Road 18 Widening & Turn Lane

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From: Putnam(County)

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started - 14 May, 2023 (9 months ago)

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14 May, 2023 (9 months ago)
due - 01 Jun, 2023 (8 months ago)

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01 Jun, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Bid Notification


Putnam County

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Putnam County
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iv ADVERTISEMENT NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed bids will be received at the Office of the Putnam County Board of Commissioners, 245 E. Main St., Ottawa, OH 45875, until 10:30 AM on Thursday, June 1, 2023 for furnishing all labor, materials and equipment necessary for the: Road 18 Turn Lane and at said time and place shall be publicly opened and read aloud. All information for Bidders, specifications, bid documents and maps for this project are posted on the internet and may be viewed and obtained on the Engineer’s web page at Bid Advertisement Dates: May 17, 2023 May 24, 2023 v INTRODUCTION It is the intent of these contract documents to serve as the basis for preparing a contractor’s estimate of cost, or the contractor’s bid; to show
engineering intent and to set a level of quality of workmanship and performance; and as the basis for the written contract or agreement between owner and contractor. They represent the composite of the requirements of the engineer, the owner and any and all funding agencies. An effort has been made, insofar as is practicable, to minimize any duplication or conflict in requirements or standards or performance and workmanship. Insomuch as this is not always possible, there may be contained herein some conflicting requirements or standards. When such is the case, the more stringent requirements shall always govern, unless stated otherwise. Likewise, Supplemental Provisions will amend and/or add to the Standard Provisions and shall always have precedence over the provisions to which they are a supplement. The engineer, acting as the owner’s representative, shall interpret the intent of the contract documents in a fair and unbiased manner and shall decide any and all questions which may arise to quality and acceptability of materials furnished and work performed. 1 I. INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS 1. SUBMISSION OF BID Sealed Bids will be received at the Putnam County Board of Commissioners Office, on or before the advertised Bid date and time, as extended, for all labor, materials, equipment, supervision, coordination and other things necessary for the full and complete performance of the project described by the accompanying Bid advertisement (herein referenced as the “Project”). Bids must be submitted in sealed envelopes marked with the Project title, the name of the Bidder and his address. If forwarded by mail, the sealed envelope containing the bid must be enclosed in another envelope addressed to the Board of County Commissioners 245 E. Main Street, Ottawa, Ohio 45875. Bids shall be opened immediately upon expiration of the Bid submission time, with the names of bidders and their respective bid prices read publicly. 2. STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS & TERMS The Construction & Material Specifications of the State of Ohio, Department of Transportation (January 1, 2023), excluding only sections 102 and 103 titled “Bidding” and “Award,” shall serve as standard specifications for any contract awarded hereunder. Said Construction & Material Specifications shall be referenced herein as the “Standard Specifications.” Supplemental specifications, requirements, terms, conditions and covenants of these Instructions to Bidders and of the accompanying Bid Documents shall control over conflicting terms found in the Standard Specifications. Wherever the following terms appear in the Standard Specifications, said terms shall have the following meaning: A. The terms “State,” “State of Ohio,” “Department” and “Department of Transportation” refer to the County, acting through its Board of Commissioners. The County also may be referenced as the “County” or the “Owner” herein. B. The term “Director,” “DCE” and “DDD” refers to the County Engineer. C. The term “Engineer” refers to the County Engineer, or to his duly authorized representative. D. The term “Laboratory” refers to such testing laboratory or consultant as shall be designated by the County Engineer or by the County Engineer’s duly authorized representative. A numerical designation for an “item” referenced herein refers to the description of said item number as provided by the Standard Specifications. Bidders are specifically referred to the definitions provided by section 101.03 of the Standard Specifications. Any undefined trade and technical words and terms shall be deemed to have the meaning established by trade usage in the highway/bridge construction and civil engineering consultation business. 