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From: New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services(State)
Bid 39-24

Basic Details

started - 28 Aug, 2023 (3 months ago)

Start Date

28 Aug, 2023 (3 months ago)
due - 22 Sep, 2023 (2 months ago)

Due Date

22 Sep, 2023 (2 months ago)
Bid Notification


Bid Notification
Bid 39-24


Bid 39-24
Department of Administrative Services

Customer / Agency

Department of Administrative Services
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"PUBLIC DISCLOSURE OF BID OR PROPOSAL SUBMISSIONS:\n\nGenerally, the full contents of any proposal (including all materials submitted in connection with it, such as attachments, exhibits, addenda, and vendor presentations)\nbecome public information upon completion of final contract or purchase order negotiations with the selected vendor. Certain information concerning proposals,\nincluding but not limited to scoring, is generally available to the public even before this time, in accordance with the provisions of NH RSA 21-G:37.\n\nConfidential, commercial or financial information may be exempt from public disclosure under RSA 91-A:5, IV. Any and all information contained in or connected to a\nbid or proposal that a Bidder considers confidential shall be clearly designated in the following manner:\n\nIf the Bidder considers any portion of a submission confidential, they shall provide a separate copy of the full and complete document, fully redacting those\nportions by blacking them
out and shall note on the applicable page or pages of the document that the redacted portion or portions are \u201cconfidential.\u201d Use of\nany other term or method, such as stating that a document or portion thereof is \u201cproprietary\u201d, \u201cnot for public use\u201d, or \u201cfor client\u2019s use only\u201d, is not acceptable. In\naddition to providing an additional fully redacted copy of the bid submission to the person listed as the point of contact on Page one (1) ofthis document, the identified\ninformation considered to be confidential must be accompanied by a separate letter stating the rationale for each item designated as confidential. In other words, the\nletter must specifically state why and under what legal authority each redaction has been made. Submissions which do not conform to these instructions by failing to\ninclude a redacted copy (if required), by failing to include a letter specifying the rationale for each redaction, by failing to designate redactions in the manner required\nby these instructions, or by including redactions which are contrary to these instructions or operative law may be rejected by the State as not conforming to the\nrequirements of the bid or proposal. Marking or designating an entire proposal, attachment, or section as confidential shall neither be accepted nor honored by the State.\nMarking an entire bid, proposal, attachment or full sections thereof confidential without taking into consideration the public\u2019s right to know shall neither be accepted\nnor honored by the State.\n\nNotwithstanding any provision of this request for submission to the contrary, proposed pricing shall be subject to public disclosure REGARDLESS of whether or not\nmarked as confidential.\n\nIf a request is made to the State by any person or entity to view or receive copies of any portion of a proposal, the State will assess what information it believes is\nsubject to release; notify the Bidder that the request has been made; indicate what, if any, portions of the proposal or related material shall be released; and notify the\nBidder of the date it plans to release the materials. To halt the release of information by the State, a Bidder must initiate and provide to the State, prior to the date\nspecified in the notice, a court action in the Superior Court ofthe State of New Hampshire, at its sole expense, seeking to enjoin the release of the requested\ninformation.\n\nBy submitting a proposal, Bidders acknowledge and agree that:\ne The State may disclose any and all portions of the proposal or related materials which are not marked as confidential and/or which have not been specifically\nexplained in the letter to the person identified as the point of contact for this RFB;\n*e The State is not obligated to comply with a Bidder\u2019s designations regarding confidentiality and must conduct an independent analysis to assess the\nconfidentiality of the information submitted in your proposal; and\n\u00b0e The State may, unless otherwise prohibited by court order, release the information on the date specified in the notice described above without any liability to a\nBidder.