Renovation of Building 14

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started - 10 Aug, 2022 (16 months ago)

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10 Aug, 2022 (16 months ago)
due - 17 Aug, 2022 (15 months ago)

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17 Aug, 2022 (15 months ago)
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A New site visit has been created on Monday August 15, 2022 at 10:30 AM EST. Please send the name of the company and the names of the personnel requestinf to attend to by Monday August 15, 2022 by 8:30 AM CST.Additional Questions:Q1:  Will there be any design services required for this project, whether it be generation of construction documents or as-builts?A1:  Just a basic design of how the wall will be constructed, location of outlets and location of HVAC systemQ2:  Will all content inside the building be removed prior to the project starting?A2:  All contents within the 40’ x 20’ construction area will be removed and contents 5’  to 10’ beyond the floor to ceiling wall being constructed will also be removed to provide ease of access.Q3:  Will the equipment and items in front of the building be moved prior to the project starting?A3:  There is a 30’ storage container approximately 13’ from the building
that is not obstructing access and will remain in place.Q4:  During the site visit, government personnel indicated they were going to have the inside of the building pressure washed prior to project start. Please confirm.A4:  Yes, location will pressure wash interior of the 20’ x 40’ space only.Q5:  Has a lead or asbestos survey been performed in this building? If so, can the government please provide the report? If not, does the government want the contractor to include surveying in their proposalA5:  No lead or asbestos containing materials have been suspected/identified in this area, no survey has been completed or required for this project.Q6:  If the contractor must perform a lead/asbestos survey, and positive materials are identified, will abatement be treated as an unforeseen circumstance? A6:  Survey will not have to be conductedQ7:  During the site visit, government personnel indicated the only portion of the roof being replaced is the 60’x40’ section drawn on page 6 of the SOW. Please confirm this is accurate.A7:  There is being a change in scope of work for the roof. Due to the difficulty to match the existing R-Panels roofing material, it has been determined that the entire roof to include over hangs will need to be replaced.Q8:  Will there be any warranty requirements on the new roofing?A8:  Yes, one year workmanship and manufacture warranty.Q9:  Is the spray foam insulation required to be fire retardant?A9:  Yes.Q10:  Has the government confirmed there is enough power in the building’s service to accommodate the new outlets and HVAC? It appears there are only two available breakers in the panelA10:  There are more than enough available breakers/slots available and will be identified prior to construction.Q11:  Can the government please confirm any rework or changing of lighting fixtures will NOT be part of this project?A11:  Changing out the light fixtures is not required for this project.Q12:  SOW paragraph 1.5 calls for a 3ton unit but does not provide any expectations in terms of performance or product requirements. To provide the opportunity for competitive pricing, can the government please provide a Basis of Design or requirements for system performance?A12:  Energy efficient system that can provide sufficient heating and air for a 20’ x 40’ spaceQ13:  Will bollards be required in front of the air condenser?A13:  NoQ14:  Will a housekeeping pad be required for the condenser? If so, will a concrete pad be required or will a pre-manufactured pad be acceptable.A14:  Pre-manufactured pad will be acceptableQ15:  SOW paragraph 1.5 states ‘air handler and evaporator coils will be suspended from ceiling I-beams.’ Which room are these to be installed in?A15:  The 20’ x 40’ area being constructedQ16:  Will any ductwork be required?A16:  YesQ17:  Is the building on a septic tank or city sewer?  A17:  Scope of work being changed to add a drainage trench and construct a leach field– see attached drawingQ18:  What kind of door and hardware does the government want installed in the newly constructed wall?A18:  Wooden door & frame with standard hardwareQ19:  SOW paragraph 1.3 calls for ‘door, trim and hardware in newly constructed wall and finish painting.’ Please confirm it is only the door which is being painted.A19:  Door and trim to be painted to match FRP panelsQ20:  SOW paragraph 1.8 calls for ‘FRP wall board 10’ high on newly constructed wood wall.’ Please confirm this is only to be installed on one side of the wall.A20:  FRP on the inside of the wall, Spray foam insulation on the outside.Q21:  What are the load requirements of the concrete pads?A21:  30,000 to 40,000 lbs.Q22:  What are the governments expectations for the PSI of concrete for pads.A22:  3000Q23:  What type of finish is required on the concrete pads?A23:  BroomedQ24:  Does the government intend on any asphalt needing to be replaced?A24:  Any damage to existing asphalt will be repaired by contractor.Q25:  Will the government require any compaction testing or concrete break tests?A25:  No, however site preparation is of the most importance for the concrete slab, remove all sod and vegetation, remove topsoil and stockpile for later use in finish grading, if subsoil is removed from around building replace with granulated fill to help drain subsurface water from building, distribute all fill, large debris free (no pit run), uniformly around site in layers no deeper than six inches and compact each layer before next layer is added.Q26:  During the site visit, government personnel stated they will be washing down crop/farm equipment in the clean room. There is no drain specified in this scope of work, nor did the contractor see a drain in the area indicated. Will a drain be required for this area?                            