Extreme Wireless Access Point Configuration and Installation

From: Duval County Public Schools(School)

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started - 24 Mar, 2021 (about 2 years ago)

Start Date

24 Mar, 2021 (about 2 years ago)
due - 30 Sep, 2024 (in 12 months)

Due Date

30 Sep, 2024 (in 12 months)
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Bid Notification


Duval County Public Schools

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Duval County Public Schools
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Dr. Diana L. Greene, Superintendent of Schools EVERY SCHOOL. EVERY CLASSROOM. EVERY STUDENT. EVERY DAY. Duval County Public Schools www.duvalschools.org Purchasing Services PH: (904) 858-4848 1701 Prudential Drive, Suite 322 FAX: (904)858-4868 Jacksonville, FL 32207 August 18, 2023 Step CG, LLC Danny Poindexter 50 E Rivercenter Blvd #900 Covington, KY 41011 RE: RFP No. 12-21/LM, EXTREME WIRELESS ACCESS POINT CONFIGURATION AND INSTALLATION The Superintendent of Duval County Public Schools renewed the contract for Extreme Wireless Access Point Configuration and Installation, RFP No.12-21/LM. This is the first renewal for the period of October 1, 2023 through September 30, 2024. In accordance with Section 16 of the RFP, insurance requirements, please forward an updated copy of your insurance certificate. If you have any questions about this renewal, please contact Louis Mitchum at (904) 858-4859. We look forward
torship.\n\nTevience Wright, Director\nDuval County Public Schools\n\ncc Anita Locke\nLouis Mitchum\nMaster Bid File\n\nDr. Diana L. Greene, Superintendent of Schools\nEVERY SCHOOL. EVERY CLASSROOM. EVERY STUDENT. EVERY DAY.\n" "FIRST RENEWAL OF AGREEMENT BETWEEN\nTHE SCHOOL BOARD OF DUVAL COUNTY, FLORIDA,\nANDSTEPCG,LLC\n\nThis First Renewal to Agreement (the \u201cRenewal\u201d) is October 1, 2022, and is by and\nbetween The School Board of Duval County, Florida (the \u201cDistrict\u201d), and Step CG, LLC, an Ohio\nlimited liability company authorized to transact business in Florida (the \u201cContractor\u201d).\n\n1. This Renewal pertains to that certain Agreement between the District and the Contractor\ndated march 4, 2021, and procured by the District pursuant to RFP No. 12-21/LM \"Extreme\nWireless Access Point and Configuration\u201d, and related addenda, for the Contractor\u2019s provision\nof network wireless access (the \u201cAgreement\u201d).\n\n2. The effective date of this Renewal is October 1, 2022. The capitalized terms used herein\nshall have the same definitions set forth inthe Agreement, unless specifically otherwise indicated\nin this Renewd The maximum indebtedness under this Renewal is Six Hundred Fifty-Six Thousand\nand N0/100 Dollars ($656,000.00).\n\n3. The District and Contractor agree that the term of the Agreement, which is scheduled to\nend on September 30, 2022, is hereby extended through September 30, 2023, with such extension\nto be upon and subject to all ofthe terms, provisions, and conditions of the Agreement except as\nmodified in this Renewal. This renewal is the first of two potential annual renewals.\n\n4. Pursuant to the provisions of section 448.095, Florida Statutes, the parties agree to the\nfollowing. For purpose of this section, the term \u201ccontract\u201d includes this Agreement and any\ncontract between the Contractor and any of Contractor\u2019s subcontractor(s):\n\n(a) Beginning January 1, 2021, the District, the Contractor, and any of Contractor\u2019s\nsubcontractor(s) shall register with and use the E-Verify system to verify the work\nauthorization status of all newly hired employees. The District, the Contractor, and any of\nContractor's subcontractor(s) may not enter into a contract unless each party to the\ncontract registers with and uses the E-Verify system.\n\n(b) 1. If the Contractor enters into a contract with a subcontractor, the\nsubcontractor must provide the Contractor with an affidavit stating that the\nsubcontractor does not employ, contract with, or subcontract with an unauthorized\n\nalien.\n2. The Contractor shall maintain a copy of such affidavitforthe duration ofthe\ncontract.\n\n(c) 1. The District, the Contractor, or any ofthe Contractor's subcontractors who\n\nhas a good faith belief that a person or entity with which it is contracting has knowingly\nviolated s. 448.09(1), Florida Statutes, shall terminate the contract with the person or\nentity.\n\n2. If the District has a good faith belief that a subcontractor knowingly violated\nthis subsection, but the Contractor otherwise complied with this subsection, then\nthe District shall promptly notify the Contractor and order the Contractor to\nimmediately terminate the contract with the subcontractor.\n" "93. A contract terminated under subparagraph 1. or subparagraph 2. is not a\nbreach of contract and may not be considered as such.\n\n(d) The District, Contractor, or any of Contractor\u2019s subcontractor(s) may file an action\nwith a circuit or county court to challenge a termination under paragraph (c) no later than\n20 calendar days afterthe date on which the contract was terminated.\n\n(e) If the District terminates the Agreement with Contractor under paragraph (c), the\nContractor may not be awarded a public contract for at least 1 year after the date on which\nthe Agreement was terminated.\n\n(f) The Contractor is liable for any additional costs incurred by the District as a result\nof the termination of a contract.