Low Density Pine Thinning

expired opportunity(Expired)
From: New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services(State)
RFB DNCR 2024-01

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started - 13 Aug, 2023 (3 months ago)

Start Date

13 Aug, 2023 (3 months ago)
due - 22 Sep, 2023 (2 months ago)

Due Date

22 Sep, 2023 (2 months ago)
Bid Notification


Bid Notification
RFB DNCR 2024-01


RFB DNCR 2024-01
Department of Administrative Services

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Department of Administrative Services
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Page 5 of 7 Contractor Initials ____ Date ____ Per Administrative Rule 606.01(e) if there is a discrepancy between the unit price and the extension price in a response to an RFP, RFB or RFQ, the unit price shall be binding upon the vendor Price decreases shall become effective immediately as they become effective to the general trade or the Vendors best/preferred customer AUDITS AND ACCOUNTING: The successful Vendor shall allow representatives of the State of New Hampshire to have complete access to all records for the purpose of determining compliance with the terms and conditions of this bid invitation and in determining the award and for monitoring any resulting contract. At intervals during the contract term, and prior to the termination of the contract, the successful Vendor may be required to provide a complete and accurate accounting of all products and quantities ordered by each agency and institution and by political sub-divisions and authorized non-profit organizations
ESTABLISHMENT OF ACCOUNTS: Each State of New Hampshire agency shall have its own individual customer account number. There may also be instances where divisions or bureaus within an agency will need their own individual customer account numbers. Should any State of New Hampshire agency place an order under the contract, the successful Vendor agrees to establish an account within three business days from the date the order is placed. However, there shall be no delay in any shipment, the agency shall receive the items ordered in accordance with the delivery time required under the Delivery Time section of this bid invitation, as if an account already exists for the agency. PAYMENT: Payment may made via ACH. Use the following link to enroll with the State Treasury for ACH payments: https://www.nh.gov/treasury/state-vendors/index.htm INVOICING: Invoices shall be submitted on a monthly basis to the requesting agency. Payment shall be paid in full within thirty (30) days after receipt of invoice and acceptance to the States satisfaction. VENDOR RESPONSIBILITY: The successful Vendor shall be solely responsible for meeting all terms and conditions specified in the bid, and any resulting contract. All State of New Hampshire bid invitations and addenda to these bid invitations are advertised on our website at: https://das.nh.gov/Purchasing/vendorresources.asp. It is a prospective Vendors responsibility to access the website to determine any bid invitation under which they participate. It is also the Vendor(s)s responsibility to access the website for any posted addendum. The website is updated several times per day; it is the responsibility of the prospective Vendor to access the website frequently to ensure that no bidding opportunity or addendum is overlooked. It is the prospective Vendors responsibility to forward a signed copy of any addendum requiring the Vendors signature to the Bureau of Purchase and Property with the bid response. In preparation of a bid response, the prospective Vendor shall: Provide pricing information as indicated in the Offer section; and Provide all other information required for the bid response (if applicable); and Complete the Vendor Contact Information section; and Add applicable prospective Vendor information to the Transmittal Letter form, and sign the form in the space provided. The Transmittal Letter form must be signed under oath and acknowledged by a notary public or justice of the peace in order for the bid response to be considered. https://www.nh.gov/treasury/state-vendors/index.htm https://das.nh.gov/Purchasing/vendorresources.asp Page 6 of 7 Contractor Initials ____ Date ____ IF AWARDED A CONTRACT: The successful Vendor shall complete the following sections of the attached Agreement State of New Hampshire Form #P-37: Section 1.3 Contractor Name Section 1.4 Contractor Address Section 1.11 Contractor Signature Section 1.12 Name & Title of Contractor Signatory (if Vendor is not a sole proprietor) Provide certificate of insurance indicating the coverage amounts required by Section 14 of the Form Number P-37. Provide proof of sufficient workers compensation insurance coverage or evidence of exemption from RSA Chapter 81-A. If the successful Vendor is a corporation, limited liability company, or other limited liability business entity, then provide a certificate of good standing issued by the NH Secretary of State or, for a newly incorporated, formed, or registered entity, a copy of the appropriate registration document certified by the NH Secretary of State. SPECIFICATIONS: Complete specifications required are detailed in the SCOPE OF SERVICES section of this bid invitation. In responding to the bid invitation, the prospective Vendor shall address all requirements for information as outlined herein. SITE VISITATION: Prior to bidding, it is each Vendor's responsibility to become thoroughly familiar with the sites of the intended service, to determine everything necessary to accomplish the services. Failure of the Vendor to make a site visit does not relieve the Vendor of responsibility to fully understand what is necessary to accomplish a successful and complete project. The treatment perimeter is flagged in BLUE flagging and the trees to be retained are painted with orange paint. Trees to be cut are not painted. Individual site showings may be requested by emailing or calling Kyle Lombard at 603-464-3016, or Kyle.D.Lombard@dncr.nh.gov. SCOPE OF SERVICES: Bear Brook State Park, Block 1 and 2. Access off Blackhall Rd. and New Rye Rd (see attached map). 1. Mechanically cut all live trees not marked as crop trees with the use of an enclosed cab, rubber tracked machine with total weight not to exceed 16,000 pounds. 