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Bid Notification - V--VALET PARKING

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Bid Notification Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center - V--VALET PARKING


Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
From: Federal Government(Federal)
This is a Request for Information Only; it is not a request for quotations or offers. This procurement requirement is to determine whether any small business can provide can provide these services listed below:Network-9 This requirement is to provide valet parking services for the Tennessee Valley Health System (TVHS), Nashville Campus, 1310 24th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee (37212) for an initial period of one (1) year from date of award with (4) four one (1) year options This Request for Information (RFI)/Sources Sought Notice to solicit market research information from industry to assist the Government with analysis of a Government requirement and provide commercial insight on performance-based solutions, best practices, possible contractual arrangements, and potential issues. This RFI is to determine the availability of Small Business (preferably Service-Disabled and/or Veteran-Owned Owned) entities within the Nashville, Tennessee area. The NAICS CODE for this requirement is 812930 (Valet Parking Service) and PSC CODE V999 (Other Transportation, Travel and Relocation Services)THIS IS A REQUEST FOR INFORMATION ONLY. It is not a Request for Proposal, a Request for Quotation, an Invitation for Bids, a Solicitation, or an indication that Network-9 Contracting Office (NCO-9) will contract for the items contained in the RFI / Sources Sought Notice. This RFI/Sources Sought Notice is part of a Government market research effort to determine the scope of industry capabilities and interest, in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 15.201(e), response to this RFI / Sources Sought Notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Responses to this RFI / Sources Sought Notice are strictly voluntary and are consider as information only. The Government will not pay respondents for information provided in response to this RFI / Sources Sought Notice. Responses to this RFI / Sources Sought Notice will not be returned and respondents will not be notified of the result of the review. If a solicitation is issued, it will be announced a later date, and all interested parties must respond to that solicitation announcement separately from any response to this announcement. This RFI / Sources Sought Notice do not restrict the Government s acquisition on a future solicitation. STATEMENT OF WORKScope of Work: The Contractor shall provide all labor, material, supervision, equipment, supplies, and services required to provide valet parking and traffic control for VA patients, visitors, and volunteers. The project's scope of work includes a base year and four (4) one-year option renewal periods. All services shall be performed in accordance with industry standards, as well as with all terms, conditions, schedules, provisions, and requirements of this solicitation and any resulting contract. The Contractor shall have the valet parking site(s) ready to provide the services at the indicated times. The Contractor shall not charge for set-up or tear-down of equipment/materials associated with this contract.Services shall include but are not limited to ticketing; securing keys; and parking, delivering, directing certain vehicles to and from the valet greeting area located at the hospital's main entrance to on-site parking area(s). Location of any Contractor-furnished equipment must be approved by the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) prior to commencement of services.The intent of this valet parking contract is to stack cars to expand parking capacity.2 Definitions:a. "Valet Parking" - Refers to all services performed by the Contractor under this agreement. Customers are greeted by valet parking attendants, and the keys to customer vehicles are delivered to the attendant (except for those vehicles the Contractor deems appropriate for self-parking). The valet parking attendants shall stack park the vehicles that enter the parking area.b. "Contractor : - Where referenced in this solicitation, "Contractor" refers to the valet parking Contractor, offeror or vendor providing services under this agreement.c. "CO" - Contracting Officerd. "COR" - Contracting Officer Representative - Limited authoritye. "AOD" - Administrative Officer of the Dayf. "VAMC" - Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centerg. "VA" Tennessee Valley Health Systemh. FAR - Federal Acquisition Regulationsi. "VAAR" - VA Acquisition Regulation3. Parking Lots: The Contractor shall be responsible to locate, acquire and provide on-site parking for the parking and temporary storage of vehicles belonging to VA patients.a. This/these lot(s) will be reserved for partial valet parking. These lots shall be managed and controlled by the Valet Contractor. The valet parking contract's intent is to stack park vehicles to expand parking capacity.b. Handicapped Parking must be provided at the on-site lot for those vehicles which may be larger than normal due to medical needs.As indicated on the attached drawings, there are parking areas available for Valet parking on VA property. The drawings are provided for informational and general orientation purposes only. It shall be the Contractor's responsibility to visit the site to fully understand the nature of the work and the conditions under which the work shall be performed. Failure to visit the site will not relieve the successful offeror of the responsibility to provide services in strict accordance with the true intent and meaning of the Statement of Work.4. Contractor's Requirements: Valet parking shall be limited to VA patients and visitors. Contractor will be advised, in writing by the Contracting Officer, if anyone other than VA patients or visitors will be allowed to utilize valet parking service. The Contractor's employees shall greet every vehicle--excluding