\n\nVENDOR CERTIFICATIONS:\n\nAll Vendors shall be duly registered as a vendor authorized to conduct business in the State of New Hampshire.\n\ne STATEOFNEW HAMPSHIRE VENDOR APPLICATION: Prior to bid award, Vendors shall have a completed Vendor Application Package on file with\nthe NH Bureau of Purchase and Property. See the following website for information on obtaining and filing the required forms (no fee:\n\n\n\nVENDOR RESPONSIBILITY:\n\nThe successful Vendor shall be solely responsible for meeting all terms and conditions specified in the bid, and any resulting contract. It is a prospective Vendor\u2019s\nresponsibility to access our website to determine any bid invitation under which they wish to participate. It is also the Vendor(s)\u2019s responsibility to access our website\nfor any posted addendum.\n\nAll State of New Hampshire bid invitations and addenda to these bid invitations are advertised on our website at:\n\nThe website is updated several times per day; it is the responsibility of the prospective Vendor(s) to access the website frequently to ensure no bidding opportunity or\naddenda is overlooked.\n\nIt is the prospective Vendor\u2019s responsibility to forward a signed copy (ifthe form has a signature block) of any addenda to the Bureau of Purchase and Property with the\nbid response.\n\nIn preparation of your bid response, you shall:\n. Complete the pricing information in the \u201cOffer\u201d section; and\no You may include quote separately, but the OFFER SECTION MUST be completed for compliant acceptance.\n. Complete all other required information on your offer (if applicable); and\n. Complete the \u201cVendor Contact Information\u201d section; and\n. Complete the company information on the \u201cTransmittal Letter\u201d page, and sign under penalty of unsworn falsification in the space provided on that page.\n\nWARRANTY REQUIREMENTS:\n\nSuccessful Vendor shall be required to warranty all ofthe equipment/item awarded to Vendor for a period of not less than one (1) year or the manufacturer\u2019s standard\nperiod oftime, whichever is greater, from the date the items are received, inspected and accepted by the State of New Hampshire. The warranty shall cover 100% of all\nparts, shipping, labor, travel, lodging and expenses.\n\n" "BID PRICES:\nBid prices shall be in US dollars and shall include delivery and all other costs required by this bid invitation. Special charges, surcharges, or fuel charges of any kind (by\nwhatever name) may not be added on at any time. Any and all charges shall be built into your bid price at the time of the bid.\n\nPer Administrative Rule 606.01(e) \u201cifthere is a discrepancy between the unit price and the extension price in a response to an RFP, RFB or RFO, the unit price shall\nbe binding upon the vendor\u201d.\n\nPAYMENT:\nPayments shall be made via ACH or Procurement Card (P-Card = Credit Card) unless otherwise specified by the state of New Hampshire. Use the following link to\nenroll with the State Treasury for ACH payments:\n\nINVOICING:\n\nInvoices shall be submitted to the corresponding State agency after completion of work.\n\nAWARD:\nThe award shall be made to the Vendor meeting the criteria established in this RFB and providing the lowest cost in total. The State reserves the right to reject any orall bids or\nany part thereof and add/delete items/locations to the contract. All award(s) shall be, in the form ofa State of New Hampshire Contract in the form of a purchase order.\n\nSuccessful Vendor shall not be allowed to require any other type of purchase order, nor shall the successful Vendor be allowed to require the filling out or signing ofany other\ndocument by State of New Hampshire personnel.\n\nBID RESULTS:\n\nBid results may be viewed when available, once the award has been made, on our web site only at:\n\nFor Vendors wishing to attend the bid closing: Names of the Vendors submitting responses and pricing shall be made public to the above website. In lieu of in person\npublic bid openings the State shall conduct openings via electronic means until further notice.