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started - 20 Feb, 2024 (2 months ago)

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20 Feb, 2024 (2 months ago)
due - 02 Apr, 2024 (18 days ago)

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02 Apr, 2024 (18 days ago)
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Project Title Temporary Worker Services Invitation # 24-037 Bid Posting Date 02/20/2024 5:25 PM (PDT) Project Stage Bidding Bid Due Date 04/02/2024 10:00 AM (PDT) Response Format Electronic Project Type RFP (Request for Proposal) Response Types Response File Conflict of Interest forms (required) Type of Award Lump Sum Categories 60863 - Temporary Staffing License Requirements Department Contracts Address 900 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1700 Los Angeles, California 90017 County Los Angeles Bid Valid 90 days Liquidated Damages Estimated Bid Value Start/Delivery Date July 2024 Project Duration 60 months Bid Bond Bid Bond 0.00% Payment Bond 0.00% Performance Bond 0.00% Pre-Bid Meeting Information Pre-Bid Meeting No Online Q&A Online Q&A Yes Q&A Deadline 02/29/2024 5:00 PM (PDT) Contact Information Contact Info Lori Tapp 213-236-1957 tapp@scag.ca.gov Bids to Owner's Agent Description Scope of Services SCAG periodically requires the services of
temporary workers in a variety of office/clerical/administrative, office technology, professional services, and/or creative s design functions for limited-term assignments or to meet special workload needs. The agencies selected through this RFP process will be placed on a pre-qualified list. Once the pre-qualified list is approved, SCAG shall request competitive offers from the agencies for the provision of temporary workers in any of the four (4) job categories as described below: 1. Office/Clerical/Administrative – Providing various general clerical/office/administrative support, utilizing Microsoft Office programs (particularly Word and Excel) to prepare reports, correspondence, and other written documents; perform data entry and database maintenance; reception duties, answering phones, receiving messages, calendar management, scheduling meetings/appointments, maintaining files, handling mail, photocopying, filing and other relevant office support duties requiring computer proficiency (particularly Microsoft Outlook and Teams), accuracy, and attention to detail. 2. Office Technology – Providing various technical support functions, including audiovisual, reprographics, physical inventory management and computer support duties. 3. Professional Services – Providing various Professional expertise in any of the following areas: human resources, finance (accounting, budget and grants, procurement/contracts administration, payroll), government and/or legislative affairs, information technology, records management, project management and/or public relations/communications. 4. Creative Design - Providing various creative design services including computer graphic design and producing graphic artwork for brochures, technical reports, social media posts, websites and/or digital campaigns; photography and videography services; and to design and prepare presentation graphics including, but not limited to, booklets, promotional/environmental signage, slides, and/or maps. Other Details SELECTION Selection of temporary workers submitted by agencies will be made on the basis of: the fit between the job skills of temporary personnel available from the agency and SCAG's staffing needs; the bill rate; the agency’s overhead or mark-up costs; and the ability of the agency to meet deadlines and provide any related services that might be needed. Additionally, SCAG may occasionally want to hire, on a temporary basis, a specific individual that is identified as having special skills or experience that are needed, and SCAG may want to "payroll" that person through a temporary services agency. In such instance, competitive offers for that service may be sought from the agencies on the pre-qualified list. Employment agencies wishing to provide temporary workers to SCAG, as above, must respond to this RFP, meet all requirements for RFP submission, be successful in the evaluation process, and be approved by SCAG’s Regional Council, prior to being placed on the pre-qualified list. Notes Special Notices Local Programs & Policies Place eBid

900 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1700 Los Angeles, California 90017Location

Address: 900 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1700 Los Angeles, California 90017

Country : United StatesState : California

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