RDMV 334: Motor Vehicle Inspection Stickers for Dept of Safety

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From: New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services(State)
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started - 07 Sep, 2022 (14 months ago)

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07 Sep, 2022 (14 months ago)
due - 28 Sep, 2022 (14 months ago)

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28 Sep, 2022 (14 months ago)
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Bid Notification
Bid Graphics-230358.pdf


Bid Graphics-230358.pdf
Department of Administrative Services

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Department of Administrative Services
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1 STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE BUREAU OF GRAPHIC SERVICES PRINTING PROJECT REQUEST FOR BID BID NUMBER: 230358 BID TITLE: RDMV 334: 2025 Motor Vehicle Inspection Stickers CLIENT: NH Department of Safety SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 1:00 p.m. EST Wednesday, September 28, 2022 SUBMIT BIDS BY E-MAIL TO: Printing.Bids@das.nh.gov Contents Cover Page .......................................................................................... 1 Instructions for Correct Bid Submission ................................................... 2 Additional Information About Bids and Bid Submission ............................ 3 – 4 Public Disclosure of Bid Information ...................................................... 5 Bid Transmittal Letter ........................................................................... 6 Contract Language: General Conditions and Instructions ........................... 7 Contract Language: Contract Terms and Conditions
.................................. 8 – 9 Bid Specifications ................................................................................ 10-16 Vendor’s Bid Proposal Form .................................................................. 17 mailto:Printing.Bids@das.nh.gov 2 INSTRUCTIONS FOR CORRECT BID SUBMISSION 1) REQUIRED DOCUMENTS IN A BID SUBMISSION – In order to submit a bid that we can consider, your bid must consist of these two items: • A copy of the “State of New Hampshire Bid Transmittal Letter” found on page 6 of this bid document, signed by a company representative who has authority to do so. • A copy of the “Vendor’s Bid Proposal” page with the requested information filled out. This form is found after the specifications. 2) PUT A PROPER SIGNATURE ON THE “STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE BID TRANSMITTAL LETTER” – This form must be submitted with your bid, signed by an official of your company who has the authority to obligate the company in a binding contract, usually a senior officer of the company. The signature certifies that your company agrees to be contractually bound by all our terms and conditions and project specifications in the event that we award you the project. Notarization is not required with the initial bid submission. 3) NOTARIZATION OF THE SIGNATURE ON THE BID TRANSMITTAL LETTER – If you have the low bid and the client wishes to proceed with an award, we will contact you and ask you to re-do the bid transmittal letter in the presence of a notary so that the signature can be notarized. Notarization is only required of the winning bidder, after receipt of notification from us. 4) SUBMIT YOUR BID ON OUR FORM – Your bid offer must be made on the form found on our “Vendor’s Bid Offer” page. A house quote sheet may be appended if you wish, but will not be accepted in place of our bid offer form. 5) SUBMIT YOUR BID ON TIME – The date and time given for the submission deadline is a hard and fast cutoff. Bids arriving late will be disqualified. 6) DO NOT STIPULATE TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Bids that stipulate any additions, deletions or changes to our terms and conditions will not be accepted. 7) BID ON THE SPECIFICATIONS – Only a bid that offers to meet or exceed the specifications set forth in the full bid document can receive an award. Bids that do not comply fully with all aspects of the specifications are subject to disqualification. 8) ALTERNATE BIDS – We welcome suggestions of cost-saving alternate constructions, but we cannot accept any alternate proposal without first publishing an addendum or doing a re-bid to give all bidders the same opportunity. If you have a proposal for a cost-saving alternate construction that you think we might want to consider, you should contact us about it as soon as possible in advance of the bid submission deadline. We will give it due consideration. Meanwhile, against the possibility that your suggestion may not be adopted, you should submit a bid that is fully compliant with the original specifications. 9) STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE VENDOR APPLICATION – Any vendor may submit a bid, but in order to receive a contract award, you must have a completed Vendor Application Package on file with the NH Bureau of Purchase and Property. There is no fee to file the required forms. See the following website for information on obtaining and filing a vendor application: https://das.nh.gov/purchasing/vendorresources.aspx. If you need assistance, call (603) 271-3147 or write to PRCH.WEB@das.nh.gov . https://das.nh.gov/purchasing/vendorresources.aspx mailto:PRCH.WEB@das.nh.gov 3 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT BIDS AND BID SUBMISSION 1) HOW OUR BIDDING WORKS – Bids are kept confidential until the submission deadline. The lowest qualified bid takes the order, assuming all things work out and an award is made. There is no second-round opportunity to sway the award decision by making an improved offer after first- round results are known. 