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started - 21 Sep, 2021 (about 2 years ago)

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21 Sep, 2021 (about 2 years ago)
due - 31 Dec, 2026 (in about 2 years)

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31 Dec, 2026 (in about 2 years)
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Bid Notification


Duval County Public Schools

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Duval County Public Schools
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Dr. Diana L. Greene, Superintendent of Schools EVERY SCHOOL. EVERY CLASSROOM. EVERY STUDENT. EVERY DAY. Duval County Public Schools www.duvalschools.org Purchasing Services PH: (904) 858-4848 1701 Prudential Drive, Suite 322 FAX: (904)858-4868 Jacksonville, FL 32207 Revised October 25, 2021 FBMC Benefits Management, Inc. Attn: Chief Regulatory Officer 3101 Sessions Road, Suite 200 Tallahassee, Florida 32303 RE: RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services On Tuesday, July 20, 2021, the School Board of Duval County Public Schools approved the award of RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services. The Board action authorized the contract for the period of October 1, 2021 through December 31, 2026. In accordance with Section 16 of the contract, Insurance Requirements, please forward an updated copy of your insurance certificate. If you have any questions about this renewal, please contact
Terrence Wright at (904) 858-4859. We look forward to a continued successful partnership. Terrence Wright, Director DCPS Purchasing Services cc Master Bid File a rd http://www.duvalschools.org/ AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE SCHOOL BOARD OF DUVAL COUNTY, FLORIDA, AND FBMC BENEFITS MANAGEMENT, INC, A FLORIDA CORPORATION The following constitutes a binding Agreement effective upon the last date of signature between FBMC Benefits Management, Inc., a Florida corporation (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) whose principal place of business is 3101 Sessions Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32303 and The School Board of Duval County, Florida, 1701 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32207, (hereinafter referred to as the District). WITNESSETH: WHEREAS, The District issued RFP No. 17-21/TW dated February 26, 2021 relating to the Districts solicitation of Employee Benefits Management Services (the Services) together with Addendum No. 1 dated March 19, 2021 (collectively, the RFP), a copy of which RFP is attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference as Exhibit A; WHEREAS, after free and open competition, Contractor submitted a proposal (attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference as Exhibit B), and was selected as the best responsive and responsible Contractor by the District (the Proposal); WHEREAS, as set forth in Rule 6A-1.012(12)(c), F.A.C., the District has determined it is in the Districts best interest to negotiate with Contractor on the best terms and conditions in lieu of the Districts resoliciting proposals, and the District therefore selected the Contractor to perform the Services; WHEREAS, the Contractor is interested in and capable of performing the desired Services for the District and the District desires to have the Contractor perform the Services; and WHEREAS, the parties have reached an agreement on the Services to be performed and the payment for the same, and the parties acknowledge that pursuant to Rule 6A-1.012(15), F.A.C., the parties were authorized to directly negotiate the Services because Contractor will serve as a third-party administrator and therefore wish to set forth this understanding in writing in this Agreement. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and conditions contained herein, the parties agree as follows: ARTICLE I SCOPE OF SERVICES 1.1 The Contractor shall fully and timely provide to the District the Services set forth in the RFP and this Agreement. The contract documents consist of this Agreement, the RFP (including the Addenda), and the Proposal. In the event of any conflict or ambiguity among these documents, the priority set forth in section 13.7.16 of the RFP shall be assigned. Page 1 of 4 ARTICLE II COMMENCEMENT AND RENEWAL 2.1 See section 2.5 of the RFP with the initial as of the effective date set forth above, and renewal terms. 2.2 The Services shall commence according to the schedule set forth in the RFP, if any, and unless the District notifies the Contractor otherwise in writing. ARTICLE II COMPENSATION 3.1 The compensation is as set forth in the RFP and the proposal. 3.2. The maximum obligated amount under this Agreement payable by the District is $0.00 as set forth in section 2.1 of the RFP. In no event shall the District be responsible to the Contractor for compensation in excess of the maximum obligated amounts stated in this Agreement except as increased by formal approved and executed supplemental agreement(s). ARTICLE IV TERMINATION This agreement may be terminated as set forth in the RFP. ARTICLE V COMMUNICATIONS; RECORDS; NOTICES 5.1 The parties agree that all communications relating to day to day activities shall be exchanged between respective representatives of the District and the Contractor, which representatives shall be designated by the parties, in writing, promptly upon commencement of the Services. 5.2 The Contractor shall provide records and information and fully cooperate (notwithstanding any Contractor claims of trade secrets, proprietary or confidential information) with the District as to all matters pertaining to all legal, audit, administration, and compliance requirements relating to the Services and the contract documents. 5.3. Until changed by written notice, all formal notices and communications shall be addressed as follows, and sent via certified mail (return receipt requested) or overnight delivery: If to the District: Duval County Public Schools Attn: Superintendent 1701 Prudential Drive Jacksonville, Florida 32207 With Copy to: Duval County Public Schools Page 2 of 4 Attn: Employee Benefits Director 1701 Prudential Drive Jacksonville, Florida 32207 Ifto the Contractor | FBMC Benefits Management, Inc. Attn: Chief Regulatory Officer 3101 Sessions Road, Suite 200 Tallahassee, Florida 32303 ARTICLE VI PERSONNEL 6.1 The Contractor represents and warrants that its performance of the Services shall be rendered with promptness and diligence and shall be executed in accordance with the practices and high professional standards used in a well-managed operation performing services similar to the Services. The Contractor represents and warrants it will use an adequate number of qualified individuals with suitable training, education, experience, and skill necessary to perform the Services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 6.2 The Contractor agrees and represents that all of the Services required hereunder shall be performed by the Contractor as identified in the Proposal. 6.3 All the personnel assigned by the Contractor and any subcontractor shall be authorized under state and local laws to perform such Services, whether by appropriate license, registration, certification or other authorization. ARTICLE VII MISCELLANEOUS 7.1 Failure by either party to insist upon strict performance of any of the provisions hereof or failure or delay by either party in exercising any rights or remedies provided herein or by laws, the Districts payment in whole or in part for services hereunder or any purported oral modification or rescission of this Agreement by an employee or agent of either party shall not release either party of any of its obligations hereunder, shall not be deemed a waiver of the rights of either party to insist upon strict performance hereof or of any of either partys rights or remedies under this Agreement or by law and shall not operate as a waiver of any of the provisions hereof. A waiver by either of the Parties of any of the covenants to be performed by the other or any breach thereof shall not be construed to be a waiver or any succeeding breach thereof or of any other covenant in this Agreement. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, all remedies provided for in this Agreement shall be cumulative and in addition to and not in lieu of any other remedies available to either party at law, in equity or otherwise. 7.2 The Article and Section headings are for reference and convenience only and shall not enter into interpretation hereof. Page 3 of 4 7.3 All of Contractors exceptions to the RFP set forth in its Proposal, if any, are stricken in their entirety and void except as may be specifically addressed in this Agreement. 74 This Agreement may be executed via email and in one or more counterparts, each of which will be deemed an original, but all such emails and counterparts will together constitute but one and the same instrument. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have duly executed this Agreement as of the date first above written. CONTRACTOR: FBMC Benefits Management, Inc. Execution Date: Sey 20 , COC Attest: ows bo Brew fh THE SCHOOL BOARD OF DUVAL COUNTY, FLORIDA By: r. Diana Greeiie; Superintendent of Schools and Ex-Officio Secretary to the Board Form Approved: By: Office of General Counsel Page 4 of 4 EXHIBIT A RFP No. 17-21/TW EXHIBIT B Contractors Proposal Purchasing Department 1701 Prudential Drive Jacksonville, FL 32207 PH (904) 858-4848 FAX (904) 858-4868 April 8, 2021 EMPLOYEE BENEFITS MANAGEMENT SERVICES RFP NO. 17-21/TW RECOMMENDATION FOR AWARD DATE OPENED: April 1, 2021 Any actual or prospective bidder, proposer or contractor who is aggrieved in connection with the intended award ofa contract may file a protest and shall deliver its written notice of protest to Assistant Superintendent, Operations, or designee (hereinafter Hearing Officer) immediately, but no later than two (2) working days after recommendation of award, if not to the apparent low bidder, which will initiate the 48-hour notice requirement. The written protest with documentation shall be delivered to the Hearing Officer no later than 2 p.m. on the fourth (4") calendar day immediately following the notice of intent to award recommendation as is appropriate. If that day is a School Board non-workday, the protest shall be delivered no later than 9 a.m. the next Duval County School Board (DCSB) work day. Protests shall be presented with specificity, and every issue shall be fully documented. SEE ATTACHED Employee Benefits Management Services RFP No. 17-21/TW EVALUATION COMMITTEE SUMMARY Ranking Proposer Available Points Points Attained 1 FBMC Benefits Management, Inc. 396 354.50 - Recommended Vendors aGG@ AG Page 1 of 10 RFP No. 17-21/TW Employee Benefits Management Services ADDENDUM NO. 1 ADDENDUM NO. 1 www.duvalschools.org/purchasing Issue Date: March 19, 2021 Phone: 904-858-4859 Buyer: Terrence Wright Bid Number: RFP No. 17-21/TW Bid Title: Employee Benefits Management Services Opening: Thursday, April 1, 2021, 2:00 p.m. (EDT). Bids received prior to this date and time will be opened in the Conference Room and may not be withdrawn for 120 days after opening. All bids received after the specified date and time will be returned unopened. The addendum shall serve to amend, replace and append information provided to potential respondents in the original RFQ package. To assist in the development of their responses, interested firms are encouraged to carefully review the information found in this addendum and on any additional enclosed documents. Purpose: 1. To answer questions received in accordance with this RFP. Questions and Answers FBMC 1. Question: If FBMC does not have a sufficient number of prior references in the specified time frame given by the client (i.e. in the past 5 years), may we use another current client? Answer: Other contracts can be submitted. 2. Question: Page 5 of RFP states that the new administrator will administer plans beginning 1/1/2021 - 12/31/2021. Is this correct? Answer: Yes. The current contract ends September 2021. All benefits are calendar year hence date range selected. The new TPA contract date will start October 2021. 