WakeMed Soccer Weapons Detection System

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started - 27 Sep, 2022 (14 months ago)

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27 Sep, 2022 (14 months ago)
due - 14 Oct, 2022 (13 months ago)

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14 Oct, 2022 (13 months ago)
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Town of Cary

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Town of Cary
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TOWN Of CARY North Carolina 354-RFB-23-02 REQUEST FOR BIDS for WakeMed Soccer Park Weapons Detection System To be opened 2:00 PM (ET), Friday October 14 Pursuant to General Statutes of North Carolina, as amended, sealed bids, subject to the conditions and specifications herein, are invited for furnishing the following apparatus, supplies, materials, equipment. All bids will be received by the Town of Cary Purchasing Division electronically until the date and time stated above, at which time the sealed bids will be publicly opened virtually and read. POSITIVELY NO BIDS CONSIDERED UNLESS SUBMITTED ON THIS DOCUMENT QUANTITY (Each) ITEM DESCRIPTION UNIT PRICE LINE TOTAL (unit price x Qty) 10 CEIA OpenGate Weapons Detection System as per Attached Specifications, Terms & Conditions TOTAL FREIGHT COST PLUS ANY APPLICABLE FEES $ GRAND TOTAL (ALL GOODS, SHIPPING, FEES, ETC.) $ ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE OF GOODS ________________________________ MINIMUM NUMBER OF YEARS REPAIR PARTS AND SUPPORT OF
THE UNIT WILL BE AVAILABLE (IF ANY)? ________________________________ Does the product submitted for bid meet or exceed the minimum specifications listed herein? YES NO This company is a certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) by YES NO the North Carolina Department of Administration HUB Office. COMPANY: _______________________________________________ DATE: ________________________ AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE: _________________________________ TITLE: _________________________ BY: Ryan ODell, Purchasing Supervisor DATE: September 27, 2022 DATE: _______________ NOTICE TO BIDDERS: Do not include taxes in your bid proposal pricing. Any and all tax imposed upon any article on which you are bidding are only to be shown as separate line items on invoices, and in no case are taxes to be included with your bid price. Failure to comply with these conditions will be considered grounds for rejection. In compliance with the above request for bids and subject to all the conditions thereof, the undersigned offers and agrees, if this bid be accepted within __________ days from the date of the opening, to furnish any or all of the items upon which prices are quoted at the price set opposite each item within___________ days after receipt of order, unless otherwise specified. COMPANY: _______________________________________ ADDRESS: ____________________________________________ TOWN: ______________________________________ STATE: ____________ ZIPCODE: _______________________ AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE: _____________________________________TITLE:__________________________________ NAME: PRINTED OR TYPED: ____________________________________________________________________________ CONTACT NAME (if different than above): __________________________________________________________________ TELEPHONE NO.: ______________________________ EMAIL: ________________________________________________ BIDDERS CHECKLIST Be aware of the virtual bid opening date and time as indicated on the first page of this proposal. You must submit bids in electronic format via IPS. No hard copy bids will be accepted. All signatures must be by a company officer or agent who is authorized to enter into and sign bid documents. Have you read and understood the Terms and Conditions and the Instructions to Bidders for submitting a bid to the Town? Have you read and do you completely understand all the specifications of this bid proposal? If an addendum to the specifications was issued, has it been acknowledged by including it with this bid proposal? INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS 1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this document is to provide general and specific information for the use by suppliers in submitting a bid to supply the Town of Cary with apparatus, supplies, material and equipment, and /or services listed above. All bids and contracts are governed by Town policy, and /or by Section 143-129 of the North Carolina General Statutes. 