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started - 30 Jun, 2022 (15 months ago)

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30 Jun, 2022 (15 months ago)
due - 09 Sep, 2022 (12 months ago)

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09 Sep, 2022 (12 months ago)
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Bid Notification


State of Idaho

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State of Idaho
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25 August 2022 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Enterprise Content Management (ECM) 25 August 2022 Open 6/30/2022 5:00 PM MDT Type Request for Proposal Close 9/9/2022 5:00 PM MDT Number RFP20221660 Currency US Dollar Sealed Until 9/12/2022 10:30 AM MDT Payment Terms 0% 0, Net 30 25 August 2022 Contacts Bob Morlan bob.morlan@adm.idaho.gov 25 August 2022 NIGP Codes NIGP Code Description 209-37 Data Processing Software, Mini/Mainframe Computer 206-55 Integrated Hardware-Software I.T. Sol.(Mini/MF Computer) 25 August 202225 August 202225 August 202225 August 202225 August 202225 August 202225 August 2022 mailto:bob.morlan@adm.idaho.gov The Division of Purchasing (DOP), on behalf of the Information Technology Services (ITS), is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to provide an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. NOTE: THE FULL SOURCING EVENT IS ONLY
AVAILABLE BY LOGGING INTO IPRO AT https://solutions.sciquest.com/apps/Router/SupplierLogin?CustOrg=StateofIdaho. SUPPLIERS THAT ONLY VIEW THE DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE FROM THE PUBLIC WEBSITE, AND DO NOT LOGIN TO IPRO, MAY NOT HAVE ACCESS TO ALL DOCUMENTS (INCLUDING ATTACHMENTS, Q AND A, AND MORE). IT IS THE SUPPLIER’S SOLE RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE ACCESS TO THE FULL SOURCING EVENT BY LOGGING INTO IPRO; THE STATE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR A SUPPLIER’S INABILITY TO ACCESS INFORMATION THAT IS AVAILABLE BY LOGGING IN. Description https://solutions.sciquest.com/apps/Router/SupplierLogin?CustOrg=StateofIdaho Required to View Event Prerequisites Required to Enter Bid 25 August 2022 1. Please download and acknowledge receipt of the attached Solicitation Instructions to Vendors. 2. Please download and acknowledge receipt of the RFP Administration documentation. 3. Please download and acknowledge receipt of the attached Terms and Conditions. 4. Please download and acknowledge receipt of the attached Special Terms and Conditions. 5. Please download and acknowledge receipt of the attached Insurance Requirements. Note: Suppliers that do not currently hold the type/level of insurance required are strongly encouraged to contact an insurance representative to obtain a quote prior to submitting a proposal. An awarded contractor’s inability to obtain the required insurance may be grounds for termination of the contract for cause and may affect the evaluation of that supplier’s responsibility on future sourcing events. 6. Download and fill out the Cover Form in it's entirety. Upload Cover Form when completed to the Suppliers Attachment section of this Sourcing Event 7. Download the attached Signature Page, complete and sign, and upload completed form under Supplier Attachments. 25 August 202225 August 202225 August 202225 August 202225 August 2022 Buyer Attachments 1. ATTACHMENT+1+PRE-PROPOSAL+CONFERENCE+REGISTRATION+FORM.docx 2. ATTACHMENT+2+OFFEROR+QUESTIONS (2).docx 3. ATTACHMENT+3+MODIFICATION+AND+EXCEPTION+FORM (1).docx 4. APPENDIX+A+IDAHO+TERMS+AND+CONDITIONS+BACKGROUND+AND+LIMITATIONS (1).docx 25 August 202225 August 202225 August 202225 August 2022 https://s3.amazonaws.com/solutions-selectsite-documents/Sourcingevent/1079783-1275662865ATTACHMENT%2B1%2BPRE-PROPOSAL%2BCONFERENCE%2BREGISTRATION%2BFORM.docx?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ5HNJE5DFBZ5ONSA&Expires=1724514005&Signature=0dTnKRX96dHfnduP2CmTNx5gm4U%3D https://s3.amazonaws.com/solutions-selectsite-documents/Sourcingevent/1079783-1275630656ATTACHMENT%2B2%2BOFFEROR%2BQUESTIONS%20%282%29.docx?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ5HNJE5DFBZ5ONSA&Expires=1724514005&Signature=1EYrNrix4y4RAX3ugwbCJhDY0nU%3D https://s3.amazonaws.com/solutions-selectsite-documents/Sourcingevent/1079783-1275629790ATTACHMENT%2B3%2BMODIFICATION%2BAND%2BEXCEPTION%2BFORM%20%281%29.docx?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ5HNJE5DFBZ5ONSA&Expires=1724514005&Signature=HiRRL9PvuNXpv103BFqgWcAbDso%3D https://s3.amazonaws.com/solutions-selectsite-documents/Sourcingevent/1079783-1275629832APPENDIX%2BA%2BIDAHO%2BTERMS%2BAND%2BCONDITIONS%2BBACKGROUND%2BAND%2BLIMITATIONS%20%281%29.docx?