2 3. FORM OF BID Bids shall be submitted using the attached blank forms, designed for such purpose. These forms must be completed intact, without removal of any part, must recite the full name of the party making the Bid, and must be properly signed. In each blank marked “unit price,” bidders are required to provide a Bid price per referenced unit for the requested materials, labor or equipment, or referenced combination thereof. Failure to provide a price for each unit price item, or failure to provide prices for lump sum items, will render the Bid informal, allowing its rejection at the County’s discretion. Extended unit prices are calculated by multiplying the bidder’s unit price entries times their respective approximate quantities. The resultant extended unit price figures, in addition to any lump sum prices, are added to calculate the amount of each Bid. The sum of the unit prices and lump sum prices provided by each Bidder shall comprise that Bidder’s Bid price for consideration of award of contract. If an error is made in the extension of unit prices, or in addition of the unit and lump sum prices, the accurate extended unit prices and total shall govern. Quantities provided by the Bid Documents are estimates only. The Engineer reserves the right to eliminate, increase or decrease the actual quantity of any unit price item or to non-perform any lump sum item. 4. BIDDER QUALIFICATIONS Prequalification may be granted under any local standards currently used by the County Engineer. In addition, each Bidder shall complete any Bidder qualification forms provided with the Bid Documents, and shall furnish documentation and evidence of qualifications as are required thereby. Prequalification by the Ohio Department of Transportation, as described by ORC Sections 5525.02-.09, for performance of Work of the same type, character and magnitude as described hereby, is acceptable. 5. EXAMINATION OF BID DOCUMENTS & SITE OF WORK Bidders must carefully examine the Bid Documents and perform a reasonable site investigation before submitting a Bid. Submission of a Bid is an affirmative statement that the Bidder has investigated the Project site and is satisfied as to the character, quality, quantities and conditions to be encountered in performing the Work. A reasonable site investigation includes investigating the Project site, borrow sites, hauling roads and all other locations related to the performance of the Work. 6. BID GUARANTEE Each Bid shall be accompanied by a bid guarantee, in the form of a bid bond, a certified check, a cashiers check or a letter of credit, in conformity with the requirements of ORC 153.54 and 153.571 (B). If a bid bond is used, the bond shall be in the full amount of the bid and signed by a Surety company authorized to do business in Ohio, and accompanied by the Surety’s sufficient power of attorney affirming said signature. If a certified check, cashiers check or letter of credit is used, the instrument shall be drawn 3 on a solvent bank in an amount not less than ten percent (10%) of the Bid. The bid guarantee shall be given as security that, if the Bid is accepted, the Bidder will enter into a contract in conformity with the Bid. Bids less than twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00) do not require a bid guarantee. 7. FACTORS FOR ACCEPTANCE OR REJECTION OF BIDS A. Pursuant to ORC 307.90 (A), a contract shall be awarded to the lowest and best Bid. B. Any Bid which is incomplete, conditional, obscure, or which contains additions not called for or irregularities of any kind, may be rejected. C. The Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reject any and all Bids, and also the right to waive any informality in the Bid. The Board of Commissioners has the right to postpone the decision to award a contract for up to sixty (60) days. D. No contract shall be awarded to any person, firm or corporation that is in arrears or is in default to the County upon any debt or contract, or that is in default as surety or otherwise upon any obligation to the County, or has failed to perform faithfully any previous contract with the County, or that has an unresolved finding of recovery with the State Auditor, or has been debarred by the County from consideration for contract awards. E. A conditional or qualified Bid will not be accepted. F. Award will be made to one Bidder per proposal. 8. WITHDRAWAL OF BIDS A Bidder may request, in writing, to withdraw its Bid within five business days of the opening. Such requests will be reviewed by the Board of Commissioners for approval as permitted by ORC 9.31 and 153.54 (G). If approved, collection of the bid guarantee or bond will be waived. 9. PREVAILING WAGE RATES All employees on the Work site shall be paid at the prevailing wage rate for the appropriate class of Work. The prevailing wage rates shall be determined in accordance with ORC Chapter 4115, except for employees who are covered by a collective bargaining agreement in existence prior to the date of contract, who shall be paid the rate of pay provided by such agreements. Schedules of applicable prevailing wage rates are attached to the Specifications. Bidders are cautioned to assure the completeness of said wage schedules, and to notify the County Engineer prior to the bid date of any omitted schedules. 