F--Testing, Removal & Disposal Obsolete Trailers YELL

F--Testing, Removal & Disposal Obsolete Trailers YELL(Expired)
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Amendment 0006 issued to 140P1420Q0002 for the following:
1) Change period of performance start date from December 23, 2019 to January 13, 2020.
2) Change from 40 yard dumpster to 20 yard dumpster on sample delivery order (attached).
3) Provide responses to the following questions:

The 700 series homes located in Lake we are confident exceed the up to 16' widths. We would like to know if onsite demo would be an option?
All demo shall occur outside of the Park boundaries. The trailers shall be transported legally and contained in a way to reduce debris during transport. Trailers can be split and roofs can be removed on site to reduce the transporting of wide loads but complete demo will not be allowed.

When you say awning does that mean the trailer shelter? We are considering this heavy on
site/park demo. Is that ok?
Yes Demo of the trailer shelters/ awning can be demo on site. This is the only reasonable solution for the removal of them.

We would like to use our own 40 CY dump truck to haul debris from the park. Do we include this pricing in the dumpster pricing?
Yes this would be acceptable, we are not defining the dumpster style

The only haz mat item we foresee is refrigerator gas. Is there any other haz mat items that the park knows of such as chemicals?
No, other than appliances we will remove any other chemicals / containers if they are detected at the time of removal.

Give that the number of trailers in option year 4 and 5 are below 10 can we combine year 4 and 5? For economic scale we need at least 10 or more trailers to cover costs?
At this time we will not allow option year 4 and 5 to be combined due to employees housing requirements.

For year 0 set of 30 trailers how many trailer shelters are there?
We do not have the exact number of shelters to be removed at this time the Task Order will determine this requirement. The Bid schedule has a separate line item for each shelter.

Will there be household goods in all the trailers? No

Will there be refrigerator in all the trailer? Yes

Will there be kitchen appliances in all the trailers? Yes

Can you better define awnings? Is that like door and window covering or over like patio?
The awnings/ shelters are the structures built over the entire roof due to snow load requirements.

We would like some more information on what we call the trailer shelters? Size? SF or photos? Being from the land of little snow they look like pole barns us?

Most of the shelters are used telephone poles set in the ground with asphalt roofing and a truss system.
The size varies but they are just over sized by the trailers they are protecting. The shelters were installed to provide protection from snow load that exceed the trailer roof specifications.

Amendment 0005 issued to 140P1420Q0002 for the following:
1) Provide sample price schedule for evaluation purposes. Offerors shall complete the samples in addition to the electronic Excel price schedule. All blank or zero dollar cells must be noted to confirm whether they are included in another category. Please ensure totals per unit and extended prices are calculated.
2) Extend response date to December 16, 2019 at 9AM MST.
3) Change Base Year Period of Performance start date to December 23, 2019.

Amendment 0004 issued to 140P1420Q0002 for the following:
A) Extend Response Date to 9:00AM MST December 9, 2019.
B) Respond to the following questions:
1. I see the demolition is to occur outside of the park. Do you want the abatement testing and any abatement needed outside the park as well? I spoke with DEQ and they do require any buildings with friable material to have the abatement done prior to even lifting the trailer to get it ready for transportation.
(See SOW General Information)
We are asking that the abatement testing be completed within the park. The awarded contractor is responsible to follow state and federal DEQ requirements. The Disposal laws vary from state to state and will determine abatement removal location i.e. within the park or outside.

2. The Solicitation says Yellowstone will provide snow removal on roads and for site access during pre and post season access (March 21 to November 15). Does this mean the trailers can be moved from November to March, during the winter? Must the work be completed from March to November? Can we make the TOs fit our work schedule with possibly completing the TOs in the winter
(See SOW unit removal)
The Dates are from March 21 to November 15. The park will be closed from November 16 through March 20. No access will be granted for the removal of trailers due to road conditions. Interior Park only some access will be granted for the Mammoth housing units.

3. What are the anticipated dates of work, at least for 2020? What is the contract time for each TO?
The Task Order will determine exact dates and will begin in Mammoth Hot Springs.

4. The Solicitation says most units have frames, hitches and axels, but no tires. Are you aware of any trailers that do not have the frames, hitches or axles for transportation? Or any that are going to require extensive work to get them moved, due to frames, hitches or axels being damaged? Do you by chance know if all the bolt patterns for the tires are the same?
(See SOW for pictures. A separate bid schedule line item for trailers with out hitches)
Most of the trailer units have frames, hitches and Dayton 5 bolt style rims.
Some trailers do not have axles and will require other methods of removal (see attached pictures)

5. With the recycle/reuse, are you opposed to the trailers being used in their entirety? Basically, selling trailers to the public? If this option is allowed, or any other type of recycle/reuse how will payment be done since it¿s required that weight tickets be provided for payment?
(See SOW Recycle/Reuse)
The Awarded contractor has the ability to repurpose the used trailer units. The only cost paid to the awarded contractor will be the removal/ transportation cost. (Not the disposal fee) A release of liability will be required at this point to state the trailers no longer belong to the Government and become the liability of the awarded contractor.

6. Will/are the utilities be disconnected form the trailer? If not do you want a certified plumber and electrician to do the disconnects? Are the utilities supplies that go to the ¿pedestals¿ to stay? Or do they need cut back so many feet from the trailer spot?
(See SOW: Safety)
The Park Service will be responsible for all utilities disconnect, and will not be part of this contract.

