Supply and Delivery of Outerwear

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From: Ontario(State)

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started - 02 Mar, 2023 (13 months ago)

Start Date

02 Mar, 2023 (13 months ago)
due - 05 May, 2023 (11 months ago)

Due Date

05 May, 2023 (11 months ago)




Government of Ontario

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Government of Ontario
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Project Details Project Code tender_17674 Project Title Supply and Delivery of Outerwear Project Reference Multi Lot Project Yes Project Type Goods Project Categories 53101800-Coats and jackets Opportunity Details Detailed Description Supply and Delivery of Outerwear Scope of Work The objective of this RFB is to invite prospective Bidders to submit Bids for the provision of the following five (5) outerwear garments: • all season jacket (unisex), • enhanced three way jacket (unisex), • standard three way jacket (unisex) • light weight rain coat (unisex); and • parka with detachable hood (men’s and women’s) for use in various Ministry of the Solicitor General and Ministry of Community, Children and Social Services facilities throughout the Province of Ontario on an as-and-when required basis. Bidders are to note that Ministry of the Solicitor General will only require orders for the All Season Jacket (Unisex), Standard Three Way Jacket (Unisex), Light Weight Rain Coat (Unisex) and Parka
(Men’s and Women’s). MCCSS will only require orders for the Enhanced Three Way Jacket (Unisex) and Parka with Detachable Hood (Men’s and Women’s). Bidders may submit a Bid for one (1), more than one (1), or all of the five (5) Garments. Each Garment will be evaluated and awarded individually. Work Category Other Procurement Route Open Opportunity First Publishing Date (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm) 24/02/2023 11:35 Listing Expiry Date (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm) 05/05/2023 11:00 Estimated Contract Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Estimated Value of Contract djw_executeOnReady(function() {var buttonAccordion = djw_query('');for(var i = 0; i < buttonAccordion.length; i++){buttonAccordion[i].setAttribute('data-pos', i);}djw_query('div.Accordion').toggleClass('expanded');djw_query('').on('click', accordionEvt);djw_query('div.Accordion.startClose').forEach(function(item){accordion(item);})});function accordionEvt(evt){accordion(evt.currentTarget);}function accordion(item) {djw_query(item).toggleClass('expanded');var accordionDiv = djw_query('.Accordion,.Accordion-container');var toggle = false;var accordionTogglePos = djw_getAttribute(item, 'data-pos');for(var i=0; i < accordionDiv.length; i++){var sib = accordionDiv[i];if(sib !== undefined && sib.className.includes('Accordion')){var pos = djw_getAttribute(sib, 'data-pos');if(pos != null){if(pos == accordionTogglePos){toggle = true;} else {toggle = false;}}if(sib.className.includes('not-active')){toggle = false;}if(toggle && sib !== undefined && sib.className.includes('Accordion-container')){djw_query(sib).toggleClass('displayNone');}}}djw_adjustHeights();} Opportunity Additional Information List Opportunity Attributes LabelDescriptionValue Assigned by BuyerEditable ByEstimated Contract Duration (Initial Term in Months)* Estimated Contract Duration (Initial Term in Months) 24Buyer Additional Information - French LabelDescriptionValue Assigned by BuyerEditable ByTitle (French)* Title (French) Fourniture et livraison de vêtements d’extérieur Buyer Detailed Description (French)* Detailed Description (French) Fourniture et livraison de vêtements d’extérieur Buyer Scope of Work (French) Scope of Work (French) La présente demande de soumissions vise à inviter les soumissionnaires potentiels à présenter une offre pour la fourniture des cinq (5) types de vêtements d’extérieur suivants pour le personnel des divers établissements du ministère du Solliciteur général et du ministère des Services à l’enfance et des Services sociaux et communautaires de la province au moment et dans la quantité voulus : • veste toute saison (unisexe); • veste 3 en 1 avec renforcements (unisexe); • veste 3 en 1 standard (unisexe); • manteau de pluie léger (unisexe); • parka avec capuchon amovible (pour homme et pour femme). Les soumissionnaires doivent noter que le ministère du Solliciteur