Maricopa Housing Sewer Connection CDBG Project

expired opportunity(Expired)
From: Pinal(County)

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started - 30 Nov, 2023 (2 months ago)

Start Date

30 Nov, 2023 (2 months ago)
due - 01 Feb, 2024 (22 days ago)

Due Date

01 Feb, 2024 (22 days ago)
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Bid Notification


Pinal County

Customer / Agency

Pinal County
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Project: Maricopa Housing Sewer Connection CDBG Project Ref. #: 244025 Type: IFB Status: Open Open Date: Nov 30th 2023, 9:00 AM MST Questions Due Date: Jan 12th 2024, 5:00 PM MST Contact Information: Brisna Canizalez , Close Date: Feb 1st 2024, 2:00 PM MST Days Left: < 1 Project Description:This project will involve installing sewer lines to the housing units, connecting them to the Global Water line along Edwards Ave, and decommissioning the wastewater treatment plant in the City of Maricopa, Pinal County. Important Events:OngoingOpen DateOnline PortalPosting date for the OpportunityNov 30th 2023, 9:00 AM MSTN/AUpcomingClose DateOnline PortalDeadline for SubmissionsFeb 1st 2024, 2:00 PM MSTN/APassedQuestions Due DateOnline PortalDeadline to submit QuestionsJan 12th 2024, 5:00 PM MSTN/A Supporting Documentation:244025IFB - Addendum No. 1.pdfOtherDocument - Addendum No. 1Jan 17th 2024, 8:27 AM
MST - 244025IFB Maricopa Housing Sewer Connection CDBG Project (UPDATED).pdfDocumentation(UPDATED)Jan 17th 2024, 8:28 AM MST - Exhibit A - Plans.pdfDocumentationNov 20th 2023, 10:52 AM MST - Exhibit B - Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations.pdfDocumentationNov 20th 2023, 10:52 AM MST - Plan Holder's List 01.16.2024.pdfOtherJan 16th 2024, 10:00 AM MST - Plan Holder's List 01.30.2024.pdfOtherJan 30th 2024, 3:10 PM MST - Plan Holder's List 12.05.2023.pdfOtherDec 5th 2023, 10:11 AM MST - Plan Holder's List 12.22.2023.pdfOtherDec 22nd 2023, 1:54 PM MST - Plan Holder's List 12.28.2023.pdfOtherDec 28th 2023, 3:28 PM MST - Pre-Bid Agenda 12.14.2023.pdfOtherDec 14th 2023, 2:34 PM MST - Sign-In Sheet - Pre-bid 12.14.2023.pdfOtherDec 14th 2023, 2:34 PM MST - Commodity Codes: NIGP 665 Plastics, Resins, Fiberglass: Construction, Forming, Laminating, And Molding Equipment, Accessories, And Supplies NIGP 909 Building Construction Services, New (Incl. Maintenance And Repair Services) NIGP 912 Construction Services, General (Incl. Maintenance And Repair Services) NIGP 913 Construction Services, Heavy (Incl. Maintenance And Repair Services) NIGP 914 Construction Services, Trade (New Construction) NIGP 929 Equipment Maintenance And Repair Services For Agricultural, Construction, Heavy Industrial, Material Handling, And Road And Highway Equipment NIGP 940 Equipment Maintenance, Repair, Construction, And Related Services For Railroads NIGP 959 Marine Construction And Related Services; Marine Equipment Maintenance And Repair NIGP 06578 Sewer/Catch Basin Cleaning Body and Equipment NIGP 13510 Bricks, Sewer NIGP 15007 Boxes, Shoring, Construction Worker Protection NIGP 15010 Construction Materials (Not Otherwise Classified) NIGP 15505 Barriers and Enclosures, Construction NIGP 15538 Field Offices and Sheds, Construction Type NIGP 21035 Joint Sealing Compound, Sewer and Drain Pipes NIGP 28546 Lamps, Construction Equipment, Portable, Shop and Work Site and Miniature NIGP 33055 Fencing, Temporary Construction and Other Industrial or Safety Uses NIGP 48522 Cleaner, Sewer, Septic Tank, and Waste Pipe, Acid and Caustic Types, Including Drain Openers NIGP 48524 Cleaner, Sewer, Septic Tank, and Waste Pipe, Aerobic Bacteria and Fungi Type NIGP 48622 Cleaner, Sewer, Septic Tank, and Waste Pipe, Acid and Caustic Types, Including Drain Openers, Environmentally Certified Products NIGP 48624 Cleaner, Sewer, Septic