INVITATION TO BID #2300-B Parking Lot Resurfacing Project

expired opportunity(Expired)
From: Fayette(County)

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started - 21 Sep, 2023 (5 months ago)

Start Date

21 Sep, 2023 (5 months ago)
due - 06 Oct, 2023 (4 months ago)

Due Date

06 Oct, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Bid Notification


Fayette County

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Fayette County
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"Purchasing Department\n\nFAYETTE 140 Stonewall Avenue West, Ste 204\nFayetteville, GA 30214\n\n! Phone: 770-305-5420\n\nCreate Your Story .\n\nSeptember 12, 2023\nSubject: Invitation to Bid #2300-B: Parking Lot Resurfacing Project\nGentlemen/Ladies:\n\nFayette County, Georgia invites you to submit a bid for resurfacing various county parking lots.\nYou are invited to submit a bid in accordance with the information contained herein.\n\nQuestions concerning this invitation to bid should be addressed to Sherry White in writing via\nemail to or fax to (770) 305-5208. Questions will be accepted\nuntil 3:00p.m., Friday, September 29, 2023.\n\nPurchasing Department office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The\noffice telephone number is (770) 305-5420.\n\nPlease return your
response to the following address:\n\nFayette County Purchasing Department\n140 Stonewall Avenue West, Suite 204\nFayetteville, Georgia 30214\n\nBid Number: 2300-B\nBid Name: Parking Lot Resurfacing Project\nYour envelope must be sealed, and should show your company's name and address.\n\nBids will be received at the above address until 3:00p.m, Friday, October 6, 2023, in the\nPurchasing Department, Suite 204. Bids will be opened at that time.\n\nBids must be signed to be considered. Late bids cannot be considered. Faxed bids or emailed bids\ncannot be considered.\n" "If you download this invitation to bid from the county\u2019s web site, it will be your responsibility to\ncheck the web site for any addenda that might be issued for this solicitation. The county cannot\nnot be responsible for a vendor not receiving information provided in any addendum.\n\nThank you for participating in the solicitation process.\n\nee /\n\u00a3 ee Le\n\nTed L. Burgess\nDirector of Purchasing\n\nTLB/sw\n" "GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS\nITB #2300-B: Parking Lot Resurfacing Project\n\nDefinitions:\na. Bidder: Acompany or individual who submits a bid in response to this Invitation to Bid.\nb. Successful Bidder: The company or individual that is awarded a contract.\nc. Contractor: The Successful Bidder, upon execution of the contract.\nd. County: Fayette County, Georgia.\n\nBid is Offer to Contract: Each bid constitutes an offer to become legally bound to a contract with\nthe County, incorporating the invitation to bid and the bidder\u2019s bid. The binding offer includes\ncompliance with allterms, conditions, special conditions, specifications, and requirements stated in\nthe invitation to bid, except to the extent that a bidder takes written exception to such provisions,\nand the County agrees to the exception. All such terms, conditions, special conditions,\nspecifications, and requirements will form the basis of the contract. The bidder should take care to\nanswer all questions and provide all requested information, and to note any exceptions in the bid\nsubmission. Failure to observe any of the instructions or conditions in this invitation to bid may\nresult in rejection of the bid.\n\nBinding Offer: To allow sufficient time for a contract to be awarded, each bid shall constitute a\nfirm offer that is binding for ninety (90) days from the date of the bid opening to the date of award.\n\nBidder\u2019s Questions: As appropriate, the County will post answers to questions and/or other\ninformation concerning the Invitation to Bid in the form of an addendum on the County\u2019s website\nat It is the responsibility of the prospective bidder to check the website\nfor any addenda issued for this invitation to bid.\n\nReferences: Include with your bid a list of three (3) jobs that your company has done that are of\nthe same or similar nature to the work described in this invitation to bid, on the form provided.\nInclude all information as requested on the form.\n\nBid Submission: Submit your bid, along with any addenda issued by the County, in a sealed opaque\nenvelope. Mail or deliver one (1) original bid, signed in ink by a company official authorized to\nmake a legal and binding offer, and one (1) copy on a flash drive, to:\n\nFayette County Government\nPurchasing Department\n\n140 Stonewall Avenue West, Suite 204\nFayetteville, GA 30214\n\nBid Number: #2300-B\nBid Name: Parking Lot Resurfacing Project\n\nAlso show your company name on the envelope. You may submit sealed bids in person, by U.S.\nmail, or by acommercial carrier. Do not submit bids by facsimile, e-mail, or other electronic\nmeans. Once submitted, all bids become the property of Fayette County.\n" "15.\n\nBid Preparation Costs: The bidder shall bear all costs associated with preparing the bid.\n\nLate Bids: Bids not received in the Purchasing Department by the time and date of the scheduled\nbid opening will not be considered.\n\nMore than One Bid: Do not submit alternate bids or options, unless requested or authorized by the\nCounty in the Invitation to Bid. If a responder submits more than one bid without being requested\nor authorized to do so, the County may disqualify the bids from that responder, at the County\u2019s\noption.\n\n. Bid Corrections or Withdrawals: The bidder may correct a mistake, or withdraw a bid,\n\nbefore the bid opening by sending written notification to the Director of Purchasing. Bids\nmay be withdrawn after the bid opening only with written authorization from the Director\nof Purchasing.\n\n. Defects or Irregularities in Bids: The County reserves the right to waive any defect or irregularity in\n\nany bid received. In case of a discrepancy between unit prices and extended prices, the unit price\nwill govern unless the facts or other considerations indicate another basis for correction of the\ndiscrepancy.