Weapons Cleaning Trailer

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started - 29 Jun, 2021 (19 months ago)

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29 Jun, 2021 (19 months ago)
due - 29 Jun, 2021 (19 months ago)

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30 Jun, 2021 (19 months ago)
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Tullahoma , TN USA
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Answers to questions are below.

1.  What type of hitch system does the government desire (gooseneck, 5th wheel, pintle, 1-5/8 ball, etc) Prefer Pintle type hitch
2. Any electrical outlets on the outside of trailer. Outside outlets are ok, but not required.
3. Ultrasonic cleaners to be plumbed for drainage to outside single point. Tanks will have a storage tank underneath- no discharge port needed.
4. For the generator, shall we place genset in a separate compartment and what dB noise level is considered acceptable. Decibel level inside the trailer should be lower than 85 decibels to prevent the need for hearing protection. Generator will meet industry standard for run quiet generator.
5. For the compressor, shall we place in a separate compartment with inside / outside access. Again, placement of compressor will allow for lower than 85 decibels (60 preferred) inside the trailer.  If the compressor is inside a compartment, then sound proofing may be needed to meet the minimum decibel level requirement.   
6. Diesel tank size or desired run time.  Diesel generator was indicated in the source sought document but the actual contract may allow for alternate gas or LP as long as they meet the quiet run designation, meets the voltage output requirements and allows for a 4-6 hour run time.
This is a SOURCES SOUGHT SYNOPSIS. The purpose of this synopsis is to gain knowledge of potential sources for this system including interested Small Business sources. This notice is for planning purposes only. All interested parties should respond. The Tennessee Army National Guard, Joint Forces Headquarters, Nashville, TN has been tasked to solicit for and award a project to include but not limited to constructing a mobile (enclosed trailer) weapons cleaning system capable of cleaning military weapons from M-9/ M-17 pistols up to a MK-19 grenade launcher.  It will consist of a 28 foot, dual wheel, enclosed trailer system with a rear ramp door system and two outward swinging doors on the forward end allowing two separate access points.  The trailer will be the transport mode and containment vessel which will house a complete ultrasonic weapons cleaning system that will incorporate environmental friendly cleaning processes and solutions and will not generate any hazardous waste. The trailer will be equipped with all accessories outlined in the nine work areas described below:

Area 1:
All components listed in areas outlined below will be contained, installed and considered one complete system included inside a dual wheel, 28 foot long by 8 foot wide enclosed trailer with trailer hitch and lighting for dual service connectors to accommodate both 4 pin flat and 7 pin round connectors.  Trailer will include vinyl wrap custom designed to graphics and design specific to the purchasing organization.  Trailer will have exterior towing lights, exterior ambient and space lighting as well as self-retracting 12 X 14 foot awning with supports and bracing.  Flooring will include “rhino liner” type floor coating surface to provide a non-slip surface. Retractable steps and stabilizing jacks will be installed on the exterior of the trailer.  A self-lowering and raising ramp will be installed on the rear of the trailer and two side doors, outward swinging will be installed on the front opposite sides equipped with self-retracting steps.    

Area 2:
Self-contained electrical system (generator) that is diesel powered and provides 2-phase 220 AC power and is considered low decibel (quiet run) and is wired directly into a series of electrical circuits independently separated to operate on circuit breaker system contained inside a minimum 100 amp service panel.  All breakers and separate circuits will be GFCI protected and power source will provide sufficient electrical power to prevent overloading and will power all components operating simultaneously without tripping any breakers.  Additional 20% of power must be available to power externally plugged in components via temporary electrical power cords (extension cords) such as lighting and power tools.

Area 3:
System includes a pneumatic air system (air compressor) including plumbing and piping to provide sufficient pressure (20-30) psi. to 6-8 separate lines used for blowing solution out of hard to reach areas on the weapons systems.  Air system should be contained inside the trailer and included into the circuitry provided by the external power source (generator) and is also low decibel (quiet run) in nature. 

Area 4:
Air filtration system that circulates and filters the ambient air inside the system through (HEPA) High Efficiency Particulate Air filtration to remove any potential lead or carbon dust that may be generated before wetting or submerging into solutions.  Periodic disposal and replacement of filters will be included in the service package as part of the overall cost.