buses, VA transportation vehicles dropping off or picking up patients, vendors or Contractors conducting business at the VA Medical Center, and VA employees. Every vehicle that pulls up to the valet parking area shall be stopped by the Contractor's employee, who shall ask the driver how long he/she will be staying at the Tennessee Valley Health System for an estimated time of departure. The greeter shall also advise the patient, visitor, or volunteer to secure personal items in a locked area in their vehicle (glove compartment or trunk) and advise them, if they do not do so, valet parking is at their own risk. The attendants shall give the driver a claim check and park the car in a space based on the length of stay, or direct the driver to a spot for self-parking.Contractor shall provide attendants trained to operate handicapped vehicles. Handicapped patients and visitors will be encouraged to utilize valet parking to ease their access into the facility. Handicapped persons will be permitted to pull to the patient entrance to be dropped off, and the attendant will then park the vehicle at the off-site location, if the vehicle includes a driver's seat and standard operating controls.The Contractor shall control where all Valet serviced vehicles are parked at the on-site lot in order to maximize the space available and facilitate smooth operations. All attendant-parked vehicles shall be locked and secured. Driver's keys shall be appropriately secured at the valet booth provided by the Contractor. When a parking patron returns for their car, they will give the attendant their claim check. The attendant shall deliver the car for easy exiting of the TVHS campus by the customer. Contractor shall be responsible for any lost keys and damage to the vehicles, as further defined herein.It is the Contractor's responsibility to screen out hospital employees and vendors from using the valet parking services. Contractor shall be responsible to direct employees and vendors or persons who refuse to leave their keys, etc. to appropriate open lots for patients, employees, visitors and vendors.The Contractor shall be responsible for parking control and monitoring designated parking areas. In the event of any emergency or if an individual requires assistance (i.e. injured or stranded person), the Contractor shall immediately notify VA Police of the situation via government furnished two-way radio(s). The two-way radio(s) will be preprogrammed for the above and the use of this equipment will be covered in the pre-orientation meeting with the successful offeror. The Contractor's supervisor shall be responsible to report daily any of these incidents or any violations noted during the performance of his/her duties to the VA Contracting Officer Representative (COR). Such incidents shall also be included in the required monthly report (see Reports section of this Statement of Work).Contractor shall follow established Emergency Procedures. Contractor shall immediately contact VA Police Communication Center on the VA-furnished equipment in the event of a life-threatening emergency.The COR will make every effort to notify the Contractor in advance concerning special events which might cause parking problems as a result of an expected high number of visitors to TVHS.The Contractor shall designate a full-time supervisor during the entire hours of operation. The Contractor supervisor shall serve as a representative of the Contractor to handle any valet parking concerns and incidents. Duties of the supervisor shall include--but are not limited to-customer relations; training; improving all valets services; and coordinating all work and services with the COR. The supervisor's name(s) shall be furnished to the Contracting Officer at the pre-work orientation meeting and at any time there is a change in supervisor(s). If the supervisor is not present on site, the Contractor shall designate another employee as "Acting Supervisor" during their period of absence. The Contractor's Supervisor or Acting Supervisor must be on site at all times during working hours.All parking attendants shall be trained to provide excellent customer service, demonstrating courtesy, kindness, and a caring demeanor. Parking patrons shall be treated courteously and with respect at all times.Valet attendants shall maintain the appearance of the hospital main entrance.Parking attendants shall drive slowly and cautiously, paying close attention to pedestrian traffic.Parking attendants shall assist parking patrons by removing wheelchairs and assisted devices from their automobiles.The Contractor shall notify the COR of any areas that may pose a safety hazard to patients, employees and visitors.Contractor employees are restricted from accepting tips of any kind. No Tipping shall be strictly enforced.Contractor valet parking personnel are not permitted to park a personal vehicle at the on-site designated valet parking lot during their work tours.Cell phone use by Contractor personnel is not permitted inside VA buildings or in customer vehicles, but is permitted outside and in the parking booth.Contractor personnel shall adhere to all VA rules and regulations.Construction projects, yet undetermined, may impact the valet parking operation during the term of any contract resulting from this solicitation.5. Hours of Operation: Hours of valet operations are 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday - Friday, excluding Federal Holidays listed below and any other day specifically declared by the President of the United States to be a Federal HolidayValet parking services shall be provided continuously Mondays through Fridays, from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with no break in service due to Contractor employee lunch breaks or coffee breaks.6. Federal Holidays:New Year s Day January 1Martin Luther King's Birthday 3rd Monday in JanuaryPresident's Day 3rd Monday in FebruaryMemorial Day Last Monday in MayFourth of July July 4thLabor Day 1st Monday in SeptemberColumbus Day 2nd Monday in OctoberVeteran's Day November 11Thanksgiving Day 4th Thursday in NovemberChristmas