Y1DA--630A4-24-411 Renovate D2 Swing Space (VA-24-00028268) ST. ALBANS CAMPUS

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From: Federal Government(Federal)

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started - 29 Feb, 2024 (1 month ago)

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29 Feb, 2024 (1 month ago)
due - 05 Mar, 2024 (1 month ago)

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05 Mar, 2024 (1 month ago)
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Bid Notification



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SDVOSBC(Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Set-Aside (FAR 19.14))

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RFI Questions for Project # 630A4-24-411- Patient Renovate D2 Swing Space (St Albans). Page 2 of 4 Per RFI responses, Will the VA be providing change orders to the contractor if the existing plumbing system does not work, or should a non-functional plumbing system be incorporated into the contractor's price? VA will not be providing change orders if the existing plumbing system does not work. It is the Contractor s decision on how to price the work. The contractor had the opportunity to assess the conditions of the existing plumbing system during the pre-bid walkthrough. Per RFI 30, the split units are currently drained into a sink, which is not per code. Can the VA identify where an appropriate drain line is for the system to be tied into? The contractor is responsible for connecting to the closest drain line Per RFI 53, What type of repair is needed for the Terrazzo? Can epoxy be used or does new terrazzo need to be mixed and placed to match existing? Yes, the terrazzo floor can be
repaired using epoxy. Per RFI 58m, VCT is not terrazzo. The question being asked is whether or not there is ceramic tile replacement in this bathroom or if the bathroom actually has VCT as shown on the drawings provided? There is no ceramic tile replacement in this bathroom. The bathroom doesn t have VCT. The drawings were not updated. Per RFI 66, Upon walking the site, there is no consistency in the door hardware for the contractor to use the ward standard . Is there a specific manufacturer the VA would like us to use for all replacement hardware needed? Sargent Lever Set, 6-pin Single Plug LG Keyway Per RFI 21, 78, 82, and 89, RFI 21 outlines a total of 1600 SF of ACT to be replaced. The ceiling tiles are 2 x4 , meaning they are 8SF a piece, giving us a total of 100 ceiling tiles. RFI 78 says to use 75 ceiling tiles in that area, RFI 82 says to use five ceiling tiles, and RFI 89 says to use 25 ceiling tiles. This gives us over 100 ceiling tiles already and this only covers three areas of the ward. What is the total number of ACT to be replaced? There will be approximately 200 ceiling tiles to replace and/or install. The contractor is to provide unit prices for ACT, ceramic tiles, and VCT tiles. Per RFI 92 and 93, Where will the oxygen tank storage be located? It will be determined on-site. Per RFI 97, Will D1 be available for new plumbing rough-in if deemed necessary, or are there patients on the floor below? There are no patients on the floor below. D1 will be available for new plumbing rough-in if necessary. All work must be coordinated with VA staff. Per RFI 100, Only four outlets will be required. No changes to the phone or data lines will be needed. Include the work needed to install a new phone and data lines in the cost proposal for Nurse Station D-221. Approximately nine quad outlets and data and phone lines per 1 electrical outlet will be required. RFI # 3 For the Contractor to know if there is enough space to add AC and TV outlets, they would have to perform the work. Will there be a change order if the contractor has to add new runs to the breaker panel for the new AC window units? Also, RFI # 34, VA, states that the contractor will need to add lines as needed. Will there be a change order if the lines need to be added? The contractor won t be able to tell unless they check the wiring while working on it. There are adequate outlets within the rooms, and in many instances, they need to be relocated within the room to accommodate the requirements. RFI # 12 How does the connection work for Spectrum? If a cable box is needed for each TV, the VA would have to sign up to pay for each box monthly, A cable box is not needed for each TV. The contractor is to run the cable to the location where the new TV is to be mounted. Contractor to coordinate with Spectrum. RFI #18 How does the Contractor know how much of the existing ceiling needs to be demoed if they haven t started the project? Will there be another change order? The contractor had the opportunity to assess the conditions of the existing ceiling during the pre-bid walkthrough. RFI #20 States that the upgrade to the electrical system is not part of the scope, but RFI # 68 states ALL ELECTRICAL PANELS WILL NEED TO BE UPDATED! and RFI # 69 states that the maximum number of electrical panels to be replaced is 4. So, is the contractor upgrading the panels and nothing else? The scope includes an upgrade of 4 electrical panels. RFI # 24 The question with the Cleveland grid is that they mentioned that the contractor would have to modify the lights to fit in the grid. Do the new ceiling tiles fit in the old-style Cleveland grid, or will those have to be modified, too? The contractor will modify the existing Cleveland grid to fit the lights and new ceiling tiles. The work must be done aesthetically. RFI # 26 So, do the contractors have to contact Contracting to see if the bids must be emailed or sent by snail mail? It just states mailed As stated in the solicitation, both forms (mail and hand delivery ) and no email are accepted. RFI # 39 States that the contractor should purchase new doors if the existing doors can t be used. Is that another change order for the number of new doors to be ordered? Five new doors are needed. RFI # 49 How can the contractor verify that all the water supplies are working correctly, all the drains are there and functioning properly, along with the vent lines, without actually taking them apart and following them to make sure all everything is functioning in the walls and ceilings that we couldn t see in the walk thru? Will there be another change order? The contractor is responsible for making repairs and unclogging the lines. The contractor is not responsible for the entire new system. RFI # 54 States that New TVs will require new dedicated outlets, so all the TVs will be new, so all the TVs will need new dedicated outlets. The answer provided was not correct. There should be enough outlets within the rooms that could be relocated to accommodate new TVs RFI # 76 States the existing floor and wall tiles need to be patched, repaired, painted, or laminated as needed, so just to be clear, the new tile doesn t have to match, and the contractors are not going to demo all of the bathrooms, just patch? The contractor is to match the new tiles as closely as possible in the laundry room D-215. The floor tiles need to be patched. The contractor is responsible for selecting matching tiles. The final effect must be aesthetically pleasing. Per RFI 68 and 69, are the panels properly labeled currently? Will the electrician have to spend time testing and relabeling each breaker prior to replacing the panels? The contractor shall relabel the breakers in the existing panels. The contractor is responsible for updating the directory. Per RFI 26, Has the VA contracting department determined if the bid submission is electronic/by email, or must it be hand-delivered? As stated in the solicitation, both forms (mail and hand delivery ) no email - are accepted. THE END



Country : United StatesState : New YorkCity : New York

Office Address : 113 HOLLAND AVE ALBANY , NY 12208 USA

Country : United StatesState : New YorkCity : Albany

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