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From: County of Riverside(County)

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started - 25 Jan, 2022 (22 months ago)

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25 Jan, 2022 (22 months ago)
due - 22 Feb, 2022 (21 months ago)

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22 Feb, 2022 (21 months ago)
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Bid Notification


County of Riverside

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County of Riverside
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25 January 2022 AIR QUALITY REVIEW/ANALYSIS SERVICES AIR QUALITY REVIEW/ANALYSIS SERVICES 25 January 2022 Open 1/25/2022 11:00 AM PST Type Request for Proposal Close 2/22/2022 1:30 PM PST Number TLARC-RFP-458 Currency US Dollar 25 January 2022 Contacts Monica Rossow MRossow@RIVCO.ORG Phone +1 951-955-9187 25 January 2022 Commodity Codes Commodity Code Description 92615 Air Quality Monitoring Services 25 January 202225 January 202225 January 2022 mailto:MRossow@RIVCO.ORG PURPOSE/BACKGROUND The County of Riverside Purchasing Department on behalf of the Transportation & Land Management Agency (TLMA) is seeking proposals from qualified parties qualified in providing On-Call Air Quality Review/Analysis Services for the County of Riverside’s (TLMA-Planning Department). Services provided under this agreement will be performed on an on call basis to the Riverside County Planning
Department. The Contractor/Consultant shall furnish all technical and professional services including labor, transportation, and expertise to fully and adequately perform the services described in Tab E, Scope of Services, and more specifically described in work assignments shall be initiated at the request of the County Planning Department. All services and deliverables associated with the performance and accomplishment of the covenants described in the approved Work Assignments is hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Work Assignments”. It is the intent of the County to award an agreement to one qualified company as a result of this solicitation which contain the minimum requirements and all terms and conditions for the service. Services will be evaluated and awarded based on the cost to provide and implement services, ongoing cost, ability to provide services and meeting the qualifications and scope of services as listed in RFP #TLARC-RFP-458 Attachment A. Bidders MUST complete and upload the Attachment A document with their response to County of Riverside Vendor Portal at Description

3900 Main Street, 7th Floor Riverside, CA 92522Location

Address: 3900 Main Street, 7th Floor Riverside, CA 92522

Country : United StatesState : California

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