2024 Storm Drain CIPP Lining

expired opportunity(Expired)
From: Utah(State)

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started - 01 Feb, 2024 (2 months ago)

Start Date

01 Feb, 2024 (2 months ago)
due - 29 Feb, 2024 (1 month ago)

Due Date

29 Feb, 2024 (1 month ago)
Bid Notification


Bid Notification


Utah Division of Purchasing

Customer / Agency

Utah Division of Purchasing
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23 February 2024 2024 Storm Drain CIPP Lining Sealed bids for City of Holladay 23 February 2024 Open 2/1/2024 1:30 PM MST Type Courtesy Posting - No U3P Submission Close 2/29/2024 2:00 PM MST Number GJ24-27 Currency US Dollar Sealed Until 2/29/2024 2:00 PM MST 23 February 2024 Contacts Garret Johnston gkjohnston@utah.gov 23 February 2024 Commodity Codes Commodity Code Description 72140 Construction services including sewer maintenance and repair, roads and highways and excavation and backfill services, levee and dam construction and digging, ditching, road grading, rock stabilization, equipment rental or lease, and energy conservation 40170 Pipe piping and pipe fittings including adapters and angle face rings and backup flanges and baffles and bends and bushings and caps and connectors 81100 Professional engineering svcs incl civil engineering, landscape consulting, programming/master planning, architectural & engineering
design/consulting, inspection certification svcs, testing/geotechnical, hazardous materials service, commissioning svcs 83100 Utilities including gas and power and water and sewer and electricity and utilities management and consulting services, and alternative forms of energy, solar panels and servicing 23 February 202423 February 202423 February 202423 February 2024 mailto:gkjohnston@utah.gov This courtesy posting is an advertisement of a procurement opportunity for City of Holladay, not the Division of Purchasing. Responses should be directed to the designated individual/office as designated in the solicitation document. The Division of Purchasing does not accept responses for courtesy postings. The contract award for this solicitation will not be posted on this website. Instead, you will need to contact the designated individual/office as identified in the solicitation document. This solicitation posting will be canceled/closed upon the closing date of this solicitation; however, a vendor’s response will still be evaluated by City of Holladayas described in the solicitation document. The Division of Purchasing is neither the issuing or conducting procurement unit for this solicitation, as such it is the vendor's responsibility to review the entire solicitation in order to comply with any requirements. **** --Q&A Due by: 2/26/2024 2:00 p.m. MT to Joe Bolton at jbolton@cityofholladay.com --Bids Due by: 2/29/2024 2:00 p.m. MT at the Holladay City Hall, 4580 S 2300 E, Holladay, Utah 84117 Description Buyer Attachments 