3. Question: For Communications, language states printed material. Does this include guide books for all employees? Answer: Yes. Currently guides are electronic. However, in the event the District requires a guide booklet one should be provided. Retiree guides are printed and online. 4. Question: Call Center hours include Saturday, January - April. What is the intent of the requested call center request? Year round, OE only, or is the Saturday request an error? eile re http://www.duvalschools.org/purchasing http://www.duvalschools.org/purchasing Page 2 of 10 RFP No. 17-21/TW Employee Benefits Management Services ADDENDUM NO. 1 Answer: Call center hours should be Monday-Friday year round. However, during Open Enrollment, Saturday Call Center hours or upon the Districts request shall be available. 5. Question: Under Deduction Management, Letter J is omitted (last RFP this was the FSA information). What is the reason for the omission? Answer: Sequence of letters was a typo. Previous RFP requested FSA to be handled within the TPAs capabilities and not outsourced by vendor. Current RFP does not require TPA to handle FSA internally but allows for this to be outsourced to FSA vendor. WEX Health Inc., a WEX Company 6. Question: Is this RFP for administration of FSA, HSA, COBRA and Direct Bill or strictly for a Broker and consultant for these lines or business? Answer: Broker and administer along with benefits administration of other benefits as outlined in the RFP. 7. Question: Is the intent to have both an administrator and broker/consultant provide all services requested in the RFP or is the District willing to accept a proposal for FSA, HSA, COBRA and Direct Bill only (no broker/consulting services)? Answer: The intent is to have both. 8. Question: If the District is willing to accept proposals for FSA, HSA, COBRA and Direct Billing services only, is it the District's expectations that these services are provided at no cost to the District? Answer: TPA administration should be at no cost to the district. However, we understand ven- dors may charge an administration fee. For example, COBRA allows a 2% administration fee. 9. Question: Is an on-site representative required for an Administrator proposing administrative services for FSA, HSA, COBRA and Direct Billing only? Answer: Onsite representatives should be able to assist with any inquiry regarding benefits package. 2.1 District Objectives/Scope of Services states the following, "The District requires customized systems and services to meet its unique requirements for a comprehensive benefits program. Proposals which include non-customized systems, communications and administrative services will not meet the Districts unique requirements and will not be considered." 10. Question: Regarding the above mentioned section of the RFP, can you please elaborate on the specific customizations to a system and services required to meet The District's requirements? Answer: The District currently uses FTP server for data exchange into our enterprise system (SAP). Data exchange files needs to coincide with the Districts payroll cycle. Eligibility files from the District are sent to TPA 3-times weekly for benefits eligibility and termination. Page 3 of 10 RFP No. 17-21/TW Employee Benefits Management Services ADDENDUM NO. 1 11. Question: Regarding the above mentioned section of the RFP, can you please provide the District's preferred file format for the Administrator's payroll file, eligibility file and enrollment files? Answer: 834 FTP File. District Objectives/Scope of Services: 2.2.32-34 Account Management - 12. Question: Regarding the above mentioned section of the RFP, how are these monthly on-site meetings held as a result of COVID? Will virtual attendance to these monthly meetings be acceptable? Answer: The Account Manager shall be onsite and available for meetings onsite. The Account Manager shall follow the Districts hours of operation. Virtual meetings with employees, vendors and onsite staff may be held virtually or onsite. 13. Question: What is most important to the District in a long-term FSA, HSA, COBRA and Direct Billing partner? Answer: Accuracy and timely remittance of funding, enrollment and eligibility. 14. Question: Current FSA plan participation? Answer: 1,534 15. Question: Current HSA plan participation? Answer: 11 16. Question: Current Medical plan participation? Answer: 11,409 17. Question: Current number of retirees we would be billing for through Direct Billing services? Answer: 5,019 18. Question: Does the District utilize a ben admin/HRIS system to send enrollment/eligibility to their current vendor today? If so, please provide. Answer: No. Files are sent to TPS. 19. Question: Who is currently administering the clients FSA, HSA, COBRA and Direct Billing? Answer: PayFlex is currently handling FSA, HSA and COBRA. Direct Bill is currently handled by current TPA. 20. Question: Can you explain how the current FSA/HSA/COBRA/Direct Bill administration is going? Answer: Satisfactory. 1) Are there any current pain points we should be aware of? Answer: None 21. Question: Which carries is the District utilizing for Medical, Dental and Vision? Page 4 of 10 RFP No. 17-21/TW Employee Benefits Management Services ADDENDUM NO. 1 Answer: Florida Blue, Delta Dental, Davis Vision. 22. Question: Are you willing to share what the District is currently paying for FSA/HSA/COBRA/etc. administration? Answer: The employer contribution is for HSA. The District does not pay administrative fees. 23. Question: Amount of HSA assets in cash accounts for the client? Answer: $7,693.92 24. Question: Amount of HSA assets in investments for the client? Answer: Not Available 25. Question: Average HSA account balance? Answer: $769.36 26. Question: Is the District providing an employer contribution to the HSA? If so, what amount? Answer: Yes, 678.52 annually. 27. Question: Can you please share the District's average turnover? Answer: For School Year 2019/2020 we had a total of 1,605 employees leave out of Approximately 12,000 employees. 28. Question: What is your current account management service structure like and how is it working for the District? Answer: Current Account Management structure is 2 onsite representatives and a full service team at TPA headquarters. TPA services are provided according to previous sol- icitation for Benefits TPA. Business Solver 29. Question: Will Duval County Schools consider electronic signature and/or electronic only submission of the proposal in light of COVID-19 considerations? Further, are the submission instructions described in 4.2 an alternative to those described in 4.3. (i.e., a bidder can choose either method) or must the submission be completed as described in the 4.3 requirements? Answer: 4.2 states the time the proposals are to be delivered. 4.3 describes what needs to be delivered in the proposal package. Proposals are to be delivered as described in 4.2 and 4.3 of the RFP. 30. Question: Please confirm effective date of services (i.e., administration of plans beginning with 1/1/2021 - 12/31/2021 would be retroactive). Answer: October 2021 31. Question: Is Duval County Schools open to an alternative approach to carrier payment in lieu of receipt of actual payroll contributions at the individual level; unless specific to account Page 5 of 10 RFP No. 17-21/TW Employee Benefits Management Services ADDENDUM NO. 1 based plan administration (e.g., FSA). Answer: No 32. Question: Are you seeking FSA and HSA account administration services or plan enrollment support Answer: Enrollment support, however, TPA will need to hold funding and reconcile account for FSA/HSA after each payroll. 33. Question: Please validate inclusion of a Medical FSA for retirees and provide the applicable benefits guide/plan design. Note, later sections of the RFP exclude this plan for retirees which was expected. Answer: FSA for retiree is excluded. Plan design for retiree is located on https://dcps.fbmcbenefits.com/retiree/ 34. Question: Please confirm how exceptions of the services described in section 2.2 should be provided as well as exceptions or redlines to contract language and/or SLAs. Answer: COBRA and Retiree enrollments are currently handled via paper enrollment. 35. Question: Please confirm the services you would request be supported for employees and participants in the system 30 days prior to open enrollment? Answer: Confirmed. 36. Question: Is Duval County Schools open to receive best practice recommendations as it pertains to the implementation project plan? Answer: Yes, however information on RFP should be included with response. 37. Question: Is Duval County Schools open to an enhanced enrollment experience whereby enrollment forms are no longer utilized, including retiree and COBRA enrollments? Answer: Yes 38. Question: Is Duval County Schools open to alternative enrollment support that does not leverage onsite enrollers (e.g., online tools, phone support through service center, etc.)? Answer: Yes, however during Open Enrollment, we require onsite enrollers. 39. Question: Is Duval County Schools open to a self-service dependent verification process where employees provide required documentation online for verification? Answer: Yes 40. Question: Please describe the activities Duval County Schools is seeking related to the "adjudication" of changes in status. Answer: The adjudication process identifies any discrepancies the District may have with the TPA and vice versa, TPA with vendors. 41. Question: Please describe the call center support expected in the 15 days prior to open enroll- ment. https://dcps.fbmcbenefits.com/retiree/ Page 6 of 10 RFP No. 17-21/TW Employee Benefits Management Services ADDENDUM NO. 1 Answer: Normal call center hours prior to open enrollment and then extended hours during open enrollment that includes Saturday for a minimum of 4 hours. 42. Question: Please confirm the plans for which Non-Discrimination Testing support is requested. Answer: Medical, DFSA and MFSA. 43. Question: It is assumed that the incoming eligibility data exchange refers to the employee indicative and employment status data from the HRIS system. Please confirm this is accurate and also confirm the outgoing eligibility data the District expects to receive from the benefits administrator. Answer: Eligibility files are sent to the TPA 3 times a week and they include eligibility, term- ination, and retirement information. We would then receive enrollment files, discrepancy reports, voluntary benefit changes from the TPA on schedule with our payroll. 44. Question: Please confirm your expectations for the "enrollment" data exchange between the benefits administrator and the District. Later, it is requested that enrollment data be uploaded to the District's payroll system. Is the District open to the benefits administrator being the system of record for enrollment data and supplying only deduction information for the purposes of payroll support? Answer: The enrollment data is how our system calculates the per payroll deductions that are then pulled from the employees payroll. Our system cannot support the system of record for enrollment data. 1) If you are currently leveraging a benefits module in SAP, is the intention to discontinue as a part of this project? Answer: No 45. Question: Please confirm the only voluntary benefits are noted as a part of the payroll changes report incoming to the District. What are the expectations for other benefits administered (e.g., Medical)? Answer: Currently we receive a voluntary change file to update our system of any changes that the employees have made to all benefits to ensure the correct deductions are pulled from the payroll. 46. Question: Is the District open to alternative processes for the billing of employees on leave of absence (e.g. monthly)? Answer: Yes 47. Question: The District requests that the administrator process, reconcile, and "post" benefits on either monthly or per-pay period basis. Please clarify the requested support specific to "posting". Also, please confirm the need for varying schedules (e.g., Flex-dollar data monthly and voluntary benefit data per-pay period). Answer: Payments for benefits should be posted based on payrolls received by the TPA and should be posted to the carriers in a timely manner. Additionally, Flex dollars for LOA is billed to District. Page 7 of 10 RFP No. 17-21/TW Employee Benefits Management Services ADDENDUM NO. 1 48. Question: Please describe the incoming data to be supplied from FRS to the benefits admin- istrator as it related to FRS benefit checks. Answer: Retiree signs authorization for TPA to deduct from pension. TPA logs into FRS system and establishes payment for retiree. FRS sends payment to TPA. TPA sends pay- ment to vendor. 