Tank, and Waste Pipe, Aerobic Bacteria and Fungi Type, Environmentally Certified Products NIGP 54092 Timbers, Construction Type, Laminated, Treated and Untreated NIGP 54531 Industrial and Construction Machinery, Equipment, Components and Parts (Not Otherwise Classified) NIGP 67012 Grout, Pipe and Sewer NIGP 67053 Pipeline Equipment and Tools, Construction and Laying of the Pipeline NIGP 67061 Sewer Pipe Cleaning Machines, Power Driven; and Parts NIGP 78545 Drawing/Art Supplies, Schoolroom: Colored Pencils, Compasses, Construction Paper, Drawing Paper, Pencil/Pen Pouches, Protractors, etc. NIGP 80160 Signs: Construction, Including Roll-Up Type Message Signs NIGP 84523 Flammability Testing Equipment, For Apparel, Construction Materials, Fabrics, etc. NIGP 88582 Sewer and Septic Treating Chemicals NIGP 89003 Back Flow Preventers for Water and Sewer Pipe NIGP 89051 Root Cutting Equipment, Sewer Lines NIGP 89063 Sewer Analyzing, Monitoring, Probe and Related Equipment NIGP 89064 Sewer Inspection Equipment NIGP 89066 Sewer Lift Stations, Including Parts and Accessories NIGP 90638 General Construction, Architectural Services NIGP 90910 Airport Facility Construction NIGP 90916 Athletic Facility Construction NIGP 90921 Building Construction, Industrial, Warehouse, etc. NIGP 90922 Building Construction, Non-Residential, Office Bldg., etc. NIGP 90923 Building Construction, Residential, Apartments, etc. NIGP 90924 Building Construction, Commercial and Institutional NIGP 90925 Building Construction, Prefabricated, All Types NIGP 90926 Building Construction, Agricultural NIGP 90927 Building Construction, Educational NIGP 90928 Building Construction, Medical NIGP 90929 Building Construction, Religious NIGP 90930 Building Construction, (Not Otherwise Classified) NIGP 90931 Building Construction, Sustainable, Green NIGP 90954 Home Construction, Single Family NIGP 90975 Site Clean-up, Post-Construction NIGP 90977 Special Construction: Observatory, Security, Special Rooms, etc. NIGP 91063 Public Utilities: Water, Sewer and Gas Maintenance and Repair Services NIGP 91068 Septic Tank Maintenance and Repair Services, Including Absorption and Leach Field Construction NIGP 91220 Construction, Fire Protection: Fire Escapes, Fire and Smoke Barriers, Firestops NIGP 91221 Construction, Energy Related, All Types NIGP 91222 Construction, Equestrian Arena NIGP 91223 Construction, General: Backfill Services, Digging, Ditching, Road Grading, Rock Stabilization, etc. NIGP 91225 Construction, Golf Course NIGP 91226 Construction, Hike and Bike Trail NIGP 91227 Construction, Irrigation System NIGP 91229 Construction, Oil and Gas Refinery NIGP 91230 Construction, Power Plant NIGP 91231 Construction, Statues and Monuments NIGP 91232 Construction, Street Lighting NIGP 91233 Construction, Swimming Pool NIGP 91235 Construction, Tennis and Sports Court NIGP 91238 Construction Services, Hazardous Waste, Including Site Management NIGP 91275 Quality Control Testing Services for Construction NIGP 91310 Construction: Airport Roadway, Runway and Taxiway NIGP 91313 Construction, Bridge and Drawbridge, Including Reconstruction and Rehabilitation NIGP 91315 Construction, Canal or Aquaduct NIGP 91316 Construction, Communication Equipment, Including Antenna Towers NIGP 91319 Construction, Curb and Gutter, Including Maintenance, Repair, and Removal Services NIGP 91323 Construction, Defense and Military Structure NIGP 91327 Construction, Highway and Road NIGP 91336 Construction, Parking Lot and Alley NIGP 91338 Construction, Chilled Water Pipe Installation NIGP 91339 Construction, Pipe Culvert NIGP 91340 Construction, Pipeline, Including Aerial Crossings NIGP 91341 Construction, Power Lines, Including Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services NIGP 91344 Construction, Railroad NIGP 91345 