A26:  There will be no washing down crop equipment in clean room. Drainage only required for Pecan Nut Sanitizer/Soaker (minimal amount). See response to question 17Q27:  If a drain is required for this area, it cannot be tied into any city or septic system as the user will be washing bleach, pesticides, and potentially oil/fuel/hydraulic fluid down the drain. Please indicate how the government would like to contractor to reflect this in a proposal.A27:  The only additive to water will be diluted chlorine from the sanitizer, no reflection by contractor required. Q28:  Will silt fencing be required?A28:  No, just grass seeding and straw over disturbed ground at the construction siteQ29:  SOW paragraph 1.10 calls for seed and straw around slab and any trenching for plumbing. Is contractor expected to provide watering services? If so, for how long?  A29:  No watering service required after project is completed and excepted by the GovernmentQ30:  Are there any permitting requirements other than a Georgia 811 dig permit?A30:  NoQ31:  Is a full-time superintendent required?A31:  NoQ32:  Will the walls and ceiling in the clean room area be framed out with 2 x 4 wooded studs? If so, what type of ceiling will be required?A32:  No - refer to the scope of workThe SOW has been updated.Scope needs to include the removal and replacement of the overhangs. Spray foam insulate the interior of the new R-Panel Roof over the newly constructed 20’ x 40’ area and the new R-panel roofing over the 40’ x 40’ north end of the building. The middle 40’ x 40’ area does not need to be insulated.Questions and Answers.Q1:  Where is the point of connection for the domestic water?A1:  There are two options for the point of connection for water, one is on the east side of Bldg. 13 and the 2nd is on the north east corner of Bldg. 14 – see attached drawingQ2:  Where is the Electrical Panel point of connection located?A2:  Electrical Panel Located approximately 25’ from construction area – see PIC and Drawing. Has enough capacity for this project.Q3:  What is the required spray foam R value for the walls & ceiling?A3:  Insulation should be at least a R38 and an inflammable rating and must be sprayed on 3” to 4” on the walls and no more than 2” on the sliding doorsQ4:  Door type & size? Wood door and frame or Hollow Metal door & frame?A4:  Wood door and frameQ5:  Can you clarify where the wall/ceiling painting required? Above the FRP?A5:  finish painting of door and frame to match color of FRP panels (white). FRP only – 10’ high attached to inside of newly constructed floor to ceiling wall only.Q6:  Is this project located on federal property?A6:  YesQ7:  What are the requirements for the concrete pad? Pad thickness, Concrete mix, Aggregate under slab on gradeA7:  6” thick , concrete mix at 3000psi and no aggregateQ8:  Are there any specifications for the new faucet?A8:  Brass Multi Turn Hose Bibb with ¾” male garden hose outletQ9:  Are there any specifications for the FRP wall board?A9:  96-in x 48-in Smooth White Wall Panel with FRP Connectors, Inside & Outside Corners 10ft. to provide a sanitary seal between the seamsDocuments and Photos attached.In accordance with FAR 28.102-1, Performance and Payment Bonds, Policy on Use, the requirement of Bid guarantee for solicitation 12405B22Q0235, for Renovation of BLDG 14 in Bryon, GA, will be required.In accordance with FAR 36.204 Disclosure of the Magnitude of Construction Projects, the magnitude of this contract project is between $100,000 and $250,000. A site visit has been set for Tuesday July 19, 2022 at 10:00 AM. Please send the name of the company and the names of the personnel requesting to attending to is a Combined Synopsis/Solicitation. The Solicitation Number 12405B22Q0235. The Associated NAICS code is 236220 (Commercial and Institutional Building Construction), with a small business size standard of $39.5 Million.USDA, ARS, FTNRL21 Dunbar Rd.Byron, GA 31008Needs the Renovation of Building 14. that fits the associated Statements of Work and Specifications.The Government anticipates award of a Firm Fixed Price contract. Each offer must show a breakdown giving price of each element, provide description literature or information showing that the offered service meets all parts of the Statement of Work and Specifications.Electronic submissions are preferred. Please email all quotes to NO LATE QUOTES WILL BE ACCEPTED.To be eligible for an award, all contractors must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM). A contractor can contact SAM by calling 1-866-606-8220 or email at NO EXCEPTIONS. A UEI (Unique Entity ID) number is required in order to register. All invoices shall be submitted and paid electronically.Quotes must be received no later that Wednesday August 10, 2022, 4:00 pm Central Standard Time (CST).Questions regarding this combined synopsis/solicitation are due no later than 3:00 PM CST on Friday August 4, 2022. Answers to any questions received by that time will be posted as an amendment to this combined synopsis/solicitation.


Country : United StatesState : Georgia

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naicsCode 236220Commercial and Institutional Building Construction