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Bid Notification started - 30 May, 2017 (about 2 years ago) - Hino Vehicles

Start Date

30 May, 2017 (about 2 years ago)
Bid Notification due - 30 May, 2017 (about 2 years ago) - Hino Vehicles

Due Date

26 Jun, 2017 (23 months ago)
Bid Notification - Hino Vehicles

Opportunity Type

Bid Notification
RFB 16-17-49 - Hino Vehicles

Opportunity Identifier

RFB 16-17-49
Bid Notification City of San Jose, CA - Hino Vehicles

Customer / Agency

City of San Jose, CA
Bid Notification San Jose, CA 95113 - Hino Vehicles


San Jose, CA 95113
From: San Jose(City)
The City of San Jose is soliciting bids for Hino Vehicles per
attached bid documents.

City reserves the right to purchase additional quantities or newer
models of the same vehicles for a total period of five (5) years
from award of contract.

The Bidder (or principal) must meet the following minimum
qualifications.  Bids that fail to meet the minimum
qualifications will be considered non-responsive and disqualified from
further consideration.
1) Provide at least
three (3) customer references that demonstrate Bidder (or
principal) has built, sold, and delivered a total of four
(4) vehicles similar to the ones described in Attachment
1A and/or 1B and within the last three (3) years prior
to May 30, 2017; use the Previous Customer Reference Form (Attachment
6) to submit references.  

Please refer to the RFB document and any other attached
documents for details.

1) All Bid responses must be submitted online through BidSync,
including electronic attachments if applicable, and/or through the
“Vendor Notes for Offer" function. 
2) All line
items must be priced or clearly show “No Charge” or
“included” not left blank or zero. 

BASIS OF AWARD is Price-Determinative:
The award for this requirement will be based on lowest
responsive and responsible total base bid that meets all
specifications. The City may award by line item, lot, or overall
lowest cost after application of local business and small business
preferences, if applicable.

Freight and/or shipping charges shall be at no cost to the City
“FOB Destination prepaid".


to deliver product within 90 days After Receipt of Order

Delivery Address:

City of San Jose

1661 Senter Rd., Bldg. F

San Jose, CA  95112

Do not include sales tax in your bid. City will work with
selected supplier to establish the applicable tax for PO/contract award. 


Country : United States

State : California