Area 5:
Solution tanks that will allow submersion of 2-3 weapons systems simultaneously depending on weapons system being cleaned.  Tanks or vats will be stainless steel, fitted with sweep baffles in the bottom to prevent fluid motion during transport and secondary lower storage chambers that are vented for storage of solution during transport. Tanks will be fitted with ports for filtration plumbing and pipping to be easily attached and include turned up flanges to prevent spillage.  Solution vat system will consist of a cleaning vat and lubrication vat independent of each other and will allow for operation of 4 separate stations (4 tanks in all).  All plumbing, electrical, pumps, and filtration system will be installed to provide movement of cleaning solution from cleaning tanks, through a filter to remove all lead and carbon residue and then store the solution in the storage chamber for transport.  Vats will use a technique known as ultrasonic cleaning.  A single frequency of energy is directed through energy transducers that automatically adjust the frequency to the size and shape of the components in the tank. Tanks must be heated to 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit and controlled by a 12 hour timer to prevent heater burning out. Tanks will provide simultaneous dual frequency of 40/68 kHz to penetrate hard to reach areas of weapons systems to allow for cleaning surfaces without scrubbing, scrapping or brushing thus resulting in an overall longer life of weapons systems. Conversion of electrical energy into mechanical vibration known as cavitation is the signature component of ultrasonic cleaning and no substitution for this technique is allowed.  Tanks will be filled with solution described in area 8 below an no substitution for these chemical components are accepted.   

Area 6:
Controls and monitoring systems will be installed as part of the tanks and cleaning system.  Automatic self-monitoring system to adjusts each tank’s environment to ensure optimum temperature and identifies reduced fluid viscosity will be installed.  Automatic one-button operation that will imitate the ultrasonic vibration system, heating elements, and monitoring system and will terminate using a self-adjusting timer dial up to 30 minutes in duration. 

Area 7:
Tank filtration system that circulates solution through a filter housing and a fiber filter element (1 micron) to trap lead and carbon dust and components that are dislodged during the ultrasonic cleaning process will be included.  Disposal and replacement fiber filter elements will be included in the overall costs and must provide swap out service to eliminate any environmental concerns or issues. Filtration system will include 1 pump 120V per tank and filter housing with filter and associated bleed valves, control valves, wire reinforced suction hose, nylon reinforced return hose, filter wrench and connections to ¾” .  

Area 8:
Tank solutions will consist of a cleaning solution and lubrication system that are mixed with tap water and is environmental friendly (eco-friendly solution) that does not require hazardous waste disposal when solution is changed out.  Both cleaning and lubrication solutions will be capable of re-use and recycling and produce up to 500 cleaning iterations. 15 gallons of each solution will be provided with the purchase of the system.  

Area 9:
Accessory items will include 25 wire cleaning baskets submersible into solution tanks fitted with hanging brackets to allow liquids to drain into tank.  Disposable cleaning towels and dispensers, disposable gloves and dispensers, face shields and hearing protection.  4 disassembly and assembly work stations (portable, foldable, storable tables).  System and all components must have a 5 year warranty and include on-site training for up to 2 days for operators and associate interested parties.  

Complete weapons cleaning, self-contained system must include all components listed in the nine areas listed above.  System will arrive completely assembled and functional on site once delivered.  The purpose of this synopsis is to gain knowledge of interest, capabilities and qualifications of various members of the Small Business Community to include Section 8(a), Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUB-Zone), and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) to compete and perform a Firm Fixed Price Contract.  All interested concerns will provide this office, in writing, a notice stating their positive intention to submit a proposal as a prime contractor no later than 30 June 2021, 4:30 P.M. CST. This notification, which shall not exceed five typewritten pages, must include a (1) positive statement of intent to bid as a prime contractor, and (2) A listing of comparable projects completed during the past three years, both for government and private industry. The type of project, dollar value, Contract number, location, and Point of Contact are to be included. Indicate if you were prime or subcontractor, and if subcontractor, provide the name and point of contact for the prime contractor. (3) A brief outline of resources, subcontractors, and key personnel that would be used to accomplish the contract. In the event adequate Small Business contractors are not available for adequate competition for this project, it may be advertised as unrestricted. Information shall be provided via email to Randal Halbrooks, Contracting Officer, Tennessee Army National Guard, United States Property and Fiscal Office, Nashvile, TN 37204. randal.d.halbrooks.mil@mail.mil.
No facsimile responses will be honored.
Product Service Code:- 2330 - TRAILERS
NAICS Code:- 325998 - All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing
Primary point of contact:- Randal D. Halbrooks  
Phone Number 6153132628
Secondary point of contact:-


Start Date

29 Jun, 2021 (19 months ago)

Due Date

30 Jun, 2021 (19 months ago)


Country : United StatesState : Tennessee