Aldie MCSC - Snow Removal Service

Aldie MCSC - Snow Removal Service(Expired)
From: Virginia(State)

Opportunity Type

Bid Notification

Opportunity Identifier


Customer / Agency

A154DMV Department of Motor Vehicles


Richmond, Virginia
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Aldie MCSC - Snow Removal Service  Small Business Set-Aside Award Priority QQ :  EVA001_QQ233544 Summary Close   A154DMV   Department of Motor Vehicles Carla Franson Non-Professional Services - Non-Technology   Issued On :    12/03/2019 12:02 PM        Closing On :    12/12/2019 03:00 PM issued   Time Left: 6 Days


Start Date

03 Dec, 2019 (8 months ago)

Due Date

12 Dec, 2019 (7 months ago)


Country : United States State : Virginia