US Department of Agriculture Seeks to Lease Office and Related Space in Luzerne Co., PA

From: Federal Government(Federal)

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started - 06 Dec, 2023 (Yesterday)

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06 Dec, 2023 (Yesterday)
due - 13 Dec, 2023 (in 6 days)

Due Date

13 Dec, 2023 (in 6 days)
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Pre-Bid Notification



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Department of Agriculture (USDA) seeks to lease the following space:12/6/2023 Update: Extended response date to 12/13/2023. 11/8/2023 Update:Clarified trucks with trailers: USDA only needs accommodations for pickup truck with trailers for our customers. We will not need accommodations for Semi-Trucks on site. Clarified 100-year floodplains: areas where floodplains have been mitigated by a levee on the FEMA flood map are acceptable. Location Information:State: PennsylvaniaCity: Luzerne CountyDelineated Area: North: Starting at PA-118 and PA-415, Follow PA-415 to PA-309, Main Rd., Lower Demunds Rd., Roushey St., Harris St., Hill St., Ordish Rd., E. Center St., Harris Hill Rd., Manor Dr., Carverton RdEast: W. 8th St between Carverton Rd. and Route 11South: Route 11 between W. 8th St. and Washington Ave.West: Washington Ave., Mountain Rd., Huntsville Rd., Old Rte. 115, Market
St., PA-118Space Information:Minimum Sq. Ft. (ABOA): 3035Maximum Sq. Ft. (ABOA): 3187Maximum Sq. Ft. (RSF): 3642Space Type: Office – public facing for provision of Government services.Parking Information:Reserved Parking Spaces (Total): 2Non-Reserved Parking Spacing (Total): 18Term Information:Full Term: Up to 20 YearsFirm Term: 5 YearsTermination Rights: 120 Days after end of firm termAdditional Requirements:Pull-through parking for pickup trucks with trailers.All entries and drives leading from the main road to the parking areas must be navigable, accessible by, and capable of supporting pickup truck traffic with trailers.Space shall be contiguous.Sub-leases are not allowed.Offered space must meet Government requirements for fire safety, accessibility, seismic, and sustainability standards per the terms of the Lease. A fully serviced lease is required. Offered space shall not be in the 1-percent-annual chance (formally 100-year) flood plain.**CLARIFICATION: AREAS WHERE THE FLOOD PLAIN IS MITIGATED BY A LEVEE ON THE FEMA FLOOD MAP ARE ACCEPTABLE**.Entities are advised to familiarize themselves with the telecommunications prohibitions outlined under Section 889 of the FY19 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), as implemented by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).). For more information, visit: Information:Expressions of Interest Due: November 29th, 2023Market Survey (Estimated): December 6th, 2023Occupancy (Estimated): May 29th, 2025Note: Entities not currently registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) at, are advised to start the registration process as soon as possible if intending to submit an offer for possible lease award. Expressions of Interest shall include the following:If existing building, building name and address, and location of the available space within the Building, along with building site/ lot plans, interior layout drawings/pictures (with dimensions shown) reflecting the Space that is being offered.If new construction, site/aerial plans or building site/lot plans showing the location of the proposal land, along with the parcel number (if part of multiple parcels, all parcel numbers associated with the proposed land). Adjacent streets showing proposed ingress/egress shall be shown on the plans.Rentable square feet (RSF) and ANSI/BOMA office area (ABOA) square feet to be offered. Date of space availability.If offeror is not the owner of the building, an authorization letter signed by owner to represent owner for property will be required. *Amount of/type of parking available on-site. Photos of the space or site being submitted, or permission for Market Survey participants to photograph the space or site.For existing buildings, provide information on condition of building systems, roof, foundation, and current floor plan. Alternatively, provide a copy of a recent commercial building inspection or appraisal.Confirmation that offered space meets or will be made to meet Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standards (ABAAS).Confirmation that offered space meets or will be made to meet Fire Protection & Life Safety Requirements.For new construction or properties requiring expansion of the footprint of the building, confirmation that offered space meets or will be made to meet National Environmental Protection Act of 1969 (NEPA) Requirements.* As mentioned in #5 above, any submission received without written authorization to represent owner(s) will not be considered until such time the documentation has been received. In cases where an agent is representing multiple entities, written acknowledgement/permission from each entity to represent multiple interest parties for the same submission must be submitted prior to the Expressions of Interest due date.Send Expressions of Interest to:Name/Title: Heather Schmitt | Lease Contracting OfficerEmail Address: Heather.Schmitt@usda.govName/Title: Zisa Lubarov-Walton | Realty SpecialistEmail Address: Zisa.Lubarov-Walton@usda.govGovernment Contact InformationName/Title: Heather Schmitt | Lease Contracting OfficerEmail Address: Heather.Schmitt@usda.govPhone Number: 724-482-5288

PA   USALocation

Address: PA USA

Country : United StatesState : Pennsylvania

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