2. BID SCHEDULE: Listed below are the dates and times by which stated actions must be taken or completed. The Town may determine, in its sole discretion, that it is necessary to change any of these dates and times. All listed times are Eastern standard times. Action Time Date Bid issued ---- Tuesday September 27 Deadline for Questions & Exceptions 3 PM Thursday October 6 Bids Due 2 PM Friday October 14 Anticipated Award ---- Friday October 21 3. BIDDER QUESTIONS: The Town is not liable for interpretations/misinterpretations or other errors or omissions made by the Bidder in responding to this bid. The Bidder shall examine this bid to determine if the Towns requirements and terms and conditions are clearly stated. If, after examination of the various requirements and terms and conditions of this bid, the Bidder believes there are any requirements or terms and conditions which remain unclear or which restrict competition, the Bidder may request, in writing, that the Town clarify the requirement(s) and terms(s) and condition(s) specified by the Bidder. The Bidder must provide the Section(s), Subsection(s), Paragraph(s), and page number(s) that identify the requirements or conditions questioned by the Bidder. Requests for clarification, technical questions and approval of alternate products to this bid must be received by the Town no later than the date shown above in Section 2, entitled Bid Schedule, under Deadline for Questions. The Bidders failure to request clarification and submit questions by the date in the bid schedule above shall be considered to constitute the Bidders acceptance of all Towns requirements and terms and conditions. The Town shall issue addenda reflecting questions and answers to this bid, if any, and shall be posted to the IPS website at North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System. 4. BID CONTACT: Any and all questions, concerns, request for additional information, and alternate product considerations shall be directed to the Town of Cary, Procurement Division to the attention of the Assistant Purchasing and Contracts Manager: Ryan O'Dell Ryan.Odell@townofcary.org 5. HOW TO PREPARE BID PROPOSALS: Bidders are encouraged to review carefully all provisions and attachments of this document prior to completion. Each bid constitutes an offer and may not be withdrawn except as provided herein. Also, prices are to remain firm for the period stated herein. a) PROPOSAL FORM: Submit all prices and offers on the BID PROPOSAL FORM(s) provided herein. All bid proposals must be submitted and signed by the supplier or their authorized representative with all erasures or corrections initialed and dated by the authorized representative of the proposal. b) SIGNATURE: All bids must be signed by an authorized official of the company on the Bidders Signature Page. A bid may be rejected if it shows omissions, alterations of form, additions not called for, conditional bid, or any irregularities. http://bit.ly/2jxP5w4 mailto:Ryan.Odell@townofcary.org c) TAXES: The Town is required to pay all applicable North Carolina sales and use tax. Taxes must be itemized and added to invoices separately when invoicing the Town. Do not include taxes in your bid prices. The Town IS exempt from applicable Federal Excise Taxes and has a Federal Tax number. d) MINORITY WOMEN BUSINESS ENTERPRISES (MWBE) POLICY: The Town of Cary invites and encourages participation in this procurement process by certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 143-129. e) SUSTAINABILITY: As stated in the 2017 Cary Community Plan, the Town has a commitment to promoting green practices that will promote an environmentally safe and desirable community for future generations. As such, we recognize our responsibility to minimize negative impacts on human health and the environment while supporting a diverse, equitable, and vibrant community and economy. The Town recognizes that the types of products and services the Town buys have inherent social, human health, environmental and economic impacts, and asks that all vendors and bidders providing and proposing products and services to the Town, be mindful of the Towns commitment to sustainability and provide and propose products and services that embody this commitment whenever possible. f) NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY: It is the policy of the Town of Cary to promote the fair treatment of all individuals and provide them freedom from discrimination. No member of a protected class shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subject to discrimination under any program or activity administered by Cary, including programs or activities that are funded in whole or part with State or Federal funds, such as Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds. 6. HOW TO SUBMIT BID PROPOSALS: a) Upload a complete set of your bid on the BID PROPOSAL FORM provided herein to the IPS website at North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System. b) NO PHYSICAL, EMAIL OR FAX BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 7. BID OPENING: a) The bid opening shall be held virtually via Webex. The meeting is scheduled for 1:55 PM EST (5 minutes prior to the bid opening). If planning to attend, please join the meeting early in case you have trouble connecting. b) All bidders are welcome to attend the bid opening virtually and can be accessed via the following credentials: Meeting link: 354-RFB-23-02 Bid Opening Meeting number: 2332 367 0315 Password: cVc2N2Twka6 More ways to join Join by video system Dial 23323670315@carync.webex.com You can also dial and enter your meeting number. Join by phone +1-408-418-9388 United States Toll Access code: 2332 367 0315 c) All bids will be opened and read at the time shown on the enclosed Bid Proposal Form. No official https://www.ips.state.nc.us/IPS/Default.aspx https://carync.webex.com/carync/j.php?MTID=m3b8373dda06482be23be758669cd1689 mailto:23323670315@carync.webex.com award will be made during the Bid Opening. LATE BIDS WILL NOT BE OPENED OR ACCEPTED. d) Bidders may not review or request copies of bids at the Bid Opening. A request must be submitted to the purchasing supervisor via email. e) If you have difficulty joining or trouble with sound contact Webex and provide them the Meeting number. f) Bids will be examined by the Purchasing Supervisor and/or Bid Agent of the using department promptly after the opening and an award made as early as possible. No bids may be withdrawn after bid opening. 