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ5HNJE5DFBZ5ONSA&Expires=1724514005&Signature=DI8O%2BKyU%2Ffhg5vzNcDmowa7Vj7g%3D Questions Required Questions Group 1: Business Information Instructions: 1.1 (ME) Business Profile- Provide a profile of your business including Offeror’s business history, description of current service area, and customer base. � 1.2 (ME) Experience - Describe in detail your knowledge and experience in providing services similar to those required in this RFP. 1.3 (M) Organizational Chart - Provide a copy of your organizational chart, including detail of any relationships with parent and subsidiary organizations. 1.4 (ME) Demonstrated Success - Provide specific data demonstrating previous success providing services similar to those required in this RFP. 1.5 (E) References – Provide references with current contact information for at least two (2) state government and/or similar large-scale ECM solution implementations in the last five (5) years. 1.6 Please acknowledge the following: Disclosure of Abortion Related Matters. The State is subject to the No Public Funds for Abortion Act, Idaho Code title 18, chapter 87 (the “Act”) and State employees who intentionally violate the provisions of the Act are subject to criminal prosecution. This provision is included in the Solicitation to aid in compliance with the Act. The State requests that Offeror disclose, unless Offeror is within one of the exemptions provided in the Act, if it or an affiliate is or becomes, during the term of the Contract (if Offeror is the awarded Contractor), an abortion provider and if it will use State facilities or public funds to provide, perform, participate in, promote or induce, assist, counsel in favor, refer or train a person for an abortion related activity. Please refer to the Act for definitions of the terms used in this section. Group 2: Organization & Staffing Instructions: 2.1 (ME) Project Lead - Identify the person who will be the dedicated Project Lead if Offeror is awarded a contract. Provide a description of the proposed Project Lead’s experience and qualifications (or upload a resume in response to Question 2.2). � 2.2 (ME) Key Personnel and Qualifications - Provide a list of key management, customer service and other roles to be used in the fulfillment of this Contract (in addition to the Project Lead). Provide role descriptions, including requisite qualifications and experience of the person(s)/role(s) identified, as well as an explanation of how the person in that role will contribute to the project. Your response should demonstrate the extent to which you have the expertise to accomplish the Scope of Work. 2.3 (M) Subcontractors - If you intend to utilize subcontractors, describe the extent to which they will be used to comply with Contract requirements. Include each position providing service, and provide a detailed description of how the subcontractors are anticipated to be involved under the Contract. Include a description of how the Offeror will ensure that all subcontractors and their employees will meet all Scope of Work requirements. NOTE: The information provided for subcontractors, if any, will be evaluated as part of Section 8.2, Other Key Personnel and Qualifications. If you do not intend to utilize subcontractor(s), provide a statement to that effect. � 2.4 Submit resumes in response to the questions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 above. Group 3: Scope of Work Instructions: 3.1 Download the attached Scope of Work and indicate your understanding and willingnessto comply. 3.2 Offer must upload the completed scope of work Group 4: Cost Proposal Instructions: 4.1 Download the attached the Cost Sheet. Group 5: Amendment Instructions: 5.1 Download and acknowledge Amendment 1. 5.2 Download and acknowledge receipt of Attachment 2 and Attachment 3 answers. 5.3 Download and acknowledge the ITS Information Security Policy Manual. 25 August 202225 August 202225 August 2022 5.4 Download and acknowledge Amendment 2. 5.5 Download and acknowledge receipt of Attachment 2 and Attachment 3 answers. 5.6 Download and acknowledge the Current State document. 25 August 202225 August 202225 August 2022

304 N. 8th Street, Room 403, Boise Idaho 83702Location

Address: 304 N. 8th Street, Room 403, Boise Idaho 83702

Country : United StatesState : Idaho

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