Prime Rate Interface (PRI) Services

expired opportunity(Expired)
From: Ontario(State)

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started - 02 Mar, 2023 (3 months ago)

Start Date

02 Mar, 2023 (3 months ago)
due - 21 Apr, 2023 (1 month ago)

Due Date

21 Apr, 2023 (1 month ago)




Government of Ontario

Customer / Agency

Government of Ontario
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Project Details Project Code tender_17713 Project Title Prime Rate Interface (PRI) Services Project Reference tender_17713 Multi Lot Project No Project Type Services Project Categories 31162800-Miscellaneous hardware 43222500-Network security equipment 43222600-Network service equipment 43232700-Network applications software 43232800-Network management software 43232900-Networking software 81111500-Software or hardware engineering 81112300-Computer hardware maintenance and support 81161700-Telecommunication Services 83111500-Local and long distance telephone communications 83112200-Enhanced telecommunications services 83112300-Fiber telecommunications services 83112400-Switched dial up and leased dedicated line circuit telecommunications services Opportunity Details Detailed Description The Ontario Public Service (OPS) employs various services and technologies for its landline voice services including Voice Over IP (VoIP), Centrex, Key Systems, Private Branch Exchange (PBXPXB), and Pla
in Old Telephone Service (POTS). The OPS has begun the process of migrating most of its landline voice services to Microsoft Teams phone service. In the interim, PRI Services are required to support legacy PBX systems. The purpose of this procurement is to select a single Vendor to provide PRI Services for Client sites within the Province of Ontario (“Ontario”). Today, this involves approximately 205 PRI Circuits across 88 sites and approximately 22,000 Direct Inward Dial (DID) telephone numbers.. Most of these PRI Circuits are deployed for voice services. Scope of Work The Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery (MPBSD) (the “Ministry”) on behalf of the Ontario Public Service (OPS) requires a Vendor to provide Primary Rate Interface (PRI) Services across the Province of Ontario. The Ministry will enter into and agreement with the selected Bidder for a period of three (3) years with the option to extend for up to three (3) additional one-year (1) periods, at the sole discretion of the Ministry. Work Category IT Procurement Route Open Opportunity First Publishing Date (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm) 15/03/2023 09:10 Listing Expiry Date (dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm) 21/04/2023 11:00 Estimated Contract Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Estimated Value of Contract djw_executeOnReady(function() {var buttonAccordion = djw_query('');for(var i = 0; i < buttonAccordion.length; i++){buttonAccordion[i].setAttribute('data-pos', i);}djw_query('div.Accordion').toggleClass('expanded');djw_query('').on('click', accordionEvt);djw_query('div.Accordion.startClose').forEach(function(item){accordion(item);})});function accordionEvt(evt){accordion(evt.currentTarget);}function accordion(item) {djw_query(item).toggleClass('expanded');var accordionDiv = djw_query('.Accordion,.Accordion-container');var toggle = false;var accordionTogglePos = djw_getAttribute(item, 'data-pos');for(var i=0; i < accordionDiv.length; i++){var sib = accordionDiv[i];if(sib !== undefined && sib.className.includes('Accordion')){var pos = djw_getAttribute(sib, 'data-pos');if(pos != null){if(pos == accordionTogglePos){toggle = true;} else {toggle = false;}}if(sib.className.includes('not-active')){toggle = false;}if(toggle && sib !