2) NO PREFERENCES – State of New Hampshire procurement policies generally do not allow any vendor to receive preferential treatment for any reason. Bid awards are made simply on the basis of lowest delivered price from a qualified bidder. That means that in-state businesses, women- owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, veteran-owned businesses, and businesses that have a favorable past performance record with the State or elsewhere are on equal footing with all other competitors. The only exception would be in the case of a tied bid, as described below. 3) TIED BIDS – In the case of an exact tie, if one of the tied bidders is a New Hampshire business and the other(s) are from another state, then the tie will be automatically decided in favor of the in- State bidder. If the tie is between two or more New Hampshire businesses, or between two or more out-of-state bidders, then the tie will be decided by a coin toss. 4) BROKERING/SUBCONTRACTING – Brokering or subcontracting for print or bindery services is generally allowed on most State of New Hampshire print work and may be assumed to be allowed unless the bid specifications explicitly prohibit it. In any case where the State’s Contractor is brokering or subcontracting, that Contractor shall be solely and fully responsible to the State to meet all terms and conditions, specifications, deadlines and reasonable product quality expectations for the contract, the same as if they were producing the entire job themselves. The Contractor shall also handle all communication, coordination, transportation, accountability and financial arrangements with its subcontractors; the State shall not have to deal with any subcontractor at any time for any reason. 5) APPROVED BID TRANSMISSION METHODS – E-mail is now the preferred method of bid submission. Send bids to Printing.Bids@das.nh.gov. If necessary, bids may also be faxed, hand-delivered, or sent by common carrier. A hard copy bid is only required of the winning bidder, upon notification, so that we have “live” signatures and notarization on the bid transmittal letter on which the award is based. 6) LATE BIDS – The date and time indicated as the submission deadline is the cutoff for submitting a bid. Bids that reach us after the cutoff time will be disqualified. This includes late bid arrivals caused by couriers stuck in traffic jams, lost mail, slow mail or common carrier, fax bids delayed by busy telephone lines, delayed or sidetracked e-mail or other technical glitches outside our control. If there is a discrepancy between our fax machine’s date and time stamp and yours, ours prevails. 7) ATTENDING THE BID OPENING – Bids will be opened and reviewed at the offices of NH Bureau of Graphic Services, 12 Hills Ave., Concord, NH, at the date and time given as the submission deadline. Interested parties may attend these openings and hear the prices offered. 8) TENTATIVE BID AWARD DETERMINATION – Upon opening and reviewing all bids, we will identify the apparent lowest qualified bidder. If there are any questions that need to be resolved in order to make this determination, we may contact one or more of the bidders to request a clarification of their offer(s). This process may take some time beyond the bid opening to complete. mailto:Printing.Bids@das.nh.gov 4 9) CONTRACT AWARD – Upon completing the bid opening and any required followup to accurately determine the lowest qualified bid, we contact the client agency for approval to award the contract at the indicated price. The agency may elect to award the order as originally bid, but it also has the option to cancel the order or request a re-bid with changed specs, as best suits their purposes and budget. If they choose to go ahead with the project as bid, we will issue a purchase order. 10) PURCHASE ORDER – Our issuance of a State of NH purchase order establishes the contract and officially certifies to the recipient that they have been contracted and may begin chargeable work with full confidence of remuneration. If a vendor incurs costs by performing work or buying materials for a State of NH project before our purchase order has been issued to them, they do so at their own risk. In the event that the purchase order does not get issued for some reason, such costs will go uncompensated. The State of New Hampshire does not expect vendors to take this risk. 11) RIGHT TO CANCEL A BID – The State reserves the right to cancel a bid at any time. Neither initiating nor completing an RFB process obligates the State in any way to make a purchase. In the event a bid is canceled after completion of bidding, no bid summary will be posted for the project. 