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started - 11 Aug, 2022 (13 months ago)

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11 Aug, 2022 (13 months ago)
due - 31 Aug, 2022 (13 months ago)

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31 Aug, 2022 (13 months ago)
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Parks Department
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15. 16. 17. 18. 19. D. Description of a fee structure, including the rates that you propose to charge to users; A timeline for the implementation of the project; Describe the technology platform and user interface, including integration with smartphones and similar devices; The capacity of the proposer to develop, implement and maintain the proposed use; and The proposers past experience in developing, implementing, and/or maintaining a program with a similar scope and impact. For each example, if possible, provide information on the size of the system (number of bikes, number of stations, etc.), the usage of the system (percentage of bikes in use primary purpose of use, etc.) and references. Bicycles, Stations and Rental Rates The rental bicycles must be maintained in good working order. The proposer must adopt an evaluation and maintenance schedule that would reduce the risk of renting potentially unsafe vehicles. Bicycle Minimum Requirements: 7. 8. All necessary safety features
including front and rear reflectors and/or lights; Chain guards; Bells; Kickstands; Adjustable seats; Secure locking mechanism; and Theft, tamper, weather, and graffiti resistant. Bicycle Preferred Options (Non-mandatory): The Town prefers, but does not require, that bicycles provided by the proposer include the following items: 1. 2. 3. 4, Utilization of a smartphone or similar device for bike access; Baskets; Self-generating lights; Fenders; 5. Ability to leverage current bicycle rack infrastructure; 6. Ability to lock bike outside designated stations for holding (pausing) and finishing rental; and 7. Integrated lock on bicycle which has the ability to lock to any standardized bicycle infrastructure. Station Minimum Requirements: 1. All stations will be sited by mutual agreement between the vendor and the Town. 2. Station components must be theft, tamper, weather, and graffiti resistant. 3. Stations must be modular and moveable, requiring minimal to no excavation or trenching. 4. If space is needed at stations for advertising then it must have Town approval. Station Locations: Locations are subject to change as conditions warrant and as mutually agreed upon between the Town and the successful bidder: 1. Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park, Oyster Bay; 2. Ellsworth W. Allen Park, Farmingdale; 3. Marjorie R. Post Community Park, Massapequa; and 4. Harry Tappen Beach, Sea Cliff. System Minimum Requirements: 1. All registration methods must require potential users with the capability to sign liability waivers. 2. System must include a method for collection of data such as number of times each bicycle is used, average trip duration, etc. Data will not be proprietary and will be provided to the Town for analysis and use, and the Town will reserve the right to make the data publicly available. The vendor shall, to the fullest extent permitted by law, indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Town, and all respective elected and appointed officials, employees, volunteers, and/or agents from any and all liability, damage, loss, claims, demands and actions of any nature whatsoever, for any reason whatsoever, foreseeable or unforeseeable, which arises out of or is connected with, or is claimed to arise out of to be connected with, any undertaking, product, goods, merchandise, products, services sold and/or work supplied, furnished or performed by the vendor or its subcontractors and/or agents, on account of personal injury, death or property loss to the Town, its officers, employees, agents or to any other persons, third parties, or property, but shall not include claims resulting from the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the Town. This indemnity and hold harmless is intended to be as broad as is permitted by law and to include claims of every kind and nature for tort, under contract, for strict liability or other liability without fault, under statute, rule, regulation or order, and otherwise. Tn any and all claims against Town, all elected and appointed officials, employees and volunteers or any of its agents or employees by any employee of the vendor or subcontractor, anyone directly or indirectly employed by any of them or anyone whose acts any of them may be liable, the indemnification obligation under the above paragraph shall not be limited in any way by any limitation on the amount of type of damages, compensation or benefits payable by or for the vendor or their subcontractor under Workers Compensation acts, disability acts, or other employee benefit acts. The indemnification provided by this Agreement shall be a continuing right to indemnification and shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement. The vendor shall procure and maintain during the term of any agreement resulting