\n\n5. The District is using federal funds for a portion or all of its payment obligation under this\nAgreement; the Contractor shall execute and deliver to the District, concurrent with its signature\non this Renewal, the documents attached as composite Exhibit A all of which shall be incorporated\ninto this Renewal by this reference: (a) Federal Regulatory Compliance Statement; (b)\nCertification Regarding Drug-Free Workplace Requirements; (c) Certification Regarding\nDebarment, Suspension, Ineligibilitiy and Voluntary Exclusion; and (d) Non-Collusion Affidavit.\n\n6. The District and Contractor represent and warrant to each other that each party has full\nright and authority to execute and perform its obligations under the Agreement as modified by\nthis Renewal, and each party and the person(s) signing this Renewal on each party\u2019s behalf\nrepresent and warrant to the other party that such person(s) are duly authorized to execute this\nRenewal on the respective party\u2019s behalf without further consent or approval by anyone.\n\n7 This Renewal is the entire agreement of the parties regarding modifications of the\nAgreement provided herein, supersedes all prior agreements and understandings regarding\nsuch subject matter, may be modified only by a writing executed by the party against whom the\nmodification is sought to be enforced, and shall bind and benefit the parties and their respective\nsuccessors, legal representatives and assigns. The\u00c4greement is ratified and confirmed in full\nforce and effect in accordance with its terms, as amended hereby. In the event of any conflict\nbetween the Agreement and this Renewal, the provisions of this Renewal shall control.\n\n8. This Renewal may be executed in one or more counterparts, each of which will be\n\ndeemed an original, but all such counterparts will together constitute but one and the same\ninstrument.\n\n[Signatures continued on next page]\n" "[Signature Page to First Renewal to Agreement between\nThe School Board of Duval County, Florida, and\nStep CG, LLC]\n\nIN WITNESS THEREOF, the parties have duly executed this Renewal effective onthe day and\nyear above written.\n(}\n\nTHE SCHOOL BOARD OF DUVAL COUNTY,\n\nDi Diana Greene,\nSuperintendent of Schools\nand Ex-Officio Secretary\nto the Board\n\nBy:_/signature notrequired peragenda item\n\nDarryl Willie, Chairman\n\nSTEPCG,LLC\n\nW\u0131ist\n\nName: Jim West\n\nType text here\n\nTitle; CFO\n\n" "EXHIBIT A\nFEDERAL REGULATORY COMPLIANCE STATEMENT\n\nThe purpose of this document isto assure complianceby the Contractor (defined as any individual\nor company who agrees to provide materials or services at a specified price) to those certain\nclauses, provisions and requirements as described by applicable Federal Regulations, which\napply to any resulting agreement between The School Board of Duval County, Florida (DCPS)\nand the Contractor. By signature, the individual executing this statement attests that he/she\npossesses authority to obligate the contracting firm and agrees to comply with all clauses,\nprovisions and requirements as described below throughout the term of the agreement.\n\n1. The Contractor agrees to allow reasonable access by DCPS, the Federal granting agency,\nthe Comptroller General of the United States or any of their duly authorized representatives to the\nContractor\u2019s books, documents, papers and records which are directly pertinent to the contract\nforthe purpose of making audit, examination, excerpts and transcriptions.\n\n2. The Contractor agrees to maintain all records related to this agreement for a period of\nthree years after the final payment forthe agreement and after all other matters are closed.\n3. The Contractor affirmsthat it is equal opportunity and affirmativeactionemployer and shall\n\ncomply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations including, but not limited\nto: Executive Order 11246 as amended by 11375 and 12086; 12138; 11625; 11758; 12073; the\nRehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended; the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act\nof 1975; Civil Rights Act of 1964; Equal Pay Act of 1963; Age Discrimination Act of 1967;\nImmigration Reform and Control Act of 1986; Public Law 95-507; the Americans with Disabilities\nAct; 41 CFR Part 60 and any additions or amendments thereto.\n\n4. The Contractor agrees to a provision for non-appropriations, whereby the contract will\nterminate if sufficient funds are not appropriated in any given fiscal year to allow DCPS to sustain\nthe cost (if applicable).\n\n5. The Contractor agrees to properly complete and submit to DCPS a federal debarment\ncertification form for each renewal year ofthe Contract, if renewals apply.\n\n6. The Contractor agrees to properly complete and submit to DCPSa non-collusion affidavit.\n7. The Contractor agrees to properly complete and submit to DCPS a federal drug free\nworkplace certification form.\n\n8. The Contractor agrees the DCPS may terminate the contract at any time for any reason.\nIf terminated for cause, the Contractor agrees the DCPS may seek remedies for damages, ff\napplicable.\n\n9. The Contractor agrees to comply with all applicable environmental standards, orders or\n\nrequirements.\n\nCONTRACTOR: Step CG, LLC, an Ohio liabilitiy company authorized to transact business in\nFlorida .\n\nPRINT NAME OF AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE: _YIm West\n\nSIGNATURE OF AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE: at\n\nTITLE: CFo\n\n"

1701 Prudential Drive Jacksonville, FL 32207Location

Address: 1701 Prudential Drive Jacksonville, FL 32207

Country : United StatesState : Florida

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