10. OTHER COSTS & REQUIREMENTS Bids must include all costs of performing the Work and all costs of fulfilling the requirements of laws, rules and regulations pertaining thereto. The following is a partial list of ancillary contract costs and requirements. Said list is provided for the convenience 4 of Bidders, to assist in their inclusion of all components of costs and fulfillment of all requirements, though this list does not recite all such costs and requirements. A. Bids must include the cost of all required bonds (performance and maintenance). B. Bids must include the cost to procure all permits and licenses, to pay all charges, fees and taxes, and to provide all notices necessary and incidental to the due and lawful prosecution of the Work. C. Bids must include the cost of insurance coverage of the type and at least in the amounts set forth by section 107.12 of the Standard Specifications and by any special bid provisions. D. The County is exempt from all sales, excise, and transportation taxes, with the exception of State of Ohio gasoline tax. Bid prices shall exclude all such taxes. Upon request, the County will fill out a tax exempt certification. E. “Declaration of Personal Property Tax Delinquency” form must be fully executed and notarized pursuant to ORC Section 5719.042, before an award can be made. 11. ENGINEER’S ESTIMATE The Engineer’s Estimate for the paving work is $250,000.00. 5 II. SUPPLEMENTAL CONTRACT PROVISIONS 1. AWARD REQUIREMENTS OF SUCCESSFUL BIDDER/CONTRACTOR The following is a partial list of award contract requirements. Said list is provided for the convenience of Bidders, to assist in their inclusion of all components of costs of such requirements, though this list does not recite all such costs and requirements. A. The successful Bidder/Contractor must provide a one hundred percent (100%) Performance Bond based on the contract amount, in conformity with the requirements of ORC section 153.54 (C) and 153.57 (A). A Maintenance Bond in the amount to ten percent (10%) of the final contract amount, extending coverage for one (1) year beyond the acceptance date of the completed Project, must be provided by the Contractor as a prerequisite to final payment. Said Maintenance Bond shall assure the repair and/or correction of any defects, deficiencies or omissions in the Project Work. B. The Contractor must provide evidence of all insurance coverage requirements of section 107.12 of the Standard Specifications. C. The Contractor agrees to provide the County with full and complete documentation of payment of prevailing wages to all employees of the Contractor and of its subcontractors governed by Prevailing Wage law. D. The Contractor agrees to provide the County with a contact person, a telephone number, a mailing address and, if available, an electronic mail address for purposes of giving notice to the Contractor of any changes in prevailing wage rates. Where an electronic mail address is given, the Contractor agrees that the use of that method by the County satisfies any notice requirements of any change in prevailing wage rates. Upon commencement of contract work, the Contractor and its subcontractors subject to the contract’s prevailing wage requirements must provide the prevailing wage coordinator with a schedule of wages, with certified copies of payroll being required throughout work on the Project. E. The Contractor further agrees to stay informed of applicable prevailing wage rates and to immediately inform all its subcontractors and the Engineer of such changes. The Contractor agrees to defend and indemnify the County, its elected officials, agents and employees, against all claims, actions, demands, judgments, settlements, damages, liabilities, losses, and costs of any kind, including, but not limited to, reasonable fees of attorneys and experts, arising from or related to the Contractor’s failure to inform its subcontractors of changes in prevailing wage rates. F. The Contractor must furnish the County with a completed IRS Form W-9, “Request for Taxpayer Identification Number & Certification.” The Internal Revenue Code requires the County to file an information return each January 31st on all payments made the previous year of $600.00 or more. As required by Section 3406 of the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. 3406), the County shall withhold federal taxes of a rate of thirty-one percent (31%) if a correct taxpayer identification number is not provided. Back-up withholding requirements continue until the required information is received. 6 2. OTHER CONTRACTOR DUTIES In addition to the duties cited by the Standard Specifications and elsewhere in these Bid Documents, the Contractor has the following duties: A. When determined necessary by the Engineer, the Contractor shall provide a field office, suitably and of ample size and accommodations, from which the Engineer’s inspections, as well as the Contractor’s Work, may be carried out. The Contractor must keep a full set of Plans and Specifications available at the field office. B. The Contractor must furnish, without extra compensation therefore, such assistance as the Engineer, or his assistants or inspectors may require, in measuring in and setting stakes or marks for indicating lines, grades or levels, for measuring or determining quantities for estimates, and for handling and inspecting materials to be used on the Work, whether such materials have been delivered upon the site of Work or are in local storage. The Contractor shall provide such facilities for weighing and measuring materials as the Engineer may deem necessary, to secure the proper fulfillment of the provisions and requirements of the Specifications. C. The Contractor shall diligently protect and preserve all stakes, marks, bench marks and monuments set or used by the Engineer, and shall be responsible for securing therefore the proper