Clothing Fabric - Army Green Service Uniform (AGSU)

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started - 01 Mar, 2023 (3 months ago)

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01 Mar, 2023 (3 months ago)
due - 30 Mar, 2023 (2 months ago)

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30 Mar, 2023 (2 months ago)
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U.S. Army Clothing Fabrics:The U.S. Army Product Manager Soldier Clothing and Individual Equipment (PM-SCIE) is conducting a market research investigation for fabrics. The goal of this effort is to identify firms with capabilities to provide the following fabric for use in Soldier clothing: Wrinkle Free/Resistant Cotton, Cotton/Poly and Poly-Cotton Dress Shirt Fabric. Interest is in readily available fabrics or fabrics capable of being delivered within five (5) months from a potential contract award.Desired technical and programmatic requirements:Cloth,100% Cotton, Cotton/Poly or Poly/CottonCapable of being dyed to Heritage Tan, color 566Weight – 4.0-5.5 oz/sq ydCotton like hand, a preference is for 100% cotton or cotton rich fabricsWrinkle Resistant, 3.5 (min) AATCC 124 after 5 home laundering AATCC 135 (3)(IV)(A) iiiSoil Release, 3.5 (min) AATCC 130 after 5 launderings at AATCC 135 (3)(IV)(A) iiiTear Strength, greater than 3.5lbsPilling 3.5 (min) ASTM D3512/D3512M Color Fastness to L
aundering, Light, Perspiration (3-4) and Crocking (3.5), commercial standards, please provide data with submission.Potential Quantity: Monthly Yearly Quantity (yds) 16,000 192,000Interested sources shall, within thirty (30) calendar days of the publication of this RFI, respond with information on their current product(s) and/or future products and how they would address the requirements listed above.The information package shall contain the following items:Detailed information regarding the firm's production capabilities for the submitted items, to include whether the items can be domestically produced in compliance with Section 2533a of Title 10 U.S. Code (i.e. the “Berry Amendment”).General information pertaining to the firm; such as address, point of contact, and business size.Pricing for currently available products or potential products.A spec sheet that identifies: .• Fiber blend with fiber percentages• Material width and weight• Style numbers• All physical properties with associated test methods• Performance characteristics• Estimated cost/yard• Production lead-time• Fiber production location• Yarn production location• Fabric Formation location• Finishing locationFabric specifications and or samples, if available, for hand evaluation shall be submitted to Pam Moriarty. If a firm chooses to submit samples, no payment will be made by the Government for such samples. Samples may be submitted to DEVCOM Soldier Center (DEVCOM), ATTN: Pam Moriarty, Room D131, 10 General Greene Avenue, Natick, MA 01760If fabric development work is needed, provide information on cost, schedule and estimated product performance. This notice is for market research only. Responses to this notice are to be sent to Ms. Pamela Moriarty ( via email. This is not a request for quotations. No solicitation document exists. The information received under this announcement may be used to develop an acquisition strategy. You may email your questions to

10 GENERAL GREENE AVE  NATICK , MA 01760-5011  USALocation

Address: 10 GENERAL GREENE AVE NATICK , MA 01760-5011 USA

Country : United StatesState : Massachusetts


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