49. Question: Is the District open to virtual benefit fairs for the two requested Retiree Benefit Fairs? If no, please clarify expectations for fair hosting (e.g., at a district site, duration of fair, etc.). Answer: Fairs are held at either the District location or another central location within the District and normally are 2 days. Virtual is a possibility due to COVID-19, however, fair is held in person annually. 50. Question: Please confirm if the services expected beginning 10/1/2021 are specific to Annual Enrollment with ongoing services beginning 1/1/2022 or are the Districts expectations varied from this approach? Answer: Services will begin October 2021. 1) Is the district open to best practice recommendations related to the requested implementation time frame? Answer: Yes. 51. Question: The project plan requested is seeking details through the end of the initial Plan Year; please confirm what details the District is seeking as we would anticipate initial implementation activities would be completed prior to this time. Answer: Implementation should provide a timeline of how the TPA will take over account services currently provided. 52. Question: When does DCPS plan to return answers to written questions? Answer: March 19, 2021 53. Question: Several questions reference requirements outlined in section 1.4; however, there doesn't appear to be a section 1.4 within the RFP. Please advise where customer service levels, account management reports, etc. are outlined. Answer: References to 1.4 is an error. This information is in section 2.0: District Objectives/ Scope of Services 54. Question: What is the current premium (and commission, if available) by every product line? Answer: Premium is located at https://dcps.fbmcbenefits.com/#benefits commissions are proprietary information. 55. Question: Please provide samples or examples of employee-facing communication materials Answer: https://dcps.fbmcbenefits.com/#benefits 56. Question: Would DCPS consider moving to a digital communications strategy? https://dcps.fbmcbenefits.com/#benefits https://dcps.fbmcbenefits.com/#benefits Page 8 of 10 RFP No. 17-21/TW Employee Benefits Management Services ADDENDUM NO. 1 Answer: Yes, however some communication needs to be delivered to schools and mailed to employee. 57. Question: Would DCPS consider moving carriers for certain benefits? Answer: This is reviewed annually. 58. Question: What products would DCPS be willing or not willing for a selected vendor to broker? Answer: It depends on a competitive solicitation process. TPA should assist the District on plan design and shall conduct an RFP for benefits package with the exception of medical. 59. Question: Is DCPS open to best practices around dependent verification, onsite enrollers, communications, etc.? Answer: Yes 60. Question: What are your current call volumes, what date range is your highest call volume, and what are the common call dispositions? Answer: During Open Enrollment call volume increases. 1,300 calls were received during 2020. Open Enrollment period. Most calls received are LOA and Retiree. 61. Question: What is the current carrier payment approval process requirements, requirements for accessing DCPS' account, and the auditing process for fund transfers? Answer: All funds are wired to the TPA who then processes the funds to the carriers. The wire is verified by the TPA and any discrepancies are handled after each payroll. 62. Question: Is the retiree population an open or closed population (e.g., grandfathered retirees only, eligibility frozen however actives previously meeting criteria who will retire in the future, ongoing employees are eligible to newly qualify for retiree benefits). Answer: Open. Retirees can elect dental/vision, however medical is only grandfathered and once terminated member is unable to enroll back on the plan. 63. Question: Is support requested for the determination of retirement eligibility? If yes, describe the data elements that will be provided via the HRIS file in support of this calculation. Further, please provide a sample calculation (e.g., age + years of service, no rounding). Answer: No, retirement eligibility is based on the employee and when they decide to retire. This information is keyed in our system and then sent to the TPA. 64. Question: Please describe the benefits offered to retirees, including any variables by population or age (i.e., 65, >65). Answer: Information is located on website https://dcps.fbmcbenefits.com/retiree/ 65. Question: Please confirm the number of retirees for each eligibility group (e.g., pre- 65, post-65, life insurance eligible only, etc.) Answer: Dental 2936, Medial 601, Vision 1846, Hearing 44, ID Theft 100, IT support 26, Pet https://dcps.fbmcbenefits.com/retiree/ Page 9 of 10 RFP No. 17-21/TW Employee Benefits Management Services ADDENDUM NO. 1 RX 6. 66. Question: Do you offer subsidy for the purposes of Retiree Contributions? If yes, is the subsidy included in the rates that will be provided to the benefits administrator or is calculation support requested (e.g., application of subsidy based on membership in specific employment status, subsidy cap applies, etc.) Answer: Only grandfathered Retirees under the Incentive Medical Plan receive an incentive for medical only until the age of 65. This benefit is no longer offered to majority of employ- ees. Employer contribution is credited to the annual premium. Retiree pays the difference. Employer credit is $7,581.68. Rates for medical are located at https://dcps.fbmcbenefits.com/retiree/ . 67. Question: If medical is offered to post-65/Medicare enrolled individuals are any plans Medicare Advantage plans? If yes, are paper forms leveraged for the enrollment/disenrollment process or is the CMS electronic enrollment mechanism utilized? Answer: Over 65 retirees are offered with United Healthcare. The District has a partnership with FSRBSC. This benefit is administered by FSRBC, however the District is open in considering all retirement offering that includes Medicare. 68. Question: Is post-65/Medicare enrolled Rx Commercial or EGWP? Do you file for Retiree Drug Subsidy? Answer: EGWP. This is handled by the Districts partnership with FSRBC. However, since the TPA includes retirement administration this may include administration of Medicare enrollments/programs. 69. Question: Please describe your process for determining Medicare Enrollment (e.g., assumed based on age, notification from carrier/individual due to disability, VDSA, other). Answer: This is handled by the TPA and the employee based on Medicare eligibility. This is handled by FSRBC. 70. Question: How do retirees pay for benefits (Direct Bill, Pension Payroll, choice)? Answer: The retirees have the option of being direct bill or have the deductions pulled from the FRS Pension. 71. Question: Please describe how the process occurs today for employees "giving" their Flex Dollars to a spouse also employment by DCPS. Answer: When enrolled as the giving spouse our system does not apply the flex dollars to their payroll and when the receiving or paying spouse is enrolled the credit is applied to their payroll. 72. Question: Please describe how the following is currently enforced: If you decide to pay for your benefits from your post-tax pay, you may not use your $250 Flex Dollars to pay for post-tax benefits. Answer: The Flex dollars are included into the employees payroll and increase their take home pay. These funds are not sent to the TPA. However, the LOA the TPA provides a credit toward benefit billed amount. TPA invoices the District for Flex credit. https://dcps.fbmcbenefits.com/retiree/ Page 10 of 10 RFP No. 17-21/TW Employee Benefits Management Services ADDENDUM NO. 1 73. Question: Please describe process expectations for how excess Flex Dollar amounts will be communicated to DCPS for inclusion in employee pay checks. Answer: Flex dollars are applied to the employees payroll automatically and are not sent to the TPA. Additionally, this is communicated during the new hire orientation. 74. Question: How many total employees do you have? How many employees are eligible for benefits? Answer: 12,451 of which 11,396 are eligible for benefits. 75. Question: How many part-time employees do you have? Are these employees eligible for benefits? Answer: The District has 1055 part-time employees that are not eligible for benefits. 76. Question: What is your COBRA population? Answer: Approximately 17 77. Question: How many FEINs do you have? Answer: The District has one tax ID number. 78. Question: How many 1095's were reported last year? Answer: 14,247 79. Question: How many calls did your service center take during 2020? How many were taken during your annual enrollment? Any additional call statistics you can provide? Answer: 1300 calls during Open Enrollment and 4000 calls annually. 80. Question: How many participants are in your HSA and FSA? Answer: We have 11 employees currently enrolled in HSA accounts and 1534 enrolled in FSA accounts. RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) RFP NO. 17-21/TW Employee Benefits Management Services RFP Release Date: February 26, 2021 Deadline for Written Questions: March 16, 2021, 4:00 p.m. (EDT) Proposals Opened: April 1, 2021, 2:00 p.m. (EDT) Committee Evaluation: April 8, 2021 Presentations: April 22, 2021 (if deemed necessary) Board Award: June 2021 DUVAL COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS Purchasing Services Department 1701 Prudential Drive Jacksonville, Florida 32207 eile re Page 1 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services ATTACHMENT A Duval County Public Schools www.duvalschools.org 1701 Prudential Drive PHONE: (904) 390-2000 Jacksonville, FL 32207-3235 TDD: (904) 390-2898 Purchasing Services PH: (904) 858-4848 1701 Prudential Drive FAX: (904 858-4868 Jacksonville, FL 32207-3235 Request for Proposals (RFP) Required Response Form EMPLOYEE BENEFITS MANAGEMENT SERVICES RFP No. 17-21/TW This response must be submitted to Duval County Public Schools, Purchasing Services, 1701 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32207, no later than 2:00 p.m. EDT on April 1, 2021 and plainly marked RFP No. 17-21/TW. Responses are due and will be opened at this time. Responses received after 2:00 p.m. EDT on the date due will not be considered. Anti-Collusion Statement / Public Domain I, the undersigned vendor have not divulged, discussed, or compared this proposal with any other vendors and have not colluded with any other vendor in the preparation of this proposal in order to gain an unfair advantage in the award of this proposal. I acknowledge that all information contained herein is part of the public domain as defined in the Public Records Act, Chapter 119, F.S. Proposal Certification I hereby certify that I am submitting the following information as my company's response and understand that by virtue of executing and returning with this response this REQUIRED RESPONSE FORM, I further certify full, complete, and unconditional acceptance of the contents of all pages, inclusive of this Request for Proposal, and all appendices/attachments and the contents of any Addendum released hereto. VENDOR (firm name): STREET ADDRESS: CITY & STATE: PRINT NAME OF AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE SIGNATURE OF AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE: TITLE DATE: CONTACT PERSON: CONTACT PERSON'S ADDRESS: TELEPHONE: FAX: TOLL FREE: INTERNET E-MAIL ADDRESS: INTERNET URL: VENDOR TAXPAYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: NOTE: Entries must be completed in ink or typewritten. An original manual signature is required. eile re http://www.duvalschools.org/ Page 2 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services ITEMS TO BE RETURNED WITH PROPOSAL: 1. Required Response Form Attachment A Page 1 of 39 (signature required) 2. Office of Economic Opportunity Proposed Schedule of Participation Attachment B Note: In accordance with section 4.3, please submit proposal as follows: 1. One (1) manually signed original 2. Two (2) photocopies of