IP2Mkt Facilitator, Training and Finance Workshops Vendor/Supplier — #2002398

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From: Florida International University(Higher Education)

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started - 26 Jul, 2022 (16 months ago)

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26 Jul, 2022 (16 months ago)
due - 01 Sep, 2022 (15 months ago)

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01 Sep, 2022 (15 months ago)
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Bid Notification


Florida International University

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Florida International University

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Notes: IP2Mkt Facilitator, Training and Finance Workshops Vendor/Supplier — #2002398 Due in 17 hoursPosted Date07/26/2022 12:29 PM EDTQuotes0 / 3Service Address10555 W Flagler St EC 2100, Miami-Dade county, Miami, Florida 33174, USSuite NumberSuite 2100Shipping AddressEngineering Center - 10555 W Flagler St. Miami, FL 33174Allow substitutions?NoInclude shipping costs (if applicable)?NoAttach vendor quote to response?YesManagement education and training servicesEducational support servicesScientific vocational training servicesNon scientific vocational training servicesTraining planning, facilitation and delivery servicesBusiness and corporate management consultation servicesTrade facilitationTeacher resource materialsProfessional communication servicesIn service training and manpower development Description: FIU’s Standard Terms and Conditions located at
target="_blank">https://generalcounsel.fiu.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2021/01/FIU-Standard-Terms-Conditions.pdf. E-Verify. All terms defined in §448.095, Fla. Stat., are adopted and incorporated into this provision. Pursuant to §448.095, Fla. Stat., Vendor certifies that it is registered with and uses the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's E-Verify system to verify the employment eligibility of all new employees hired by the Supplier during the term of this Agreement. If Supplier enters into a contract with a subcontractor to perform work or provide services pursuant to this Agreement, Supplier shall likewise require the subcontractor to comply with the requirements of §448.095, Fla. Stat., and the subcontractor shall provide to Supplier an affidavit stating that the subcontractor does not employ, contract with or subcontract with an unauthorized alien. Supplier shall maintain a copy of such affidavit for the duration of the contract. FIU may terminate this Agreement immediately upon notice to Supplier for any violation of this provision.1549665950170_FIU-Standard-Terms-Conditions.pdf167.06 KB FIU-Standard-Terms-Conditions.pdf165.09 KB Qualifications: • Organization experience (3 plus years) in providing entrepreneurship and access to capital workshops and training to community entrepreneurs. • Organizational experience in providing access to capital for entrepreneurs, especially underrepresented minorities. • Experience in working with local municipalities on outreach and entrepreneurship programming to community entrepreneurs. Tasks: 1. Supply trainer(s) to conduct online and possibly in person meetings in Miami, Florida metropolitan area in support of the IP2Mkt business incubator program (Bi-Monthly, 1-4 hours in length) a. Use IP2Mkt Learning Management System b. Use IP2Mkt Curriculum c. Support 2 Cohorts live in Miami, Florida metropolitan area and 1 online each year according to the following schedule (sessions are 2 hours weekly with 2-6 hours of weekly support): i. Live: May-July; Sept-Nov ii. Virtual: Jan-July (Self Pace) 2. Market to businesses, especially minority and women owned businesses, through social media and online platforms. Advertise IP2Mkt events to business community. 3. Conduct workshops or host online workshops on Access to Capital, SBIR, and Tech Entrepreneurship (conduct 4-6 workshops per year that are 1.5-4 hours in length) a. Record workshops and make available on IP2Mkt learning management platform b. Work with IP2Mkt support mechanisms on SBIR and Tech Entrepreneurship workshops c. Work with IP2Mkt stakeholders such as local government, FIU staff, and program partners on delivering programming. Please provide your proposal/quote based on this description as there is potential to renew this service for 2 additional years after the first year. Complete FIU Supplier Registration at provided link to expedite PO# creation process if your quote is selected https://pslinks.fiu.edu/psc/psfssup/SUPPLIER/ERP/c/NUI_FRAMEWORK.PT_LANDINGPAGE.GBLIP2Mkt Facilitator, Training and Finance Workshops Vendor.pdf92.08 KB

10555 W Flagler St EC 2100, Miami-Dade county, Miami, Florida 33174, USLocation

Address: 10555 W Flagler St EC 2100, Miami-Dade county, Miami, Florida 33174, US

Country : United StatesState : Florida

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