Day December 257. After Hours: Prior to close of business, the Contractor is responsible to identify any vehicles remaining in the on-site location, notice the location of each. Owners of these vehicles will pick up their keys from the VA Administrative Officer of the Day (AOD). The Contractor's parking attendant or supervisor shall turn over to AOD the key box containing keys to vehicles still on the premises at 6:00 pm, at the end of valet parking hours. If the key box is not portable, Contractor shall deliver keys in some kind of lockable device, so keys are not lost or mishandled; there is no expectation of inventory during this transfer of keys process. The AOD is in the Emergency Room lobby. If, due to heavy workload or staff limitations, the AOD needs assistance to issue keys, they will contact VA Police Dispatch, who will provide backup assistance. At the end of the shift, the Contractor shall secure the entry to valet lots to keep vehicles out. 8. Contractor-Provided Equipment, Supplies, and Uniforms: Contractor shall furnish all required supplies, materials, personnel, valet canopy, employee uniforms, and any necessary equipment required to perform the services defined herein, as follows:a. The Contractor shall provide a locking key cabinet(s) and ticket dispenser(s) to be located in the Government provided valet area. Exact location of the Contractor's cabinet(s) and/or booth shall be approved by the COR.b. The Contractor shall provide 3-part claim checks, and 2-way radios if needed to communicate among their own personnel. Contractor shall furnish any other communication devices necessary to communicate between their own personnel. Contractor shall also provide all cones or barriers, operational supplies, and any other miscellaneous items necessary to facilitate valet parking. All such supplies shall be approved by the COR prior to commencement of services.c. The Contractor shall furnish uniforms to all personnel working under this contract. Uniforms shall include identification of the Contractor by company name. Uniform type will be agreed upon by the VA and the Contractor at the pre-orientation meeting. Uniforms shall be worn at all times during performance of contract duties. Uniforms shall be consistent throughout the staff. Uniforms shall be clean, presentable and in good repair upon start of shift.d. The Contractor shall furnish vests, reflective front and back, for their employees. The vest type will be agreed 95% upon by the VA and the Contractor at the pre-orientation meeting. Vests shall be worn at all times during performance of contract duties. Vests shall be clean, presentable and in good repair upon start of shift.10. Government-Furnished Equipment, Supplies and Materials:a. The VA will furnish and install all signs required for operations. The Contractor shall provide sample sketches/drawings of recommended signs to operate the valet parking service at the pre-work orientation meeting. These signs shall clearly identify the purpose of the services for the VA patients. Signs shall be located at the all vehicle entrances to the medical center, as well as at designated valet parking lot entrances. A "NO TIPPING" sign will be furnished by the VA.b. The VA will provide a 2-way radio (or similar device) to be used for communication between the Contractor and Police Dispatch.c. The Contractor shall be responsible for any loss or due to negligence to the property provided by the VA to the Contractor during the performance of services. Any Government-furnished equipment which is due to contractor employee negligence or lost shall be replaced by the Contractor. All VA-furnished equipment shall be returned to the COR in good condition, as issued, prior to the release of the final payment to the Contractor.11. Contractor Employee Identification Badges: All Contractor personnel shall wear identification (I.D.) badges during the entire time they are on VA hospital grounds. The I.D. badges will be provided by the VA upon meeting Security Requirements for Contractor Employees in Paragraph 18 below. The Contractor shall contact the COR to obtain I.D. badges for Contractor employees.12. Security Requirements for Contractor Employees: Contractor employees under this contract shall be the subjects of background investigations and must receive a favorable adjudication from the VA Office of Security and Law Enforcement prior to contract performance. This requirement is applicable to any subcontractor personnel, as well. If the investigation is not completed prior to the start date of the contract, the Contractor shall be responsible for the actions of the individuals they provide to perform work for the VA.13. Contract Monitoring Procedures: The VA Chief of Police, or designee, will be delegated the authority of Contracting Officer Representative (COR). The COR will be assigned to monitor contract compliance. The COR's monitoring will include making periodic unannounced inspections to assure the Contractor is in compliance and waiting times do not exceed 95% of the time. Although it is the Contractor's responsibility to assign the number of contract personnel to meet contract requirements, the COR will be responsible for monitoring the efficient use of Contractor personnel.14. Performance Requirements: Contractor shall ensure that 95 percent of customers shall wait no more than 15 minutes to be valet parked and returned. The Contractor shall develop a system to monitor and report timeliness of service and complaints to the COR. This information shall be made available to the VA upon request.15. Performance Standard: The COR will make periodic unannounced inspections and will audit turn-around time to assure Contractor compliance. Any increase in the number of valet parking personnel necessary to meet the 10-minute requirement shall be provided. The Contractor's ability to manage traffic flow will be audited periodically to assure the Contractor is putting the Veteran first and is providing a safe, efficient operation.If required by the COR, the Contractor shall, at Contractor expense, perform a drug screen and criminal