\n\nTERMINATION:\nThe State of New Hampshire shall have the right to terminate the purchase contract at any time by giving the successful Vendor a thirty (30) day written notice.\n\nF.O.B.:\nThe F.O.B. shall be destination to the following delivery point (included in the price bid), which means delivered to a state agency's receiving dock or other designated\npoint as specified in this bid or subsequent purchase orders without additional charge:\n\nNH Liquor Commission\nAttn: Caitlyn Polizos\n\n50 Storrs Street\nConcord, NH 03301\n\nRequisition No.: 233551\n\nRETURNED GOODS:\n\nThe successful Vendor shall resolve all order and invoice discrepancies within five business days from notification. Products returned due to quality issues, duplicate\nshipments, over-shipments, etc. shall be picked up by the successful Vendor within ten business days of notification with no restocking or freight charges, and shall be\nreplaced with specified products or the agency shall be refunded/credited for the full purchase price. Unauthorized substitutions for any products are not allowed.\n\nStandard stock products ordered in error by the State of New Hampshire shall be returned for full credit within fifteen business days of receipt. Products shall be in re-\nsaleable condition (original container, unused) and there shall be no restocking fee charged for these products. The using agency shall be responsible for any freight\ncharges to return these items to the successful Vendor.\n\nSPECIFICATION COMPLIANCE:\nVendor's offer shall meet or exceed the required specifications as written. The State of New Hampshire shall be the sole determining factor of what meets or exceeds the\nrequired specifications.\n\nUnless otherwise specified by the Bureau of Purchase and Property in this bid invitation document, all items offered by the Vendor shall be new (and of the current\nmodel year, if applicable); shall not be used, rebuilt, refurbished; shall not have been used as demonstration equipment, and shall not have been placed anywhere for\nevaluation purposes.\n\nThe manufacturer(s) and/or model(s) indicated in this bid are equivalent to the type and quality required. You may bid different make(s) and model(s); however, your\noffer shall match or exceed the one(s) indicated and you shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the purchasing Agency that they meet or exceed the minimum\nstandards. Items that do not meet the minimum standards shall not be accepted. Product literature and specifications may be enclosed.\n\nOFFER:\nThe bidder offers to sell to the state of New Hampshire the commodities or services indicated at the price or prices quoted and in compliance with the requirements and\nspecifications of the bid. Quotes in lieu of a completed offer sheet will not be accepted.\n\nQTY UNIT DESCRIPTION MANUFACTURER UNIT COST EXTENDED COST\n1,000 CASE | Thermal Paper, 3-1/8\u201d x 273\u00b0, BPA free, 50 rolls per case $ $\nTOTAL | $\n\n" "DELIVERY TIME:\nSuccessful Vendor agrees to complete delivery of items within 30 days after receipt of Purchase Order or sooner to location noted on Page 7 FOB\ninclude all products and delivery costs.\n\nVENDOR CONTACT INFORMATION:\n\nPlease provide contact information below for a person knowledgeable of and who can answer questions regarding this bid response.\n\n. Prices offered shall\n\nContact Person Local Telephone Number Toll Free Telephone Number\nE-mail Address Company Website\n\nVendor Company Name Vendor Address\n\nVendor Number DUNS and/or SAM.GOV Number\n\nNote: To be considered, front cover sheet bid shall be signed in the space provided.\nThe Bid Opening is open to the public online on 9/22/2023 at 10:00 AM (EST) at the following:\n\nMicrosoft Teams meeting\n\nJoin on your computer, mobile app or room device\nClick here to join the meeting\n\nMeeting ID: 285 192 006 697\n\nPasscode: F5kPxP\n\nDownload Teams | Join on the web\n\nJoin with a video conferencing device\\n\nVideo Conference ID: 113 931 325 8\n\nAlternate VTC instructions\n\nOr call in (audio only)\n\n+1 603-931-4944,,520250536# United States, Concord\nPhone Conference ID: 520 250 536#\n\nFind a local number | Reset PIN\n\nLearn More | Meeting options\n\n"

Department of Administrative Services,25 Capitol Street,Concord,NH 03301Location

Address: Department of Administrative Services,25 Capitol Street,Concord,NH 03301

Country : United StatesState : New Hampshire

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