2. Cut trees must be lopped or crushed below 4 and uniformly distributed throughout the treatment area 3. Cutting can start after October 15, 2023 and must be completed before April 1, 2024 The Vendor shall not commence work until a conference is held on site with each party, at which representatives of the Vendor and the State are present. The conference shall be arranged by the Division of Forests and Lands. The State shall require correction of defective work or damages to any part of a building or its appurtenances when caused by the Vendors employees, equipment or supplies. The Vendor shall replace in satisfactory condition all defective work and damages rendered thereby or any other damages incurred. Upon failure of the Vendor to proceed promptly with the necessary corrections, the State may withhold any amount necessary to correct all defective work or damages from payments to the Vendor. The work staff shall consist of qualified persons completely familiar with the products and equipment they shall use. The Contracting Officer may require the Vendor to dismiss from the work such employees as deems incompetent, careless, insubordinate, or otherwise objectionable, or whose continued employment on the work is deemed to be contrary to the public interest or inconsistent with the best interest of security and the State. The Vendor or their personnel shall not represent themselves as employees or agents of the State. While on State property, employees shall be subject to the control of the State, but under no circumstances shall such persons be deemed to be employees of the State. All personnel shall observe all regulations or special restrictions in effect at the State Agency. Page 7 of 7 Contractor Initials ____ Date ____ The Vendors personnel shall be allowed only in areas where services are being performed. The use of State telephones is prohibited. If sub-contractors are to be utilized, please include information regarding the proposed sub-contractors including the name of the company, their address, contact person and three references for clients they are currently servicing. Approval by the State must be received prior to a sub-contractor starting any work. OBLIGATIONS AND LIABILITY OF THE VENDOR: The successful vendor shall perform all the work and furnish all the materials, tools, equipment and safety devices necessary to perform in the manner and within the time hereinafter specified. Vendor shall complete the entire work to the satisfaction of the State and in accordance with the specifications herein mentioned, at the price herein agreed upon and fixed therefore. All the work, labor and equipment to be done and furnished under this contract(s), shall be done and furnished strictly pursuant to, and in conformity with the specifications described herein, and the directions of the State representatives as given from time to time during the progress of the work, under the terms of this contract(s) and also in accordance with contract drawings. The successful Vendor shall take full responsibility for the work to be performed pursuant to the Scope of Services included herein; for the protection of said work; and for preventing injuries to persons and damage to property and utilities on or about said work. The Vendor shall in no way be relieved of such responsibility by any authority of the State to give permission or issue orders relating to any part of the work, by any such permission given or orders issued, or by any failure of the State to give such permission or issue such orders. The successful Vendor shall bear all losses accruing to the Vendor as a result of the amount, quality, or character of the work required, or because the nature or characteristics of the work location is different from what the Vendor estimated or expected, or due to delays or other complications caused by the weather, elements, or other natural causes. OFFER: Vendor hereby offers to provide the services to the State of New Hampshire as specified at the prices quoted below. In complete accordance with general and detailed specifications included herewith. Bids will be for an hourly rate covering all costs. Most notably the machinery and operator. Bid/hr Estimated operating time/acre Total bid Bear Brook Block 1 5 acres Bear Brook Block 2 5 acres Grand Total: VENDOR CONTACT INFORMATION: Please provide contact information below for a person knowledgeable of and who can answer questions regarding, this bid response. ____________________________________ _______________________ __________________________ Contact Person Local Telephone Number Toll Free Telephone Number ____________________ ________________________ _________________________________ Fax Number E-mail Address Company Website __________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Vendor Company Name Vendor Address I certify the accuracy of this information: ____________________________________ ______________________ Signature of Contact Person Date Note: To be considered, bid shall be signed and notarized on front cover sheet in the space provided. Deerfield Rd One Mile Trl Bla ck H all R d Ne w R ye Rd Bombay Rd Depot Rd Nu te Rd Ccc Cir Block 2 5 acres Block 1 5 acres Legend Streams Roads Project Area Bear Brook State Park White Pine TSI Areas FORM NUMBER P-37 (version 2/23/2023) Notice: This agreement and all of its attachments shall become public upon submission to Governor and Executive Council for approval. Any information that is private, confidential or proprietary must be clearly identified to the agency and agreed to in writing prior to signing the contract. AGREEMENT The State of New Hampshire and the Contractor hereby mutually agree as follows: GENERAL PROVISIONS 1. IDENTIFICATION. 1.1 State Agency Name 1.2 State Agency Address- 1.3 Contractor Name- 1.4 Contractor Address- 1.5 Contractor Phone Number- 1.6 Account Unit and Class 1.7 Completion Date 1.8 Price Limitation 1.9 Contracting Officer for State Agency 1.10 State Agency Telephone Number 1.11 Contractor Signature Date: 1.12 Name and Title of Contractor Signatory 1.13 State Agency Signature Date: 1.14 Name and Title of State Agency Signatory 1.15 Approval by the N.H. Department of Administration, Division of Personnel (if applicable) By: Director, On: 1.16 Approval by the Attorney General (Form, Substance and Execution) (if applicable) By: On: 1.17 Approval by the Governor and Executive Council (if applicable) G&C Item number: G&C Meeting Date: Page 1 of 4 Contractor Initials____ Date: ____

Department of Administrative Services,25 Capitol Street,Concord,NH 03301Location

Address: Department of Administrative Services,25 Capitol Street,Concord,NH 03301

Country : United StatesState : New Hampshire

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