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started - 30 Jul, 2022 (16 months ago)

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30 Jul, 2022 (16 months ago)
due - 13 Aug, 2022 (16 months ago)

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13 Aug, 2022 (16 months ago)
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NSWCPD c/442 is looking to solicit a contract in support of the LHD 1 Class Midlife Program for cabinet/console/enclosure fabrication in support of our electric plant generation, distribution and control upgrades.  Fabrication of these cabinets would be completed per provided drawings.  The contractor would be required to fabricate the entire enclosure, procure the internal components, populate the cabinet, and complete all internal wiring and testing. Fabrication would include welding raw materials for the framing, punching louvered panels, laying out and drilling/tapping internal backplanes for components (which may require CNC machining for bulk efficiencies) and fabricating doors that will also contain components.  This fabrication will also include powder coating the enclosures. The contractor will be required to procure all the components and consumables; ranging from major components such as voltage regulators and electric governors all the way down to all hardware and lugs. 
Electronic components will be required to be purchased directly from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or authorized distributers; these include Basler Electric for voltage regulators and Woodward for electronic governors.  Once the cabinet structure is complete, it will need to be assembled and populated with all the internal components.  Once populated, the cabinet will need to be wired to the drawing, as well as having all Quality Assurance (QA) checks completed, including point to point wire checks. This contract will not require shock and vibration testing however the contractor should have experience in fabricating enclosures for the US Navy that have passed shock and vibration requirements.  NSWCPD will require the ability for a government representative to be present for certain steps of the build to inspect progress.  Delivery point of the enclosures will be either Philadelphia, PA, Norfolk, VA or San Diego, CA.  Two cabinets are currently planned for inclusion in this contract: Digital Voltage Regulator (DVR) cabinet, and Generator Control Unit (GCU) cabinet.  Contract requirements are still being finalized and there is the possibility of additional cabinets with similar requirements being included.  DVR Cabinets are approximately 68”H x 32”W x 13”D and GCU cabinets are approximately 63”H x 30” x 18”.   Drawings with complete details of the cabinets to be fabricated may be provided by the government upon request.There will be approximately 32 DVR cabinets and 20 GCU cabinets needed over the life of the contract.  This is expected to be a 5 year IDIQ contract where the government maintain flexibility on how many units to procure at a given time; however it would be expected that most orders would be for 10x units (5x DVR & 5x GCU) at a time. RESPONSESResponses to this market survey should not exceed 25 pages. Please include supporting materials that discuss your company’s competence, experience, and overall understanding of the requirements that NSWCPD has identified. Supplier/contractor should identify conformance to widely accepted commercial / industrial specifications.Please include the following information:Name of Company and addressOwnership, including whether:  Small, Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), 8(a), Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), HUBZone, or Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)Points of contact, including: Name, title, phone, and e-mail addressCAGE Code and DUNS NumberA complete description of the offeror’s capabilities (including technical, program management, prototyping, etc.) related experience, or unique combination of factors that would directly relate to the Government’s objectives.NSWCPD will accept only electronic submission of responses. Responses shall be sent to David Rhoads at david.a.rhoads8.civ@us.navy.mil as well as William O'Tormey at william.j.otormey.civ@us.navy.mil with the subject line "RFI for Electrical Cabinet Fabrication" All responses shall be submitted by no later than 4:00 PM EDT on 8/13/2022.This RFI is for market research purposes only and does NOT constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP). This notice shall not be construed as a contract, a promise to contract, or as a commitment of any kind by the Government. The Government is NOT seeking or accepting unsolicited proposals.  This RFI Notice is issued solely for conducting market research in accordance with FAR Part 10 and gathering information for planning purposes.The Government WILL NOT PAY for any information received in response to this RFI, and the Government will not compensate the respondent for any cost incurred in developing the response to this RFI. The Government will not release any information marked with a proprietary legend received in response to this RFI to any firms, agencies or individuals outside the Government without written permission in accordance with the legend. Please be advised that all submissions become Government property and will not be returned. Phone calls will not be accepted.

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Address: 5001 S BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA , PA 19112-1403 USA

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