\n\n. Prices Held Firm: Prices bid shall be firm for the period of the contract, unless otherwise specified\n\ninthe contract. All prices bid for commodities, supplies, equipment, or other products shall be\nquoted FOB Destination, Fayette County, or job site.\n\n. Quantities are Estimates: Quantities listed herein are estimates for the period specified. No\n\nguarantee to purchase the amounts shown is intended or implied. The County reserves the right to\norder larger or smaller quantities at the prices stated in the bid of the Successful Bidder.\n\n. Non-Collusion: By responding to this Invitation to Bid, the bidder represents that the bid is not\n\nmade in connection with any competing bidder, supplier, or service provider submitting a separate\nresponse to this invitation to bid and is in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud.\n\nBid Evaluation: Award will be made to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder, taking into\nconsideration payment terms, vendor qualifications and experience, quality, references, any\nexceptions listed, and/or other factors deemed relevant in making the award. The County may\nmake such investigation as it deems necessary to determine the ability of the bidder to perform,\nand the bidder shall furnish to the County all information and data for this purpose as the County\nmay request. The County reserves the right to reject any bid item, any bid, or all bids, and to re-\nadvertise for bids.\n\n. Partial Award: The County reserves the right to make award by item, by group of items, by\n\nany combination of items, or by lump sum award. The award will be made in the best\ninterest ofthe County. Bidders may restrict their bids to consideration of a lump sum award\nor other restriction only by so indicating on the pricing sheet or the \u201cExceptions to\nSpecifications\u201d sheet included in the invitation to bid. Bidders who do not restrict\nconsideration of their bids in this manner shall be expected to accept any portion ofthe bid\nawarded. The County reserves the right to award multiple contracts for the products or\nservices sought by this invitation to bid.\n" "1:7;\n\n19.\n\n20.\n\n21:\n\n22.\n\nUnbalanced bid: If the County determines that the apparent low bid is materially unbalanced, the\nCounty retains the right to deem the apparent low bid non-responsive, and to reject said bid and\naward to the next-lowest bidder whose bid is not materially unbalanced, or to reject any and all\nbids and re-advertise the project.\n\n. Payment Terms and Discounts: The County\u2019s standard payment terms are Net 30. Any deviation\n\nfrom standard payment terms must be specified in the resulting contract, and both parties must\nagree on such deviation. Cash discounts offered will be a consideration in awarding the bid, but\nonly if they give the County at least 15 days from receipt of invoice to pay. For taking discounts,\ntime will be computed from the date of invoice acceptance by the County, or the date a correct\ninvoice is received, whichever is the later date. Payment is deemed made, for the purpose of\nearning the discount, on the date of the check.\n\nTrade Secrets - Confidentiality: If any person or entity submits a bid or proposal that contains\ntrade secrets, an affidavit shall be included with the bid or proposal. The affidavit shall declare the\nspecific included information which constitutes trade secrets. Any trade secrets must be either (1)\nplaced in a separate envelope, clearly identified and marked as such, or (2) at aminimum, marked\nin the affidavit or an attached document explaining exactly where such information is, and\notherwise marked, highlighted, or made plainly visible. See 0.C.G.A. $ 50-18-72 (A)(34).\n\nTrade Secrets - Internal Use: In submitting a bid, the bidder agrees that the County may reveal any\ntrade secret materials contained in the bid to all County staff and officials involved in the selection\nprocess, and to any outside consultant or other third parties who may assist in the selection\nprocess. The bidder agrees to hold harmless the County and each of its officers, employees, and\nagents from all costs, damages, and expenses incurred in connection with refusing to disclose any\nmaterial which the bidder has designated as a trade secret.\n\nEthics \u2014 Disclosure of Relationships: Before a proposed contract in excess of $10,000.00 is\nrecommended for award to the Board of Commissioners or the County Administrator, or before the\nCounty renews, extends, or otherwise modifies a contract after it has been awarded, the\nContractor must disclose certain relationships with any County Commissioner or County Official, or\ntheir spouse, mother, father, grandparent, brother, sister, son or daughter related by blood,\nadoption, or marriage (including in-laws). A relationship that must be reported exists if any of\nthese individuals is a director, officer, partner, or employee, or has a substantial financial interest\nthe business, as described in Fayette County Ordinance Chapter 2, Article IV, Division 3 (Code of\nEthics).\n\nIf such relationship exists between your company and any individual mentioned above, relevant\ninformation must be presented in the form of a written letter to the Director of Purchasing. You\nmust include the letter with any bid, proposal, or price quote you submit to the Purchasing\nDepartment.\n\nIn the event that a Contractor fails to comply with this requirement, the County will take action as\nappropriate to the situation, which may include actions up to and including rejection of the bid or\noffer, cancellation of the contract in question, or debarment or suspension from award of a County\ncontract for a period of up to three years.\n\nContract Execution & Notice to Proceed: After the Board of Commissioners makes an award, all\n"

140 Stonewall Avenue West Suite 100 Fayetteville, Georgia 30214Location

Address: 140 Stonewall Avenue West Suite 100 Fayetteville, Georgia 30214

Country : United StatesState : Georgia

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