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started - 14 Sep, 2022 (15 months ago)

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14 Sep, 2022 (15 months ago)
due - 14 Oct, 2022 (14 months ago)

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14 Oct, 2022 (14 months ago)
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                                            MARKET RESEARCH – TECH & INFO EQUIPMENTThe Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Troop Support- Philadelphia is conducting market research for a Tailored Logistic Support (TLS) initiative for Command, Control Communications, Computers, Cyber-Defense, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Additive Manufacturing (AM), and mission related supplies/services.  This acquisition targets commercial supply chain support for a wide variety of products in the information technology and electronics industry to meet customer’s needs in Tech & Info Equipment.  In addition, vendors will provide the full range of logistics functions, including shipping, receiving, storage, inventory management, and transportation visibility to achieve a solution for DLA customers.  DLA is seeking input from potential small and large businesses. The following represents the categories of Tech and Info Equipment that shall be made available.  The items listed
are NOT all inclusive, but provide a representation of the various types of products that the Government anticipates supplying under this TLS.  Products include all peripherals, ancillary equipment, accessories, attachments and software that are managed or authorized for procurement by DLA. The scope includes but is not limited to the following categories of products:Computers (including personnel computers, laptop/portable/notebook computers, thin clients, and servers) *excludes routine/ordinary office useIT Input and Output (including mice, keyboards, web cams, remotes, digital pens, and DVD players)Tablets (Android, IOS or Windows Operating systems)Storage Devices (including thumb drives, external hard drives, compact discs, tape drives, and memory cards)Communications Equipment (including modems, routers, terminals, receivers, and transmitters)PBX Equipment (including VOIP phones & equipment)Printers (including color printers and all-in one printers) *excludes routine office useSoftware *excludes commercial software and related services as a stand-alone product if DoD Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) (see website at DoD ESI) is applicable.Portable Work Stations (including field to tactical desks as well as docking stations, laptop locks, power supplies, ethernet cables, and portable speakers)Storage Cases (including laptop carrying cases, compact disc cases, memory card cases, camera carrying cases, and cell phone cases)Data management devices (including splicers, splitters, hubs, converters, and repeaters)Telephones and equipment * (including secure phones, field phones, and phone wire) *excludes PBX phones and equipmentBiometrics equipment (including fingerprint recognition, hand recognition, optical recognition, facial recognition, and voice recognition)Displays* (including monitors, hardened monitors, touch screens, and vehicle mounted displays) *excludes televisionsSubassemblies and boards (including motherboards, interface controllers, video controllers, sound controllers, and network controllers)Additive Manufacturing (including Three-Dimensional (3D) Printers, components, equipment, raw materials, devices, feedstock, ancillary scanning capabilities, copiers, and incidental services) *excludes routine/ordinary office useCameras and Projection Equipment (including digital cameras, SLR (single lens reflex) cameras, overhead projectors, and handheld projectors)Photographic Supplies and Equipment (including lenses, lighting, backdrops, flashes, and filters)Radio, Video, and Sound Recording and Reproducing Equipment (including digital mixers, microphones, video cameras, video camera stands, and speakers)Navigation Equipment (including hand-held GPS, vehicle mounted GPS, marine GPS, compass, and navigation calculators)Communication Security and Countermeasure Equipment (crypto equipment, crypto ancillary equipment, crypto production equipment, authentication equipment, and jamming equipment)Intercommunication Systems (including master stations, remote stations, chime modules, speakers, and frames)Public Address Systems (including infrared microphones, wireless microphones, handheld microphones, amplifiers, and speakers)TelevisionsAccouterments (including installation kits, accessory kits, replacement parts, cleaning kits, cords, and power supplies for any of the above)Incidental services (including installation, training, repair, modification, and customer support for any of the above products)Products will be commercial or commercially available off -the- shelf (COTS) items as defined in FAR 2.101.  Products will be identified by either a National Stock Number (NSN), Local Stock Number (LSN) or by a manufacturer’s part number and a commercial item description.  This program will provide support for customers worldwide.  The TLS Contractor may be requested to ship customer direct (CONUS and OCONUS), DLA Direct (depot), or to a CONUS Consolidation Point.  For purposes of this Program TLS Contractors must, at a minimum, be able to provide email and EDI capabilities.  TLS Contractors will also provide to customers and DLA Troop Support customer support functions such as technical assistance and order tracking.The Government anticipates that any resultant solicitation will be for multiple award indefinite quantity type contracts with post-award competition of delivery orders.  The acquisition is estimated at approximately $68 million annually.  However, this estimate is based on current information available to the Contracting Officer, subject to change, and is not a guarantee.  Furthermore, expansion and success of any resultant contracts and this program will depend greatly on the successful management and marketing of its contracts by the awardees.        Contractors who believe they possess the demonstrated expertise, experience and capacity adequate to support the product scope of Tech and Info Equipment are encouraged to submit a statement of their capabilities (Capability Statement).  The Capability Statement shall not exceed three pages and provide the following information: company name, business size (large or small - NAICS code 334111), cage code, address, point of contact, email address, and phone number.  Responses shall also include the attached survey. This market research is for informational and planning purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation for bid or proposals.  It is not to be interpreted as a commitment by the Government. The sources sought notice contains the most current information available and will be the only information provided by the DLA Troop Support.  Any responses received may be used as market research to determine an acquisition strategy.  The answers you provide will remain confidential.  Please return this survey to or by October 14, 2022.  If a solicitation would result, it would be synopsized in Contract Opportunities at and it would be the offeror's responsibility to monitor the website for any such notices.  Thank you for your time and consideration.                                                  

Philadelphia ,
 PA  19111  USALocation

Address: Philadelphia , PA 19111 USA

Country : United StatesState : Pennsylvania

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naicsCode 334111Electronic Computer Manufacturing