12) BID RESULTS – Bid results will not be given over the telephone. After we have issued a purchase order for the contract, we will post a bid summary at our bid website. When ready, the bid summary may be found online as follows: A. Go to: https://das.nh.gov/purchasing/bidscontracts/bids.aspx B. Type the bid number in the “Search by Bid #” field, then click on “Search”. C. The bid listing is displayed. In the “Status/Bid Results” column, click on “Awarded”. This will be a link to the bid summary for the project (links are deactivated in the example below but they are live at the bid website). D. A page opens listing all the bidders and their offers. These will be listed in order from lowest to highest with the first being the winner. You can view, save as PDF or print this document. E. The bid summary document remains permanently available at this location and can be accessed much later to inform bidding strategy in the event the project comes to bid again for a reprint. https://das.nh.gov/purchasing/bidscontracts/bids.aspx 5 PUBLIC DISCLOSURE OF BID INFORMATION DURING THE OPEN BIDDING PERIOD – Notwithstanding the State of NH’s Right to Know Law, RSA 91-A:4, no information shall be available to the public, or to the members of the general court or its staff concerning specific responses to this bid invitation from the time this bid is published until the closing date for responses. FROM BID CLOSING TO AWARD – The time from the closing date of the bid until the award is made is considered “quiet time.” Bidders may not discuss their bid or anything specifically pertaining to the bid with any State entity other than personnel from the Bureau of Graphic Services. If found in violation of this part, the bidder shall be deemed non-compliant and will no longer be allowed to proceed in the award process. AFTER AWARD -- Generally, the full contents of any bid or proposal (including all materials submitted in connection with it, such as attachments, exhibits and addenda) become public information upon completion of final contract or purchase order negotiations with the selected vendor. Certain information concerning bids, including but not limited to pricing or scoring, is generally available to the public even before this time, in accordance with the provisions of RSA 21-G: 37. However, to the extent consistent with applicable state and federal laws and regulations, as determined by the State, including, but not limited to, RSA Chapter 91-A (the “Right to Know” Law), the State will, after completion of final negotiations with the selected vendor, attempt to maintain the confidentiality of portions of a bid or proposal that are clearly and properly marked by a Vendor as confidential. CONFIDENTIALITY MARKING – Vendors’ price proposals are subject to public disclosure regardless of whether or not they have been marked as confidential. Any information other than price contained in or connected to a bid or proposal that a Vendor considers confidential must be clearly designated in the following manner: 1. If the Vendor considers any portion of a submission to be confidential, they shall provide a separate copy of the full and complete document, fully redacting those portions to be regarded as confidential by blacking them out, and shall note on the applicable page or pages of the document that the redacted portion or portions are “confidential.” Use of any other term or method, such as stating that a document or portion thereof is “proprietary”, “not for public use”, or “for client’s use only”, is not acceptable. 2. Together with the completely separate redacted copy of the bid submission, the bidder must also provide an accompanying letter stating the rationale for each item that they are designating as confidential. This letter must specifically state why and under what legal authority each redaction has been made. 3. Marking an entire bid, proposal, attachment or full sections thereof as confidential without taking into consideration the public’s right to know will neither be accepted nor honored by the State. HANDLING OF DISCLOSURE REQUESTS IF MARKED If the State receives a request to disclose information in a bid containing portions that have been marked as confidential, the State is not obligated to comply with the Bidder’s designations regarding confidentiality. The State will assess what information it believes is subject to release. It will then notify the Bidder that the disclosure request has been made; will indicate which, if any, portions of the proposal or related material will not be released; and it will tell the Bidder the planned date of release to the requestor. The State may release the information it considers subject to release on the date specified in the notification without any liability to the Bidder unless the Bidder obtains and provides to the State a court order enjoining the release of the requested information. Such court order would be at the Bidder’s own sole expense, must be valid and enforceable in the State of New Hampshire, and must be received by the State prior to the specified release date. HANDLING OF DISCLOSURE REQUESTS IF IMPROPERLY MARKED – Redacted submissions which do not include a letter specifying the rationale for each redaction, or which fail to designate redactions in the manner required by the above instructions, or which include redactions that are contrary to these instructions or to operative law may be rejected by the State as not conforming to the requirements of the bid or proposal. It is specifically understood and agreed that the Vendor waives any claim of confidentiality over any portion of a bid or proposal that is not marked as indicated above, and that unmarked or improperly marked submissions may be disseminated to any person or online without limitation. HANDLING OF DISCLOSURE REQUESTS IF NOT MARKED – If a request is made to the State by any person or entity to view or receive copies of any portion of a bid, proposal or other related materials that have not been marked as confidential, then the State will generally assume that such materials contain no information which the Vendor deems confidential. In such situations, if disclosure is not prohibited under RSA 21-G:37 or any other applicable law or regulation, then Vendors acknowledge and agree that the State may disclose such materials. 