Construction, Sewer and Storm Drain NIGP 91347 Construction, Sidewalk and Driveway, Including Pedestrian and Handicap Ramps NIGP 91348 Construction, Special Foundation NIGP 91350 Construction, Streets, Major and Residential, Including Reconstruction NIGP 91355 Construction, Tunnel NIGP 91356 Construction, Utility and Underground Projects NIGP 91357 Construction, Vaulted Sidewalk NIGP 91358 Construction, Viaduct (Includes Reconstruction) NIGP 91359 Construction and Upgrades, Wastewater Treatment Plant NIGP 91360 Construction, Water System, Plants, Main and Service Line NIGP 91361 Construction, Vertical, Concrete, Pour-In-Place, Form, Place, Finish NIGP 91381 Maintenance and Repair, Sewer and Storm Drain, Including Removal NIGP 91428 Cleaning, Interior and Exterior, New Construction NIGP 91484 Trade Services, Construction, (Not Otherwise Classified) NIGP 91551 Information Highway Electronic Services: Internet, Ethernet, World Wide Web, Virtual Tours, Including Construction Renderings, etc. NIGP 91831 Construction Consulting NIGP 92544 General Construction: Management, Scheduling, Cost Estimation Engineering NIGP 92931 Construction Equipment Maintenance and Repair (Not Otherwise Classified) NIGP 93648 Industrial Equipment, Not Construction and Repair, or HVAC Maintenance and Repair NIGP 94029 Construction, Elevated Transit Station, Including Rehabilitation, Maintenance and Repair NIGP 94031 Construction, Rail Station and Shop, Including Rehabilitation, Maintenance and Repair NIGP 94033 Construction, Subway and Subway Station, Including Rehabilitation, Maintenance and Repair NIGP 94034 Construction, Transit Facility, Other, Including Rehabilitation, Maintenance and Repair) NIGP 94065 Railroad Construction at Street Intersection, Including Maintenance and Repair NIGP 94085 Tower Construction NIGP 94088 Track Construction and Inspection NIGP 94090 Tram Construction and Maintenance Services NIGP 95826 Construction Management Services NIGP 95926 Breakwater Construction, Maintenance, and Repair NIGP 95934 Construction Services: Boats, Barges, Ferries, Ships, etc. NIGP 95935 Construction Services, General Marine NIGP 95939 Dam and Levee Construction, Maintenance, Management and Repair NIGP 95965 Reef Construction Services Including Maintenance and Repair NIGP 95990 Waterfront Construction Services: Piers, Docks, Decking, etc., Including Maintenance and Repair NIGP 96218 Cable Construction, Installation and Maintenance, Fiber Optic, Communication, Computer, etc. NIGP 96847 Inspection Services, Construction Type NIGP 97524 Construction Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified) Rental or Lease NIGP 97583 Tractors, Industrial and Construction, Rental or Lease NIGP 98184 Water and Sewer Equipment, Including Well Pointing Equipment Rental or Lease NIGP 98863 Park Area Construction and Renovation NIGP 911 Construction and Utilities, Higher Education NIGP 03198 (CTE) Architecture & Construction Equipment > $750 & < $5000 NIGP 03199 (CTE) Architecture & Construction Equipment > $5000 NIGP 15098 (CTE) Architecture & Construction Equipment < $750 NIGP 91114 C.I.P., Construction Contingency NIGP 91115 C.I.P., Construction and Rehabilitation, Other than Buildings NIGP 91116 C.I.P., Construction and Rehabilitation, Buildings NIGP 91117 C.I.P., Construction, Roads NIGP 91118 C.I.P., Construction Testing NIGP 91170 Capitalized Construction Interest NIGP 91181 Heavy Construction Resold to Departments NIGP 91185 Special Trade Construction, Power Plant NIGP 91330 Construction, Industrial Pipeline Insulation, Including Maintenance, Repair and Installation NIGP 91362 Construction, Concrete, Pour-In-Place, Form, Place, Finish

31 N. Pinal Street Bldg. A Florence, AZ 85132Location

Address: 31 N. Pinal Street Bldg. A Florence, AZ 85132

Country : United StatesState : Arizona