DIRAN & DICAR Bases Construction

DIRAN & DICAR Bases Construction(Expired)
From: Federal Government(Federal)
Bid Notification - DIRAN & DICAR Bases Construction

Opportunity Type

Bid Notification
19AQMM-18-N-0023 - DIRAN & DICAR Bases Construction

Opportunity Identifier

Bid Notification Department of State - DIRAN & DICAR Bases Construction

Customer / Agency

Department of State
Bid Notification Colombian National police Region No.5 command Cucuta, Colombia - DIRAN & DICAR Bases Construction


Colombian National police Region No.5 command Cucuta, Colombia
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Jan 09, 2018 2:40 pm
Jan 18, 2018 8:48 am
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This is a sources sought notice for information only. This sources sought is for the purpose of conducting market research to provide data for planning purposes. This sources sought synopsis announcement does not constitute a formal solicitation, and is not a request for proposal, request for quote, invitation for bid, does not obligate the government to award a contract, issue a solicitation, reimburse respondents for any proposal preparation and/or submittal costs, nor does its issuance in any way restrict the Government as to its ultimate acquisition approach. The Government will not pay for any materials provided in response to this notice and submittals will not be returned to the sender.
The US Department of State's Office of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) at the US Embassy in Bogota-Colombia, is seeking potential sources capable of a construction project as follows:
To construct six (6) buildings for the Colombian National Police (CNP) region No. 5 command, located at the Cucuta City, Norte de Santander, Colombia, to support the Interdiction program. The construction shall include the use of quality materials that are capable of withstanding tropical rainy climate.

The project consists in the construction six (6) buildings for the Colombian National Police (CNP) region No. 5 command, located at the Cucuta City, Norte de Santander, Colombia, to support the Interdiction program. The construction shall include the use of quality materials that are capable of withstanding tropical rainy climate.
The buildings have a length of 18.45 m, a width of 14.05 m, and total height of 3.00 m above finish floor; the structural system chosen for this building corresponds to reinforced masonry wall. The lightweight roof system is supported by purlins which are supported over concrete beam, supported over reinforced masonry wall. The foundation of the building consists in concrete cyclopean and footings. Also this facility shall have electrical, hydraulic and sewage utilities and internal installations, doors, door hardware, air conditioning, sanitary fittings, underground water tank, generator and finishes. The building shall comply with the current standards of the Colombian Seismic Resistance Code (NSR Standard, 10).
The contractor shall be responsible for transportation, meals and lodging of the construction team on the work site (away from the project site), or as arranged with the CNP personnel. The contractor shall have a representative at the work site to receive materials, which shall be responsible for unloading materials and transporting it to the actual work site.
Place of Performance: The work shall be located at the Colombian National Police region No. 5 command, located at the Cucuta City, Norte de Santander, Colombia. It is located at the northeast part of the country in the Andina region. It islocated 585 Km from Bogota, capital city of Colombia, and can be accessed through commercial flights and by road. The elevation 320 m. (1050 ft.) above sea level and the weather is dry.
This is not a solicitation nor will a solicitation package be issued as a result of this announcement, and no award shall be made as a result of this announcement. In the event that a solicitation is developed, it will be assigned a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) number or Request for Quotation (RFQ) and the announcement will be published on FEDBIZOPPS.RESPONSES DUEFor the purposes of this acquisition the applicable NAICS code is
236220. Responses are requested no later than
19 January 2018 at 12:00 PM EST. Direct expression of interest as well as required documentation should be submitted in writing, via email, to
IP_Contracting_Team@state.gov and Joonpil Hwang at
hwangj2@state.gov. All prospective offerors are responsible for monitoring this site for the release of all other information pertaining to the synopsis and solicitation.
RESPONSE SUBMISSION INFORMATIONAll potential sources with the capability to provide the requirements referenced in this sources sought are invited to submit, in writing, sufficient information within the page limitations listed below. This information should demonstrate the respondent's ability to fulfill the technical, delivery, and support requirements and be responsive to the technical questions in this RFI as indicated below. A rough order of magnitude (ROM) pricing needs to be completed on the attached charts, for each location. This is a rough order of magnitude based on the basic information being provided at this time, we will not answer technical questions or provide additional technical information at this time via this sources sought notice. Please understand that the rough order of magnitude is for the purposes of market research and your firm will in no way be committed to any estimate you provide under this notice.
Responses to this RFI shall include the following:
1. A cover sheet which includes:
• Company Name
• Address
• Point of Contact
• E-mail Address
• Phone Number
• DUNS Number
• Primary Business and Market Areas
• Business Size and Socioeconomic Status (if applicable)

2. Relevant Construction Project Experience (two (2) page limit):
• The potential offerors need to demonstrate that they posses, within the last five years, construction experience similar to that described in this specified source sought category in Colombia. Offerors must verify experience commensurate with the construction of radar towers in environments and working conditions comparable to that of Colombia (i.e., insurgency presence, seismic activity, lack of appropriate sanitation services, lack of electricity, etc.).
• Experience described above needs to include the offeror's role, primary contractor or sub-contractor. Each project experience needs to include the contract number, the US Agency or private company that awarded the contract and contract monetary value.
• Potential offerors need to possess Colombian licenses to operate legally throughout the territory. Submit copies of such licenses.
• The potential offerors need to document experience in coordinating with host nation government(s) to mitigate and solve potential issues;
• Experience in importation of materials, equipment, manpower, and any other necessary resources required for the completion of design-build projects;
3. Capabilities of Successfully Completing constructions:
• Ability to provide all required design and engineering services, manpower, and materials to construct new buildings or to renovate existing ones;
• Ability to provide and deliver required materials and equipment to projects located in Colombia;
• Capabilities to import all required material and equipment through either sea or air transportation to Colombia;
• Ability that, should a solicitation be issued in the future for this requirement, offerors should declare if the offeror is applying as a primary contractor, a joint venture or partnership or other as applicable to their submission.
• Ability that, should sub-contractors figure into an offeror's plans, the offeror will be expected to specify what percentage of work will be tasked to assigned sub-contractors.
Period of PerformanceThe proposed period of performance is
300 calendar days.

Jan 12, 2018 10:16 am
Jan 18, 2018 8:48 am
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Bid Notification started - 18 Jan, 2018 (about 2 years ago) - DIRAN & DICAR Bases Construction

Start Date

18 Jan, 2018 (about 2 years ago)
Bid Notification due - 18 Jan, 2018 (about 2 years ago) - DIRAN & DICAR Bases Construction

Due Date

19 Jan, 2018 (about 2 years ago)



Country : United States