original 3. Five (5) USB Flash Drives in .pdf format Proposals to be delivered to: 1701 Prudential Drive Suite 322 Jacksonville, Florida 32207 Page 3 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services DUVAL COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS RFP: EMPLOYEE BENETITS MANAGEMENT SERVICES RFP No. 17-21/TW INDEX 1.0 Introduction 2.0 District Objectives/Scope of Services 3.0 Ex Parte Communication 4.0 Preparation and Submission Requirements 5.0 Familiarity With District and Additional Information 6.0 Time Schedule 7.0 Districts Rights and Reservations 8.0 Proposal Format and Evaluation Criteria 9.0 Proposal Evaluation Process 10.0 Personnel 11.0 Cancellation of Award/Termination 12.0 Default 13.0 Legal Requirements 14.0 Federal and State Tax 15.0 Conflict of Interest 16.0 Insurance Requirements 17.0 Indemnification/Hold Harmless Agreement 18.0 Public Records Law 19.0 Permits and Licenses 20.0 Public Entity Crimes 21.0 Assignment of Contract and/or Payment 22.0 Agreement 23.0 Dispute 24.0 Disclaimer 25.0 Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) Encouragement Page 4 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services ATTACHMENTS: A. Required Response Form Page 1 of 39 B. Office of Economic Opportunity Proposed Schedule of Participation Attachment B EXHIBITS: 1. Evaluation Worksheet 2. Composite Federal Forms Page 5 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services DUVAL COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS RFP: EMPLOYEE BENETITS MANAGEMENT SERVICES RFP No. 17-21/TW 1.0 INTRODUCTION: 1.1 Purpose: The purpose and intent of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to seek proposals from interested, available, and qualified firms to provide a full array of employee benefits management services. An agreement will then be entered for the selected firm (Contractor) to provide the described services for Duval County Public Schools (DCPS or the District). 1.2 General Information about District Schools: The District and its governing board were created pursuant to Section 4, Article IX of the Constitution of the State of Florida. The District is an independent taxing and reporting entity managed, controlled, operated, administered, and supervised by the Districts school officials. The Board consists of seven elected officials responsible for the adoption of policies, which govern the operation of the District. The Superintendent of Schools is responsible for the administration and management of the schools within the applicable parameters of state and federal laws and regulations, State Board of Education Rules, and School Board policies. The Superintendent is also specifically delegated the responsibility of maintaining a uniform system of records and accounts in the District. The District is coterminous with Duval County, which covers 850 square miles and operates 170 facilities, including administrative areas, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and specialized schools. The District serves approximately 128,000 students (the student population changes annually). At 99 elementary schools, 3 grades K-6 schools, 2 grades K-8 schools, 24 middle schools, 2 grades 6-12 schools, 19 high schools, 6 exceptional student centers, 1 virtual school, 7 alternative schools, 33 charter schools, and additional administrative facilities. DCPS is the nation's 21st largest school district. DCPS currently employs approximately 11,550 fulltime employees. During the 2020- 2021 school year, the District had more than 127,165 enrolled K-12 students. The District benefit plans currently utilize a Plan Year which runs from 1/1 12/31 This RFP is issued to select an Administrator that will provide all services necessary to communicate, enroll and administer the plans beginning with the 1/01/2021-12/31/2021 Plan Year. Currently, one Administrator provides all services which are the subject of this solicitation. At the present time the District provides each employee with $250 annual Flex Basic Dollars to help pay for their benefits. The flex dollars are automatically used to offset medical premiums for those employees that select a medical plan with dependent coverage or to reduce the required medical employee premium, if any. For all other employees, they can use the flex dollars as an offset to premiums for all other pre-tax benefits with the exception of the Group Life insurance. Any unused flex dollars are automatically placed in the employees paycheck as income. Additional, specific information concerning the available benefits and enrollment schedules and procedures for active and retired employees is available for review on the Districts web site at: https://dcps.fbmcbenefits.com/#welcome Proposers are encouraged to thoroughly review the information contained therein in order to become Page 6 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services familiar with the District and its operations. The administration of this Contract is a function of the Districts Human Resource Services Department. All post-award communications shall be directed to Director, Employee Benefits. For more information about the District, please visit www.duvalschools.org on the internet. 2.0 DISTRICT OBJECTIVES/SCOPE OF SERVICES: 2.1 District Objectives/Scope of Services: The District is seeking a qualified firm to serve as its employee benefits Section 125 and voluntary benefits Administrator, broker and consultant. The Administrator, in its role, will provide services to the District to ensure comprehensive and cost effective benefits are provided to DCPS employees and DCPS retirees. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO RESPONDENTS: Any contract for services resulting from this solicitation shall be at no cost to the District. The contracted Administrator may receive a commission or fee with respect to the pre- and post-tax benefits offered within the Flexible Benefits Plan (i.e. enrollment fee for Medical Provider(s)). Neither the existence nor amount of such commissions will be a part of the Contract resulting from this RFP nor shall the existence thereof affect either partys obligations to the other under the terms thereof. The District shall have no obligation to the Administrator with respect to the payment of such commissions. It shall be understood the District does not guarantee any enrollment minimum or participant level. The District requires customized systems and services to meet its unique requirements for a comprehensive benefits program. Proposals which include non-customized systems, communications and administrative services will not meet the Districts unique requirements and will not be considered. District employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis (20 or 24 benefit deductions) through one payroll center. Payroll data is currently provided to the Administrator on a per-pay-period basis, in the Districts preferred format using the Administrators File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site. Payroll funds are wired to the Administrator on a per-pay-period basis. The Administrator conducts a full reconciliation for each payroll deduction and posts the deductions to the employee accounts for the appropriate benefits (excluding group term life insurance and group medical). The Administrator remits reconciled premiums and data to the applicable vendors. The annual Open Enrollment process for eligible employees takes place during the last week of September and is approximately 30 days in duration. The Open Enrollment is web-based and includes all applicable benefits offered through the flexible benefits plan and the voluntary benefits. New hire and Changes In Status web enrollment are also required by this Contract. In conjunction with the Open Enrollment, on-site Enrollment Counselors meet personally with those employees that register to meet with a Counselor utilizing a web-based appointment scheduler. Evening, Saturday, and virtual appointments are also available. The Enrollment Counselors verify the eligibility of dependents that are listed by employees on their core and flexible benefits elections. Employees on a Leave of Absence are eligible to continue their benefits through re-enrollment during the annual Open Enrollment. They are eligible to add or decrease existing levels of coverage during the enrollment. They are also encouraged to see an Enrollment Counselor during Open Enrollment. The District offers Medical and Dependent Flexible Spending Accounts. The FSA program has a 90 day run-out period for claims submissions but does not include a grace-period. A debit card is provided to all Medical FSA participants. A Health Savings Account (HSA) is available for those employees that enroll in the High Deductible Health http://www.duvalschools.org/ Page 7 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services Plan. A debit card is issued to each HSA participant who enrolls. Approximately 5,019 retirees have continued one or more eligible benefits through their Florida Retirement System (FRS) pension benefit (premiums deducted are managed by and sent to the Administrator by FRS), ACH or Direct Bill. Those employees that do not have an FRS benefit sufficient to fund these benefits pay their premiums directly to the Administrator. There are approximately 81 Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) participants that have continued their coverage following a Qualifying Event. The District has 170 facilities. Duval County Public Schools, Florida currently maintains the following benefit plans: Active Employees Flexible Benefits Plan (Section 125): Medical, Dental, Vision, Flexible Spending Accounts (Medical and Dependent Care FSAs), Flex Basic Dollars (employer-provided, $250 annually), Group Life Insurance/AD&D, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Cancer and Health Savings Accounts. Voluntary Benefits: Critical Illness (individual and group), Hospital Indemnity, Universal Life, Whole Life, Long-Term Care Retired Employees Medical, Basic Life, Medical FSA, Dental, Vision, HIP, Cancer, Hearing etc. COBRA Continuants: Medical, Dental, Vision, Group Critical Illness, Medical Flexible Spending Accounts The Administrator provides brokerage services for the following benefits: Dental, Vision, Hospital Indemnity, Critical Illness, Short and Long Term Disability, Long-Term Care, Whole Life and Universal Life. The Administrator evaluates and monitors the capabilities of each included vendor and negotiates renewal rates. Upon the request of the District, the Administrator issues competitive solicitations for benefit renewals at appropriate intervals, and makes recommendations to the District based upon its evaluation of the responses. 2.2 The Services: The Administrator shall provide the following services for the programs (collectively, the Services): Implementation 01. Upon contract award, the selected Administrator shall immediately begin implementation activities for all programs. 02. The Administrator shall provide the District with a copy of its preliminary Project Plan within 1 week of the award date. The Districts benefits representatives will utilize this document during ongoing discussions held with the Administrator following contract award. The Administrator and District team shall modify this document as necessary as a result of the ongoing regular meetings held during the implementation phase. 03. The Administrator shall establish and test data exchange processes for data exchanges to be conducted with the District. Final testing of all data exchange processes to be conducted and signed off with the District must be complete not later than 90 days prior to the Open Enrollment start date or initial payroll deduction date whichever comes first. Final testing of data exchanges with the insurance providers must be completed and signed off no later than 30 days prior to the initial data exchange date as determined by the District, Administrator and insurance providers. Page 8 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services 04. The Administrators website and employee benefits web enrollment portal shall be fully tested and available for employee and participant access for use 30 days prior to Open Enrollment or as determined by the District. The District will be provided testing and approval access to the website no later than 30 days prior to the date it will become available to employees and participants. 