8. AWARD OF BID: a) Standard of Bid Award Acceptance: The Town reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any irregularities or technicalities in bids received whenever such rejection or waiver is in the best interest of the Town of Cary. The award shall be made to the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder, or bidders, taking into consideration quality, performance and the time specified in the bid for the performance of the contract. b) Bid Prices: All items and products proposed in response to this Bid are to be new, in un-used condition unless otherwise noted in the Minimum Specifications. All prices proposed in response to this Bid are to include all transport, freight, fuel surcharges and other fees if applicable and be delivered FOB destination, freight prepaid and allowed to the location provided on the Town Purchase Order if not otherwise instructed within the specifications section. All items are to be packaged, and shipped or delivered safely in a protective carton, fully assembled and serviced, ready for use and operation where applicable or otherwise described within the specifications. All supplies, equipment, and apparatus must meet all Federal, State, and Local safety regulations, requirements, and guidelines, such as OSHA, EPA, US DOT, NC-DOT, NFPA, UL, etc., if so regulated. c) Order of Precedence: In cases of conflict between sections and provisions within the Bid document, the Order of Precedence will be 1) the Special Conditions section specific to the Bid (if present); 2) the Minimum Specifications section specific to the Bid, 3) the Town of Cary Terms and Conditions; and 4) the Instructions to Bidders section of the Bid document. d) Payment Terms: Payment terms of Net 30 days from the date of receipt of invoice, or upon acceptance of goods whichever is later, will apply to all invoices. Payment term discounts will be allowed for prompt payments but will not be a consideration for award. All invoices are to be emailed to , or delivered to Town of Cary, Accounts Payable Division, PO Box 8049, Cary, NC 27512. e) Bid Award Approval: The Town Manager has delegated authority from the Town Council to award bids for supplies, equipment, and apparatus greater than $90,000. Bids will be approved and awarded by the Town Manager or designee upon the recommendation by the Procurement Department. 9. OBJECTION TO THE SPECIFICATIONS: It is not the intent of the bid specifications to exclude or limit competition or favor any supplier. If there is an objection to any of the specifications or requirements listed herein, the bidder must notify the Town of Cary Purchasing Supervisor, in writing, stating and listing the specifications and objections, no later than five (5) working days prior to the bid opening date. If a pre-bid meeting has been scheduled, any objections must be presented in writing at that time. The objections stated must pertain both to form and substance of the bid document. Failure to object in accordance with the above procedure shall constitute a waiver on the part of the bidder to protest the solicitation. All concerns, questions, clarifications, or other correspondence must be directed only to the Town of Cary Purchasing Supervisor. Information obtained from other sources will not be considered in the evaluation and award of this bid. 10. ERRORS IN BIDS: Bidders or their authorized representatives are expected to understand the conditions, requirements and specifications before submitting bids. Failure to do so will be at the bidders own risk. In case of an error in the extension of prices on the bid, the unit price shall govern. 11. ALTERNATE BIDS: DO NOT submit alternate bids unless called for specifically on the bid proposal form or in the specifications section. Alternate bids are those that are not identical by manufacturer and model or specification to what is outlined within the bid document or has substantially different specifications to what is outlined in the bid document. When alternate bids are specifically requested, the bidder must submit documentation for review as a part of the bid to show that the product is comparable to the item(s) referred to in the specifications. Bidders may submit multiple bids on various manufacturers brands/models meeting specifications if no specific manufacturer/model has been specified. Any alternate products to items specified within a bid when the bid does not specifically call for alternate products must be submitted for review during the question and answer period. The approval or rejection of the alternate will be identified by addendum to the bid specs before the end of the bid period outlined in section 2. 