Elevated Storage Tank/Zone Improvements

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started - 25 Mar, 2022 (14 months ago)

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25 Mar, 2022 (14 months ago)
due - 21 Apr, 2022 (13 months ago)

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21 Apr, 2022 (13 months ago)
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Buyer Contact: Rhonda Hawk rhawk@co.walton.ga.us 7702671301
Description: Prequalified Firms: The Walton County Board of Commissioners is requesting engineering services proposals from pre-qualified firms for field survey, design, permitting, bid phase, and construction administration services for the above referenced project. The proposed project includes a new composite-style elevated storage tank with and estimated volume of 750,000 gallons located near the Campton community; and two new pressure reducing/control valves, one on Nicholsville Road and one on HD Atha Road, that will establish a new East Walton Pressure Zone. The new Campton elevated storage tank will be integrated into Walton County’s existing SCADA system, to provide for remote monitoring. Automated operations of the proposed control valve(s), based on tank water levels, should enable the water system to operate consistently under desired conditions without need for manual intervention. Access to real-time data and remote control water system components to enable water system operators to identify and correct potential problems in a timely manner, and better manage seasonal changes in system flow and demand. Pre-qualified firms should submit a letter proposal summarizing the proposed scope of work and fee no later than 4:00 PM, Thursday, April 21st, 2022. All proposals should be submitted to Rhonda Hawk via email at rhawk@co.walton.ga.us.
2022-13 Non-State Agency Open Non-State Agency Non-State Agency county 2022
NIGP Codes: 92597Water Supply, Treatment, and Distribution Engineering

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Address: Suite 1304, West Tower Atlanta, Georgia 30334

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