05. The Administrator shall upload existing Retiree and COBRA participant data to the Administrators system. The data shall be tested and approved by DCPS no later than 30 days prior to the Open Enrollment period for each program. Communications and Enrollment 06. The Administrator shall prepare and ship, for District review, approval and distribution, comprehensive communications materials for all included benefits. All materials produced shall be reviewed and approved by the District prior to printing and shipping to the District. Materials shall be printed and also provided in PDF format for employee access through the Administrators and Districts website. Materials shipped will be sent to multiple District worksites within fourteen (14) calendar days of final approval by the District. The materials produced and distributed shall include: a. Enrollment flyers, booklets for retirees and benefit staff, website for active, retiree, and cobra for all benefits. b. Pre-enrollment communications to employees to provide information to employees about the web or on-site enrollment dates and procedures. c. Enrollment forms (forms will be multi-purpose: new enrollment: new hire, dependent changes, change in Status, Leave of Absence, Beneficiary Changes, retiree enrollment), that shall be delivered to the Employee Benefits Department or otherwise as directed by the District. 07. The Administrator shall conduct a web enrollment for all included benefits, with the exception of Retiree and COBRA programs, which currently utilize a paper-based enrollment process. The web enrollment will be available for Open Enrollment, new hire enrollment and Change In Status year-round. If and when required by the District, the selected Administrator shall offer web enroll- ment for retiree and COBRA program participants. 08. The Administrator shall provide a sufficient number of on-site Enrollment Counselors to be able to meet with all employees during the Open Enrollment. Enrollment Counselors shall be benefits educators, and shall not use high pressure tactics nor steer enrollees towards any benefits selections. The Enrollment Counselors shall not be affiliated with or be the employees of any insurance providers. Enrollment Counselors compensation shall not be commission-based. These Counselors will be available to answer employee questions about the available benefits during the annual Open Enrollment period. They will assist employees with their enrollment in the web enrollment system if requested by the employee. 09. During Open Enrollment, the Counselors shall verify the eligibility of Dependents listed by employ- ees for all core and flexible benefits. Employees will be required to provide proof of eligibility of all listed dependents. 10. The Administrator shall provide two on-site Representatives (full-time employees of the selected Administrator) who are trained and knowledgeable regarding the Districts plan to provide any needed assistance or support for the entire scope of services as herein described, including the enrollment process. Both positions shall be staffed during the Districts work calendar. For any absence longer than ten (10) consecutive business days by either Representative, the Administrator shall provide a qualified substitute for the duration of the absence of the Representative. Page 9 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services 11. The enrollment materials produced must be customized to detail the specific coverage of each Plan and contain summaries for each of the included benefits. Insurance providers and the District will review and approve the enrollment materials prior to finalization (insurance providers must review and approve benefits descriptions that are prepared by the Administrator and District). The District Benefit Staff will approve the final version of the materials before printing or adding to websites. Separate enrollment booklets and forms are required for the Flexible Benefits/Voluntary Benefits, COBRA, and Retiree benefits. 12. The Administrator shall make available electronic confirmations for employees to print immediately and email confirmation capabilities following the end of their web enrollment session. The Admin- istrator shall mail confirmation notices to employees that enroll using paper election forms, if any, during the Open Enrollment or for new hires and Changes in Status. 13. The Administrator shall send debit cards and a Cardholder agreement, including activation information, to Medical FSA participant home addresses. Card activation shall be available on-line or through toll-free phone call. 14. The Administrator shall adjudicate Changes in Status and notify the District of any necessary payroll changes. 15. The Administrator shall provide a toll-free Call Center which shall be available for live calls from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (eastern time) Monday through Friday and not less than 4 hours on Saturdays during Open Enrollment. English and Spanish-speaking Customer Service Representatives will be available during these hours. 16. The Call Center shall be open and available for employee and participant calls no later than 15 days prior to the initial Open Enrollment period and will remain open and accessible thereafter as described above. All incoming telephone calls shall be recorded and be accessible to authorized District benefits staff upon request. Recorded calls shall be archived for not less than one (1) year. 17. All calls shall be answered within the following acceptable range: 80% of calls within 45 seconds; Call abandonment rate shall be no more than 5% at all times. 18. The Administrator shall provide toll-free dedicated telephone line for employees. 19. Customer Service Representatives will have access to client-specific benefits details and access to participant data which includes deductions, benefits, and other participant-specific data which will be needed to resolve not less than 90% of incoming calls without the need to return the call to the participant. 20. The purpose and resolution of each incoming call will be entered into the participants master data record. This information should be accessible to other Administrator staff outside the Call Center to facilitate the resolution of customer issues. Monthly reports shall be provided to the District which categorize and summarize all incoming calls from District employees during the specified time period. 21. The Administrators website shall include the ability for customers to send e-mails to dedicated Call Center employees that respond to customer e-mails. Responses to e-mails shall be provided within a 24-hour period. The website shall be available 99% of the time, excluding scheduled downtime for site maintenance. 22. The Administrator shall provide a dispute resolution process that is designed to document events and information, distribute to appropriate staff, and resolve customer issues expeditiously. 23. The Administrator shall provide participant data via the Administrators website which can be accessed by participants and the District 24/7. It must provide access to participant information Page 10 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services concerning benefit elections and deductions (contributions and premiums). Web access to participant information must also be available for COBRA and Retiree participants. Consulting and Brokerage 24. The Administrator shall monitor and assess provider company capabilities, experience, and financial soundness. The Administrator will notify the District of information affecting the providers ability to fulfill obligations under this Contract or incurring a negative change in their financial rating. Recommendations on appropriate action will accompany the information. 25. Upon District direction and approval, the Administrator shall secure premium quotations by direct negotiation and obtain contracts with the vendors. The Administrator shall act as the agent for the District and shall secure and review master contracts/agreements with the providers and maintain copies of all such documents. 26. Upon District direction and approval, the Administrator shall provide brokerage services for the Dental, Vision, Hospital Indemnity, Critical Illness, Short and Long Term Disability, Long-Term Care, Whole Life, Universal Life, and any additional products the District deems necessary . 27. The Administrator shall provide full disclosure of all commission arrangements to the District. NOTE: All consulting and brokerage services provided by the Administrator shall be non- binding upon the District until and unless a written Contract is executed by an authorized representative of the vendor and by the Districts Superintendent or designee. Compliance 28. The Administrator shall provide updated Plan Documents as required by regulatory and/or plan changes. 29. The Administrator shall assure compliance with applicable regulations for all plans, and provide quarterly written updates concerning the status of pending or recently passed regulations. The Administrator shall provide time-sensitive communications to the District concerning important changes to any applicable regulations. 30. The Administrator shall conduct Non-Discrimination Testing for the required plans within three (3) months of the beginning of each plan year, or more frequently, as required by regulations. 31. The Administrator shall provide guidance/procedures for HIPAA Compliance on areas covered by the Contract. Account Management, Data Exchanges and Data Management 32. The Administrator shall provide a dedicated onsite Account Manager with at least ten (10) years of employee benefit and enrollment experience who will be the primary day-to-day contact with respect to the operation and management of the plans and who will assist in the resolution of customer and client issues. 33. The Account Manager shall be available as required by the District for on-site meetings. It is the expectation that meetings will take place monthly on the first business day of the month, unless cancelled by the District with a minimum of three (3) days advanced notice to the Administrator. 34. The Administrator shall provide two (2) on-site representatives (this includes the onsite dedicated Account Manager in the District benefits office) to perform at least the following functions: account management; address customer and client issues; facilitate and coordinate activities with the Administrators corporate office; assist with enrollment and claims issues; assist with the orientation and enrollment of new hires; and facilitate the processing of Changes of Status. Page 11 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services 35. The Administrator shall provide the District with a program review (on-site) before the end of the first quarter of each plan year, during which the Administrator reviews the results for the most recent Plan Year and discusses and recommends potential changes to the plans. 36. The Administrator shall provide the District with a comprehensive reports package, including the following: FSA forfeitures (annual), stale-dated checks (annual), Payback reports (for Cards), Dependent Care data for W-2 reporting (annual), Customer Service Call Activity report (monthly), Payroll Discrepancies (per pay period), FSA reimbursement summary (monthly), Summary Plan Activity (monthly), Quarterly review of regulatory activities, Benefits alerts (time-sensitive), Bank reconciliation (monthly), Utilization reports from insurance providers (semi-annual), Non- Discrimination testing (annual), Changes in Status (quarterly), Appeals report (quarterly), Customer Satisfaction Survey with an overall satisfaction rate of ninety percent (90%) or higher (annual, client-specific), Beneficiary Report (annual), Add/Drop Dependent Report, Medical Stats Report, Dental Stats Report, Ad Hoc Reports as agreed. 37. Data exchanges with the District shall include eligibility (incoming and outgoing), enrollment, payroll (incoming to Administrator), payroll changes (incoming to District for applicable voluntary benefits), and Non-Discrimination testing data. Data exchanges with the District shall be in the Districts preferred format and frequency. The Administrators FTP site shall be used for data exchanges. 38. Data exchanges with the insurance providers shall include eligibility and remittance data for applicable flexible and voluntary benefits, COBRA and Retiree benefits. Medical plan data files exclude remittance information. 39. All District data shall be Backed-up on a daily basis and data shall be stored in a safe, climate- controlled environment off-site. 40. Disaster Recovery facilities shall be provided off-site in the event of a disaster which impacts data system and Call Center functionality. 41. All data exchanges shall be conducted in a secure manner with the District and insurance providers. 42. Full compliance with all HIPAA mandates and secure District employee/customer data shall be maintained. Accounting 43. The Administrator shall maintain a bank account, in the Districts Employer Identification Number (EIN), for the deposit and/or remittance of premiums to insurance providers for employees in the flexible and voluntary benefits and the COBRA and Retiree programs. These funds are also to be used for the payment of Medical and Dependent FSAs, payment of bank fees or charges and the return of forfeitures, if any, to the employer. 44. The Administrator shall remit premiums to applicable insurance providers on a timely basis as agreed upon by the District and the insurance providers. 45. The Administrator shall remit health insurance premiums for COBRA and Retiree benefits to the District via wire. 46. The Administrator shall conduct bank account reconciliations on a monthly basis. Deduction Management Services 47. The Administrator shall conduct a full reconciliation of contribution and premium deduction data on a per-pay-period basis. The Administrator shall be responsible for researching and resolving payroll Page 12 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services discrepancies and shall contact the District for assistance if a discrepancy cannot be resolved after exhaustive efforts. 48. The Administrator shall process, reconcile, and post data and payments for employees on leave of absence when such data and payment is included with the per-pay-period data and funds. 49. The Administrator shall create one-time leave billings on a bi-weekly basis for employees on leave of absence that are no longer remitting premiums via payroll. The Administrator shall create and mail monthly late payment notices for employees on leave that do not remit their premium payments timely. 50. The Administrator shall provide deduction change data to the District for any required voluntary benefits payroll changes. 51. The Administrator shall provide remittance data to applicable provider companies in provider company formats. 52. The Administrator shall process, reconcile, and post employer-paid benefits including Employer contributions to the Medical Flexible Spending Account, if any, and flex-dollar data on a monthly basis. 53. The Administrator shall process, reconcile, and post employer-paid flexible and voluntary benefit data on a per-pay-period basis. Flexible Spending Account Administration 54. The Administrator shall administer or solicit a vendor to create, maintain, and publish all required forms, brochures, and booklets for access by participants through a website which is available 24/7 55. The Administrator shall issue claims reimbursements on a daily basis via its debit card (for Medical FSA only), direct deposits, and checks. Not less than 80% of reimbursements are to be issued within five (5) business-days of the date the claim is received. 56. The Administrator shall accept claims submissions via Card transactions at the point-of-service, via toll-free fax, online, phone web application or U.S. mail. 57. The Administrator shall scan and index all incoming claims for distribution to the claims processors. Customer Service Representatives shall have access to all customer claims immediately following the imaging process. 58. The Administrators debit card transactions shall have a minimum of 85% auto-substantiation at the point-of-service to minimize the submission of substantiating documents by card participants 59. The Administrators account activity statements shall be available for participants on-line and mailed or e-mailed (upon District approval) to participants not less than monthly. 60. The Administrator shall process claims during the 90-day run-out period following the end of the Plan Year. COBRA and Retirement Benefits It shall be understood and agreed that the following services shall be provided in accordance with applicable federal regulations and Florida Statute 112. In the event of legislative changes affecting the provision of these services, the Administrator agrees the balance of the contract will remain in full force and effect and the legislative changes will be implemented. 61. The Administrator or vendor shall provide comprehensive COBRA services for the Health, Dental, Vision, Medical FSA. Required COBRA services, in addition to those listed within other service Page 13 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services categories above, will include: a. Send Qualifying Event notices and election forms to COBRA-eligible employees within 14 days of receipt of notice of a Qualifying Event. b. Maintain proof of mailing notices and election forms. c. Process election forms d. Send coupon booklets upon receipt of election to continue benefits. e. Provide COBRA participants the option to pay premiums on-line or via ACH. f. Provide initial notification to carriers of new elections to continue coverage. g. Provide ongoing eligibility information to carriers. h. Monitor the timely receipt of elections and contributions. i. Collect, reconcile, and post premiums to participant accounts. j. Provide participants with notices of termination. k. Provide participants with End of Eligibility Notices l. Appeals processing (level 1) m. Provide participants with HIPAA certificates of creditable coverage, if applicable n. Provide participants with conversion notices (if applicable) o. Provide participants with coverage change notification. p. Provide participants with grace period notices. q. Provide participants with Open Enrollment notices, materials, and forms. r. Send eligibility reports via EDI. 62. The Administrator shall provide comprehensive Retiree services for the Health, Dental, Vision, Group Life, and Prescription benefits. Services will include: a. Send a Continuation of Benefits notice and election form to eligible retirees within 14 days of receipt of notice of retirement. b. Maintain proof of mailing notices and election forms. c. Process election forms d. Send coupon booklets upon receipt of election to continue benefits. e. Provide retirees the option to pay premiums on-line or via ACH if FRS retirement check is insufficient to cover deductions. See item r. below. f. Provide initial notification to carriers of new elections to continue coverage. g. Provide ongoing eligibility information to carriers. h. Monitor the timely receipt of elections and contributions. i. Collect, reconcile, and post premiums to participant accounts. j. Provide participants with notices of termination. k. Provide participants with End of Eligibility Notices l. Appeals processing. m. Provide participants with HIPAA certificates of creditable coverage, if applicable. n. Provide participants with conversion notices (if applicable). o. Provide participants with coverage change notification. p. Provide participants with grace period notices. Page 14 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services q. Provide participants with Open Enrollment notices, materials, and forms (Note: see Communications and Enrollment for additional information) r. Process applicable premiums from Retirees to deduct applicable premiums from their Florida Retirement System (FRS) benefit checks. Exchange data (incoming and outgoing) with FRS to assure deductions are accurate and timely. s. Sponsor and host a Retiree Benefits Fair two (2) times per plan year, at times acceptable to the District, to educate and inform Retirees with regard to benefits changes and to answer questions they may have. 2.3 Implied Services: If any services, functions or responsibilities not specifically described in this RFP are necessary for the proper performance and provision of the Services, they shall be deemed to be implied by and included within the scope of the Services to the same extent and in the same manner as if specifically described herein. This section includes, but is not limited to, any additional expenses to be incurred by the Contractor in relation to the Services (an example includes expenses incurred by the Contractor if any state or federal agency requires any external review such as quality control of the Contractors Services conducted for the District). 2.4 Service Level Requirements: By the submittal of a proposal, each firm acknowledges and agrees to abide by the service level requirements as set forth in this document. 2.5 Contract Term: The District shall select an Administrator to provide the Services for the District commencing from October 1, 2021 through December 31, 2026. The Contract may thereafter be renewed for five (5) additional one (1) year periods, on the same terms and conditions, at the sole discretion of the District. It shall be understood and agreed upon that, in the event the District plan year is modified, the effective dates of any contract resulting from this RFP shall be altered to coincide with the plan year. 3.0 EX PARTE COMMUNICATION: Ex parte communication, whether verbal or written, by any potential Respondent or representative of any potential Respondent to this RFP with District personnel involved with or related to the RFP, other than as designated in this document, is strictly prohibited. Violation of this restriction may result in the rejection/disqualification of the Respondents proposal. Ex parte communication, whether verbal or written, by any potential Respondent or representative of any potential Respondent to this RFP with Board members is also prohibited and will result in the disqualification of the Respondent. Notwithstanding the foregoing, communications are permissible by this Section when such communications with a prospective Respondent are necessary for, and solely related to, the ordinary course of business concerning the Districts existing contract(s) for the materials or services addressed in this RFP (but in no event shall any existing vendor intending to submit a proposal initiate communications to any member(s) of the School Board of Duval County, Florida; it being understood such communication initiated by a vendor under these circumstances would not be in the ordinary course of business). 4.0 PREPARATION AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: 4.1 Proposals not conforming to the instructions provided herein will be subject to disqualification at the sole option of the District. Page 15 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services 4.2 All proposals must be received no later than 2:00 p.m. (EDT), on April 1, 2021 Official time for the purpose of RFP opening will be calibrated using: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/results.html?query=jacksonville. If a proposal is transmitted by US Mail or other delivery medium, the Proposers(s) will be responsible for its timely delivery to Purchasing Services, 1701 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville FL 32207. Any proposal received after the stated time and date or at other location will not be considered. 