7. The pictures provided that have property left behind: couches, chairs, etc. are these pictures as is, or do you expect more items to be removed?
(See SOW Recycle /Reuse)
The property within the trailers becomes the liability of the awarded contractor to dispose of. The contents will vary and the pictures are only examples of the type of items to be disposed.

8. Other than cleanup is there any site restoration needed?
(See SOW Mobile home for Requirements)
No the requirements call for the removal of the trailer house, and all related structures i.e. snow roofs porches, skirting and blocking. The site shall be clear of all housing debris.
9. Are there any concrete pads or patios with any of the trailers? if yes how many and square feet? Will contractor be expected to demo and remove concrete items also? Are there any concrete items requirement demo and removal?

No concrete pads or patio removals will be required for this solicitation

10. How many trailer sheds are there? What are the square feet or dimensions? What trailers are they located with?

The Task Orders will determine how many trailer sheds will be removed. We provided a line item on the bid schedule for pricing the removal of Trailer sheds separately.

11. Can you provide the location of the first 10 trailer set the NPS would like removed for the first year? Could the NPS provide a outline of 10 trailers sets they would like removed by locations? Can NPS disigned by FY phases the trailer sets it would desire to remove

The Task Order will spell out the locations, but at this time the first 10 units to be removed will be at Mammoth WY 82190

12. Can NPS provide the street address of the first set would like removed by provided? Also follow on sets?

The first trailer removals will be at the YCC Camp Snowy MT Road Mammoth WY 89190

13. Can NPS provide photos of the first set desired removed?

The Photos are attached to the Solicitation in order they are listed in Attachment B List of Units by Location

14. What is the potential this project will occur in 2020 FY?

The first stage of removals will happen in 2020. The priorities for 2020 are Mammoth, Old Faithful and Lake Areas.

15. After the first set is identified can a site visit occur?

No site visit is planned for this requirement.

16. What is the earliest date the demo and removal can start?

The services can start at the Mammoth location after award after the first task order is issued.

17. Can NPS provide housing or can the contractor use one of the designed demo trailers has housing?

No, not at this time, we do not have housing available.

18. Are there any septic tanks with the trailers? if yes is the contractor required to remove the septic tanks?

This is not part of the solicitation.

19. Is the contractor required to remove underground pumping of pipes? Will the the contractor be required to cap water and sewer lines?

The Park will perform all the disconnects and plumbing requirements.

20. Are the utilities still hooked up to the trailers? Will the utilities be disconnected? Is the contractor required to get electrical utilities and water utilities shut off? Some States is is required to have a licensed electrician or electrical company accomplish this task to lock out the trailer?

The Park will be responsible for all disconnects.

21. We would prefer to move trailer to off-site demo site, however if the axles and wheels are deteriorated beyond repair will NPS consider demo trailer in place? This can become a safety issue.

Demo on site is not a consideration unless DEQ requires removal of hazardous materials before transport. On site demolition will be taken into consideration on a case by case scenario when safety is a concern.

22. Also can you issue update guidance on the lead and asbestos testing? Can contractor use on site testing and avoid laboratory testing? Demo will occur off site and go directly in to landfill so L&A materials will under demo controls.

The Awarded Contractor is responsible for all testing requirements and the disposal of the trailer units. The contractor shall determine the required documentation by the landfill of their choice.
23. Would it be possible to remove the awning, trailers, all debris from the sites to a separate location where demolition will occur, but the demolition doesn¿t occur till the winter?

This is acceptable as long as disposal records are received within the period of performance of the task order.

Amendment 0003 issued to 140P1420Q0002 for the following:
1) Response to Question: As long as no readings onsite are within the inconclusive range there won't be a need to send paint chip samples to a Laboratory?
Answer: It is the awarded contractor's responsibility to verify landfill regulations on the disposal of mobile homes.

Amendment 0002 issued to 140P1420Q0002 for the following:
1) (b) The Contractor shall furnish a performance bond (Standard Form 1418) for the protection of the Government in an amount equal to 10 percent of the original contract price and a payment bond Standard Form 1416) in an amount equal to 10 percent of the original contract price.
(c) The Contractor shall furnish all executed bonds, including any necessary reinsurance agreements, to the Contracting Officer, within 10 days, but in any event, before starting work.

There is a minimum guarantee of 10 units, which would be the original contract price.

Amendment 0001 issued to 140P1420Q0002 for the following:
1) Revisions made to the price schedule (added Tower)- electronic copy available upon request
2) Responses to the following questions:
Given that the trailer removal can take a special truck, tools and Jack-lift. A contractor to achieve economies of scale would need to remove as many as possible at a time. How many would you forecast to remove at a time?

This will be determined by location most likely it will not exceed 10 per task order.

Can we tow the trailers to a location outside the park for salvage or destruction at a landfill?
Yes, the Park will not allow the destruction of the trailers within the park boundaries.

What is the closest landfill to Yellowstone?
Logan landfill in MT. Island Park Landfill ID. Saint Anthony Landfill ID. Park County Landfill WY. The park is unsure of disposal limitations per landfill location.

Does the NPS have a preference to one move trailers or demo on site? It is sometimes a case by case determination? The Park will not allow the destruction of the trailers within the Park boundaries.

Contractor will provide the service of regulated asbestos and lead paint testing, removal and proper disposal of obsolete trailers, exterior porches and awnings at multiple locations in Yellowstone National Park.
NAICS Code:- 562910 - Remediation Services
Primary point of contact:- Woodin, Mary  
Secondary point of contact:-


Start Date

13 Dec, 2019 (8 months ago)

Due Date

17 Dec, 2019 (7 months ago)


Country : United States