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started - 04 Apr, 2022 (18 months ago)

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04 Apr, 2022 (18 months ago)
due - 16 Apr, 2022 (17 months ago)

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16 Apr, 2022 (17 months ago)
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Bid Notification


Salt Lake City School District, UT

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Salt Lake City School District, UT
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Bid #JS2208-SS - School Supplies


Bid contact:Please log in to view Bid contact informationIssuing agency:Salt Lake City School District, UTSee other Bids by this agencyBid Comments:
The purpose of this Invitation for Bid is to obtain competitive bids for the purchase of School, Office and Athletic supplies for the Salt Lake City School District Warehouse.  Supplies are for use at the various schools throughout the district.  For the purposes of interpreting the language in this document, the term "SLCSD" as used herein refers to the Salt Lake City School District. 

Vendors are invited to bid on one or more of the items on this list. Vendors do not need to bid every item. 

All items include brand and or item specifications listed. To submit an item for consideration as an alternate, please mail a sample to:

Juliet Sharrar / JS2208-SS
995 W Beardsley Place
Salt Lake City, Utah

Samples received after April 15th at 4pm MST will not be considered as an alternate.

If no sample is received, alternate items will not be considered. Please indicate that you are submitting pricing for an alternate item when submitting your final bid.

It is anticipated that this IFB will result in multiple awards to the vendors who provide the best/lowest price on each of the items listed in this solicitation.    

The solicitation number for this procurement is 
This number must be referred to on all bids, correspondence, and documentation relating to this IFB.  

Bids must be received by the posted due date and time. Bids received after the deadline will be late and ineligible for consideration. Facsimile transmitted bids will not be accepted.  

All communication in regards to  JS2208-SS  must be done through BidSync. 

The ONLY acceptable method of submitting your bid is electronically through BidSync. Any emailed quotes will not be considered.
   When submitting a bid electronically through BidSync please allow sufficient time to complete the online forms and upload documents. The solicitation will end at the closing time listed in the IFB. If you are in the middle of uploading your bid at the closing time, the system will stop the process and your bid will not be received by the system.  
: By submitting a bid in response to this IFB the bidder is acknowledging that the requirements, scope of work, and the evaluation process, outlined in the IFB are fair, equitable, not unduly restrictive, understood and agreed to.  Any exceptions to the content of the IFB must be protested to the purchasing agent prior to the closing date and time for submission of the bid.     

1) A bid submitted with an unintentional or inadvertent error may be corrected or withdrawn only in accordance with Utah Procurement Code part 63G-6a-605.  Changes may not be made to a bid after the bid opening that change (a) the bid pricing, (b) the cost evaluation formula, or (c) any provisions that would be prejudicial to fair competition or the interests of the SLCSD.   
2) Any decision to permit a correction or withdrawal of a bid shall be made in writing.  Bids shall be opened publically and accepted unconditionally, without alteration or correction. The procurement officer shall reject a bid that is not responsive or responsible.   
3) A bid that is not responsible includes a bid where the SLCSD reasonably concludes that the bidder or an employee, agent, or subcontractor of the bidder, at any tier, is unable to satisfactorily fulfill the bid requirements.  

Awards will be made for each item to the vendor who provides the lowest responsive, responsible bid. 

At the time of award the SLCSD may order a quantity as much as 20% less than the quantity shown for any one item; or alternatively, the SLCSD may order up to 20% more than the quantity shown for any one item.
    Added on Apr 5, 2022:4/5/2022 - Revised to add Prior Bid Recap Classification codes: View classification codesContract duration:One Time PurchaseContract renewal:Not ApplicablePrices good for:90 daysRegions:Utah, Salt Lake

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UT 84101Location

Address: UT 84101

Country : United StatesState : Utah

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