12. BID OPTIONS: The Town reserves the right to request pricing on optional equipment or additional items along with the pricing for the main or primary product or items when applicable. At the discretion of the Town, some or all the options requested may or may not be added and purchased based upon necessity and the availability of budgeted funds. The Bid Award will be made to the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder for the main or primary product or items listed on the Bid Proposal Form. Pricing for any additional options will be requested in a separate section of the bid and will not be included in the determination of the Bid Award. 13. QUANTITIES: The Town of Cary reserves the right to adjust quantities as needed, and to add additional items and/or products as needed, as determined to be in the best interest of the Town. The quantities stated herein, for term or multi-year contracts are estimated, and may change to be more or less over the term of the contract. 14. PRICE ADJUSTMENTS: For Bids with fixed price contract periods, it is the Towns intent to contract at a fixed price for a period of six (6) months, with an option to extend the contract for five (5) additional six (6) month periods. The price proposed by the Bidder is to remain fixed for the first 1-year (12-month) period of the contract. Prices for additional extension term periods may be subject to a price increase or decrease if the price adjustment mirrors and reflects a previous industry wide adjustment for the product or item(s) specified in the Bid. Any price increase or decrease will be adjusted to the latest yearly percentage increase in the All Urban Consumers Price Index (CPI-U) (National) as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Dept. of Labor, or other appropriate agreed upon price index. The amount of the increase or decrease will be determined by the difference between the latest price index available ninety (90) days prior to the end of the current contract year in effect, and the price index for the same month one year prior. Any requested price increase must be fully documented and submitted to the Procurement Department at least sixty (60) days prior to the Bid contract anniversary date. Any approved price adjustment (increase or decrease) will then become effective upon the anniversary date of the contract at the start of the next term period. The Town reserves the right to accept or to refuse any documented price adjustment submitted by the vendor/contractor for any reason as determined to be in the best interest of the Town. In the event the Town does not accept the proposed price adjustment for the extended term, the Bid contract will not be renewed, and the Town will rebid the product or item(s). Any Bid contract extension is subject to the continuation of need and usage by the Town and the appropriation of funds. 15. CONTRACT EXTENSIONS: The Town reserves the right to extend all bid contracts for up to five (5) additional six (6) month periods from the date of the award of the original bid, if agreed upon in writing by the contracted vendor. The contract extension(s) may be for additional quantities or for an additional time period as agreed. 16. TRADE SECRETS: This Bid document and all Bidders responses and proposals received are considered public information, except for trade secrets specifically identified in writing by the Bidder, which will be handled according to State Statute or other laws. Any section of the bidders response package that is deemed to be a trade secret by the bidder shall be submitted in an envelope clearly marked TRADE SECRET INFORMATION- DO NOT DISCLOSE. The Town shall make a good faith effort to protect such confidential information. 17. BID TABULATIONS: Bidders wishing to obtain a bid tabulation prior to the award of the bid may view and download tabulations from the North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System (IPS) website at IPS. Tabulations should be posted within 48 hours (two workdays) after the public bid opening. From the Towns homepage, select the following in order to view bid tabulations: Business and Development, Bids and Proposals, select the link to the North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System, Search Bid Number, enter the desired bid number, and select Search. Bid tabulations only reflect the bids as read at the time of the bid opening and should not be considered an award. It is the Towns policy to furnish bid tabulations to all bidders. 18. INVOICING For prompt payment all invoices must include an accurate Purchase Order Number. Please submit invoices to TOWN OF CARY, PO BOX 3052, OREM, UT 84057 or electronically to TownOfCaryAP@IPayables.com as a PDF attachment. Invoices not submitted following these instructions will result in delayed payment. 19. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Acceptance of the Towns Purchase Order includes acceptance of all applicable Terms and Conditions. The Towns Purchase Order Terms & Conditions are provided below for your information. http://bit.ly/2jxP5w4 mailto:TownOfCaryAP@IPayables.com TOWN OF CARY PURCHASE ORDER TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. If seller refuses to accept the order exactly as written, they will return it at once with explanation. 2. Purchaser will not be responsible for any goods delivered without purchase order. 