40lb Cratering Charge, Production and Supply_Market Survey

40lb Cratering Charge, Production and Supply_Market Survey(Expired)
From: Federal Government(Federal)
Bid Notification - 40lb Cratering Charge, Production and Supply_Market Survey

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Bid Notification
W52P1J-20-R-0027 - 40lb Cratering Charge, Production and Supply_Market Survey

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Bid Notification DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - 40lb Cratering Charge, Production and Supply_Market Survey

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Bid Notification ROCK ISLAND , IL 61299-5000 - 40lb Cratering Charge, Production and Supply_Market Survey


ROCK ISLAND , IL 61299-5000
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The United States (U.S.) Army Contracting Command-Rock Island (ACC-RI), on behalf of the Office of the Project Manager, Close Combat Systems (PM CCS), is issuing this Sources Sought Notice as a means of conducting market research to identify potential sources having an interest and industry technologies available for the production and supply of the 40 LB Cratering Charge, NSN 1375-01-378-9669, DODIC M039.  The 40 LB Cratering Charge is a watertight, cylindrical steel sheet metal container that is loaded with approximately 40 pounds of Comp H-6 explosive.  A semi-circular handle is affixed on the top of the container for handling the charge or lowering it into a hole.  The 40 LB Cratering Charge is packed in an M18A2 Propelling Charge metal container. Fifty (50) each M18A2 containers are loaded on each wooden pallet. The 40 LB Cratering Charge is a highly explosive demolition charge used in destroying buildings, fortifications and overturning bridge abutments.  To properly function underground, the Cratering Charge is dual-primed with two (2) M112 Demolition Charges which detonate the Comp H-6 explosive charge; in support of Contractor acceptance testing, the M112 Demolition Charge would be provided as Government-furnished material (GFM).  The Comp H-6 explosive has a relatively low detonating velocity, making it unsuitable for cutting and breaching operations.  The low velocity blast does produce a pushing or heaving effect, making it suitable for cratering and ditching operations. 

The 40 LB Cratering Charge is load, assembled and packed by the melt pouring of the H-6 explosive material into the cylindrical metal container.  The H-6 explosive material consists of Composition B, Type 1, Grade A, NSN 1376-00-628-3306, and Composition D-2, NSN 1376-00-628-3323; the aforementioned items shall be provided as GFM. The Aluminum Powder, NSN 6810-00-628-3382 (which is mixed as part of the melt pour process shall be Contractor-furnished material (CFM).  The primary metal parts (MPTS) for the 40 LB Cratering Charge are the cylindrical metal container, and the M18A2 Shipping Container (cylindrical) which shall be CFM.    
Respondents should be able to produce approximately 5,500 each per year under a five year, Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (ID/IQ) type contract. Additionally, satisfaction of first article requirements at the component and end-item levels would be required; a twenty (20) system ballistic test at the end-item level for first article, to be performed by the Contractor, would also be required.

A respondent to this survey should be able to show adequate technical and manufacturing capability along with good past performance in the explosives processing industry, specifically the melt pouring of explosive material.  A respondent to this Sources Sought Notice must exhibit a majority of the skills and facilities required to manufacture the 40 LB Cratering Charge.  Interested companies who have the necessary capabilities should respond by providing the following information: a brief summary of your company’s capabilities, description of facilities, business size information as it applies to NAICS code 332993, personnel, related manufacturing experience (similar items), estimated maximum monthly production quantities (and if manufacturing resources required to produce this item are shared with other items/production lines), and the minimum procurement quantity (MPQ) required for economical production. If a respondent chooses to utilize the services of sub-tier vendors or subcontractors, identify the potential manufacturer and place of performance, to include the subcontractor's address and Cage Code. If a respondent does not have adequate resources (technical, manufacturing, personnel, etc.) available, the respondent must be able to demonstrate its ability to obtain those resources, as well as the timeframe for obtaining.  If a respondent chooses to utilize the services of sub-tier vendors or subcontractors, those vendors or subcontractors must also meet these criteria.  All contractors interested in the potential future solicitation for this item must be registered in System for Award Management (SAM).    

Interested parties have fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of this publication to submit their information.  Any response to this market research should include your company's name, address, Cage Code, Point of Contact, phone number and an E-mail address.  Please submit to: US Army Contracting Command, Rock Island Contracting Center, ATTN: CCRI-AB, Ms. Karen Loss, Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, IL 61299-6000, email: karen.m.loss.civ@mail.mil.  

This is a Sources Sought Notice for planning purposes only and shall not be construed as a Request for Proposal (RFP) or as any other obligation on the part of the Government to acquire this item.  The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of any responses to this notice or otherwise pay for information solicited herein.  The Government will utilize the information provided only to assist in developing an acquisition strategy for future requirements for the 40 LB Cratering Charge.    All information submitted will be considered as being proprietary to the respondent and shall be afforded the appropriate FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY protections.


Product Service Code:-
NAICS Code:- 332993 - Ammunition (except Small Arms) Manufacturing
Primary point of contact:- Karen M. Loss  
Secondary point of contact:-


Bid Notification started - 14 Nov, 2019 (26 days ago) - 40lb Cratering Charge, Production and Supply_Market Survey

Start Date

14 Nov, 2019 (26 days ago)
Bid Notification due - 14 Nov, 2019 (26 days ago) - 40lb Cratering Charge, Production and Supply_Market Survey

Due Date

29 Nov, 2019 (11 days ago)

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