Crane - Orthopedic Immediate Care Clinic

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started - 22 Sep, 2022 (14 months ago)

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22 Sep, 2022 (14 months ago)
due - 13 Oct, 2022 (13 months ago)

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13 Oct, 2022 (13 months ago)
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Bid Notification


The Ohio State University

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The Ohio State University
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Request for Qualifications (Architect / Engineer) State of Ohio Standard Forms and Documents F110-02-2022-MAR Publish Date: 9/22/22 Page 1 of 5 Administration of Project: Local Higher Education Project Name Crane - Orthopedic Immediate Care Clinic Response Deadline 10/13/2022 2:00 PM local time Project Location Jameson Crane Sports Medicine Institute (1004) Project Number OSU-221103 City / County Columbus / Franklin Project Manager Erin Poland Owner The Ohio State University Contracting Authority Local Higher Education Delivery Method General Contracting Prevailing Wages State No. of paper copies requested (stapled, not bound) 0 No. of electronic copies requested (PDF) 1 Submit the Statements of Qualifications (Form F110-330) via email to In the subject line, include the project number and name for RFQ you are responding to. See Section J of this RFQ for additional submittal instructions. Submit all
questions regarding this RFQ in writing to Erin Poland at with the project number included in the subject line (no phone calls please). Questions will be answered and posted to the Opportunities page on the OFCC website at on a regular basis until one week before the response deadline. The name of the party submitting a question will not be included on the Q&A document. Project Overview A. Project Description COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements Consistent with university guidelines and the recent federal action plan, all vendor employees, subcontractors and subconsultants identified as embedded within The Ohio State University are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by December 8, 2021. New vendors who become university vendors after the December 8, 2021 deadline will have 30 days to come into compliance. Definitions and details are located at: . In order to obtain Wexner Medical Center badges, vendors must comply with the Wexner Medical Center's vaccine requirements, located at: The Jameson Crane Sprots Medicine Institute at 2835 Taylor Rd. Columbus, OH 43202, was completed with shelled space. Portions of the shelled space on the second and third floor is planned for an Orthopedic Immediate Care Clinic. In this clinic they will see patients ranging in age from fourteen years and up. These patients have sustained acute orthopedic injuries including sprains, strains, or suspected fractures. This program allows for approximately 20 patients to be seen per day. The total area of the project is roughly 6300sf on the second floor and 150sf on the third floor. The project will consist of 7 seven private offices (approx. 1050sf), 6 exam rooms (830sf), 1 procedure room (255sf), 1 team room (173sf), 1 durable medical equipment storage room (414sf), 4 check out stations (323sf), 1 toilet room (73sf), 3 nurse’s stations (140sf), and imaging area that will be shelled out (503sf). The shortlisted firms will be provided a copy of the study completed earlier in 2022. This project includes asset tagging. The Primary firm submitting for the project is required to have the expertise capable of meeting this prerequisite and is responsible to support their consultants to meet this requirement. The Asset Tagging Process Diagram, Asset Worksheet Template, and LOD Matrix can be accessed via the OSU FOD website ( under Design Guidelines, Specifications, Standards; Specifications and Standards; Building Information Modeling (BIM). B. Scope of Services The project and construction budget as listed in this RFQ is estimated. For projects advertised with an appropriately developed Program of Requirements (POR), upon award of the Agreement, commence with Design. For projects without such a POR, upon award of the Agreement, commence by developing the Program of Requirements. The project shall follow the applicable University Sustainability Standards: The selected A/E, as a portion of its required Scope of Services and prior to submitting its proposals, will discuss and clarify with the Owner and/or the Contracting Authority, the cost breakdown of the Architect/Engineer Agreement detailed Request for Qualifications (Architect / Engineer) continued F110-02-2022-MAR Publish Date: 9/22/22 Page 2 of 5 cost components to address the Owner’s project requirements. Participate in the Encouraging Growth, Diversity & Equity (EDGE) Program as required by statute and the Agreement. Required Professional Liability Insurance will be per Exhibit A – A/E Terms and Conditions Article 7.2.6. As required by the Agreement, and as properly authorized, provide the following categories of services: Program Verification, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Document Preparation, Bid and Award Support, Conformed Documents, Construction Administration, Post-Construction, and Additional Services of all types. Refer to the Ohio Facilities Construction Manual for additional information about the type and extent of services required for each. A copy of the standard Agreement can be obtained at the OFCC website at The selected A/E will be required to sign the standard agreement. No modifications to the requirements in the agreement will be accepted. During the construction period, provide not less than 8 hours (excluding travel time) on-site construction administration services each week, including (1) attendance at progress meetings, (2) a written field report of each site visit, (3) on-site representation comprised of the A/E and its