HVAC & Mechanical Services

expired opportunity(Expired)
From: Sourcewell (formerly NJPA)(Co-op)

Basic Details

started - 15 Apr, 2020 (about 3 years ago)

Start Date

15 Apr, 2020 (about 3 years ago)
due - 08 May, 2022 (12 months ago)

Due Date

08 May, 2022 (12 months ago)




Sourcewell (formerly NJPA)

Customer / Agency

Sourcewell (formerly NJPA)
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Products & Services
Sourcewell contract 030817-SIE gives access to the following types of goods and services:
HVAC, cooling & heating systems, air balancing, ventilation, filtration, humidity control, air cleaning products
Energy management & control systems
Energy savings performance contracts
Distribution systems & co-generation plants
Building envelope systems
Water & sewage systems
Lighting systems, including disinfectant lighting
UVC light technology for air handlers
Bi-polar ionization technology
Fire & security systems, including thermal imaging, UV-sanitizing entry gates, contact tracing, & touchless visitor management & registration
Remote system services for fire, security, HVAC, & thermal imaging
Service & maintenance

202 12th Street NE P.O. Box 219 Staples, MN 56479Location

Address: 202 12th Street NE P.O. Box 219 Staples, MN 56479

Country : United StatesState : Minnesota