Tube Assembly, Metal


Award started - 01 Oct, 2015 (about 3 years ago) - Tube Assembly, Metal

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01 Oct, 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Award due - 01 Oct, 2015 (about 3 years ago) - Tube Assembly, Metal

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Award - Tube Assembly, Metal

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SPE7M315R0003 - Tube Assembly, Metal

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Award Defense Logistics Agency - Tube Assembly, Metal

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Defense Logistics Agency
Award DLA Land and Maritime - Tube Assembly, Metal


DLA Land and Maritime
From: Federal Government(Federal)
ITEM DESCRIPTION:TUBE ASSEMBLY, METAL.E-3A AWACS AIRCRAFT.NO DATA IS AVAILABLE. THE ALTERNATE OFFEROR ISREQUIRED TO PROVIDE A COMPLETE DATA PACKAGEINCLUDING DATA FOR THE APPROVED AND ALTERNATEPART FOR EVALUATION.A metal casting process was identified as a means to manufacture this item. Tooling is required to produce a casting. For sourcing, tooling, materials or other information, please contact the appropriate assistance team: (Aviation, C&E Supply Chains); (Land & Maritime Supply Chains) DSCC.cast.forge@dla.milTHE BOEING COMPANY DBA BOEING 81205 P/N 204-70149-1AEROMETALS, INC. DBA 32664 P/N 204-70149-1 Contact Information: mandy l. phipps-kuhlman, Phone 6146928675, Email Office Address :P O Box 3990 Columbus OH 43218-3990 Location: DLA Land and Maritime Set Aside: Award Number: SPE7M315C0011 Award Amount : $261,855.00 Award Date: 092915 Awardee: Aerometals, Inc., 3920 Sandstone Dr., El Dorado Hills, CA 95762-9652 US


Country : United States