lines, grades and levels for the structures to be built. D. The Contractor must place or construct, in such manner and at such points as the Engineer may require, necessary sanitary conveniences for the use of employees on the Work site. They shall be properly secluded from public observation, shall be maintained sanitary and inoffensive at all times, and their use shall be strictly enforced. The Contractor must provide an ample supply of pure drinking water for employees at all times, and the source of such supply shall be subject, at all times, to the approval of the Engineer. E. The Contractor is reminded of its duty to notify the registered underground utility protection service and owners of underground utility facilities at least two working days in advance of commencement of construction operations that may involve such facilities, to allow surface marking of facility locations. F. The Contractor shall, using the U.S. government’s System for Awards Management (SAM), ensure that any project subcontractors are not on the excluded parties list. The Engineer will also check all project subcontractors using the System for Awards Management. 3. DISCRIMINATION PROHIBITED The Contractor understands and agrees that, in the hiring of employees for the performance of work under the contract or any subordinate contract hereunder, the Contractor, its subcontractors and persons acting on behalf of the same shall not discriminate in the hiring or retention of subordinate contractors or employees “by” or “for” reason of race, creed, sex, disability (as defined by ORC 4112.01) or color; nor shall said parties discriminate against any citizen of the State of Ohio in the employment of labor or workers who otherwise qualify and who are available to perform the work to which the contract relates. 7 Further, the Contractor and its subcontractors and persons acting on behalf of the same shall not discriminate against or intimidate any employee hired for performance of the Work under the contract on account of race, creed, sex, disability (as defined by ORC (4112.01) or color. In addition, the Contractor agrees, as a prerequisite of award, to complete the attached “Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Certificate,” and to fulfill all requirements thereof. 4. INSPECTION The Engineer, assistants and agents shall have, at all times, immediate access and right to enter upon the Work site and other Work premises occupied by the Contractor as well as upon the site of all sources from which materials are being obtained for the contract. The Contractor shall provide safe and proper facilities for permitting such entrance and for inspecting and testing purposes. Subcontractors and suppliers shall have similar obligations imposed by subordinate contracts. The Contractor shall furnish the Engineer with all reasonable facilities for ascertaining that the materials and Work are in accordance with the requirement and intention of the Specifications and contract, even to the extent of uncovering or removing portions of finished Work. The Contractor shall give definite information, at any time, as to the place from which, or persons from whom, any material is being or will be procured. All materials to be used may be subjected to such tests as the Engineer may require assuring that such materials conform, in all respects, to the requirements of the Specifications, or that they are equal to samples submitted by the Contractor. All materials which do not conform to such requirements shall be rejected, and the Contractor shall remove such rejected materials from the vicinity of the Work within twenty-four (24) hours thereafter. The inspection and supervision of the Work and materials by the Engineer, assistants and inspectors is intended to aid the Contractor in accomplishing the fulfillment of duties and obligations under the contract, but such inspection and supervision shall not relieve the Contractor from contract obligations. Defective Work shall be made good and unsuitable materials may be rejected, notwithstanding that such Work and materials have been previously overlooked by the Engineer and accepted or estimated for payment. If the Work, or any part thereof, is found, at any time before the acceptance of the whole Work and for the period of the Maintenance Bond thereafter, to be defective, or to contain defective materials, the Contractor shall make good such defects under the direction of the Engineer. Upon being attached to, or incorporated in the Work, or affixed in or to the soil, all materials shall become property of the County. Thereafter the Contractor shall have no right of property therein, unless they are afterward rejected by the Engineer. The Contractor bears risk of loss of and damage to the Work until completion and final acceptance of the Work. The Contractor shall schedule inspection 24 hours in advance of the performance of the respective Work. At the pre-construction meeting, the Engineer shall provide the Contractor with phone numbers and names of a contact person and of the Engineer’s 8 inspectors. The Contractor shall inform the Engineer of his Work schedule and the hours of operation before the Contractor may begin Work. When Work is scheduled and the Contractor desires to change the approved schedule, the Contractor shall contact the Engineer’s inspector at or before 7:30 a.m. of the scheduled Work date to cancel or adjust the hours of inspection. If the Contractor fails to contact the Engineer’s inspector as stated above or if the notice is within two (2) hours of the scheduled inspection and is insufficient to cancel attendance by the Engineer’s inspector, the Contractor will be charges for two (2) hours of inspection time at the current inspection rate. This cost will be subtracted from the Contractor’s monthly pay estimate. 