consultant staff involved in the primary design of the project, all having relevant and appropriate types of construction administration experience. The project team (Owner / A/E / Contractor) will be required to utilize e-Builder, the University’s Project Management System, for all compatible services required by the University. The Ohio State University is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for students, patients, staff, visitors, and contractors. While not exclusive, guidelines governing safety expectations for construction/ renovation projects within Ohio State buildings are set forth in the Building Design Standards Appendix V and are summarized here:, under the section titled “Construction Site Safety Requirements.” Closeout Services: The closeout for this project is required to be delivered in an electronic cloud-based format using the e-Builder Project Management System and adhere to The Ohio State University Project Closeout Standards. The Ohio State University Project Closeout Standards can be accessed via the OSU FOD vender resource website ( under Post Construction / Close Out. Please list all major scope services needed to complete the selection process for successful project delivery. The specific scope of services must state particular building types, functional design or specialized professional services required to evaluate the level of experience of each applicant firm (e.g., parking garage, kitchen design, correctional facility, medical facility). The scope of services should also define the types of basic and additional professional design and administration services necessary for the project (e.g. LEED or University Sustainability Standards, as applicable, previous experience with local jurisdiction or similar sites, previous experience working with the State of Ohio, Building Information Modeling (“BIM”) experience and training, specific BIM and Owner-defined requirements, level of development to be achieved within BIM models, BIM deliverables, and Owner’s intended use of BIM models after construction). This information will be used by each applicant to populate the Relevant Project Experience Matrix in Section F of Form F110-330. For purposes of completing the Relevant Project Experience Matrix in Section F of the Statement of Qualifications (Form F110-330), below is a list of relevant scope of work requirements for this RFQ: 1. Sustainable Design Experience 2. Occupied Outpatient Medical Clinic Projects 3. Active Academic Medical Centers 4. State of Ohio and/or Ohio State Administered Projects For the purpose of the selection of 10 Relevant Projects in Section F of the Statement of Qualification (Form F110-330), projects must be designed by the Lead Firm. C. Estimated Budget / Funding D. Anticipated Schedule State Funding: $0 Professional Services Start: 12 / 22 Other Funding: $1,500,000 Construction Notice to Proceed: 10 / 23 Construction Cost: $1,070,000 Substantial Completion of all Work: 06 / 24 Total Project Cost: $1,500,000 Professional Services Completed: 09 / 24 Request for Qualifications (Architect / Engineer) continued F110-02-2022-MAR Publish Date: 9/22/22 Page 3 of 5 E. Estimated Basic Fee Range (see note below) F. EDGE Participation Goal 8.0% to 8.5% Percent of initial Total A/E Fee: 5% NOTE: Basic Services include: (1) Program Verification, (2) Schematic Design, (3) Design Development, (4) Construction Documents, (5) Bidding and Award OR GMP Proposal and Amendment (as applicable), (6) Construction Administration, and (7) Closeout services. The Basic Fee includes all professional design services and consultant services necessary for proper completion of the Basic Services, including validation of existing conditions (but not subsurface or hidden conditions) and preparation of cost estimates and design schedules for the project. The Estimated Basic Fee Range is calculated as a percentage of the Estimated Budget for Construction Cost above. The Basic Fee excludes any Additional Services required for the project. G. Basic Service Providers Required (see note below) H. Additional Service Providers Required Lead A/E Discipline: Architecture Commissioning Secondary Program of Requirements Disciplines: Structural Engineering Testing and Air Balancing Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing Eng. Fire Protection Engineering NOTE: The lead A/E shall be (1) an architect registered pursuant to ORC Chapter 4703, (2) a landscape architect registered pursuant to ORC Chapter 4703, or a (3) professional engineer or (4) professional surveyor licensed pursuant to ORC Chapter 4733. I. Evaluation Criteria for Selection • Demonstrated ability to meet Owner’s programmed project vision, scope, budget, and schedule on previous projects. • Demonstrated ability to meet Owner’s Sustainability Standards: • Previous experience compatible with the proposed project (e.g., type, size). • Relevant past work of prospective firm’s proposed consultants. • Past performance of prospective firm and its proposed consultants. • Qualifications and experience of individuals directly involved with the project. • Proposer’s previous experience (numbers of projects, sizes of projects) when working with its proposed consultants. • Design quality and demonstrated ability of prospective firm and its proposed consultants to provide design services which represent the University’s Design Guidelines for Buildings and Landscape buildings- landscape.pdf • Experience and capabilities of creating or using Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules and of using CPM schedules as a project management resource. • Approach to and success of using partnering and Alternative Dispute Resolution. • Proximity of prospective firms to the project site. • Proposer’s apparent resources and capacity to meet the needs of this project. • The selected A/E and all its consultants must have the capability to use the Internet within their normal business location(s) during