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Bid Notification started - 15 Dec, 2017 (20 months ago) - Ultrasound Services - 18-30085

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15 Dec, 2017 (20 months ago)
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17 Jan, 2018 (19 months ago)
Bid Notification - Ultrasound Services - 18-30085

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0000007902 - Ultrasound Services - 18-30085

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Bid Notification State Hospital Patton - Ultrasound Services - 18-30085

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State Hospital Patton
Bid Notification Sacramento, California - Ultrasound Services - 18-30085


Sacramento, California
From: California(State)
Contractor shall provide ultrasound imaging services for DSH patients when referred directly by a DSH staff physician. 1. Contractor shall provide all necessary materials, supplies, tools, equipment, transportation, licenses, permits, insurance and personnel to provide the DSH with ultrasound imaging services on an as-needed basis. Contractor shall assist the medical staff at DSH in providing the highest quality of medical care reasonable and consistent with available resources; and to assure that appropriate clinical evaluations and documentation meet the requirements and standards set forth by Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations regarding community care licensing, the Joint Commission, and the Department of Justice.


Country : United States

State : California