== undefined && sib.className.includes('Accordion-container')){djw_query(sib).toggleClass('displayNone');}}}djw_adjustHeights();} Opportunity Additional Information List Opportunity Attributes LabelDescriptionValue Assigned by BuyerEditable ByEstimated Contract Duration (Initial Term in Months)* Estimated Contract Duration (Initial Term in Months) 36Buyer Additional Information - French LabelDescriptionValue Assigned by BuyerEditable ByTitle (French)* Title (French) Services d'interface à taux préférentiel (PRI)Buyer Detailed Description (French)* Detailed Description (French) Le ministère des Services au public et aux entreprises (le « ministère »), au nom de la fonction publique de l’Ontario (FPO), a besoin d’un fournisseur pour offrir des services d’interface à débit primaire (PRI) dans la province de l’Ontario. Le ministère conclura un accord avec le soumissionnaire sélectionné pour une période de trois (3) ans, avec la possibilité de le prolonger pour un maximum de trois (3) périodes supplémentaires d’un an (1), à la seule discrétion du ministère.Buyer Scope of Work (French) Scope of Work (French) La fonction publique de l’Ontario (FPO) utilise divers services et technologies pour ses services vocaux terrestres, notamment la voix sur IP (VoIP), le Centrex, les système d'intercommunication, les autocommutateurs privés (PBXPXB) et le service téléphonique de base (POTS). La FPO a entamé le processus de migration de la plupart de ses services vocaux terrestres vers le service téléphonique Microsoft Teams. Dans l’intervalle, des services PRI sont nécessaires pour soutenir les systèmes PBX existants. L’objectif de cet appel d’offres est de sélectionner un seul fournisseur pour offrir des services PRI aux sites des clients dans la province de l’Ontario. À l’heure actuelle, cela représente environ 205 circuits PRI répartis sur 88 sites et environ 22 000 numéros de téléphone à sélection directe à l’arrivée (SDA). La plupart de ces circuits PRI sont déployés pour les services vocaux. Buyer Additional Information – Procuring Entity LabelDescriptionValue Assigned by BuyerEditable ByMinistry or Procuring Entity* Ministry or Procuring Entity Public and Business Service DeliveryBuyer Procuring Entity Street Address* Procuring Entity Street Address 222 Jarvis StreetBuyer Procuring Entity City* Procuring Entity City TorontoBuyer Procuring Entity Province* Procuring Entity Province OntarioBuyer Procuring Entity Postal Code* Procuring Entity Postal Code M7A 0B6Buyer Additional Information – Region Of Service LabelDescriptionValue Assigned by BuyerEditable ByRegion of Service* Region of Service Ontario Buyer Region of Service Other: Region of Service Other: Buyer Regional Code* Regional Code ONBuyer Information Session / Site Meeting LabelDescriptionValue Assigned by BuyerEditable ByInformation Session* Information Session N/ABuyer Information Session Date and Time (dd/mm/yyyy) (hh:mm) Information Session Date and Time Buyer Site Meeting* Site Meeting N/ABuyer Site Meeting Date and Time (dd/mm/yyyy) (hh:mm) Site Meeting Date and Time Buyer Submission LabelDescriptionValue Assigned by BuyerEditable ByBid Security Required* Bid Security Required N/ABuyer Submission Address Submission Address Buyer Procurement Contact LabelDescriptionValue Assigned by BuyerEditable ByContact Name* Contact Name Jason MacDonaldBuyer Contact Email Address* Contact Email Address Please submit all questions and concerns regarding this RFB via the messaging function within the Ontario Tenders Portal (OTP). Procurement documents can only be found on the Ontario Tender Portal. There is no cost for vendors to use the Ontario Tender Portal - please use the link below to register for a vendor account if you do not already have one: Contact Phone Number* Contact Phone Number Please submit all questions and concerns regarding this RFB via the messaging function within the Ontario Tenders Portal (OTP). Procurement documents can only be found on the Ontario Tender Portal. There is no cost for vendors to use the Ontario Tender Portal - please use the link below to register for a vendor account if you do not already have one: Contact Fax Number Contact Fax Number Buyer Preferred Method of Communication* Preferred Method of Communication E-Tendering SoftwareBuyer function showHideDEDiv(sectId) { djw_query('.sect_' + sectId).toggleClass('displayNone'); djw_query('.sect_arrow_' + sectId).toggleClass('off');} Published Lots Row NumberIcon ColumnCode Title Time Limit to Express Interest Action Column1RFxrfx_15848Prime Rate Interface (PRI) Services21/04/2023 11:00 Buyer Details Buyer Organization Government of Ontario Contact Jason MacDonald Email Web Link

Toronto, ontario canada, M3C 0C1 CanadaLocation

Address: Toronto, ontario canada, M3C 0C1 Canada

Country : CanadaState : Ontario