normal business hours. Interested A/E firms are required to submit the Commitment to Participate in the EDGE Business Assistance Program form in its Statement of Qualifications (Form F110-330) submitted in response to the RFQ, to indicate its intent to contract with and use EDGE-certified Business Enterprise(s), as a part of the A/E’s team. The Intent to Contract and to Perform and / or waiver request letter and Demonstration of Good Faith Effort form(s) with complete documentation must be attached to the A/E’s Technical Proposal. Both forms can be accessed via the OFCC website at The Intent to Contract and to Perform form is again required at the Fee Proposal stage. If the A/E firm intends to receive points for exceeding the EDGE Participation Goal, it must provide BOTH a completed Commitment to Participate form AND a completed Statement of Intent to Contract and to Perform forms signed by both parties with its Statement of Qualifications. For all Statements of Qualifications, please identify the EDGE-certified Business Enterprises, by name, which will participate in the delivery of the proposed professional services solicited in the RFQ. Interested A/E firms must indicate on their Statement of Qualifications, the locations where their services will be performed in the spaces provided or by attachment in accordance with the requirements of Executive Order 2019-12D related to providing services only within the United States and the requirements of Executive Order 2022-02D prohibiting Request for Qualifications (Architect / Engineer) continued F110-02-2022-MAR Publish Date: 9/22/22 Page 4 of 5 purchases from or investment in any Russian institution or company. Failure to do so may cause their Statement of Qualifications to be rejected. J. Submittal Instructions Firms are required to submit the current version of Statement of Qualifications (Form F110-330) available via the OFCC website at Electronic submittals should be combined into one PDF file saved with the form name, project number listed on the RFQ and your firm’s name (ex. F110-330_OSU-nnnnnn_Firm Name). Use the “print” feature of Adobe Acrobat or similar software for creating a PDF rather than using a scanner. If possible, please reduce the file size of the PDF. In Acrobat, go to Advanced, then PDF Optimizer. Statements of Qualifications must be submitted electronically by email. Submittals are limited to one email with a maximum file size of 25 MB. Firms are requested to identify professional registrations, memberships, and credentials including: LEED GA, LEED AP, LEED AP+, CCCA, CCM, CCS, CDT, CPE, DBIA, and any other appropriate design and construction industry credentials. Identify that information on the resume page for individual in Block 22, Section E of the F110-330 form. Architect / Engineer Selection Rating Form State of Ohio Standard Forms and Documents F110-02-2022-MAR Publish Date: 9/22/22 Page 5 of 5 Project Name Crane - Orthopedic Immediate Care Clinic Proposer Firm Project Number OSU-221103 City, State, Zip Selection Criteria Value Score 1. Primary Firm Location, Workload and Size (Maximum 10 points) a. Proximity of firm to project site Less than 50 miles 5 50 miles to 100 miles 2 More than 100 miles 0 b. Amount of fees awarded by Contracting Authority in previous 24 months Less than $200,000 2 $200,000 to $1,000,000 1 More than $1,000,000 0 c. Number of licensed professionals Less than 2 professionals 2 Max = 3 2 to 10 professionals 3 More than 10 professionals 1 2. Primary Firm Qualifications (Maximum 30 points) a. Project management lead Experience / ability of project manager to manage scope / budget / schedule / quality 0 - 10 b. Project design lead Experience / creativity of project designer to achieve owner’s vision and requirements 0 - 5 Max = 20 c. Technical staff Experience / ability of technical staff to create fully coordinated construction documents 0 - 5 d. Construction administration staff Experience / ability of field representative to identify and solve issues during construction 0 - 10 3. Key Consultant Qualifications (Maximum 20 points) a. Key discipline leads Experience / ability of key consultants to perform effectively and collaboratively 0 - 15 b. Proposed EDGE-certified Consultant participation* One point for every 2 percent increase in professional services over the EDGE participation goal 0 - 5 4. Overall Team Qualifications (Maximum 10 points) a. Previous team collaboration Less than 2 sample projects 1 Max = 3 2 to 4 sample projects 2 More than 4 sample projects 3 b. LEED** Registered / Certified project experience Registered LEED v4.0 or v4.1 projects 1 Max = 2 Certified LEED v4.0 or v4.1 projects 2 c. BIM project experience Training and knowledge 1 Max = 3 Direct project experience 3 d. Team organization Clarity of responsibility / communication demonstrated by table of organization 0 - 2 5. Overall Team Experience (Maximum 30 points) a. Previous team performance Past performance as indicated by evaluations and letters of reference 0 - 10 b. Experience with similar projects / delivery methods Less than 3 projects 0 - 3 3 to 6 projects 4 - 6 More than 6 projects 7 - 10 c. Budget and schedule management Performance in completing projects within original construction budget and schedule 0 - 5 d. Knowledge of Ohio Capital Improvements process Less than 3 projects 0 - 1 3 to 6 projects 2 - 3 More than 6 projects 4 - 5 * Must be comprised of professional design services consulting firm(s) and NOT the lead firm – For more information on scoring this and other criteria refer to Document F199-01 – PS Selection Rating Rubric. ** Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design administered by Green Building Certification Inc. Subtotal Notes: Evaluator: Name Signature Date

30 W. Spring St., 4th Floor Columbus, Ohio 43215Location

Address: 30 W. Spring St., 4th Floor Columbus, Ohio 43215

Country : United StatesState : Ohio

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