69--Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) Integrated Training Systems and Support


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15 Dec, 2017 (17 months ago)
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Bid Notification - 69--Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) Integrated Training Systems and Support

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Bid Notification Department of the Navy - 69--Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) Integrated Training Systems and Support

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Department of the Navy
Bid Notification 12211 science dr, orlando, fl - 69--Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) Integrated Training Systems and Support


12211 science dr, orlando, fl
From: Federal Government(Federal)
IntroductionThe Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD), Orlando, FL seeks potential sources with the ability to provide Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) Integrated Training Systems and continued life-cycle support of established LVC systems under NAWCTSD’s cognizance. LVC systems provide virtual maintenance and operational training of U.S. Navy systems to U.S. Navy watch standers. The development of new training systems and upgrades to existing training systems will include training for individual, team, and/or multi-team training requirements.Responses received for this notice will serve as a consideration for the government’s decision to fulfill this requirement under a set-aside, full and open competition, or sole source acquisition. Additionally, the requested information will be taken into account for acquisition planning purposes.It is anticipated that any contract action associated with this notice will result in a single award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract on a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) and/or Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) basis, with either a five (5) year base ordering period or a five (5) year base ordering period and two (2) one (1) year option periods. The estimated contract ceiling is approximately $49.9M. BackgroundLVC systems were previously known as Live, Virtual, and Constructive Modeling and Simulation (LVCMS) systems. The LVC training systems and devices provide a wide range of training capabilities to various Department of Defense (DoD) communities. LVC training devices are located in various school houses and fleet concentration centers throughout the world. Some of the LVC training systems are used as training gap fillers until suitable devices can be delivered in the future. Other LVC training systems are designed to support integrated and coordinated Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Virtual At-Sea Training (VAST) tactical training, Anti-Access Area-Denial (A2AD) and Cyber Warfare using Joint Semi-Automated Forces (JSAF) Navy Training Baseline (NTB) simulation. Some current training system configurations are comprised of personal computers (PC) with each PC system representing a mission training station in a particular aircraft (i.e. SH-60B, SH-60F, P-3C ), shipboard system or combat systems, when in a networked environment, allow for integrated mission training. These LVC systems primarily use Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware and various commercial software products and operating systems to emulate, simulate, and/or stimulate various training systems for training purposes. Commercial item PC technology changes rapidly and it is not unusual for systems to become unsupportable over a period of time. When this happens, the government will have to replace the existing LVC training systems comprised of PC hardware with the latest PC technology and latest software in order to be compliant with the Department of Defense (DoD) Information Technology (DoDI 8510.01) Risk Management Framework. Additionally, NAWCTSD has a requirement to provide continued life cycle support of established LVC training systems under NAWCTSD’s cognizance. RequirementsThe contractor shall provide design, development, integration, test, delivery, and sustainment support for the LVC training systems and ASW VAST family of training systems, to include installation support at various locations. The contractor shall design the training systems for compatibility with anticipated changes in products such as operating systems and JSAF NTB. The contractor shall also design and develop operable training systems within the Navy Continuous Training Environment (NCTE) using JSAF NTB. The contractor shall research, design, test, evaluate, integrate, implement and support transition of training solutions. In addition, the contractor shall provide upgrades to include software patches to the existing trainers plus develop and field new training solutions emulating other military systems. The government laboratory for testing and integration of software and hardware is located in Orlando, Florida. The contractor shall provide the sustainment and Fleet Synthetic Training (FST) support of LVC training systems at multiple sites including multiple OCONUS DoD sites.These efforts shall require support to and coordination with various working groups and participation in the System Engineering Technical Review (SETR) process. The contractor shall support the submission of its technologies to the SETR process and its build-test-build approach to technology maturation. In addition, the contractor shall conduct design, development, testing, analysis and documentation under the guidance of the various working groups. The contractor shall support integration, test, and delivery. The contractor shall update its product to address the findings of the working groups. The