5. CHANGES IN QUANTITY OF WORK The quantities of Work, as given in the Estimated Quantities, are approximations only. The County Engineer shall have the power to alter by increasing, decreasing or deleting the quantities of Work to be done, either before or after the commencement of construction. If such changes involve the reduction or omission of any material or Work called for by the original Plans or Specifications, there shall be no right with the Contractor for any claims for losses or damages, for loss of profit, growing out of omission. If any such change involves additional material or labor, upon which the price is fixed in the Contract, that price shall govern. Any such change shall in no way relieve the Contractor of or affect any of the obligations hereunder. In like manner, the County may, without affecting the contract, require the Contractor to furnish materials or to do Work for which no price is given as provided by the Standard Specifications. If such changes result in increased or diminished expense of Work items, the prices of which are fixed in the contract, the County Engineer shall determine an equitable adjustment of such prices, which shall be final and binding on the parties hereto, subject to dispute resolution. 6. SIGNIFICANT CHANGES IN CHARACTER OF THE WORK. The Engineer may alter the Work as necessary to complete the Project. The Engineer will make appropriate adjustments according to 108.06 and 109.05, if such alterations significantly change the character of the Work. If the alterations or changes in quantities significantly change the character of the Work under the Contract, whether such alterations or changes are in themselves significant changes to the character of the Work or by affecting other Work cause such other Work to become significantly different in character, an adjustment, excluding anticipated profit, will be made to the Contract. Before performing significantly changed Work, reach agreement with the Department concerning the basis for the adjustment. If the Contractor disagrees as to whether an alteration constitutes a significant change, use the notification procedures specified in 104.02.G. The term “significant change” is defined as the follows: 1. when the character of the Work as altered differs materially in kind or nature from that involved or included in the original proposed construction; or 9 2. when the product of the quantity in excess of the estimated quantity of a contract item and the unit price exceeds the limits set forth in Table 104.02-1. If the increase does not exceed the limits set forth in Table 104.02-1, then the Department will pay for the increased Work at the Contract Price. Table 104.02-1 Contract Price Contract Limits Up to $500,000 $25,000 $500,001 to $2,000,000 5% of Total Contract Price Over $2,000,000 $100,000 If the decrease in quantity of any unit price Contract Item exceeds 25 percent of the estimated quantity, and the total of all such adjustments for all Contract Items is more than $400, then after the determination of final quantities according to 109.12.C, the Engineer will adjust the unit prices for the affected Contract item by multiplying the bid unit price by the factor obtained from Table 104.02-2. Table 104.02-2 % Decrease Factor % Decrease Factor 25 to 28 1.02 61 1.14 29 to 32 1.03 62 1.15 33 to 35 1.04 63 1.16 36 to 38 1.05 64 1.17 39 to 41 1.06 65 1.18 42 to 44 1.07 66 1.19 45 to 47 1.08 67 1.20 48 to 50 1.09 68 1.21 51 to 53 1.10 69 1.22 54 to 56 1.11 70 1.23 57 to 59 1.12 71 1.24 60 1.13 72 and over 1.25 7. NO WAIVER RIGHTS No act of the Engineer, or his assistants or inspectors, shall operate as waiver of any provisions of the contract, nor shall any breach of this contract operate as a waiver of any other subsequent breach. Any and all remedies provided in this contract are cumulative, in addition to other remedies herein provided. The mention of any specific liability or duty of the Contractor, in any part of the Specifications or contract, shall not be construed as a limitation or restriction upon general liability or duty imposed upon the Contractor by said Specifications and contract. Should any part of the Work be sublet by the Contractor, such action shall in no way release the Contractor from liability or obligation hereunder. The Contractor shall be liable for the acts, omissions and negligence of any subcontractor, and shall be responsible therefore as though no subcontract existed. 