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started - 07 Jan, 2020 (about 4 years ago)

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07 Jan, 2020 (about 4 years ago)
due - 30 Jun, 2023 (7 months ago)

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30 Jun, 2023 (7 months ago)




Department of Administrative Services

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Department of Administrative Services
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STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE Department of Administrative Services Bureau of Purchase and Property State House Annex Concord, New Hampshire 03301 Date: November 15, 2019 NOTICE OF CONTRACT – REVISION (Update vendor contact) CONTRACT: MRO (Material Repair & Operation) and Industrial Supplies CONTRACT NO.: 8002347 NIGP CODE: 345 0000 VENDOR: GRAINGER Inc VC# 175421 B001 370 E. Industrial Drive Manchester, NH 03109-5310 CONTACT PERSON: Jeff MacNeil - Sales Manager Questions other than ordering: Jeff.Macneil@grainger.com (804-357-3158) Randy Harnicker – Account Manager 847-429-3390 or Randy.Harnicker@Grainger.com Pauline Frisina-Brown – State Account Manager 603-231-0315 or Pauline.Frisina@Grainger.com WEBSITE: www.Grainger.com ORDER
E-MAIL: Orderdept466@Grainger.com TELEPHONE # (603) 668-7161 FAX. NO.: (603) 668-8495 CONTRACT PERIOD: October 19, 2018 Through: June 30, 2019 Extended: March 25, 2019 through June 30, 2023 TERMS: NET 30 DAYS MINIMUM ORDERS: NONE PAYMENT: Payments shall be made via ACH or Procurement Card (P-Card-Visa Credit Card). Use of the following link to enroll with the State Treasure for ACH payments: http://www.nh.gov/treasury/forms-publications/index.htm P-Card usage is mandatory for agencies enrolled in the State P-Card Program. ORDERING PROCEDURE: Agencies shall, place orders directly with vendor via, fax, on-line or email. Orders over $800, agencies must obtain quote from all four MRO Contracts (8002346, 8002347, 8002348 & 8002349). Orders under $2,000 are ordered direct to vendor. Orders over $2,000, agencies will need to complete an RQ10 Requisition Form through NHFirst for the Bureau of Purchase and Property for approval, with attached quotes from all four vendors. ORDERING AUTHORITY: The vendor and agency will be responsible for establishing proper identification for agency employees authorized to purchase from this contract. PAYMENT: Payments shall be made via ACH or Procurement Card (P-Card-Visa Credit Card). Use of the following link to enroll with the State Treasure for ACH payments: http://www.nh.gov/treasury/forms- publications/index.htm P-Card usage is mandatory for agencies enrolled in the State P-Card Program. mailto:Jeff.Macneil@grainger.com mailto:Randy.Harnicker@Grainger.com mailto:Pauline.Frisina@Grainger.com http://www.grainger.com/ mailto:Orderdept466@Grainger.com http://www.nh.gov/treasury/forms-publications/index.htm http://www.nh.gov/treasury/forms-publications/index.htm http://www.nh.gov/treasury/forms-publications/index.htm DISCOUNT: DISCOUNT Fasteners (not under contract) 35% Material & Handling 12% Plumbing (not under contract) 20% Power Source 19% Outdoor Garden 13% HVAC 17% Hand tools 15% Power Tools 12% Electrical (not under contract) 23% Security 17% Safety (not under contract) 20% DELIVERY/SHIPPING: FOB destination. All deliveries 24-48 hours after receipt of order for stock items. Out of stock or special order, delivery 10 business days. Agencies may also pick up merchandise at various store locations CATEGORIES: Defined at Table of Contents or Index for Vendor catalog. There are several “Categories” allowed under this contract and several restricted categories. See below. MRO CATAGORIES ALLOWED: Abrasive, Adhesives, HVAC, Material Handling, Hardware, Hand tools, Hydraulic, Most Lubricants, Machining, Material Handling, Outdoor, Minor Pneumatics, Plumbing, Power Source, HVAC, Pumps, Raw Material, Reference & Learning, Safety & Security, Motors & Accessories, Small Test Instruments and Flashlights. NO OTHER CATEGORIES ALLOWED as per RSA 21: I-17-C. SEE ATTACHED. NO EQUIPMENT CAN