Inland Feeder Badlands Tunnel Surge Protection Facility

expired opportunity(Expired)
From: The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California(Utilities)

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started - 31 Jul, 2023 (8 months ago)

Start Date

31 Jul, 2023 (8 months ago)
due - 12 Sep, 2023 (7 months ago)

Due Date

12 Sep, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Bid Notification


Engineering Construction

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Engineering Construction
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Project Title Inland Feeder Badlands Tunnel Surge Protection Facility Invitation # 2040 Bid Posting Date 07/31/2023 1:59 PM (PDT) Project Stage Bidding Bid Due Date 09/12/2023 2:00 PM (PDT) Response Format Electronic and Paper Project Type Bid Response Types Line Items Subcontractor Bid Bond 00305, Bid Proposal and Acknowledgement (required) 00310, Bidding Sheet (required) 00410, Bidders Bond 00420, Bidders General Information (required) 00430, Subcontractor List (required) 00480, Declaration of Non-Collusion (required) Type of Award Lump Sum Categories 91047 - Lead Abatement Services 91240 - Demolition Services 21014 - Bollard Post, Steel, Removable 67068 - VALVES, ALUMINUM 67069 - VALVES, BRASS AND COPPER 67071 - VALVES, BUTTERFLY, ALL KINDS 67082 - VALVES, STEEL: ANGLE, CHECK, GATE, GLOBE, ETC. 67098 - VALVES, MISCELLANEOUS 06592 - WATER TANK BODIES 06054 - GASKETS AND GASKET MATERIAL 91430 - CONCRETE 91438 - ELECTRICAL 91813 - ASBESTOS CONSULTING SERVICES 92519 - CONCRETE 92531 -
ELECTRICAL 89008 - CHLORINATION EQUIPMENT AND PARTS 89040 - METER BOXES AND VALVE BOXES (SEE 210-45 FOR CONCRE 89075 - VALVE OPERATORS, ACCESSORIES, PARTS AND TOOLS (SEE 22033 - LIQUID LEVEL CONTROLLERS, INDICATORS, AND RECORDER 22045 - PRESSURE CONTROLLERS, INDICATORS, AND RECORDERS 28556 - LIGHTING FIXTURES, OUTDOOR: FLOODLIGHTS, SPOTLIGHT 83046 - STAINLESS STEEL TANKS, PRESSURE TYPE 83061 - STEEL TANKS, PRESSURE TYPE (FOR AIR, GAS, WATER, E 33013 - CHAIN LINK FENCING (INCLUDING FABRIC, GATES, PANEL 90622 - CORROSION CONTROL; CATHODIC PROTECTION; ELECTROLYS 28024 - BUILDING CABLES AND WIRES, SINGLE AND MULTICONDUCT 28028 - CATHODIC CABLE (PROTECTION) 28500 - ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES (EXCEPT CABLE AN 28509 - CABINETS, ELECTRICAL SERVICE ENTRANCE 81522 - GASKETS: FLANGE, HANDHOLE AND MANHOLE, ALL TYPES 92935 - EARTH HANDLING, GRADING, MOVING, AND PACKING EQUIP 81578 - VALVES, PRESSURE REDUCING 82024 - BLOW-OFF VALVES 69157 - PNEUMATICS AND ACCESSORIES (VALVES, CYLINDERS, FIL 20424 - CONTROLLERS, PROGRAMMABLE: INDUSTRIAL CONTROL DEVI 91200 - CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, GENERAL 91244 - EXCAVATION SERVICES 57028 - GUARD RAILS AND ACCESSORIES: BOLTS, POSTS, TERMINA 92658 - Lead and Asbestos Inspection Services 72073 - SUMP PUMPS, SUBMERSIBE AND NON-SUBMERSIBLE 72523 - FIBER OPTICS CABLES, INTERCONNECTING COMPONENTS, A 65805 - PIPE, ALUMINUM 65880 - PIPE, STEEL 67004 - CATHODIC PROTECTION EQUIPMENT 91362 - Construction Concrete, Pour in Place, Form, Place Finish 92656 - Lead Abatement Supervisor 92657 - Lead Abatement Worker License Requirements Class "A" Department Engineering Construction Address 700 North Alameda Street Los Angeles, California 90012 County Los Angeles Bid Valid 90 days Liquidated Damages See Specifications Estimated Bid Value $15,500,000 to $19,500,000 Start/Delivery Date TBD Project Duration 370 working days Bid Bond Bid Bond 10.00% Payment Bond 100.00% Performance Bond 100.00% Pre-Bid Meeting Information Pre-Bid Meeting Yes - Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting Date 08/15/2023 9:00 AM (PDT) Pre-Bid Meeting Location Gilman Springs Tunnel Portal Access Structure near the intersection of World Logistics Center (WLC) Parkway and Eucalyptus Avenue as shown on Sheet G-5. Online Q&A Online Q&A Yes Q&A Deadline 08/29/2023 2:00 PM (PDT) Contact Information Contact Info SpecsDesk Bids to Metropolitan Water District Owner's Agent N/A Description Scope of Services The work consists of constructing approximately 200 linear feet of 8-foot diameter steel pipe, an approximately 430,000-gallon surge tank, 84-inch diameter Metropolitan-furnished butterfly valve, control system, various electrical improvements, and other appurtenant work as specified and shown on the drawings. Other Details Driving directions to the Gilman facility from Los Angeles are as follows: Take Interstate 10 East toward Riverside County to Exit 42B for State Route 71 South. Continue on State Route 71 South for 3 miles to Exit 12 for State Route 60 East. Continue on State Route 60 East for approximately 40 miles to Exit 67 for WLC Parkway. Turn right onto WLC Parkway. After a 1/4 mile, turn left on to Eucalyptus Avenue (dirt road). After approximately 100 ft, make a left turn onto Metropolitan’s access road and turn right with the access road (parallel to Eucalyptus Avenue). Continue on the access road for a 1/2 mile then turn left with the access road. Continue on the access road for approximately 500 feet. Notes For any login or download related questions, please call PlanetBids Customer Support at 818-992-1771, extension 0 or press red question mark. Special Notices Bid Bond Required Liquidated Damages Apply Payment Bond Required PRE-BID MEETING MANDATORY Prevailing Wage Required Performance Bond Local Programs & Policies For this project, Metropolitan requires small and/or disabled veteran business participation of at least 20 percent of the total bid. Failure to meet this percentage will cause Metropolitan to reject the bid as non-responsive. Place eBid

700 North Alameda Street Los Angeles, California 90012Location

Address: 700 North Alameda Street Los Angeles, California 90012

Country : United StatesState : California

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Due: 27 Jul, 2026 (in about 2 years)Agency: STATE, DEPARTMENT OF