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Bid Notification started - 08 Jan, 2018 (16 months ago) - Foray ADAMS Software

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08 Jan, 2018 (16 months ago)
Bid Notification due - 08 Jan, 2018 (16 months ago) - Foray ADAMS Software

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18 Jan, 2018 (16 months ago)
Bid Notification - Foray ADAMS Software

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Bid Notification
5000011509 - Foray ADAMS Software

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Bid Notification Department of the Treasury - Foray ADAMS Software

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Department of the Treasury
Bid Notification IRS, 1111 Constitution Ave, NW, C7-NCFB Washington, District of Columbia 20024 United States - Foray ADAMS Software


IRS, 1111 Constitution Ave, NW, C7-NCFB Washington, District of Columbia 20024 United States
From: Federal Government(Federal)
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) intends to award a Sole Source brand name purchase order to any authorized reseller of Foray Technologies, LLC. The authority permitting a brand name acquisition is FAR 13.106-1(b)(1)(i). The period of performance will be January 24, 2018 through January 23, 2019. Per market research conducted, Foray Maintenance can only be provided by Foray Technologies, LLC and its authorized resellers. The services needed are for software bundling support for the National Forensic Laboratory.
Foray software bundling support is currently being by the Criminal Investigations Department. Its components are specific in nature due to their tailored processing methods, functionality and ability to handle a variety of rile formats. Additionally, the existing ADAMS solution at the IRS Forensic Lab is an integrated and networked solution that is currently supported under a Foray Technologies support service contract. Foray Technologies ADAMS system is copyrighted program that was developed by Foray Technologies and is maintained exclusively by Foray Technologies. There are no other vendors in the U.S., Canada, Europe or Asia authorized to provide installation, integration and training upgrades, support for, or maintain the ADAMS systems.
No solicitation package will be issued on FedBizOpps. This notice of intent to conduct a brand name procurement is not a request for quotations; however, the Government will consider responses received no later than January 18,2018 4pm EST. Responses shall be submitted to Responses shall include, at a minimum, the following information:
1. The name of your company;
2. Company DUNS No.;
3. POC name and contact information; and,
4. The specific product(s)/services that your company offers that fulfills the same function as the items/services to be included on this order or evidence that your company is capable of providing the specific items/services mentioned above.
It is your responsibility to demonstrate your ability to provide the Foray software bundle support services. The Government will not seek additional information from your company if you fail to provide sufficient evidence of having the capability of meeting the Government's needs.


Country : United States