général n’a besoin d’offres que pour la veste toute saison, la veste 3 en 1 standard, le manteau de pluie léger et le parka. Le ministère des Services à l’enfance et des Services sociaux et communautaires n’en a besoin que pour la veste 3 en 1 avec renforcements et le parka. Les soumissionnaires peuvent présenter une offre pour un (1) des types de vêtements susmentionnés, plusieurs ou tous. Chaque offre sera évaluée et acceptée individuellement. Buyer Additional Information – Procuring Entity LabelDescriptionValue Assigned by BuyerEditable ByMinistry or Procuring Entity* Ministry or Procuring Entity Solicitor GeneralBuyer Procuring Entity Street Address* Procuring Entity Street Address 25 Grosvenor Street – Floor 13Buyer Procuring Entity City* Procuring Entity City TorontoBuyer Procuring Entity Province* Procuring Entity Province OntarioBuyer Procuring Entity Postal Code* Procuring Entity Postal Code M7A 1Y6Buyer Additional Information – Region Of Service LabelDescriptionValue Assigned by BuyerEditable ByRegion of Service* Region of Service Ontario Buyer Region of Service Other: Region of Service Other: Buyer Regional Code* Regional Code ONBuyer Information Session / Site Meeting LabelDescriptionValue Assigned by BuyerEditable ByInformation Session* Information Session Yes, OptionalBuyer Information Session Date and Time (dd/mm/yyyy) (hh:mm) Information Session Date and Time via teleconference. Date: March 7, 2023 Time: 2:00 pm (Toronto Time) Interested Bidders are asked to register via email with the Ministry Contact, Deborah Bembick at no later than 2:00 pm (Toronto Time) on March 6, 2023. Upon registration, the teleconference information will be provided. The purpose of the voluntary Bidder information session is to assist prospective Bidders in understanding the procurement process in a formal tendering environment and to provide an overview of the Ministry’s requirements, as set out in the RFB. All interested Bidders are strongly encouraged to register for this voluntary Bidder information session. Any questions related to the Deliverables will not be answered during the Bidder information session. Bidders will be requested to submit their questions through the Ontario Tenders Portal (“OTP”) eTendering System online messaging function. The responses to all questions received by the Bidder’s deadline for questions will be issued as an addenda to the RFB and will be located in the “RFB Addenda” folder, which can be accessed as noted above in section 1.1.3.Buyer Site Meeting* Site Meeting NoBuyer Site Meeting Date and Time (dd/mm/yyyy) (hh:mm) Site Meeting Date and Time Buyer Submission LabelDescriptionValue Assigned by BuyerEditable ByBid Security Required* Bid Security Required NoBuyer Submission Address Submission Address Submissions must be made electronically through the Ontario Tenders Portal (“OTP”) eTendering System. Bid documents must not be mailed.Buyer Procurement Contact LabelDescriptionValue Assigned by BuyerEditable ByContact Name* Contact Name Sharon Thompson, Procurement AdvisorBuyer Contact Email Address* Contact Email Address sharon.thompson@ontario.caBuyer Contact Phone Number* Contact Phone Number 416-558-5452Buyer Contact Fax Number Contact Fax Number Buyer Preferred Method of Communication* Preferred Method of Communication E-Tendering SoftwareBuyer function showHideDEDiv(sectId) { djw_query('.sect_' + sectId).toggleClass('displayNone'); djw_query('.sect_arrow_' + sectId).toggleClass('off');} Published Lots Row NumberIcon ColumnCode Title Time Limit to Express Interest Action Column1Qualification Only RFxrfx_15700Supply and Delivery of Outerwear (Qualification)05/05/2023 11:00 2RFxrfx_15724Category 1 - ALL SEASON JACKET (UNISEX) (Commercial)05/05/2023 11:00 3RFxrfx_15736Category 2 - ENHANCED THREE WAY JACKET (UNISEX) (Commercial)05/05/2023 11:00 4RFxrfx_15737Category 3 - STANDARD THREE WAY JACKET (UNISEX) (Commercial)05/05/2023 11:00 5RFxrfx_15738Category 4 - LIGHT WEIGHT RAIN COAT (UNISEX) (Commercial)05/05/2023 11:00 6RFxrfx_15740Category 5 - PARKAS WITH DETACHABLE HOOD (MEN's and WOMEN's) (Commercial)05/05/2023 11:00 Buyer Details Buyer Organization Government of Ontario Contact Sharon Thompson Email

Toronto, ontario canada, M3C 0C1 CanadaLocation

Address: Toronto, ontario canada, M3C 0C1 Canada

Country : CanadaState : Ontario

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