background investigation on a Contractor employee who is providing services under this contract. The Contractor agrees to terminate immediately an employee who, at the sole discretion of the VA, poses a risk to the health or safety of a patient, family member, volunteer, employee or any individual requiring services. The COR may request immediate removal and replacement of any contract employee found not representative of the image of a professional health care organization regarding appearance, behavior, professional attitude, and other causes deemed tarnishing of the image of the Department of Veterans Affairs. A record of each Contractor employee's character and physical capabilities to perform the duties of their position shall be maintained by the Contractor and made available for inspection upon request by the Government. Contractor shall be completely responsible for all actions of their employees.16. Training/Licenses/Qualifications: All Contractor parking attendants must possess valid State of Tennessee driver licenses and good driving record, be U.S. citizens, and be fluent in the English language.The TVHS Police Service, in conjunction with the TVHS Safety Section, will provide approximately 2 hours of training to Contractor employees predetermined mandatory training as agreed upon with CO and Contractor.The Contractor shall be responsible to ensure their employees coming to the work site receive the above information. The Contractor shall be responsible to ensure their employees providing work on this contract are fully trained, have proper Tennessee driver licenses and required insurance, as well as ensuring they are completely competent to perform the required work. Contractor employees shall be required to adhere to all VA rules and regulations. Contractor's personnel shall be trained in appropriate procedures to perform all duties performed under this contract, meeting all federal, state and local laws and regulations. Contractor shall keep a copy of all written documentation of employee training at Contractor's site. Upon request, the Contractor shall provide written documentation of employee training.Contractor shall be required to attend a pre-work orientation meeting prior to the commencement of work on site. The COR will document this meeting.The successful Offeror will be provided with a complete set of final drawings during the pre-orientation meeting. Drawings will include the location of the fire lanes. Any changes and/or additional recommendations, which deviate from the Statement of Work, must be approved in writing by the Contracting Officer prior to commencement of services.17. Claims/Damages: Any claims of damage property/missing property involving customer's vehicles shall be the responsibility of the Contractor. The VA assumes no responsibility for any damage to patrons' vehicles caused during the performance of the Contractor's services or for any such claims. Contractor shall be held completely responsible for lost keys and any costs associated with same. Any such claims shall be reported to the COR within 24 hours of occurrence.18. Contractor Personnel: The Contractor shall be responsible for protecting the personnel furnishing the services under this contract. To carry out this responsibility, the Contractor shall provide the following for these personnel, as a minimum: workers compensation, income tax withholding, and social security payments.The parties agree that Contractor personnel shall not be considered VA employees for any purpose and shall be considered employees of the Contractor.19. Reports: The Contractor shall submit daily reports to the COR. The reports shall include, but are not limited to, the following: 1) Summary of the number of vehicles valet parked by date; 2) A final summary sheet which includes the total number of vehicles from the lots utilized; 3) Any unusual events, by date. This shall include any accidents or special situations with patients, visitors, VA employees, or VA volunteers; and 4) Reports or incidences in which the assistance of the VA Police was requested. Failure to provide this report as required may result in delay of payment to the Contractor.Contractor may provide a sample of the types of report forms used on similar projects for approval at the pre-work orientation meeting.20. Conformance Standards: Contractor shall ensure that all services are performed in accordance with OSHA, VA, federal, state and local laws, as well as industry standards applicable to this type of services.MARKET SURVEY:1.Please provide a capability statement that includes, as a minimum, the following information:a.Company Name: b. Company Address:c. Point of Contract Information:i.Name:ii. Title:iii.Phone Number:iv.Facsimile Number:v.E-mail Address:d.System for Award Management (SAM) Expiration Date:e. DUNS Number:f. CAGE Number:g. Business Size(*)(Note: (*) as it relates to NAICS Code:h.socioeconomic Category:Small BusinessSDVOSBVOSBSmall Disadvantage Business8(a)HUB ZoneWomen Owned Small Business2.The number of eligible employees your firm can offer/provide:3.The distance your firm is from the Nashville VA Medical Center Medical Center: 4.Comments on the (Draft) Statement of Work Statement (SOW) provided below:5. Comments on current market conditions and obstacles in providing these services to the Government:If interested, please provide a capability statement. Also, provide e-mail responses to this Request for Information (RFI)/Sources Sought Notice no later than Wednesday, July 26, 2017 at 4:00 PM (Central Time) to Mr. Michael J. Edwards, Contracting Officer at Michael.Edwards2 va.gov. The response time cannot be extended beyond the suspense date provided.THIS IS A REQUEST FOR INFORMATION/SOURCE SOUGHT NOTICE ONLY. Contact Information: Michael EdwardsContract Specialist615-225-5506michael.edwards2@va.gov Office Address :Department of Veterans Affairs;Network Contracting Office 9;1639 Medical Center Parkway;Suite 400;Murfreesboro TN 37129 Location: Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Set Aside: N/A


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