BE PURCHASED – THIS IS A SUPPLY AND PARTS ONLY CONTRACT FOR CONSUMABLE ITEMS. MRO CATEGORIES NOT ALLOWED: Per RSA 21: I-17-C: are defined as ANYTHING relating to Air Filters, Lamps/Ballasts/Fixtures, Cleaning Supplies, Electrical Supplies, Fasteners, and Welding or any Equipment (as defined below). DEFINITIONS Equipment is defined as Fixed Asset, Inventory, Whole kits/units, with an acquisition cost of more than $250 and/or life span of more than one year. Examples include: machinery, vehicles, electronic/pluggable devices, or other related items. Supplies us defined as Consumable items, under $250 and/or last a year or less and low dollar amount Replacement Parts is defined as replacement parts and supplies shall be defined as meters, valves, handles, power cords, replacement kits, nuts & bolts and any other items considered to be repair/replacement parts for current State owned equipment. New complete machines and units are not parts. Consumable Goods is defined as goods shall be defined as any item under an acquisition cost of $250 and/or lasts less than a year. CONTACT INFORMATION: Loretta Razin, Purchasing Manager (603) 271-0579 Email address: Loretta.Razin@DAS.NH.Gov mailto:Loretta.Razin@DAS.NH.Gov INCLUDED IN CONTRACT: Sample List: ABRASIVE HVAC Polisher, Sanding, Grinding & Kits Sealants, Bearings, Tape, Clamps etc Blades & Sticks Pocket analyzer & Meters Sponges & Brushes Gauges & Controls & Temperature Monitoring Devices Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes Acrylic, Bonding & Grout Hydraulic All Sealant & Tapes Adaptors, Hose & Filters Kits & Detectors Clothing Valve, Gages & Pumps Boots, Gloves, Hats Chaps, Coverall & Waders Lubrication Ear Muffs, Face Shield & Glasses NOT ALLOWED: Bearing, Engine, Gear, Grease, hydraulic, Lithium, Materials/Household Multipurpose, Open Gear, Tractor & Transmission Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors Emergency Lights Machining Safety Signs Device, Clamps & Covers Spill Kit And Replacement Items Fluid Test Strips Hardware Motor Accessories Pneumatic Electric & Drive Valves, Rings & Hoses Hardware, Fittings & Accessories Safety/Protection Dust Mask & Face Shield Pumps Ear Plugs Adaptor, Cables, Floats & Heads Eyewash Seals & Filters Small First Aid Supplies Glasses/Goggles Power Transmission Ear Muffs Gear & Rack Hard Hats Vibrator Fall Protection Gear & Supplies Rail & Bearing Harnesses & Lanyards Respirators & Replaceable Supplies/Filters Test Instrument Handheld & Pocket EXCLUDED IN CONTRACT: Any items currently under State Contract: Air Filters, Lamps Ballast, Cleaning Supplies, Electrical Equipment, Fasteners, Plumbing, Welding & Soldering. Examples: Ladders, heaters, A/C units, Security Systems, Welding Equipment, Compressors, Tools, Filters, Appliances, Motors, Batteries, Fixtures, Camera, TV, Generators, Pumps, Cones, Hardware and/or EQUIPMENT (items over $250 per item). CATEGORIES EXCLUDED BUT OFFERED BY STATE CONTRACT AIR FILTERS LAMPS, BALLASTS, FIXTURES PLUMBING STATE CONTRACT STATE CONTRACT STATE CONTRACT #8002357 / AIREX FILTER #8001921 / Consolidated Electric Dist #8001919 / Granite Group ELECTRICAL REPAIRS & EQUIP SAFETY FASTENERS STATE CONTRACT STATE CONTRACT STATE CONTRACT # 8002296/ Northeast Distributors FIRST AID KITS, SUPPLIES & RESTOCKING 8002443 / Fastenal #8002278 Glove Cleaner CLEANING/Central Paper WELDING & SOLDERING STATE CONTRACT STATE CONTRACT # 8002330 / ALL AMERICAN POLY #8001784 / AIR GAS #8002025 / CENTRAL PAPER #8001783 / Haun Welding #8002331 / CENTRAL PAPER #8002332 / WB MASON STATE CONTRACTS LIST: Visit for full contract listing: http://das.nh.gov/purchasing/Contracts_posteddte.asp?sort=cn a http://das.nh.gov/purchasing/Contracts_posteddte.asp?sort=cna http://das.nh.gov/purchasing/Contracts_posteddte.asp?sort=cna CONTRACT: MRO (Material Repair & Operation) and Industrial Supplies

25 Capitol Street, State House Annex Concord, NH 03301-6398Location

Address: 25 Capitol Street, State House Annex Concord, NH 03301-6398

Country : United StatesState : New Hampshire

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