LPR Equipment


Award started - 29 Sep, 2017 (13 months ago) - LPR Equipment

Start Date

29 Sep, 2017 (13 months ago)
Award due - 29 Sep, 2017 (13 months ago) - LPR Equipment

Due Date

Award - LPR Equipment

Opportunity Type

D-17-NC-0093SNOTE - LPR Equipment

Opportunity Identifier

Award Department of Justice - LPR Equipment

Customer / Agency

Department of Justice
Award Office of Acquisition Management - LPR Equipment


Office of Acquisition Management
From: Federal Government(Federal)
Contact Information: Paula C McMillan, Phone 202-307-7810, Fax 202-307-4877, Email paula.mcmillan@usdoj.gov Office Address :None Washington DC 20537 Location: Office of Acquisition Management Set Aside: Award Number: DJD-17-HQ-P-0910 Award Amount : $66,319.00 Award Date: 092917All Awardee: DYNAMIC CONTROLS INCORPORATED


Country : China

State : Guangdong Sheng