery Date July 1st, 2024 Project Duration 3 years + 2 option years at the City's discretion Bid Bond Bid Bond 10.00% Payment Bond 100.00% Performance Bond 100.00% Pre-Bid Meeting Information Pre-Bid Meeting Yes - Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting Date 02/20/2024 11:00 AM (PST) Pre-Bid Meeting Location 1425 S Bon View Ontario CA 91761 Online Q&A Online Q&A Yes Q&A Deadline 02/23/2024 3:00 PM (PST) Contact Information Contact Info Purchasing 909 395-2012 Bids to Owner's Agent Description Scope of Services The City is seeking bids for qualified contractors with demonstrated experience in providing similar projects for landscape maintenance for Parkway Maintenance Districts in the City of Ontario. Other Details Bidder must comply with SB854 - Public Works Contractor Registration Program. Public Works Contractor Registration Program. Bidder may begin bid process at any time prior to the bid deadline. Information entered is viewable only to bidder and may be saved, changed, or withdrawn up until the deadline. Upon selection and notification of award, contractor will be required to submit a Payment Bond and a Performance Bond each for 100% of the total bid amount. Notes The bidder is solely responsible for on time submission of their electronic bid. The City will only consider bids that have been transmitted successfully and have been issued an ebid confirmation number with a time stamp from the bid management system indicating that the bid was successfully submitted. Bidder shall be solely responsible for informing itself with respect to the proper utilization of the bid management system, for ensuring the capability of their computer system to upload the required documents, and for the stability of their internet service. Failure of the bidder to successfully submit an electronic bid shall be at the bidder's sole risk and no relief will be given for late and/or improperly submitted bids. Bidders experiencing any technical difficulties with the bid submission process may contact PlanetBids at (818) 992-1771. Questions of an operational nature may be directed to the City's Purchasing office at (909) 395-2012. Neither the City, nor PlanetBids, makes any guarantee as to the timely availability of assistance, or assurance that any given problem will be resolved by the bid submission deadline. Special Notices This is a State Prevailing Wage Project. It is the bidder’s responsibility to become familiar with the contract documents in their entirety. All forms in the bid booklet must be properly completed to be deemed responsive. Award of contract will be made by City Council. Bidders must submit all questions pertaining to this bid through the City's Online Bid Management System, by selecting the "Q&A" tab. Questions sent directly to City Staff will not be addressed and you will be directed to submit your question(s) online. Quantities listed are annual estimates only and not indicative of a guaranteed level of usage. Any items not listed on this bid shall be purchased at equivalent category discount. Select “Place e-bid” to start entering bid information. All information entered is visible only to bidder. Data entered may be “saved” or “submitted” and revised or withdrawn up to the closing deadline. This solicitation is a Request for Proposal (RFP), typically subject to negotiation, and as such award is based on multiple criteria of which price is only one element in the City’s best value determination. The RFP solicitation usually requires a Response File rather than line item pricing; therefore, a bid tabulation will not be available. Information regarding proposals is publicly available upon submission of a Public Records Request following award. List of pre-bid meeting attendees will be available in the bid management system. Attendees must be registered as a vendor in order to be listed. The City has established a local preference to vendors located within the City limits of Ontario a 1 3/4% advantage in the City's determination of low bid, and a 3/4% advantage of vendors outside the City but within the County of San Bernardino. Local Programs & Policies This is a State Prevailing wage project. Bidder must comply with SB854 - Public Works Contractor Registration Program. Place eBid

1425 South Bon View Ave Ontario, California 91761Location

Address: 1425 South Bon View Ave Ontario, California 91761

Country : United StatesState : California

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