1. Storm Drain CIPP Lining Q&A No 5.pdf 2. Storm Drain CIPP Lining Q&A No 4.pdf 3. Storm Drain CIPP Lining Addendum No 2.pdf 4. Storm Drain CIPP Lining Q&A No 2.pdf 5. Storm Drain CIPP Lining Q&A No 1.pdf 6. Holladay Storm Drain CIPP Lining.pdf 7. Changing Your Time Zone (1) (1).pptx 8. Storm Drain CIPP Lining Addendum No 1.pdf 9. Storm Drain CIPP Lining Q&A No 3.pdf 23 February 202423 February 202423 February 2024 https://bids01.jaggaer.com/apps/Router/PublicEventDownload?file=U291cmNpbmdldmVudC8xMjA2MjY5LTE1NzIyMDIxMTNTdG9ybSBEcmFpbiBDSVBQIExpbmluZyBRJkEgTm8gNS5wZGY%3D&auth=MDpBRVMyI0NQNVp4a2IvSnkxZDNIUm81TGpka2h4M0V4bkpBZDlVSkVFUnk5WnZrK2l5eGZjOVRGNkRHUlU9 https://bids01.jaggaer.com/apps/Router/PublicEventDownload?file=U291cmNpbmdldmVudC8xMjA2MjY5LTE1NzE0MzIxNzBTdG9ybSBEcmFpbiBDSVBQIExpbmluZyBRJkEgTm8gNC5wZGY%3D&auth=MDpBRVMyI0NQNVp4a2IvSnkxZDNIUm81TGpka2h4M0V4bkpBZDlVSkVFUnk5WnZrK2l5eGZjOVRGNkRHUlU9 https://bids01.jaggaer.com/apps/Router/PublicEventDownload?file=U291cmNpbmdldmVudC8xMjA2MjY5LTE1NzE0MzIwNzhTdG9ybSBEcmFpbiBDSVBQIExpbmluZyBBZGRlbmR1bSBObyAyLnBkZg%3D%3D&auth=MDpBRVMyI0NQNVp4a2IvSnkxZDNIUm81TGpka2h4M0V4bkpBZDlVSkVFUnk5WnZrK2l5eGZjOVRGNkRHUlU9 https://bids01.jaggaer.com/apps/Router/PublicEventDownload?file=U291cmNpbmdldmVudC8xMjA2MjY5LTE1NjM5MDA0ODBTdG9ybSBEcmFpbiBDSVBQIExpbmluZyBRJkEgTm8gMi5wZGY%3D&auth=MDpBRVMyI0NQNVp4a2IvSnkxZDNIUm81TGpka2h4M0V4bkpBZDlVSkVFUnk5WnZrK2l5eGZjOVRGNkRHUlU9 https://bids01.jaggaer.com/apps/Router/PublicEventDownload?file=U291cmNpbmdldmVudC8xMjA2MjY5LTE1NjI1MTc4MzNTdG9ybSBEcmFpbiBDSVBQIExpbmluZyBRJkEgTm8gMS5wZGY%3D&auth=MDpBRVMyI0NQNVp4a2IvSnkxZDNIUm81TGpka2h4M0V4bkpBZDlVSkVFUnk5WnZrK2l5eGZjOVRGNkRHUlU9 https://bids01.jaggaer.com/apps/Router/PublicEventDownload?file=U291cmNpbmdldmVudC8xMjA2MjY5LTE1NTg5MzA5NzZIb2xsYWRheSBTdG9ybSBEcmFpbiBDSVBQIExpbmluZy5wZGY%3D&auth=MDpBRVMyI0NQNVp4a2IvSnkxZDNIUm81TGpka2h4M0V4bkpBZDlVSkVFUnk5WnZrK2l5eGZjOVRGNkRHUlU9 https://bids01.jaggaer.com/apps/Router/PublicEventDownload?file=U291cmNpbmdldmVudC8xMjA2MjY5LTExOTYxMDA1NTBDaGFuZ2luZyBZb3VyIFRpbWUgWm9uZSAoMSkgKDEpLnBwdHg%3D&auth=MDpBRVMyI0NQNVp4a2IvSnkxZDNIUm81TGpka2h4M0V4bkpBZDlVSkVFUnk5WnZrK2l5eGZjOVRGNkRHUlU9 https://bids01.jaggaer.com/apps/Router/PublicEventDownload?file=U291cmNpbmdldmVudC8xMjA2MjY5LTE1Njk2NDEyNjNTdG9ybSBEcmFpbiBDSVBQIExpbmluZyBBZGRlbmR1bSBObyAxLnBkZg%3D%3D&auth=MDpBRVMyI0NQNVp4a2IvSnkxZDNIUm81TGpka2h4M0V4bkpBZDlVSkVFUnk5WnZrK2l5eGZjOVRGNkRHUlU9 https://bids01.jaggaer.com/apps/Router/PublicEventDownload?file=U291cmNpbmdldmVudC8xMjA2MjY5LTE1Njk2NDExMTRTdG9ybSBEcmFpbiBDSVBQIExpbmluZyBRJkEgTm8gMy5wZGY%3D&auth=MDpBRVMyI0NQNVp4a2IvSnkxZDNIUm81TGpka2h4M0V4bkpBZDlVSkVFUnk5WnZrK2l5eGZjOVRGNkRHUlU9

3150 State Office Bldg, Salt Lake City, UT 84114, United StatesLocation

Address: 3150 State Office Bldg, Salt Lake City, UT 84114, United States

Country : United StatesState : Utah

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