government shall retain government purpose rights to all source code and data pertaining to the design, component specifications, hardware, software, processes and procedures developed under this contract.Responses to Sources Sought NoticeInterested businesses should submit a brief capabilities statement package (no more than twenty (20) 8.5 x 11 inch pages, font no smaller than 10 point) demonstrating ability to perform these requirements. Additionally, the capabilities statement package shall include a written response demonstrating the capability to meet the following systems and support requirements:a. Contractor led requirements analysis and training system requirements decomposition processes including formal fleet watch stander training requirements elicitation efforts plus subsequent training system functional requirements identification and decomposition.b. Analyze, design, develop, and document new operational training system software and hardware configurations.c. Analyze, design, develop, and document modifications and upgrades to existing operational training system software.d. Analyze, design, develop, and document modifications and upgrades to existing operational training system hardware configurations.e. Experience with the development and modifications of training systems utilizing COTS gaming engines.f. Installation of existing training system software and hardware configurations based on government provided installation plans.g. Provide system engineering, management, operation, maintenance, training, and curriculum documentation required by government Data Item Descriptions.h. Configuration management tracking of hardware, software, and documentation.i. Perform cybersecurity requirements for information technology systems and perform upgrades to existing training systems to ensure Information Assurance (IA) compliance.j. Experience with JSAF NTB and NCTE using JSAF NTB.k. Conduct SETR in accordance with NAVAIRINST 4355.19E.l. Conduct a system test and evaluation program to include the use of contractor developed test procedures.m. Provide your Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) level.n. Provide a description of your quality program (ISO 9000, AS9100, etc.).Primarily the end item deliverables consist of data items to include: Media Technical DescriptionsResearch support products System Design DescriptionsTest and evaluation products Technical StudiesTechnical documentation Test PlansTest Procedures Test ReportsSoftware Version Descriptions Software Product Specifications Software Integration Products Training Support Plans Responses should include a narrative identifying the scope of past and present (within the last 3 years) relevant experience on similar contracts, indicating if it was in the USA or in a foreign country (include dollar value, complexity and point of contact), a description of capabilities to perform the subject effort, any comments on the requirement and any alternative approaches to filling the subject requirement. The North American Industry Classification Systems (NAICS) Code for this requirement is NAICS 541511 Custom Computer Programming Services. This carries a size standard of $27.5M. A statement identifying your firm’s business size in relation to NAICS Code 541511 (i.e., small business, large business, small disadvantaged business, 8(a) certified business, woman-owned business, etc.), custom computer programming services, is requested as part of your firm’s response. All responses shall include Company Name, Company Address, Company Business Size, CAGE Code, and Points-of-Contact (POC) including name(s), phone number, and email address. Also, please identify your firm’s plan to subcontract, or team with other contractors. Based upon your firms plan please provide a percentage of this effort that could reasonably be set-aside for small business concerns. Should this effort be determined a full and open competition, the provided percentages may factor in the development of solicitation subcontracting goals. Brevity of extraneous information is desired. The government may decide to either pursue a five (5) year base ordering period or a five (5) year base ordering period plus two (2), one (1) year option periods. Detailed written capabilities shall be electronically submitted to the Contract Specialist, Joe Willdigg, at joseph.willdigg@navy.mil no later than 4 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), on 5 January 2018. DisclaimerTHIS SOURCES SOUGHT IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. IT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A SOLICITATION AND SHALL NOT BE CONSTRUED AS A COMMITMENT BY THE GOVERNMENT. RESPONSES IN ANY FORM ARE NOT OFFERS AND THE GOVERNMENT IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO AWARD A CONTRACT AS A RESULT OF THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. NO FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE TO PAY FOR PREPARATION OF RESPONSES TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. ANY INFORMATION SUBMITTED BY RESPONDENTS TO THIS TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION IS STRICTLY VOLUNTARY. VERBAL SUBMISSIONS VIA PHONE WILL NOT BE HONORED. INFORMATION AND MATERIALS SUBMITTED IN RESPONSE TO THIS REQUEST WILL NOT BE RETURNED. CLASSIFIED MATERIAL SHALL NOT BE SUBMITTED. FIRMS RESPONDING TO THIS ANNOUNCEMENT WILL NOT BE INDIVIDUALLY NOTIFIED IF THE REQUIREMENT IS SOLICITED. Contact Information: joseph willdigg - contract specialist - joseph.willdigg@navy.mil Office Address :N61340 Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division 12350 Research Parkway Orlando, FL Location: Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division Set Aside: N/A


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