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Bid Notification started - 26 Dec, 2017 (15 months ago) - U--VLP FY18 Nationwide

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26 Dec, 2017 (15 months ago)
Bid Notification due - 26 Dec, 2017 (15 months ago) - U--VLP FY18 Nationwide

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18 Jan, 2018 (14 months ago)
Bid Notification - U--VLP FY18 Nationwide

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Bid Notification Department of Veterans Affairs - U--VLP FY18 Nationwide

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Department of Veterans Affairs
Bid Notification 425 I Street, NW, 5th Floor;Washington DC 20001 - U--VLP FY18 Nationwide


425 I Street, NW, 5th Floor;Washington DC 20001
From: Federal Government(Federal)
The purpose of this request for proposals (RFP) submitted in response to this Statement of Objectives (SOO) is to solicit fully developed proposals from universities in partnership with public schools (K-12) located within 100 miles of a national cemetery in southern California (or committed to remote work) that will engage in a program of development of research-based educational outreach materials as part of the National Cemetery Administration s (NCA) Veterans Legacy Program (VLP). Proposals submitted in response to this SOO should focus on Riverside National Cemetery but can include additional national cemeteries in southern California.
University faculty may come from a variety of disciplines in the humanities, creative arts, digital humanities or Education, e.g. history, graphic design, film production, American Indian studies, etc. The schools and teachers with whom university faculty partner can come from a single school or multiple schools, representing any grade(s) and subject(s). The scope and depth of this partnership can vary but NCA will require a formalized expression of this partnership between the institute of higher education (IHE) and the local educational authority (LEA).


Country : United States