3. Seller will send separate invoices for each purchase order number. 4. Seller will deliver no invoices to purchasers employees. 5. No boxing, packing or cartage charges will be allowed by purchaser unless specifically authorized on the face of this order. 6. It shall be understood that the cash discount period to purchaser will date from the receipt of the invoice or from the date of the receipt of goods, whichever is later. 7. The risk of loss and damage to the goods which are the subject of this order shall remain with the seller until the goods are delivered to the destination set out in the order and accepted by the purchaser or its nominee. 8. In the event of sellers failure to deliver as and when specified, purchaser reserves the right to cancel this order, or any part thereof, without prejudice to its other rights, and seller agrees that purchaser may return part or all of any shipment so made and may charge seller with any loss or expense sustained as a result of such failure to deliver or to perform. 9. In the event any article, service or process sold, delivered and/or performed hereunder shall be covered by any patent, copyright, or application for either, seller will indemnify and save harmless purchaser from any and all loss, cost or expenses on account of any and all claims, suits, or judgments on account of the use or sale of such article or the use of such service or process in violation of rights under such patent, copyright, or application for either. 10. In the event any article, service or process sold and delivered or sold and performed hereunder shall be defective in any respect whatsoever, seller will indemnify and save harmless purchaser from all loss or the payment of all sums of money by reason of all accidents, injuries or damages to persons or property that may happen or occur in connection with the use or sale of such article, service or process and are contributed to by said defective condition. 11. If seller performs services or constructs, erects, inspects or delivers hereunder, seller will indemnify and save harmless buyer from all loss or the payment of all sums of money by reason of all accidents, injuries or damages to persons or property that may happen to occur in connection therewith. 12. Purchaser reserves the right to place in sellers plant, at purchasers expense, an inspector or inspectors who shall be permitted to inspect before shipment, or during the process of manufacture, any material on this order. 13. Seller agrees not to release any advertising copy mentioning purchaser or quoting the opinion of any of purchasers employees. 14. Seller represents and warrants that no federal or state statute or regulations or municipal ordinance, has been or will be violated in the manufacturing, sale or delivery of any article or service sold and delivered hereunder and if such violation has or does occur, seller will indemnify and save harmless purchaser from all loss, penalties, or the payment of all sums of money on account of such violation. 15. Unless this contract is exempt therefrom under the rules and regulations of the Presidents Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, the contract provisions of Section 301 of the Executive Order No. 10925, dated March 6, 1961, any subsequent changes thereto are to the extent they may be applicable, made a part of this contract by reference. 16. Any contractors supplying both services and materials shall be paid all sales or use taxes on materials so furnished and shall indemnify and save harmless purchaser from any damages, costs, expenses or penalties on account of such taxes. 17. Purchaser may at any time insist upon strict compliance with these terms and conditions not withstanding any previous custom practice or course of dealing to the contrary. 18. The terms and conditions of sale as stated in this order govern in event of conflict with any terms of sellers bid and are not subject to change by reason of any written or verbal statement by seller or by any terms stated in sellers acknowledgment unless same be accepted in writing by the TOWN OF CARY. 19. Contractor or seller hereby certifies that contractor or seller, and all subcontractors utilized by the contractor or seller, are not on the Iran Final Divestment List created by the North Carolina State Treasurer pursuant to N.C.G.S. 147-86.58. MINIMUM SPECIFICATIONS 1. GENERAL: These specifications have been written to purchase (10) CEIA OpenGate Weapons Detections Systems (MATERIAL, See Attachment 1) for our WakeMed Soccer Park, with the option to purchase more if Cary decides to deploy at additional locations in the future. The selected MATERIAL shall adhere to all the following minimum specifications. a) Any discrepancy falling below these specifications must be approved in advance during the Question and Answer Period (see schedule on page 2). The bidder shall send their question(s) to the bid contact where it will be reviewed and answered in the form of an addendum at the conclusion of the Q&A Period. b) The specifications were not written to intentionally eliminate any one bidder. These minimum specifications were written to accommodate Town standard operating procedures, internal controls, and future operations. c) Shipping, handling and any other applicable fees shall be submitted separately on the Bid Submittal Form. Any price discrepancies outside of the submitted bid will be at the bidders expense. 2. MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS: MATERIAL must be able to meet the following system requirements and include the following components: Device must meet a, or multiple, Federal detection standard defined under National Institute of Justice: NIJ: NILECJ_STD_0601.00 - Levels 1 & 2 Detection standard or ASTM: WK76321; Object Size 1 Standard Performance Specifications and Test Methods for WTMDs Used in Safety and Security Magnetometer must: o Be an active detector capable of ferrous and nonferrous metal detection o Shall have a shape that minimizes obstruction of the view for screening staff o Shape of antennas shall not completely block the line of sight between the secure and non-secure sides of the checkpoint for screeners standing at any angle 5 feet away from the center of the passage Threat detector shall be certified compliant with UL Standard Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use; certification shall be issued by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. Shall be a portable system that breaks down into multiple components, if needed, so that it may be easily stored and moved in a portable container, with each piece's weight not exceeding a reasonable amount to maintain ease of transportation by a single person of normal size. Acoustic and optical signals that provide simultaneous status and alarm indications ON/OFF switch The Detection System shall be capable of deployment in less than 1 minute. Initial startup should take no longer than 1 2 minutes once deployed. Programming shall be accomplishable by a person that has received no specific training on programming of the detector. Programming shall be possible from an app that is compatible with an iOS or Android operating system. Does not require a mechanical and electrical connection between the two transducers that define the pathway. Indoor/Outdoor compatibility for all environmental conditions Easy detection and signal setting No Images Taken No Recording of Personal Signal Information Detection targets of mass casualty shooting weapons Provides automatic screening of non-divested people along with their carried items Easy setup, breakdown, and relocation Minimum number of nuisance alarms Tool free assembly Magnetometers to be wire-free, consisting of two independent and self-powered pillars, with each pillar equipped with a support base and electronic analysis system. Magnetometers will utilize advanced technology to eliminate all attendees from emptying their pockets. Magnetometers must be able to alarm when a firearm is detected but not for other items such as car keys, small pocketknives, and other non- lethal metal objects. Magnetometers must be mobile and have a battery-powered option to allow movement from one entrance point to another as the need arises. Magnetometers to utilize new technology through an app for the Authority to monitor throughput and thresholds Magnetometers must have a verifiable minimum throughput of at least 1,000 people per hour. Magnetometers must be rated for both indoor and outdoor use and use acoustic and optical signals to provide simultaneous status and alarm indications. Successful bidder must be able to conduct a "train the trainer" instruction covering magnetometer operation and troubleshooting Accredited Third-Party Lab Tested Complaint against all Applicable Safety Requirements ISO certifications to health and safety certifications for implanted/internal and external medical devices 3. DELIVERY: The MATERIAL shall be delivered between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Should constraints prevent delivery within 72 hours of the original scheduled delivery date, the supplier shall contact the Towns primary contact and coordinate delivery as applicable. All material shipped by the awarded bidder will be shipped to: ATTN: David Crotts WakeMed Soccer Park 101 Soccer Park Drive Cary, NC 27511 There is not loading dock access at WakeMed Soccer Park. The truck delivering MATERIAL must be equipped with a lift gate for safe unloading of MATERIAL. Winning bidder shall coordinate all deliveries with David Crotts via email at david.crotts@townofcary.org David may be contacted for delivery coordination via phone at 919-606-9662 4. REJECTION: The Town reserves the right to analyze delivered material upon arrival at the destination and reject such material for failing to meet one or more of the above-mentioned specifications or quality standards. All freight charges on rejected material shall be paid for by the successful bidder. 5. WARRANTY: The winning bidder shall guarantee MATERIAL for a minimum period of one (1) year from the date which the owner accepts the delivery. Please specify additional manufacturer warranty information on your submitted bid document. Please include in the bid submittal the number of years guaranteed availability to replacement parts and updates. mailto:david.crotts@townofcary.org ATTACHMENT 1 MATERIAL DATA SHEET ~ or we ey OBBBODOODd

316 N. ACADEMY ST. CARY, NC 27513Location

Address: 316 N. ACADEMY ST. CARY, NC 27513

Country : United StatesState : North Carolina

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