10 8. DAMAGES FOR LATE COMPLETION; EXTENSIONS OF TIME Time is of the essence to this contract. The rate of progress shall be such as to complete the Project Work within the time limit specified herein. The completion date for this project is: September 29, 2023. In the event that the Work is not completed within the time limit aforesaid, the Contractor shall reimburse the County an amount equal to the County’s costs for and expenses of Project inspections, supervision and similar engineering services provided by or for the County after the expiration of the aforesaid time limit, and until completion and acceptance of the Work. In addition, in the event that the Work is not substantially completed within the time limit aforesaid, with said incompletion prohibiting beneficial use and occupancy of the Project, in compensation for the public’s loss of use of the Project, the Contractor shall forfeit liquidated damages in the amount set forth by section 108.07 of the Standard Specifications. Such amounts shall be deducted by the Engineer from the partial or final estimates to be allowed the Contractor. The Board of County Commissioners may for good cause shown, extend the time of completion. Any such extension in time shall not be deemed a waiver by the County of any other rights provided for under this contract, and shall not operate to release any Surety from any bond obligations. 9. NIGHT, SUNDAY & HOLIDAY WORK No Work will be permitted on Sundays or legal holidays, except as authorized by the Engineer or the Board of Commissioners. No Work will be permitted after dark except under terms and conditions agreed to in writing by the Engineer, Board of Commissioners and Contractor. No extra compensation will be allowed to the Contractor for night, Sunday or Holiday Work, regardless of cause of such Work. 10. PARTIAL PAYMENTS Before the day, stipulated by the Owner, of each month, the Contractor shall make a written estimate of the amount of value of the work and materials incorporated into the work during the preceding month, broken down into bid items. The Contractor shall submit his estimate to the Engineer immediately upon its preparation, and after each such partial estimate has been certified to in writing by the Engineer the owner shall, on or before the first day of the month next following, pay the Contractor as specified below. No partial payment will be made when the amount due the Contractor since the last estimate amounts to less than five hundred dollars. From the total of the amount determined to be payable on a partial payment, 8 percent of the first 50 percent of such total amount will be deducted and retained by the Owner until the final payment is made except. The balance of the amount payable, less all previous payments, shall be certified for payment. 11 Upon completion and acceptance of the project by the Owner and Engineer, (i.e., the signing of the "Certification of Substantial Completion" by all parties involved), the Owner shall release one half (1/2) of the retainer. The remaining one half (1/2) of the retainer shall be retained by the Owner for the following periods after the date of approval and acceptance of the project. Acceptance Date Period From Feb. 15 to Aug. 15 90 Calendar Days From Aug. 16 to Feb. 14 180 Calendar Days The owner agrees that upon expiration of the above period, the Contractor shall be entitled to the whole sum of the reserve, less any part expended by the Owner in making repairs. Should any defective work or material or acceptable work that has been damaged by the Contractor's operations be discovered previous to the final acceptance or should a reasonable doubt arise previous to the final acceptance as to the integrity of any part of the completed work, the estimate and payment for such defective or questioned work shall not be allowed until the effect has been remedied and cause for doubt removed. It is understood and agreed that the Contractor shall not be entitled to demand or receive partial payment based on quantities of work in excess of those provided in the proposal or covered by approved change orders or supplemental agreements, except when such excess quantities have been determined by the Engineer to be a part of the final quantity for the item of work in question. No partial payment shall bind the owner to the acceptance of any materials or work in place as to quality or quantity. All partial payments are subject to correction at the time of final payment. 12 III. SCOPE OF WORK 1. GENERALLY The Contractor shall furnish, at its own cost and expense, all management, labor, tools, forms, equipment, appliances, machinery, transportation, materials and other things necessary, of whatever nature, to perform the Work, and shall perform and complete, within the time limit specified, all of the Work indicated or implied by the Notice to Bidders, Instructions to Bidders, General & Supplemental Provisions, Standard Specifications, Scope of Work, Plans & Specifications, and Estimated Quantities prepared for this Project, including the removal of surplus or condemned materials, and the thorough cleaning of the site of the Work and structures built. In no case will any Work, in excess of such requirements, be paid for unless ordered in writing by the County Engineer as hereinafter specified. All Work shall be of the best quality throughout. Unless otherwise provided herein, all materials shall be new. 2. SCHEDULE OF PERFORMANCE At the pre-construction meeting, the Contractor must provide the Engineer with a printed schedule showing the interrelation and planned performance of all major items of Work, with completion reasonably scheduled thereon to occur by the scheduled completion date recited herein. The Engineer shall review and consider acceptance of the schedule as provided by section 108.02 (B) (1) of the Standard Specifications. 