U.S. Department of Agriculture Seeks to Lease Office and Related Space in Breaux Bridge, LA

expired opportunity(Expired)
From: Federal Government(Federal)

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started - 01 Aug, 2022 (14 months ago)

Start Date

01 Aug, 2022 (14 months ago)
due - 30 Aug, 2022 (13 months ago)

Due Date

30 Aug, 2022 (13 months ago)
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Pre-Bid Notification



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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) seeks to lease the following space: State: Louisiana City: Breaux Bridge Delineated Area: City Limits of Breaux Bridge Minimum Sq. Ft. (ABOA): 3,640 ABOA Maximum Sq. Ft. (ABOA): 3,822 ABOA Maximum Sq. Ft. (RSF): 4,368 RSF Space Type: Office Reserved Parking Spaces (Total): 3 Reserved Parking Spaces (Gated): 0 Non-Reserved Parking Spaces (Total): 0 Full Term: 10 Firm Term: 3 Additional Requirements: For NRCS: 3,500 sq feet wareyard and 120 sq ft exterior storage Action: Choose whether or not a fully serviced lease is required. Also choose 100 year floodplain unless requirement is identified by agency as a critical action. Offered space must meet Government requirements for fire safety, accessibility, seismic, and sustainability standards per the terms of the Lease. A fully serviced lease is required. Offered space shall not be in the 100-year flood
plain.************************************************************************************************ action required: use this section for pre-solicitation NOTICE/ADVERTISEMENTS seeking expression of interest. DO not use for rlp procurement summary. Action required: for pre-solicitation NOTICES/ADVERTISEMENTS seeking expressions of interest, insert the following language only for potential sole source succeeding lease actions. Delete for procurement summary page. do not use for full and open procurements. note that any figures used for a cost benefit analysis (CBA) must be supportable. Consideration of “non-productive agency downtime” in a CBA should be rare. Hidden and Deleted by Macro Expressions of Interest Due: 8/30/2022 Market Survey or Building Tour (Estimated): 9/15/2022 Occupancy (Estimated): 9/1/2023 Note: Entities not currently registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) at SAM.gov, are advised to start the registration process as soon as possible if intending to submit an offer for possible lease award. Expressions of Interest shall include the following: 1. If existing building, building name and address, and location of the available space within the Building, along with building site/ lot plans, interior layout drawings/pictures (with dimensions shown) reflecting the Space that is being offered. 2. If new construction, site/aerial plans or building site/lot plans showing the location of the proposal land, along with the parcel number (if part of multiple parcels, all parcel numbers associated with the proposed land). Adjacent streets showing proposed ingress/egress shall be shown on the plans. 3. Rentable square feet (RSF) and ANSI/BOMA office area (ABOA) square feet to be offered. 4. Date of space availability. 5. If offeror is not the owner of the building, an authorization letter signed by owner to represent owner for property will be required. * 6. Amount of/type of parking available on-site. 7. Photos of the space or site being submitted, or permission for Market Survey participants to photograph the space or site. 9. For existing buildings, provide information on condition of building systems, roof, foundation, and current floor plan. Alternatively, provide a copy of a recent commercial building inspection or appraisal. * As mentioned in #5 above, any submission received without written authorization to represent owner(s) will not be considered until such time the documentation has been received. In cases where an agent is representing multiple entities, written acknowledgement/permission from each entity to represent multiple interest parties for the same submission must be submitted prior to the Expressions of Interest due date.

WASHINGTON, DC, 20250, USALocation

Address: WASHINGTON, DC, 20250, USA

Country : United StatesState : District of Columbia

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