6 STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE BID TRANSMITTAL LETTER Date: Company Name: Address: ________________________________________________________ To: Point of Contact: Don Labrie Telephone: (603) 271-1453 ________________________________________________________ Fax: (603) 271-1949 RE: Bid Submission Project Title: RDMV 334: 2025 Motor Vehicle Inspection Stickers Bid Number: 230358 Bid Submission Deadline: 1:00 p.m. EST Wednesday, September 28, 2022 Dear Don: [Insert name of signor]____________________________________________, on behalf of ________________________________________________ [insert name of entity submitting bid (collectively referred to as “Vendor”) hereby submits an offer as contained in the written bid submitted herewith (“Bid”) to the State of New Hampshire in response to BID #230358 RDMV 334: 2025 Motor Vehicle Inspection Stickers at the price(s) quoted herein in complete accordance with the bid. Vendor attests to the fact that: 1. The Vendor has reviewed and agreed to be bound by the Bid. 2. The Vendor has not altered any of the language or other provisions contained in the Bid document. 3. The Bid offer is effective for a period of 45 calendar days from the Bid Opening date as indicated above. 4. The prices Vendor has quoted in the Bid were established without collusion with other vendors. 5. The Vendor has read and fully understands this Bid. 6. Further, in accordance with RSA 21-I:11-c, the undersigned Vendor certifies that neither the Vendor nor any of its subsidiaries, affiliates or principal officers (principal officers refers to individuals with management responsibility for the entity or association): a. Has, within the past 2 years, been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, a violation of RSA 356:2, RSA 356:4, or any state or federal law or county or municipal ordinance prohibiting specified bidding practices, or involving antitrust violations, which has not been annulled; b. Has been prohibited, either permanently or temporarily, from participating in any public works project pursuant to RSA 638:20; c. Has previously provided false, deceptive, or fraudulent information on a vendor code number application form, or any other document submitted to the state of New Hampshire, which information was not corrected as of the time of the filing a bid, proposal, or quotation; d. Is currently debarred from performing work on any project of the federal government or the government of any state; e. Has, within the past 2 years, failed to cure a default on any contract with the federal government or the government of any state; f. Is presently subject to any order of the department of labor, the department of employment security, or any other state department, agency, board, or commission, finding that the applicant is not in compliance with the requirements of the laws or rules that the department, agency, board, or commission is charged with implementing; g. Is presently subject to any sanction or penalty finally issued by the department of labor, the department of employment security, or any other state department, agency, board, or commission, which sanction or penalty has not been fully discharged or fulfilled; h. Is currently serving a sentence or is subject to a continuing or unfulfilled penalty for any crime or violation noted in this section; i. Has failed or neglected to advise the division of any conviction, plea of guilty, or finding relative to any crime or violation noted in this section, or of any debarment, within 30 days of such conviction, plea, finding, or debarment; or j. Has been placed on the debarred parties list described in RSA 21-I:11-c within the past year. Authorized Signor’s Signature Signor’s Title NOTARIZATION (Only the winning bidder is required to notarize, after receipt of notification. All others may leave blank.) COUNTY: _______________________________________________ STATE: _______________________________________ ZIP: ____________________ On the ________ day of _____________________, 2022, the above named, ________________________________________________ _______ , personally appeared before me in his/her capacity as authorized representative of ________________________________________________ , known to me or satisfactorily proven, and took oath that the foregoing is true and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. In witness thereof, I hereunto set my hand and official seal: ___________________________________________________________________ (Notary Public/Justice of the Peace) My commission expires: _____________________________________ (Date) Form P37-A

Department of Administrative Services,25 Capitol Street,Concord,NH 03301Location

Address: Department of Administrative Services,25 Capitol Street,Concord,NH 03301

Country : United StatesState : New Hampshire

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