13 IV. PLANS & SPECIFICATIONS 1. GENERALLY The Plans and Specifications are intended to explain and supplement each other, and to indicate and provide for the construction of the various related parts of the Project in a complete and connected manner. Should any detail be omitted, any discrepancies or errors appear, or misunderstandings arise, in or with respect to such Plans and Specifications, the additions, corrections, or explanations necessary to provide for the construction in accordance with such intent shall be made by the Engineer, and such additions, corrections and explanations shall be final and binding upon the Contractor, subject to dispute resolution. 2. “OR EQUAL” Whenever an article, material or equipment is defined herein by describing a proprietary product, or by using the name of manufacturer or vendor, the term “or equal”, if not inserted, shall be implied. The specific article, material or equipment mentioned shall be understood as indicating the type, function, minimum standard of design, efficiency and quality desires and shall not be construed in such a manner as to exclude manufacturer’s products of comparable quality, design and efficiency. The Contractor shall comply with the requirements of the contract documents, relative to the approval of materials and equipment by the County, before the same are incorporated in the Work. 3. LIST OF PLANS & SPECIFICATIONS PUTNAM COUNTY SUPPLEMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR ASPHALT CONCRETE The successful bidder shall submit a job mix formula prior to commencing the work for all hot mix asphalt mixtures to be supplied to Putnam County in this project. Item 441.02 shall apply if the source of material is changed. The job mix formula shall include the mix type proposed for use, aggregate type and gradation, percentage of asphalt binder by weight of mixture, grade of asphalt binder, description and source of modifier (if applicable) and unit weight of the mixture. The job mix formula shall have previously been approved for use on ODOT work. Acceptance of the mixture shall be in accordance with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) procedures, with an independent testing laboratory performing the tests and reporting the data to the owner’s representative. Acceptance shall also be based upon the owner representative’s observation that production and quality control operations are resulting in an acceptable product, if not, Item 105.03 ODOT plans and specifications apply. The Owner requires the submission of a plant ticket with each load at the job site showing the composition of the mix as well as the load weights. Prior to production the Contractor must supply to the owner, a mix plant certification and a certified scale report from ODOT performed within the current calendar year for each hot mix plant that will provide product to Putnam County in 2023. 14 Prior to construction the Contractor shall supply to the Owner, all job mix formulas and appropriate specifications to all testing laboratories selected by the Putnam County Engineer. No Sunday work shall be performed, unless prior consent is given by the County Engineer. It will be the responsibility of the Contractor to provide all traffic control for the work performed. The roadway may be closed to through traffic with signing as described by the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices with local traffic and emergency vehicles allowed to pass through the construction zone. It will be the responsibility of the Contractor to notify the Putnam County Sheriff at 419- 523-3208 of the location of the construction and when the roadways will be open to all traffic. If the Contractor is to close a roadway for resurfacing during the operation of the public schools, it will be the responsibility of the Contractor to notify those schools prior to closings to coordinate school bus routes (school district boundaries and phone numbers can be obtained from the Putnam County Engineer). It will be the responsibility of the Contractor to erect and maintain “ROAD UNDER CONSTRUCTION” signs (or equivalent) at all intersections contingent to the project until berm stone operations are completed. The County Engineer shall be notified of the scheduling of the resurfacing one (1) week prior to the beginning of the work. Also, if the Contractor leaves Putnam County for another job, he must give at least three (3) days notice before returning. PAVING NOTES AND SPECIFICATIONS: 1) The Ohio Department of Transportation Construction and Material Specifications (dated January 1, 2023) shall apply with the below exceptions: 2) Intersection approaches are to be resurfaced as directed by the County Engineer. 3) All haul trucks shall be within legal load limits. 4) All haul routes shall be approved by the County Engineer prior to placement of material. 5) It shall be the Contractor’s responsibility to call road closings to schools, sheriff’s office, etc. 6) Item 614 - Temporary Centerline shall be completed after Item 441 – 1 Surface Course, has been completed. 7) The safety edge, per the U.S. Dept. of Transportation (FHWA Division), shall be used on the Project. 8) Asphalt binder price adjustment shall be per Item 401.20, Ohio Dept. of Transportation Construction and Material Specifications (dated January 1, 2023). 9) Item 614 – Maintaining Traffic shall apply to the Project.

245 East Main Street, Ottawa, Ohio 45875Location

Address: 245 East Main Street, Ottawa, Ohio 45875

Country : United StatesState : Ohio

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