from this RFP, with a carrier holding an A rating from AM Best Company, or its equivalent, and furnish certificates of insurance evidencing its procuring. The vendor shail furnish proof of the required insurance, as enumerated in the Insurance Certification Form which is part of this Request for Proposals, within 10 business days of being notified that it has been awarded the contract and prior to commencement of any services pursuant to the Contract; failure to furnish proof of the required insurance within the said 10 business days may result in the Town selecting the next qualified bidder. The Town will not sign or execute the contract, nor authorize any work to be performed until all insurance requirements have been met and the proper insurance documents in proper form, including endorsements to policies where required, have been submitted and approved by the Town. The Town reserves the right to negotiate with the successful bidder on matters of profit s sharing and associated permits, licensing fees, leases and/or rents. The vendor shall be responsible for ali expenses related to this program, including, but not limited to: a. Installation of the bicycle rental stations and all related equipment; b. Daily operations; c. Routine maintenance, repair, and replacement of equipment; d. Overall program management and administration, including staffing, collection of fees, accounting, and user contact; and e. Promotion, including establishing, maintaining, and upgrading a website. V. TERMINATION PROVISION Either party may terminate the agreement upon forty-five (45) days written notice to the other. However, the agreement shall provide that in the event of any material misrepresentation by the vendor, the Town shall have the right to immediately terminate the agreement. It shall also provide that in the event the vendor or any of its principals are convicted of a misdemeanor or felony during the term of the agreement, that the Town shall also have the right to immediately terminate the agreement. ATTACHMENT NUMBER 1 FORMAT OF PROPOSAL Proposals should be organized as shown below and should include all the information indicated. Note that elaborate brochures or other presentations beyond those sufficient to present a complete and extensive response to this solicitation are not desired. SECTION A. INTRODUCTORY STATEMENT The Proposal should set forth an executive summary of the fundamental aspects of the proposal. SECTION B. QUALIFICATIONS AND APPROPRIATENESS OF PROPOSED STAFF Provide names and resumes of key personnel proposed for this project. SECTION C. APPROPRIATENESS AND QUALITY OF PROPOSER'S EXPERIENCE Proposers experience and expertise in providing similar bicycle rental services on Long Island. Minimum of five (5) references with contact information, reflecting similar work and related experience. SECTION D. FINANCIAL AND OTHER INFORMATION A complete statement detailing the current financial standing of the proposer and all principals holding an interest the proposer-corporation. Both the proposer and all principals will be required to maintain, and should clearly demonstrate, financial resources and capability to properly conduct a bicycle rental service and to complete any future capital improvements proposed by proposer. These statements should be supported by detailed documentation including, but not limited to, an audited financial statement of the proposer; bank, credit, and business references, corporate and personal tax returns, each of which will maintained confidential to the extent permitted by law, but at all times consistent with the New York State Public Officers Law. Further, both the corporate proposer and all principals must submit a sworn statement: 1, that neither the corporation or its principals are the subject of any on-going investigations or enforcement proceedings by Federal and State law enforcement and taxing authorities; that neither the corporation or its principals are the subject of any action or proceeding to collect a debt or to enforce any obligation relating to corporate affairs or, in the event of such an action or proceeding, disclosing the nature of same, together with any index or docket number and the venue of same; that the corporation and its principals are in compliance with all applicable labor 10 and wage statutes; and 4. disclosing any and all wage and hour lawsuits to which the corporation and its principals have been parties and the disposition of same. By submitting a proposal in response to this RFP, proposer consents to the conduct by the Town of such credit and background investigations as the Town in its sole discretion deems necessary and appropriate. SECTION E. SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION Proposer may provide any additional information relevant to the proposers qualifications or proposal for this project at the proposers sole option. il

74 Audrey Avenue, Oyster Bay, New York 11771Location

Address: 74 Audrey Avenue, Oyster Bay, New York 11771

Country : United StatesState : New York

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Due: 21 Jun, 2025 (in 20 months)Agency: U.S. CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION