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Bid Notification 4800 Mark Center Dr, STE 06J25-01 Alexandria, Virginia 22350-1300 United States - JAMRS Marketing Communications - Sources Sought


4800 Mark Center Dr, STE 06J25-01 Alexandria, Virginia 22350-1300 United States
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Aug 21, 2017 10:58 am SOURCES SOUGHT

1. The Defense Human Resources Activity is issuing this Sources Sought Notice as a means of conducting market research to identify parties having an interest in, and the resources for, providing services in accordance with the draft Performance Work Statement (PWS) for the JAMRS Marketing Communications requirement. This notice shall not be construed as a formal solicitation or an obligation on the part of the Government to acquire any products or services. In addition, it does not guarantee that a subsequent solicitation will be issued. Submission of any information in response to this Sources Sought notice is voluntary and will assist in selecting the appropriate solicitation type/method. Costs associated with any submission shall not be reimbursed by the Government.
2. The proposed NAICS for this effort is 541810, Advertising Agencies (size standard $15 Million). Comments on this NAICS and suggestions for alternative codes must include supporting rationale.
3. Interested parties are requested to submit an unclassified capability statement, limited to 10 pages, that includes:
i) Company name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone and FAX numbers, website address (if available), and the name, telephone number, and e-mail address of a point of contact having the authority and knowledge to clarify responses with Government representatives. Include DUNS number, CAGE Code, Tax Identification Number, and company structure (Corporation, LLC, partnership, joint venture, etc.).
ii) Whether your interest in this requirement is as a prime or sub contractor
iii) IAW FAR Subpart 19.502-2, it should address how you will be competitive "in terms of market price"
iv) Information describing partnering/subcontracting (if any) in order to fulfill the requirements of a PWS such as this.
v) Targeted capability statements that provide detailed information regarding the following:
The level and type of activity providing multiple and integrated marketing communications services for its clients.
Annual Billing Breakdown by Media.
(2017) (2016)
Network TV _______% _______%
Spot TV _______% _______%
Cable, syndicated TV _______% _______%
Magazines _______% _______%
Newspaper _______% _______%
Radio _______% _______%
Out of home _______% _______%
Direct response _______% _______%
Interactive _______% _______%
Other _______ % _______%
Identify current clients for whom the Contractor provides fully integrated marketing services and list the specific integrated marketing disciplines provided for each client account. Highlight any direct and database marketing provided to current clients. In addition to any current commercial clients, identify any Government clients managed in within past five years.
Current Client Integrated Disciplines Provided
_____________________________ _______________________________________
_____________________________ _______________________________________
_____________________________ _______________________________________
_____________________________ _______________________________________
_____________________________ _______________________________________
Past Government Client Integrated Disciplines Provided
_____________________________ _______________________________________
_____________________________ _______________________________________
_____________________________ _______________________________________
_____________________________ _______________________________________
Indicate the number of current employees by department/discipline, and whether those employees are directly in the employ of the Contractor, or subcontracted through partner or affiliate resources. Where partner resources are provided, provide name of the partner company.

# of Employees by Discipline
In-House Partner Partner Company (name)
Management _____ _______ _______________________
Account service _____ _______ _______________________
Media planning _____ _______ _______________________
Media buying _____ _______ _______________________
Creative _____ _______ _______________________
Print production _____ _______ _______________________
Broadcast production _____ _______ _______________________
Research/planning _____ _______ _______________________
Public relations _____ _______ _______________________
Direct response _____ _______ _______________________
Database marketing _____ _______ _______________________
Interactive _____ _______ _______________________
Recruitment Mktg. _____ _______ _______________________
Collateral design _____ _______ _______________________
African Amer. Mktg. _____ _______ _______________________
Hispanic Mktg. _____ _______ _______________________
Other _____ _______ _______________________
Indicate the level of expertise and history of working with the Department of Defense's Risk Management Framework (RMF). If you do not have experience with RMF, would you be willing to be certified prior to working on this contract? For more information, see DoDI 8510.01, DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) and NIST Risk Management.
Include any experience you have working with advertising for military recruiting efforts. If you do not have experience in this area, provide a detailed description of similar efforts that involve career advertising at the national level and how you feel that experience could translate to marketing for military recruiting.
Small Business: If interested in priming this effort, how would you ensure at least 50% of the cost of labor is performed by you as the prime, as well as manage coordination among subcontractors to meet the requirements and objectives of this contract? If interest is as a subcontractor, please provide functions/capabilities you can provide to this effort.
Interested parties must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM). If a solicitation is issued in the future:
a. A business must be a current participant and certified by Small Business Administration (SBA) if responding as an 8(a) firm.
b. HUBZONE small businesses must be certified by SBA by the time of proposal.
c. A Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) must self-certify at the time of offer submission.
d. A Women-owned small business (WOSB) self-certified as EDWOSB or WOSB must have submitted its documents to SBA's WOSB Program Repository at the time of initial offer, if the requirement is an ED/WOSB set-aside.
e. Small businesses shall specify if any kind of teaming arrangement will be involved and "other than small" businesses shall address subcontracting if opportunities exist.
4. Respond via e-mail no later than September 11, 2017 at 11:00 AM EST, to James Canady, at james.a.canady22.civ@mail.mil and Matthew Poole, at matthew.c.poole.civ@mail.mil . E-mail is subject to size and type restrictions (typically limited to less than 2 megabyte in size and only non-executable attachments such as .doc or .pdf files) as well as any other appropriate network security measures. It is the respondent's responsibility to verify the e-mail was received and can be viewed. All responses must address each of the above stated requirements.
Attachments: Draft PWS


Bid Notification started - 21 Aug, 2017 (about 2 years ago) - JAMRS Marketing Communications - Sources Sought

Start Date

21 Aug, 2017 (about 2 years ago)
Bid Notification due - 21 Aug, 2017 (about 2 years ago) - JAMRS Marketing Communications - Sources Sought

Due Date

11 Sep, 2017 (about 2 years ago)

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