4.3 One manually signed original, two (2) photocopies of original, and six (6) copies on USB Flash Drive. (6 USB Flash Drives to be submitted) of the complete proposal must be sealed and clearly labeled "REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: Employee Benefits Management Services" on the outside of the package. The legal name, address, Proposers' contact person, and telephone number must also be clearly annotated on the outside of the package. The manually signed original shall be marked as ORIGINAL. Once accepted, all original proposals and any copies of proposals become the sole property of the District and may be retained by the District or disposed of in any manner the District deems appropriate. All proposals must be signed by an officer or employee having authority to legally bind the Proposers(s). Any corrections of unit prices must be by line-outs of the original prices with correct amounts typed or written in and initialed by the originator. Corrections made using correction fluid (white out) or any other method of correction are unacceptable. NOTE: It is the sole responsibility of each respondent to assure all proposal copies are EXACT duplicates of the original proposal. USB Flash Drives will be utilized by the Evaluation Committee for the purpose of evaluation of proposals. Any information contained in the original proposal which has not been transferred to the USB Flash Drive or photocopies will NOT be considered. The original document will be used solely for official record keeping purposes. 4.4 Potential Proposers shall not contact, by written or verbal communication, any District employee for information regarding this RFP other than as expressly permitted by this RFP. Additions, deletions or modifications to information contained in the RFP document will be presented to all potential Proposers by means of a written addendum, if necessary. No verbal or written information which is obtained other than by information in this document or by addendum to this RFP will be binding on the District. Any questions or requests for clarification regarding this RFP shall be submitted to Terrence Wright, Purchasing Services in writing via e-mail at wrightt@duvalschools.org. The deadline for such questions or requests will be 4:00 p.m., EDT on Tuesday, March 16th , unless otherwise extended in writing by the District. Questions or requests for clarification received after the deadline will NOT be addressed. Note that Proposers are requested to submit questions regarding this RFP for the Districts clarification via issued Addenda, instead of Proposers taking exceptions to any terms or conditions of this RFP within the submitted proposal. 4.5 Any proposal may be withdrawn prior to the date and time the proposals are due. Any proposal not withdrawn will constitute an irrevocable offer, for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days, to provide the District ample time to award the Contract for the services specified in the proposal and this RFP. Concurrent with the delivery of the Proposers proposal, the Proposer shall also irrevocably deliver a completed and properly signed Attachment A. Upon completion of the award process and within three (3) business days of the School Boards completion of the award process at its duly called meeting the required insurance certificate must be delivered. (see Section 16.0 of this RFP). https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.timeanddate.com_worldclock_results.html-3Fquery-3Djacksonville&d=DQMFAg&c=euGZstcaTDllvimEN8b7jXrwqOf-v5A_CdpgnVfiiMM&r=LK24Vt5YsbyRjurOMAuQ5yAEinvr8oN7T9yeMkZrCMo&m=speK1URP25MrTnirmFMtOJA7tppGm628odAFJvXaHxQ&s=KkoIsemYwyfhpbBk-p1An1l32uTVF5XzYeORB7hQldQ&e= mailto:wrightt@duvalschools.org Page 16 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services 5.0 FAMILIARITY WITH DISTRICT AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Proposers should become familiar with any local conditions which may, in any manner, affect the services required. The Proposers(s) is/are required to carefully examine the RFP terms and to become thoroughly familiar with any and all conditions and requirements that may in any manner affect the work to be performed under the Contract. No additional allowance will be made due to lack of knowledge of these conditions. Submission of a proposal shall constitute acknowledgement by the Proposers that it is familiar with all conditions. The failure to familiarize itself with the sites shall in no way relieve him or her from any obligations with respect to the proposal. 6.0 TIME SCHEDULE: The District will attempt to adhere to the following time schedule: Friday, February 26, 2021, RFP Release Tuesday, March 16, 2021, at 4:00 p.m. (EDT) Deadline for Questions Thursday, April 1, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. (EDT) Proposal Opening Thursday, April 8, 2021, Committee Evaluation Thursday, April 22, 2021, Presentations (if deemed necessary) June 2021 Board Award Inquiries regarding the status of a proposal must not be made prior to the posting of award recommendation. The District reserves the right to schedule Mandatory pre-proposal conference(s) as necessary to encourage competition and serve to advance the best interests of the District. 7.0 DISTRICTS RIGHTS AND RESERVATIONS: A. The District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals. B. The District reserves the right to waive any irregularities and technicalities and may at its sole discretion request clarification or other information to evaluate any or all proposals. C. The District reserves the right, before awarding the Contract, to require Proposers(s) to submit additional evidence of qualifications or any other information the District may deem necessary. D. The District reserves the right, prior to its Board approval, to cancel the RFP or portions thereof, without liability to any Proposers or the District. E. The District reserves the right to: (1) accept the proposals of any or all of the items it deems, at its sole discretion, to be in the best interest of the District; and (2) the District reserves the right to reject any and/or all items proposed. F. The District reserves the right to further negotiate any proposal, including price, with the highest rated Proposer. If an agreement cannot be reached with the highest rated Proposer, the District reserves the right to discontinue negotiations and to negotiate and recommend award to the next highest ranked Proposer or subsequent Proposer(s) until an agreement is reached. G. The District reserves the right to require presentations/interviews with the highest ranked respondents. If presentations/interviews are deemed necessary, the District will notify the affected respondents by email not later than seven business days prior to their respective scheduled presentation/interview. Page 17 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services 8.0 PROPOSAL FORMAT AND EVALUATION CRITERIA: 8.1 Minimum Eligibility Requirements: In order to be considered for evaluation, the Proposers shall demonstrate sufficient capacity, resources and experience to provide complete professional employee benefit services as required by the District Any Proposer that fails to meet all of the following minimum criteria shall be noted as non-responsive and their proposal will not be evaluated/scored. Proposers shall provide the following information/documentation in a distinct section of their submittal which addresses ONLY the minimum eligibility requirements. A. The firm shall, at a minimum, have at least five (5) years of experience in the communication, enrollment, administration, monitoring and reporting of compliance for flexible benefits/Section 125, voluntary benefits and Retiree and COBRA plans. Such experience shall also include the provision of brokerage services for flexible and voluntary benefits, negotiation of renewal rates with insurance providers and issuing and evaluating RFPs for flexible and voluntary benefits. Proposers should include the length of experience and the number of eligible employees and participating employees in each of the benefits listed above. B. The firm shall have undergone a SAS-70 or SSAE-16 audit review within the past three (3) years and provide a copy of same. C. The firm shall show proof of experience providing the required administrative services to other clients of similar or greater size with multiple worksites and payroll frequencies. Such experience shall include the following: 1) A minimum of two (2) employer groups administered by the Proposer with 7,500 or more FSA cafeteria participants, for which the Proposer brokers and administers voluntary benefits. Additionally, one of the two employer groups must have 50% or more of its participants on a 10 or 11 month work schedule (i.e. public education). 2) At least one (1) employer group of 7,500 or more employees for which the Proposer provides web enrollment services for numerous pre-tax and voluntary benefits. D. The firm shall provide a copy of its current State of Florida licensure as a Third Party Administrator with its proposal. E. Submit together with its proposal a copy of the ACORD form(s) showing the required insurance coverages and amounts are currently in place. Alternatively, Proposers may submit, together with their proposal, a letter on company letterhead stating they will comply with all insurance requirements, if awarded the contract (see Section 16.0). The statement letter shall stand alone it shall not address any other topic nor be incorporated into another letter (such as an introductory letter). Additionally, Proposers shall: 1) Submit all required information set forth in Section 8.2 below 2) Concurrent with the delivery of the Proposers proposal, the Proposer shall also irrevocably deliver a completed and properly signed Attachment A (Required Response Form) and a completed and properly signed Attachment B (Office of Economic Opportunity Proposed Schedule of Participation Form). Upon completion of the award process and within three (3) business days, the successful Proposer shall cause the Page 18 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services delivery of the required insurance certificate (see Section 16.0 of this RFP). NOTE: The items required in Section 8.1 shall be clearly identified and documented in the proposal. Failure to provide all required information and/or submittals as described in this Section may render the respondents proposal ineligible for consideration. 8.2 PROPOSAL FORMAT AND EVALUATION CRITERIA: In order to maintain comparability and enhance the review process, it is required that proposals be organized in the manner specified below. Include all information in your proposal. Proposers are encouraged to provide tab separations for each item. Proposals received which do not contain ALL items listed in this section may be considered non-responsive. A. REQUIRED RESPONSE FORM (Attachment A): Submit with all required information completed and all signatures as specified. No points are assigned to this required item. B. OFFICE OF ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY PROPOSED SCHEDULE OF PARTICIPATION FORM (ATTACHMENT B): Submit with all required information completed and all signatures as specified. No points are assigned to this required item. C. