Fix the Bricks Project 408

expired opportunity(Expired)
From: Utah(State)
Number Number SLCHAND202424862

Basic Details

started - 04 Dec, 2023 (4 months ago)

Start Date

04 Dec, 2023 (4 months ago)
due - 12 Dec, 2023 (4 months ago)

Due Date

12 Dec, 2023 (4 months ago)
Bid Notification


Bid Notification
Number Number SLCHAND202424862


Number Number SLCHAND202424862
State of Utah

Customer / Agency

State of Utah
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27 November 2023 Fix the Bricks Project 408 27 November 2023 Released 11/27/2023 2:00 AM MST Type Courtesy Posting - No U3P Submission Open 12/4/2023 11:30 AM MST Number SLCHAND202424862 Close 12/11/2023 5:00 PM MST Currency US Dollar Sealed Until 12/13/2023 10:45 AM MST 27 November 2023 Contacts Shyann Hugoe 27 November 2023 Commodity Codes Commodity Code Description 72110 Residential building construction services including general residential construction contractor services and new residential construction and remodel services 27 November 202327 November 202327 November 202327 November 2023 FIX THE BRICKS Notice to Bidders ATTENTION TO CONTRACTORS: On MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2023 AT 11:30 AM a pre-bid meeting will be held for PROJECT #408 at the site located at, 134 E COATSVILLE AVE – SLC, UT 84115. An
inspection of the property will follow immediately after the pre-bid meeting. SCOPE OF WORK: Work items include: • • Contractor is responsible to compare Scope of work to the house and drawings and submit questions before bid opening. • Obtain building permit and engineering stamp for seismic retrofit. • Remove lower portion of the roof covering and decking from the roof to gain access to top of brick walls for the seismic roof to wall connection. • Install pins, bolts, framing anchors, blocking and straps as per engineering plans and details for the building permit. • Bracing of chimney(s), if applicable, per engineering plans and details for the building permit (2) • After final inspection is completed, install roof decking where removed. • Install new roof covering to match existing, as close as possible, along the perimeter of the home where removed for seismic retrofit. • Clean up and removal of all construction debris. • The Unreinforced Masonry/Wood gable walls will require additional seismic improvements not listed in the Scope of Work. (3) • The seismic improvement may include gable bracing attached to the Masonry/Wood gable. • If shear walls are needed to connect walls to roof, that is part of the roof to wall connection process. • At permitting, a stamped engineered drawing shall detail the seismic improvement procedure. Sealed bids will be received by Salt Lake City Grant Administrators, Barb Tobin and Shyann Hugoe, as a PDF at, by MONDAY DECEMBER 11, 2023 AT 5:00 PM. Sealed bids will be publicly reviewed on WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 13, 2023 AT 10:45 AM by the City Administrators and the Building Owner. Click here to attend the public opening of bids: Click here to join the meeting INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS: Bid documents may be obtained only at the pre-bid meeting. Attendance at the pre-bid meeting is mandatory. If a bid is submitted by a General Contractor that did not attend the pre-bid meeting, it will be rejected. All bids submitted by a General Contractor must contain a detailed Scope of Work. Any changes to the Scope of Work will be issued through an addendum. If issued, the addendum must be acknowledged in the submitted bid to be considered responsive. Any and all work outside of seismic should be at contractors’ discretion whether or not they submit a bid. Description NOTICE TO ALL PROSPECTIVE CONTRACTORS PRE-BID PROCEDURES: Pre-Bids have been set at the time and place set forth in this notice. Please adhere to the following Pre-Bid procedures: • Out of respect for the homeowner, no contractor shall contact the homeowner independent of the Pre-Bid once the address has been released • Housing Stability Staff will initiate contact with the homeowner on the date and time of the Pre-Bid • Contractors must not set foot on the property until Housing Stability Staff are present • Homeowner and contractors must sign the Pre-Bid Attendance Register as proof of attendance prior to taking measurements of the property This project will be a FEDERALLY FINANCED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT. All rules and regulations governing such projects will be applicable. The contract is to be awarded to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder, whose bid meets the requirements and criteria set forth in the request for bids. All contractors participating in this project must have a Unique Entity ID (UEI) number and be registered on the federal System for Award Management (SAM) at For further information, contact BARBARA TOBIN at (385) 499-0383 or SHYANN HUGOE at (801) 799-3698. Buyer Attachments 1. Notice to Bidders-Fix the Bricks 408.docx 27 November 202327 November 202327 November 2023

195 N 1950 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84116, United StatesLocation

Address: 195 N 1950 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84116, United States

Country : United StatesState : Utah