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE OF THE FIRM AND STAFF: (8 points) Provide responsive information to each of the following: Provide an overview of your companys services to clients and describe how long it has been in business generally, as well as in the State of Florida. Provide a brief history of your firm. Please also fully describe your organizations experience in providing each of the key services required (separately detailed). Provide your organizations experience in providing similar services to clients similar to DCPS. Provide the names and contact information for up to three (3) prior client references as well as up to three (3) current client references, similar to DCPS in size/demographics/industry for which you provide or have provided services similar to those requested in this solicitation. Include the client name, address, contact persons name/title, e-mail and phone number. Also include, for each reference, the number of eligible employees and number of participating employees for each benefit administered. Specify for each whether brokerage services are also provided. Include details sufficient to verify that the services provided include a substantial portion of the services required in this solicitation. For prior references, state the circumstances under which the contracts ended. For how many clients do you currently provide the services required in this solicitation? Indicate the total number of participants in the following categories: Service Clients Participants Participants in Florida Cafeteria Plan FSA COBRA Retiree Voluntary Benefits Page 19 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services Is your company a wholly owned subsidiary or a division of another company? If yes, please identify the company including name and location. Does your companys operation include offshore resources? If so, please describe the extent and responsibility of those resources. Provide an organizational chart that identifies the key operating departments within your company. Provide a functional organizational chart that identifies the structure and key personnel that will be involved in providing the services in this RFP. Include any subcontractors you intend to use and show their physical location and reporting relationships to your firm. Also identify the scope of services they will perform. Provide resumes for each of the key management team members of your company that will have a role in the services provided to the District and specify their exact roles and responsibilities in execution of the contract. D. IMPLEMENTATION OF SERVICES: (10 points) Provide a narrative summary of your anticipated implementation process including tasks, responsibilities and interdependencies. The project plan shall begin with the date of contract award and extend through the end of the initial Plan Year. Approximate dates and responsible parties shall be included for each key task listed. Will the District have a dedicated implementation team? If so, identify the key team members and their titles. Briefly explain the experience this team has in the implementation of similar services for other clients. If your firm is selected as the Administrator, describe the transition services that will be required during the implementation phase for the Flexible125 Plan, Voluntary Benefits, COBRA, Retiree benefits and debit card services. Describe how your company will provide all implementation, data exchange and data management services included in Section 1.4. E. BROKERAGE AND CONSULTING SERVICES: (10 points) Important: This RFP does not include the selection or replacement of flexible or voluntary benefits providers. At the Districts direction, the Administrator will issue separate RFPs for any product other than group medical and group term life insurance. Describe your firms experience in evaluating, monitoring and recommending insurance benefits to your clients. Describe the process used to screen and select insurance products for your clients. What are your criteria? Provide a chart that lists the benefits providers you would recommend for each benefit. Include the financial rating for each provider. Describe your companys experience with the recommended insurance providers and list several clients that utilize these or similar benefits from the recommended insurance providers. Ensure that at least one of your client references utilizes your brokerage and/or consulting services. Identify, by insurance provider and benefit, any participation requirements and whether the coverage would be guaranteed issue, etc. Describe how your firm will work with the District concerning the provider selection and Page 20 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services renewal process, and the identification of new benefits offerings for consideration by the District. F. COMMUNICATIONS AND ENROLLMENT: (15 points) Describe and provide samples of the communications materials (booklets, forms, brochures, Website) that will be provided, as required, for the Flexible 125 Plan, Voluntary Benefits, COBRA and Retiree programs. Disclose whether your firm will develop all communications materials or if a subcontractor will be utilized for this service. Describe how the communications materials will be developed and how the District and insurance providers will be included in the development and review process, including Flex to spouse option. Describe the web enrollment system that will be provided to enroll the Districts employees for Open Enrollment, new hires and Change in Status. Provide sample screen shots. Does your firm have other clients that currently utilize this system? If so, ensure that at least one of your client references utilizes your communications and web enrollment services. Provide a listing of all reports available to Employee Benefits staff to run as needed and ad hoc capabilities available. Describe how your company will ensure the web enrollment system will be capable of enrolling all of the District Flex and Voluntary benefits. Verify that the system will be customized to meet the Districts specific needs. Disclose whether your firm will develop and manage the web enrollment system or if a subcontractor will be utilized for this service. Describe how the web enrollment system will accommodate the Districts Flex Basic Dollars options, as described in the Flexible Benefits Plan Reference Guide on the Districts website. Provide a summary of the services that will be provided by the Enrollment Counselors during the annual Open Enrollment period. Include details concerning the number of Counselors, how they will be trained prior to enrollment and monitored during the enrollment, whether they are salaried or commissioned and whether they are employees of your firm, employees of a sub-contractor or independent contractors. Will any of the Enrollment Counselors be bi-lingual? Acknowledge that the Enrollment Counselors will be properly licensed as required by the Department of Insurance. Confirm that your firm will not sell or promote other products and services to District employees without prior written approval. Confirm that the Enrollment Counselors will educate employees about the available benefits and that they will not try to influence employees to select any particular flexible or voluntary benefit. Describe how your firm intends to perform dependent verification services during the annual Open Enrollment. Verify that employees can print confirmation statements when they have completed the online enrollment process. Provide a sample confirmation statement. Describe how and when your firm will upload enrollment data to the District payroll system Page 21 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services for timely initiation or modification of payroll deduction. Provide a listing of all edit reports available for identifying gaps in eligibility or enrollment. G. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT, DATA EXCHANGES AND DATA MANAGEMENT: (15 points) Provide the name of the individual that will function as the Account Manager on a day-to-day basis. Describe the support staff. Describe the steps your firm will take to ensure District staff can get resolution to problems in a timely manner. Describe and provide samples of the account management reports that will be provided to the District, as identified in Section 1.4. Describe your firms specific experience with a SAP System specifically in Employee Benefits Administration. Describe your firms data exchange protocol including HIPAA compliance and meeting pre- scheduled deadlines. Describe your firms data back-up schedule and storage plan. Describe your firms data exchange categories and timeframes with an existing client similar in scope to DCPS. Describe the information that would be available to DCPS staff for viewing purposes. Describe the available running reports. Describe the safeguards in place to ensure exchanges adhere to a pre-determined schedule. Describe the methodology, timing and the role the District will have in the design and approval of the questionnaire included in the customer satisfaction survey. H. CALL CENTER AND WEBSITE SERVICES: (6 points) Provide the location, geographic regions covered, hours and days of operation and the size of the Call Center. What hours are the telephone lines staffed by customer service representatives? Describe how your firm will attain and adhere to the customer service levels as required in Section 1.4. Describe the services your Call Center will provide during the Open Enrollment and for the duration of the Plan Year. Describe the access your customer service representatives will have to employee benefits records (enrollment, deductions, claims, etc.) Describe the training program provided to customer service representatives (new hires and ongoing training). What reference tools will customer service representatives use to ensure they are providing accurate information to District employees? Acknowledge that your firm will accept e-mail inquiries from participants. Describe the telephone system and all associated technologies utilized in your Call Center. Describe the documentation your firm maintains on incoming calls. Describe the call monitoring system used by your firm. Describe your firms plans for open enrollment and other peak periods. Describe your firms call tracking and resolution procedures. Page 22 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services Provide samples of any call center reports that will be provided to the District. Describe, and provide screen shots of, the customer website that will be provided for employee access to their benefits information. Provide details and a listing of all services, information and forms available to employees through your website. Separately address Flexible and Voluntary benefits web features (including FSAs) and COBRA and Retiree website services. Describe how your firm protects the confidentiality of employee data held in its Call Center and websites. I. DEDUCTION MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTING SERVICES: (15 points) Provide details on the number and qualifications of employees your firm will assign to reconcile and post pre-tax and post-tax payroll contribution data, and to reconcile, post and remit premiums and remittance data to insurance providers. Include approximate timeframes for each step. Be specific as to the data that will be expected from or will be provided to the District, frequency and whether it is incoming or outgoing. Provide the same information for any data exchanges that will be necessary with the insurance providers. Provide separate details for the Flexible and Voluntary benefits and the COBRA and Retiree benefits. Provide details concerning the reconciliation your firm will conduct on the data and funds provided by the District for all programs. Describe the banking and funding arrangements your firm will require to perform each of the services included in the RFP including the FSA debit card. Provide a sample of a system-generated deduction reconciliation report that identifies deduction discrepancies on a per-pay-period basis. Describe the methods and procedures your firm will utilize to service employees on an unpaid Leave of Absence. K. COMPLIANCE SERVICES: (10 points) Identify each of the compliance services that your firm will provide to the District, including the timing and any requirements of the District. Provide samples of any compliance publications or communications your firm will prepare in order to ensure the District will remain compliant with pending or enacted regulations which affect the benefits administered by the Proposer. Has your firm ever provided compliance or administrative services which resulted in one of your clients being fined or penalized by the IRS or other regulatory agencies? If so, provide descriptive information. L. COBRA AND RETIREE SERVICES: (10 points) Describe fully how your firm will transition the existing COBRA and Retiree employees to your administrative platform. Include details concerning the timing and content of any necessary communications and the timing of any data uploads needed from the current Administrator. Describe the administrative platform the Proposer utilizes for these benefits continuation services. Include details on any access to the system that will be afforded the District benefits staff and the continuants, including the methods of access to the information. Provide samples of screen shots of the system to be used, and a listing of its functionalities. Does your administrative platform provide automated date-tracking capabilities to ensure that your staff provides services in accordance with current COBRA regulations and their Page 23 of 39 RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services a

1701 Prudential Drive Jacksonville, FL 32207Location

Address: 1701 Prudential Drive Jacksonville, FL 32207

Country : United StatesState : Florida

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